Remote sdks Jobs in February 2020

5 Remote sdks Jobs in February 2020

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  • Software Development (5)

    • We are looking for a developer to help with planning, design, coding, and management of other development resources.

      Our company has created a tool built on the architecture below which has already been well received, but we have a lot of features which will take it much further.

      You would be working with a team primarily in the US with some offshore development resources.


      We're looking for someone who can meet as many of the skills/experience-sets below as possible. They are listed in order of importance to us.

      • Requirements Gathering

      • Product Design Experience

      • QA and Debugging Experience

      • UX/UI Design Experience

      • Python 3

      • Django

      • Some experience with managing team-members/delegating tasks

      • Data Visualization in web interfaces

      • Elasticsearch

      • MongoDB

      • Linux (CentOS 7+) Familiarity

      • Experience working with 3rd Party APIs/SDKs for data gathering

      • Experience with big data system design, data processing/munging, and architecture

      • Experience with Jira / Confluence

      All candidates must be:

      • Able to work as a member of a remote team. NVISNx has team members all across the US, and we rely on strong communication and organization skills of each person to function effectively.

      • Self starting. We don't have a heavy hierarchy, so team members must be able to keep themselves tasked, and working towards our collective goals.

      • Able to work as needed on a PST schedule to ensure most overlap of time to work and collaborate.

      • Able to show that they are authorized to work in the United States.

      System architecture

      • Front-End = Angular, D3js

      • Back-End = Django

      • Settings/Conf = MongoDB

      • Connectors = Python + Redis + Tika

      • Data Collection Storage = Elasticsearch

      How to apply

      Email your resume to [email protected]

    • Auth0 is a pre-IPO unicorn. We are growing rapidly and looking for exceptional new team members to add to our teams and will help take us to the next level. One team, one score. 

      We never compromise on identity. You should never compromise yours either. We want you to bring your whole self to Auth0. If you’re passionate, practice radical transparency to build trust and respect, and thrive when you’re collaborating, experimenting and learning – this may be your ideal work environment.  We are looking for team members that want to help us build upon what we have accomplished so far and make it better every day.  N+1 > N.

      We are looking for an experienced engineer to help us enhance and maintain the developer experience for our customers. You’ll be helping our team maintain and enhance application integration SDKs, samples, and guides, while also helping our community of developers understand digital identity.

      Primary: PHP, including WordPress and Laravel
      Secondary: Ruby, including Ruby on Rails
      Additional: JavaScript, server and/or browser (this is the main language used at Auth0)

      You GET developers! You know what they need, how to talk to them, how to make their lives easier, what makes them click, their dissatisfiers and their delighters. You recognize when a framework, library or product provides a great experience. 

      As a Developer Experience Engineer, you will use those talents to improve our entire onboarding process, from open-source SDKs and how-to guides, to reference documents and application samples. You will also be interacting with a large community of application builders on our Community site and GitHub. You will be the internal and external steward of the experience for the technologies that you love working with every day.

      Each Developer Experience Engineer maintains one or multiple platforms, both internally within Auth0, and externally in the community. You will be working in a cross-functional team alongside the developer evangelist, onboarding, growth, dashboard, and field teams to provide the best developer experience for the technologies you own.

      The most important qualifications for this position are software engineering expertise, empathy, and self-direction.

      You will be 😊
      • Writing, curating, editing developer resources: tutorials, examples, guides, and documentation.
      • Directly shaping and developing our open source SDKs.
      • Owning the code samples and implementation guidance for Auth0.
      • Championing Auth0 by engaging directly with the community.
      • Gathering and channel user feedback within the company to improve the experience for developers on Auth0.
      • The go-to-expert in the company, internally and externally, providing domain knowledge and reviews for Auth0 in these technologies.

      You'd be a great fit if you had ❤️
      • A deep understanding of writing, running, maintaining, securing, and debugging applications.
      • The ability to communicate effectively in person, asynchronously, and in code.
      • Demonstrable experience authoring developer documentation (tutorials, blog posts, docs).
      • The ability to be self-directed and be effective working independently, yet feel equally comfortable contributing in a global team environment.

      Bonus points if you have 👍
      • Experience working in distributed teams and work environments.
      • Created open-source material or have contributed to open-source projects.
      • Knowledge in the identity and access management space.
      • Experience with CI and/or package deployment automation

      Preferred Locations:
      • #US-E; #GMT; #AR;
      Auth0’s mission is to help developers innovate faster. Every company is becoming a software company and developers are at the center of this shift. They need better tools and building blocks so they can stay focused on innovating. One of these building blocks is identity: authentication and authorization. That’s what we do. Our platform handles 2.5B logins per month for thousands of customers around the world. From indie makers to Fortune 500 companies, we can handle any use case.

      We like to think that we are helping make the internet safer.  We have raised $210M to date and are growing quickly. Our team is spread across more than 35 countries and we are proud to continually be recognized as a great place to work. Culture is critical to us, and we are transparent about our vision and principles. 

      Join us on this journey to make developers more productive while making the internet safer!
    • Your role

      You help make it simple and powerful for developers to embed secure, performant, private networking into Internet-distributed applications. 

      Your responsibilities

      • Use NetFoundry software, SDKs and APIs to embed networking into applications.  Publish your apps as open source and as NetFoundry reference applications (or submit pull requests when starting with open source apps).  As you build your apps, determine what is needed to make the NetFoundry software even more simple to use, and more robust in functionality.

      • Build support structures to help other developers including sandbox environments and quick start guides.  As you support other developers, determine what is needed to make it simpler for those developers to meet their needs with better self-service type support and NetFoundry software improvements.

      • Answer questions submitted by other developers in NetFoundry forums and third-party online forums.  Ensure those answers are also added to NetFoundry support structures, while synthesizing and abstracting the questions into requirements to continually improve NetFoundry software.

      • Organize developer workshops and meetups, and participate in third-party developer events, user groups and workshops, sharing your vision and expertise.

      • Build relationships with NetFoundry ecosystem partners and their developer communities, and gather feedback to continually improve NetFoundry’s software.

      • Create technical collateral to publish across multiple channels to inform and support developers.

      Valuable skills and experience

      • Recent software startup experience and 3+ years of overall software dev experience

      • History of open source contributions and participation

      • Strong interest in new technology and a history of new technology evangelism

      • Desire and aptitude to help other developers design and develop solutions

      • Technical writing expertise

      • Ability to think out of the box and create from scratch.

      Environment and Location

      You will be working in a fast-paced environment as part of a small, agile team. You will need to wear multiple hats including helping with developer enablement, product development and technical writing.

      You will have 10% to 40% work travel, depending on location. USA candidates will have the least travel.

    • Didomi ( helps companies get in compliance with data privacy regulations like GDPR and CCPA. We build a consent management platform that consists of apps, web components, and APIs around collecting, sharing and managing user consents. We know privacy appears to be a boring and hard problem, but we strive to make it interesting and easy to solve for our clients.

      We are looking for a senior software engineer with a focus on data engineering to join our team of 10+ people. While our main office is in Paris, we are a very distributed team and are open to people working remotely all around the world.

      What you will do

      Leveraging your experience in building and maintaining complex data pipelines, you will drive the development of our analytics platform currently built on AWS Firehose, S3 and EMR / Python / Spark / PostgreSQL.

      We are looking for someone who is eager to:

      - Collaborate with other developers to ship new features

      - Be in charge of the overall architecture of data pipelines

      - Ensure that we have the right tests and structure in place to make sure that we can move quickly without breaking everything

      - Share his/her knowledge of data engineering principles and best practices with the team

      - Keep learning new technologies and be on the look-out for new ideas that we should try out

      What we are looking for

      - A Spark expert

      - Experience with complex data pipelines in the Cloud

      - Quality-oriented mindset: testing, code reviews, code quality, etc.

      - Awareness of performance considerations

      - A passion for simple, maintainable and readable code that balances pragmatism and performance

      How do we build our products?

      We process millions of events every day and are building our analytics platform on Kinesis Firehose / S3 / EMR, with Python/Spark and PostgreSQL to provide an easy-to-use platform for querying and graphing events to everyone in the company and outside.

      Most of our front-end applications rely on Angular 2+/Material/Redux. We love Angular but sometimes we need lightweight applications that can be embedded on thousands of websites so we also use Preact/Redux Zero for that.

      We also build mobile SDKs for Android and iOS for our clients to embed in their apps.

      Our back-end applications use Feathers JS, an amazing service-oriented Node.js framework for building REST and GraphQL APIs. We try to keep our services small and lean and use AWS Lambda/Serverless for background jobs. We leverage PostgreSQL and DynamoDB as our main databases.

      We rely on a lot of AWS/GCP services (Beanstalk, Lambda, CloudWatch, S3, etc.) for building, deploying, serving, monitoring and scaling our services. We use Gitlab for our code and issues and our CI.

      Our vision as a team

      We are building a product and engineering team that is strongly committed to a high level of quality in our products and code. We believe that automation is the key to consistently achieving that along with velocity of development and joy and pride in what we deliver.

      We rely on automated tests of all sorts (unit, integration, linters, you-name-it!) and continuous integration/delivery to build flexible applications that are able to evolve without breaking. We trust that it enables engineers to focus on the quality of their code and iterate fast without fears of breaking stuff. And when we break stuff, we fix it and learn from our mistakes.

      Recruitment Process

      Our interview process usually includes interviews with tech and non-tech people and a practical exercise/discussion like a code challenge, a code review or an architecture design. We understand you already have a job, obligations (and maybe a personal life!) so we'll work with you to make sure it doesn't take up too much of your time while still providing a good basis for a very concrete discussion.

      We hope that you like what you are reading here. You are just one step away from getting started with us! Apply here and we'll be in touch within 24 hours.

    • Pitch, a new company from the makers of Wunderlist, is looking for a Senior React Native Engineer to join our mobile team onsite in Berlin or remote. As a mobile team, we are on a mission to deliver an excellent presentation experience to mobile devices by building an open group of people that communicate explicitly, leverages modern cross-platform technology, applies automation techniques and ships on a daily basis.

      Who are we looking for?
      • You are an experienced mobile engineer with a track record of shipping high quality applications with React Native on iOS and Android.
      • You know the foundations and core principles of the underlying native platforms very well.
      • You are interested (or experienced) in working with Clojure/Script and are excited about writing functional UI with Reagent and re-frame.
      • You are comfortable debugging problems anywhere in the mobile application stack, from JavaScript to native SDKs, from issues in the UI to those that happen in the developer tools.
      • You are interested in designing and creating effective user interfaces for smartphones and tablets.
      • You are product oriented, combining thoughtfulness with pragmatism and a will to get stuff done. You are calm and focused under pressure, and consider work-life balance essential for long-term happiness and productivity.
      • You believe effective and successful work is made possible by clear and honest communication, with a shared understanding of the long-term vision and immediate next actions. When you don't fully understand something, you ask lots of questions and use the opportunity to learn and grow.
      What you'll do?
      • You will join a small team of experienced developers building a cross-platform mobile application.
      • You will collaborate with your peers to define the architecture, quality standards, and best practices.
      • You will have an opportunity to work not only on the product but also on the development tools and continuous integration services.
      • You will work closely with our designers, teaming up in small cross-functional teams to bring features from idea to concept to wireframes to prototype to final implementation.
      • You will work on the mobile app, frontend (Electron and web) and, if you're interested, backend projects to build simple, high-quality, maintainable, and well-tested solutions.

      If you’re looking for an incredible opportunity and a great place to work, we’re excited to consider your application!

      We value diversity of perspective and seek to build an inclusive workplace that welcomes people from all different backgrounds (including dogs).

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