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    • Infinity Software Development (US only)
      1 week ago

      Software Engineer, in a fun environment across a wide array of tech stacks!

      Get out of that cubicle and come help us build modern custom solutions for our growing book of business!

      We’re looking for programmers who have experience across multiple technologies and have a passion for software development. It’s ok if you are more comfortable working on the front-end or back-end, but you should have at least some experience on both sides. If you are looking to join a fun team to tackle hard projects, with opportunities to learn new stacks, we’d love to talk to you.

      There are no specific technology requirements for this role, but a number of our current projects are using: C#, Java, TypeScript, .NET Core, React, Redux, Angular, Node, Vue, MVC, Swift, Kotlin, Docker, AWS, Azure, Microservices, SQL Server, Oracle, MongoDB.

      We are open to both local Tallahassee and remote candidates.

      Infinity is a custom software development shop that has been delivering tailored technology solutions to our clients all over the country for over 25 years. We like working with people who love solving problems, who work hard and have a little fun in the process.

    • Today

      About Acquia:

      Acquia, is transforming the digital strategies of companies all over the world with our open cloud platform. We are passionate and relentlessly committed to helping our clients create digital experiences that are more relevant, personalised, and built for a fast-changing, always-connected, mobile-first world. Headquartered in the US, we have been named as one of North America’s fastest growing software companies as reported by Deloitte and Inc. Magazine, and have been rated a leader by the analyst community and named one of the Best Places to Work by the Boston Business Journal. We are Acquia. We are building for the future of the web, and we want you to be a part of it.

      About Acquia Professional Services

      The foundation of our organisation is built upon the knowledge base of our employees. Acquia Professional Services employs the most experienced Drupalists worldwide. Our team has a complete understanding, not only of Drupal, but how Drupal can become your solution to constructing beautiful digital experiences. While we have our own blueprint for implementing these experiences we are completely flexible and can customize our approach to most enterprise requirements. What makes us different from other organisations is our expertise, handling of organisational transformation, and our focus on education.


      You get to guide and drive technical application design for Acquia customers and lead technical teams of some of the best talent in the Drupal and web development communities (from both Acquia and from our top-notch partners around the world). You will help Acquia’s clients across all vertical industries including government, consumer goods, pharma, gaming and media to make the most of the power of Drupal and open source. 

      Job Requirements:  

      Acquia’s team of Drupal rock stars is helping our customers build killer web experiences, migrate to Drupal, tune and improve their Drupal implementations, and advise on all things Drupal and web architecture. With the rapid adoption of Drupal as a web platform, and with our growing number of Acquia-led technical development projects supporting our clients and partners, our Technical Architects are in high demand. They work with some of the most talented technologists and some of the hottest web properties on leading-edge web development projects. Engagements vary by customer and can include anything from custom coding and mentoring of partner and client teams to application design and ongoing guidance on architecture through development and application launch.

      Required Skills: 

      • Prior experience building, leading and architecting Drupal applications 

      • Ability to guide technical discussions with both technical and non-technical audiences

      • Ability to negotiate mutually agreeable outcomes with clients, partners and Acquia stakeholders

      • Ability to perform complex Drupal development tasks including custom module development using the Drupal API system and hooks from major Drupal core systems

      • Experience defining and scope a technical solution for large-scale Drupal projects

      • Experience working in a consulting or agency environment with direct interaction with enterprise level clients preferred

      • Excellent ability to partner with both internal and external stakeholders

      • Strong leadership and presentation skills

      Basic Qualifications: 

      • Passion for the web, open source development, and for helping us build a hot and growing start-up.

      • Experience in mentoring and coaching small/mid-sized teams.

      • Deep experience architecting web solutions.

      • PHP coding, SQL administration and optimisation, and Unix/Linux or Windows server administration is key

      • Experience developing Drupal applications.

      • Must be a self-starter that thrives in a fast-paced work environment

      • Knowledge of or experience with other CMS technologies and/or open-source technologies is a plus

      • Long-time Drupalists, that are active contributors, are well rewarded, but we’ll also help great developers and consultants become one

      • Experience providing technical support or consulting strongly preferred

      • Strong problem-solving abilities, initiative, and the ability to thrive under pressure

      • Excellent interpersonal and communication skills

      • Bachelor's or Master's degree in Computer Science or related discipline preferred

      Leadership Skills and Abilities:

      • Understands how their function contributes to the strategic direction of the business and makes valuable contributions.

      • Solves problems effectively by gathering insight from Employees to ensure that they have all of the information they need for accurate analysis and consideration, involving them and supporting them in the right balance.

      • Seeks to identify, analyse and solve problems systematically rather than solely by intuition or instinct. Looks for root causes, not just symptoms of the problem. Weighs pros and cons of actions. Differentiates when to or when not to escalate issues.

      • Provides coaching and mentoring to team and colleagues.

    • Doximity is transforming the healthcare industry. Our mission is to help doctors be more productive, informed, and connected. As a software engineer, you'll work within cross-functional delivery teams alongside other engineers, designers, and product managers in building software to help improve healthcare.  

      Our team brings a diverse set of technical and cultural backgrounds and we like to think pragmatically in choosing the tools most appropriate for the job at hand.

      This position is for an experienced software engineer, with a passion for writing tests, to join our 5 person Test Automation team. We’re looking for someone with a strong track record of implementing and maintaining CI and test automation frameworks for iOS and Android apps.

      About Us

      Here are some of the ways we bring value to doctors:

      • Our web applications are built primarily using Ruby, Rails, Javascript (Vue.js), and a bit of Golang

      • Our native mobile applications are built using Swift (iOS) and Kotlin (Android).

      • Our data engineering stack runs on Python, MySQL, Spark, and Airflow

      • Our production application stack is hosted on AWS and we deploy to production on average 50 times per day

      • We have over 350 private repositories in Github containing our applications, forks of gems, our own internal gems, and open-source projects

      • We have worked as a distributed team for a long time; we're currently about 65% distributed

      • Find out more information on the Doximity engineering blog

      • Our company core values

      • Our recruiting process

      • Our product development cycle

      • Our on-boarding & mentorship process

      Here's How You Will Make an Impact

      • Maintain and improve CI pipelines for iOS and Android applications.

      • Identify and fill existing automation coverage gaps in collaboration with mobile developers.

      • Deploy and maintain CI servers within CircleCI.

      • Write documentation and guides, be an advocate and mentor to the Mobile team with regards to Test Automation.

      About you

      • Minimum four years of professional experience developing test automation and CI/CD pipelines for iOS and/or Android apps.

      • Experience writing unit and integration tests in Swift (Quick/Nimble, XCTest UI Automation) and/or Java/Kotlin (jUnit, Espresso).

      • Considerable experience with iOS or Android build tools (xcodebuild, gradle, fastlane). You must feel at home using these native mobile build tools from the CLI.

      • Able to troubleshoot and optimize test failures and build consistency issues (eg. flickering test scenarios, order-dependent test failures).

      • Able to investigate intermittent CI server failures due to infrastructure shortcomings (eg. low memory, low disk space).

      • Able to communicate effectively and teach engineers best practices for test writing.

      • Able to effectively manage time; balance failure investigation with completing sprint tasks.

      • CircleCI, Docker, Firebase TestLab, and Fastlane experience is a plus.

      • Work remotely provided you have 5 hours of overlap with the team in the U.S. Our core hours are 9:30 AM to 5:30 PM PST.


      Doximity has industry leading benefits. For an updated list, see our career page

    • We're looking for an experienced Windows desktop developer to join our team. You’ll have the chance to create applications that are actively used by thousands of great customers like Google, Amazon, and Microsoft on a daily basis. Your code matters!

      Skills & Requirements

      • 5+ years professional development experience

      • 3+ years professional Microsoft .NET development experience

      • Extensive experience with WPF

      • Proven track record working on large scale, professional software projects

      • Ability to review code and write unit tests

      • Attention to great design & user experience

      • You are a good and mindful communicator


      • very reliable & thorough: you accept responsibility for your own work and its quality

      • hungry to be part of a team that creates things that matter

      • self-motivated and capable of working from home

      • open to discussions and a mindful communicator

      • willing to be part of a team & yet able to work independently

      • paying attention to details

      • open-minded and respectful – regarding people, technologies and projects

      • happy to become part of a small team of friendly & skilled professionals

      About fournova

      We are a small, fully remote software company based in Germany. Founded in 2010, we set out to make Git’s powerful feature set accessible to developers, designers, and non-technical people.

      Today, our software Tower is the best Git client for Mac and Windows and is used by over 100,000 customers - from startups to Fortune 100 companies.

      We know we can achieve great goals only with the help of our peers. And at fournova, we are blessed to work in a team of extraordinary people. We’re not looking for someone to do the job. We’re looking for someone to join the team.

    • helps enterprise software companies take advantage of the Amazon Marketplace. We have done work for amazing software companies like New Relic, Cyberark, Pagerduty, Druva and many others. We can get you listed fast to enable streamlined procurement and new channels for revenue. Our software also enables downstream integration into corporate systems like Salesforce and advanced revenue reporting to make running your business with the Marketplace a breeze. Software vendors focus on their clients and software, we focus on Amazon, everyone wins.

      Stack Overview

      • Infrastructure: AWS

      • Front-end: JavaScript / React

      • Back-end: Python / Flask / Zappa


      • At least 2 years of experience with React and Redux/MobX in a production environment

      • At least 2 years experience working with Python and/or Go in a production environment

      • Excited about delivering quality software and are familiar with unit and acceptence testing frameworks

      • Comfortable in a modern software engineering environment with distributed source code control, blue-green deployment, and continuous deployment

      • Experience with Amazon Web Services

      • Experience working remotely or working with remote team members

      Extra Credit

      • Personal blog

      • GitHub code portfolio

      • Participation in open source projects

      • AWS Certifications - Certified Solution Architect and/or Certified Developer

      Please send your cover letter and resume to [email protected] to apply!

    • About Brankas

      Brankas is a cutting-edge provider of consumer and enterprise focused financial management software and systems. Brankas’ backend service-oriented architecture is entirely written in Go, and deployed on cloud-based systems (GCP, AWS), making heavy use of third-party systems and APIs.

      About the Position

      Brankas is looking for a strong developer generalist with previous experience building production quality systems in Go. Candidates should have a strong desire to work in a fast moving, but rigorous development environment, with focus on pushing high quality, production grade, and secure code. Candidates should be familiar with service-oriented architectures / “microservices” and have strong working knowledge of systems architecture and design.

      In this position, you will work directly, hands-on with the CTO and will have the opportunity to make a direct and meaningful impact on the future technology of a fast growing tech company and platform.


      • BS in Computer Science or related field

      • Minimum 4 years work experience

      • Strong knowledge / understanding of algorithms, software engineering, distributed systems, test driven development + continuous integration, databases, configuration management, and web services

      • Demonstrated experience working with frontend (web, Android, and iOS) and backend technologies

      • Strong commitment / experience to building secure, efficient and resilient systems

      • Familiar with cloud technologies, service offerings, and related APIs (AWS, GCP, etc)

      • Capable of building, deploying and managing Go production applications “in the cloud”

      • Previous experience working in banking, ecommerce, or finance is a plus

      • Candidates must have excellent English communication skills and be independently driven to success

    • At Nrwl we’re a software development team that builds new tools and improves existing tools to help companies scale and modernize their development practices. We mentor and partner with our clients to make them successful and contribute to open-source projects and important content in the ecosystem. Join us!

      Why Join Nrwl?

      • Live and work in places you love

      • We are a distributed company with central offices in Toronto and Phoenix, but our team is spread all over North America and Europe.

      • At Nrwl, you get to decide when and how you work best. Whether you want to spend a week working remotely from a coffee-shop in Barcelona, or you're a night owl who wants to work in the evening - it’s your choice. You know what makes you most productive and happy. Do that!

      • Work on open source tools and help companies use them

      • Nrwl was founded by two of Google’s former Angular team members with the goal of helping companies develop like Google. Today we are the leading provider of monorepo-style development tools.

      • What makes us different from many companies is that we build new tools and improve existing tools to help companies scale and modernize their development practices. Nx is one of these tools. Many Fortune 500 companies use it to scale their front-end development.

      • Work with smart, friendly, and fun people

      • We don’t care about your resume: where you worked at and how many years of experience you have. What matters most to us is whether you are a great engineer who likes what they do, and whether you can do amazing work.

      • We aren’t looking for superheroes or rock stars. We are looking for friendly smart people who are fun to work with.

      • Trust your company and your colleagues

      • Above all, we value transparency and honesty. Everyone knows how much money the company is making. Everyone knows how much everyone else is making. We don’t have behind the scenes negotiations, departmental silos or company politics.

      We have:

      • Vacation and Sick Days: We want everyone to have fulfilling lives outside work and spend more time with their families and friends. That’s why we provide 4 weeks of vacation and unlimited sick days.

      • Competitive Salaries: We pay really well because in addition to providing a great work environment we also want you to live comfortably.

      • Health, Dental & Vision Insurance:We offer health, dental, and vision plans for all employees. Canadian employees also get an HSA account.

      • No Red Tape Attitude Towards Expenses: You can get the best hardware, software, office supplies, books. Anything below $200 does not require a pre-approval. Large purchases will be approved the same day.

      • Remote Work: Work from Toronto and Phoenix offices, work from home, work from anywhere you want.

      • Open-Source Work: Spend ⅓ of your week contributing to Nx, Angular Console and other open source projects developed by Nrwl.

      • Exceptional Career Development: We help you find opportunities to speak at large conferences, write blog posts and books, meet exceptional folks leading software communities. Most of it during work hours. At Nrwl, you will develop your reputation and build important connections.

      You have:

      • We are looking for experienced Angular and React engineers and professionals in the development ecosystem who love programming, love working on large projects, and can work independently without supervision.

      • You will spend one third of your time on open source work, our product ‘Nrwl Connect,’ and/or writing books. You will spend the rest of your time working with Fortune 500 companies helping them use our tools, helping them build software that scales like Google, and helping them with their Angular and React applications. This involves mentoring and developing alongside client teams.

      Learn More

      To find out about our perks and the benefits of working with Nrwl, visit You can learn more about some projects we’re working on at and One of our engineers wrote a fantastic post on working remotely.

      Get in touch

      You can also email [email protected] and tell us who you are and why you want to work with us!

      Nrwl is an equal opportunity employer, and we’re committed to diversity. We encourage applications from all qualified candidates including members of sexual minority groups, persons with disabilities, visible minorities, women and aboriginal persons.

    • Selz (Australia)
      2 days ago

      About us

      Selz is the ecommerce platform for growing businesses. We are used and loved by thousands of businesses and entrepreneurs all over the world to build and grow their online sales.

      Selz is a fully remote and distributed company, and everyone on our team works flexi-time and flexi-location. We are dedicated to a modern, productive and transparent work culture. Our main operations are in Sydney, Portland and Manila. Our team comprises of world-class talent in the fields of engineering, finance, marketing and customer service.

      For this role, we would like you to be somewhere near-ish to Sydney, Australia, so you can come to meet-ups and socials with your awesome colleagues in our engineering team.

      The role

      Working with the CTO, and a team of talented senior developers. Together, you will be refactoring a monolith into microservices. This will involve the utilisation of best practices across microservices, .Net Core, containerization, AWS and test automation.

      You need to have these skills and experience:

      • 3+ years’ experience with C# and large-scale web applications

      • At least 2 of the following: Microservices, Domain Driven Design, Distributed Architecture, Cloud technologies

      • Agile development and a continuous integration build environment

      • .NET experience or willingness and demonstrated ability to learn

      • It would be nice for you to have experience with:

      • AWS and cloud computing in general (S3, CloudFront, Lambda, EC2, ElastiCache)

      • MongoDB

      • ElasticSearch

      • Node.js

      You'll fit in if…

      • You want to be part of a team that cares about transparency, no BS, doing great work and having fun whilst you are doing it

      • You want to be part of a modern, global, rapidly expanding company that is doing something exciting

      • You’re organized and a good manager of time

      • You think and act creatively to solve problems

      • You are a good communicator and collaborator (essential as this a remote role)

      • You take things very personally and are willing to go the extra mile

       How to apply

      •  If you would like to be considered for this role please email us:

      • A cover letter describing why you think you fit this role

      • Your resume

      • The following information:

      1. Code you’re proud of on GitHub or a similar project hosting site; or

      2. Contributions on StackOverflow or a similar developer forum; or

      3. A description of applications and environments you have recently worked in.

      Candidates must hold an Australian citizenship, permanent residency or a visa with the right to work in Australia.

    • We are always looking for passionate and talented software developers to join our geographically-distributed engineering team. If you do not think your profile can fit any of the other targeted job openings on our web site, as we are eager to learn more about you, just apply to this one and we will definitely look into your application.

      Key Responsibilities

      • Discussing technology with clients and represent Collabora at conferences and trade shows to demonstrate and promote our leadership in the open source arena

      • Analysing client problems and designing solutions leveraging open source technologies and Collabora's technical expertise

      • Defining and scoping client projects in collaboration with the delivery team

      • Contributing publicly to open source projects to ensure Collabora's continuing technical leadership

      • Gain working knowledge of customers’ products, applications, technical and business strengths and target markets

      • Understanding client needs and reconciling time constraints, available technologies and resources, and open source best practices

      Desired Skills

      • Track record of experience in software development is essential

      • Knowledge of open source development methodologies and good standing in the open source community

      • Good English language skills (both verbal and written)

      • Ability to work and communicate in an online distributed environment

      • Existing familiarity with one or more of Collabora's market verticals is preferable

      • BS/BA or experience in the role of Engineer

      • Demonstrable contributions to components in open source projects

      • Preferable experience with direct development on one (or more) of WebKit, Blink, GStreamer, FFMPEG, libav, X11, wayland/weston, Jenkins, OBS, lava, Linux kernel/device drivers, distribution integration, porting

      • Self learning skills to get sufficient knowledge of Collabora's services, business model, project delivery life cycle and other related technical domains

      Collabora is a software consultancy specializing in bringing companies and the Open Source community together. We combine years of Open Source software leadership with an understanding of the challenges that businesses, non-profits, and governments face. Collabora brings deep technical expertise in system integration & architecture, graphics, multimedia, web engines and communications to a number of market verticals, including mobile, IVI / automotive, set top box / smart TV, and a range of other specialized embedded applications.

      Collabora has the unique business model of enabling enterprises to leverage Open Source software in their solutions. Having worked with notable industry leading companies in the automotive, aerospace and handset mobile verticals amonst many others, Collabora has established a broad customer portfolio.

    • 2 days ago

      Why Canonical?

      At Canonical, we believe in the power of open source to change the world.   Our services help businesses and governments around the world with migrations, management and support for some of the best open source projects - Ubuntu, OpenStack, Kubernetes, MAAS, LXD, Ceph.  We are enthusiastic professionals from over 30 countries, the majority of whom are working from home.

      What is a Linux Systems Support Engineer?

      We solve challenging technical problems.  From not-seen-before kernel crashes to configuration issues to root cause analysis, we provide an expert level of support and satisfaction to our customers.

      We are rapidly expanding and are looking for talented problem solvers with a passion for working on the next generation of Ubuntu solutions for our customers.


      • Work from home - take back those commuting hours and save those vehicle/transit costs!

      • Get paid to help improve open source software.

      • Possibility of international travel, up to 4 weeks a year.

      • Daytime working hours - keep that work/life balance.

      • Swap days add schedule flexibility when needed.

      • Time off for conferences.

      • Talent development program.

      • Initial mentoring program to bring up to speed on needed technologies.

      • Additional mentoring opportunities with some of the best in Linux, OpenStack, and more.

      • Study time and expenses for obtaining relevant certifications.


      • Excellent verbal and written communication skills in English.

      • Bachelors or equivalent 4-year degree from an accredited college or university

      • Pass a background check.

      • Minimum 4 years experience supporting Linux systems including experience in:

      • Virtualization - especially with KVM or OpenStack.

      • Containers - especially with Docker, LXD/LXC, or Kubernetes.

      • Storage - especially with Ceph, Swift, XFS, ZFS, btrfs.

      • Networking (bonding, firewalling, bridging, switching, network file system tuning, MTU issues, etc.)

      • Linux integration with other environments (authentication/directory services, network file systems, etc.)

      • Cloud computing (provisioning, monitoring, orchestration, etc.)

      • Troubleshooting experience:

      • Basic reading of stack traces to be able to search for duplicates, escalate to correct team.

      • Understand OS and Application level bugs and advise on next steps

      • Programming fundamentals in any language.

      • Customer support experience:

      • Know how to adapt your speech depending on your audience.

      • Communicate clearly: setting the right expectations, providing timely status updates, and clearly explaining necessary steps.

      • Not getting too attached to a technical problem to not be able to let go or see the bigger picture.


      • Investigate issues reported by customers by doing your own research and involving others across the organisation as necessary.

      • Work to resolve complex customer problems related to Canonical’s wide variety of products including Ubuntu server, Ubuntu desktop, Ubuntu cloud images, Juju, MAAS, Snaps, Landscape, Canonical’s distributions of OpenStack and Kubernetes, and more.

      • Ownership of results: Ensure that each support case owned by you is handled according to our Service Level Agreement (SLA) with the highest possible customer satisfaction by setting the right expectations and fulfilling your commitments.

      • Engage directly with customers and work collaboratively by phone, ticketing system, and remote sessions to resolve their issues.

      • Participate in a regular weekend working rotation.

      • Contribute new knowledge base articles and maintain existing articles, ensuring shared knowledge and lessons learned are available to customers.

      • Understanding Ubuntu development process to be able to set customer expectations correctly on timeline for a fix.

      Background check required

    • About Down:

      Down app is the #1 hookup / casual dating app. Honest dating: choose Date or Hookup. You can find Down in the Android or Apple store, with 6m+ users

      Our mission is to enable more honest, sex-positive, and fun relationships and conversations around the world.

      About the gig:

       Down is a 100% remotely-distributed team! 

      We are looking for a Senior Backend Engineer who is excited to share their experience building products and scaling systems. We want you to help us design and build the next generation of high performance APIs and backend services.

      This is a great opportunity to join a small and growing engineering team, where you will make a big impact daily on a product is used by hundred of thousands of people each month. 

      Here are some projects our team is currently working on: 

      Redesigning our matching algorithm

      Exploring new integrations of payment systems, including cryptocurrency

      Analyzing and improving user lifecycle and funnels

      Building community marketplace for dating discussions, advice, and personal connections 

      **What would qualify you as a good fit for us??

      You have 3+ years of work experience on backend tech (APIs, web services, and distributed systems) 

      You have experience coding professional projects in Ruby on Rails 

      You show considerable care for code quality, documentation, testing and accuracy of implementation. 

      You are comfortable being the lead or solo developer on a project 

      You design your code for scalability and performance. 

      You can reason and debate about tradeoffs and database choice for a particular storage problem. 

      You absolutely love to work with other engineers and jump at the chance to help answer questions or solve a problem for someone else.

      Clear communication and ability to own complex projects end-to-end, coordinating with other teams as necessary 

      Location of work: anywhere in this world

    • 3 days ago

      We are looking for an experienced React Native developer to join our growing team. You will be responsible for mobile application development and architecture.  This role is a contract to hire position as we look forward to growing the team.

      If you have excellent programming skills and a passion for developing applications or improving existing ones, we would like to meet you. As a React Native developer, you’ll work closely with our architects and front end developers to ensure system consistency and improve user experience.

      If you are versed in a few different languages, enjoy writing code and services, have a good understanding on databases and development frameworks, then this job is for you. 

      This role will work with React Native and Restful API’s, creating and expanding mobile applications.  This includes multiple applications.


      • Participate in the entire application lifecycle, focusing on coding and debugging

      • Write clean code to develop functional web, mobile, and business applications

      • Troubleshoot and debug applications

      • Communicate openly and often, using tools such as Slack

      • Implementing automated testing platforms and unit tests

      • Manage cutting-edge technologies to improve legacy applications

      • Managing the interchange of data between the server and the users

      • Gather and address technical and design requirements

      • Build reusable code and libraries for future use

      • Liaise with developers, designers and system administrators to identify new features

      • Implementation of security and data protection

      • Design and implementation of data storage solutions

      • Follow emerging technologies


      • Legally eligible to work in the United States.

      • At least 18 years old.

      • Able to work in EST timezone for meetings and collaboration.

      • Have developed React Native apps that communicate with Restful APIs, use local storage, network data synchronization, and user authentication. 

      • Enjoy working with React Native and have a successful track record of developing both iOS and Android applications using this framework.

      • +2 years experience working as a mobile app engineer in an agile team

      • Experience in developing, shipping and maintaining a native app for iOS or Android.

      • Experience with web development, API’s, and web services.

      • Familiarity with front-end languages (e.g. HTML, JavaScript and CSS)

      • Excellent communication skills

      • Passionate about software development

      • Experience working in a highly distributed company

      • Open minded and always learning

      • Excellent analytical and time management skills

      • Teamwork skills with a problem-solving attitude

      • An ability to work remote and use conference and collaboration tools effectively

      • BS degree in Computer Science or relevant field

      Nice to have

      • Experience coding and bridging native functionality to React Native

      • Experience in Redux or equivalent application-wide state management

      • Experience with programming multiple languages like Java, .Net, Ruby, PHP, and Python

      • Experience or understanding of Flask and Sqlalchemy

      • Experience with mobile technologies such as Swift and Java

      • In-depth understanding of the entire web development process (design, development and deployment)

      • Consulting experience

      Why work with us

      • Fun, collaborative, remote-friendly environment

      • Work remotely from anywhere in North American time zones. 

      • Just be willing for some occasional travel for client work or getting some face time with the team.

      • Enjoy writing code and working with a team who is focused on delivering results and using technology to drive business outcomes

      • There are options for this opportunity to be a contract, contract-to-hire, or full-time position.

      About Us

      Augusto designs and develops custom software solutions.

      We care about the business outcome as much as the technology problem.

      We don't just focus on software projects. We work with our clients to create digital systems to grow and streamline our their business. Our approach helps our clients design and develop systems using a product mindset and agile practices.  That process begins with aligning on the outcomes their investment must produce and then providing a strong team with a proven process to execute - that’s where you come in.

      If you have questions please email [email protected]

    • 3 days ago

      About us

      Selz is the ecommerce platform for growing businesses. We are used and loved by thousands of businesses and entrepreneurs all over the world to build and grow their online sales.

      Selz is a fully remote and distributed company, and everyone on our team works flexi-time and flexi-location. We are dedicated to a modern, productive and transparent work culture. Our main operations are in Sydney, Portland and Manila. Our team comprises of world-class talent in the fields of engineering, finance, marketing and customer service.

      For this role, we would like you to be somewhere near-ish to Sydney, Australia, so you can come to meet-ups and socials with your awesome colleagues in our engineering team.

      The role

      We are looking for a UI Developer to join our design and development team. You will be responsible for the development of exciting new features for the Selz platform.

      You need to have these skills and experience:

      • 3-5 years working as a front-end / UI engineer

      • A solid understanding of modern accessible and semantic HTML, CSS, LESS (or SASS) and JavaScript

      • Experience writing React and ES6/7 JavaScript

      • Experience with Styled Components and Emotion CSS-in-JS libraries

      • Experience with jQuery

      • Experience with Gulp and Webpack

      • A solid understanding of using Git and GitHub

      • Proven ability to design and implement designs with an attention to detail

      • Extensive experience with CSS, especially in the context of designing and building responsive application UIs

      • Familiarity with building accessible UIs

      • A good understanding of client-side performance tuning, security and optimization (caching, CDNs, request management, cookies, HTTP2, etc.)

      • A proven preference for pragmatism over dogma (you should be able to argue for or against any tech or design decision in a cogent and objective way)

      • Proactively identify new and emerging trends and suggest ways how we can use them

      • Self-motivated and able to work independently or in a team

      • Native English speaker or very good functional English

      It would be nice for you to have:

      • Exposure to Preact

      • Exposure to the Shopify's Liquid syntax

      • Exposure to C# .NET MVC and Visual Studio

      • Exposure to Node.js

      • Exposure to NoSQL databases like Mongo

      • Knowledge of using AWS services - particularly S3 and Cloudfront

      • Knowledge of HTTP; requests, responses, headers and caching

      You'll fit in if…

      • You want to be part of a team that cares about transparency, no BS, doing great work and having fun whilst you are doing it

      • You want to be part of a modern, global, rapidly expanding company that is doing something exciting

      • You’re organized and a good manager of time

      • You think and act creatively to solve problems

      • You are a good communicator and collaborator (essential as this a remote role)

      • You take things very personally and are willing to go the extra mile

      How to apply

      If you would like to be considered for this role please email us:

      • A cover letter describing why you think you fit this role

      • A resume

      • Links to some code you're proud of - GitHub, CodePen, CodeSandbox, etc

      Candidates must hold an Australian citizenship, permanent residency or a visa with the right to work in Australia.

    • Brave Software (United States or Canada)
      3 days ago

      Job Description

      Brave is looking for an experienced Android­-focused Senior Software Engineer to work on our latest Chromium­ based Android browser. This is a high­ profile and impactful, hands­-on position in an early stage startup.

      Skills & Requirements


      • 5+ years experience with Android development

      • Strong Java development skills

      • Working experience with writing C++ code

      • Android Studio and/or Eclipse IDE experience

      • Demonstrated experience developing for material design

      • Android SDK, NDK, and JNI experience

      • Experience with software development via distributed development teams

      • Comfortable working in an open source setting

      • A passion for helping protect users’ privacy and security

      • Written and verbal communication skills in English

      • Proven record of getting things done


      • Competitive salary

      • Unlimited PTO

      • Generous 401k plan

      • Stock option grant

      • Travel and conference budgets

      • Commuters benefit (On site only)

      • Hip office in the SoMA neighborhood of SF

      Candidates must be legally authorized to work in the United States or Canada.

      We follow open-source peer-review practices. 

    • 3 days ago

      This is a senior-level position, we are not currently considering candidates who do not meet the minimum requirements listed below.

      What is Required:

      - B.S. in Computer Science preferred

      - Minimum 3 years of professional experience

      (We will ask you to take a technical assessment)

      - Clearly communicate complex concepts verbally in English

      - Full Stack implies a broader vision. You have demonstrated using your full stack abilities to serve the business need

      - Note: Although this is a remote position, we are currently only seeking candidates in North American time zones

      What you’ll do:

      - Code in Node, React while choosing modern libraries to develop in

      - Collaborate with your friendly, enthusiastic and senior teammates

      - Create clean, modern, testable, well-documented code each sprint

      - Use github, zenhub and burndown charts to manage the development

      - Confidently communicate daily with clients to understand and deliver technical requirements

      Our Benefits

      We know that people do their best work when they’re taken care of. So we make sure to offer great benefits.

      - Competitive Vacation Package

      - Annual Financial Allowance for YOUR development

      - Flexible Family Leave

      - Clevertech Gives Back Program

      - Clevertech U (Leadership Program, Habit Building, New Skills Training)

      - Clevertech Swag

      - Strong Clevertech Community

      How We Work

      Why do people join Clevertech? To make an impact. To grow themselves. To be surrounded by developers who they can learn from. We are truly excited to be creating waves in an industry under transformation.

      True innovation comes from an exchange of knowledge across all of our teams. To put people on the path for success, we nurture a culture built on trust, collaboration, and personal growth. You will work in small feature-based cross-functional teams and be empowered to take ownership.

      We make a point of constantly evolving our experience and skills. We value diverse perspectives and fostering personal growth by challenging everyone to push beyond our comfort level and try something new.

      The result? We produce meaningful work

      Getting Hired

      We hire people from a variety of backgrounds who are respectful, collaborative, and introspective. Members of the tech team, for example, come from diverse backgrounds having worked as copy editors, graphic designers, and photographers prior to joining Clevertech.

      Our hiring process focuses not only on your skills but also on your professional and personal ambitions. We want to get to know you. We put a lot of thought into the interview process in order to get a holistic understanding of you while being mindful of your time. You will solve problems derived from the work we do on a daily basis followed by thoughtful discussions around potential fit. Whatever the outcome, we want you to have a great candidate experience.


      Want to learn more about Clevertech and the team? Check out and our video highlighting Clevertech's Culture.

    • 4 days ago is transforming the way people buy and sell high ­quality custom apparel. As a leading online fundraising site, we’ve helped thousands of causes and organizations raise millions of dollars by selling their own custom shirts.

      We are looking to hire a Java Spring Developer. Don’t like HTML or CSS? Great! You will be working on our REST API and Angular frontend. HTML/CSS will be handled for you. We are looking for a long-term relationship and committed individuals to join our team.

      About you

      • You can work on a feature from start to finish, communicate about it and ask the right questions.

      • You are comfortable with Java and can confidently write code and see it deployed to production servers.

      • You have an excellent knowledge of Spring (Boot). Alternatively, you are eager to read a book or two on it quickly and feign years of experience during the interview 🙂

      • SQL comes naturally to you and you understand how JPA/Hibernate works.

      • You can tinker with Javascript code and help improve our Angular stack.

      • You are not afraid to SSH into a server and change some configuration files.

      • Your English is proficient.

      The role

      • Senior Java developer is responsible for implementing new features, fixing bugs and improving and refactoring code.

      • Most of what we do is web related – many tasks will ask you to implement REST endpoints to achieve some business objectives and connect the dots on the web.

      • Many tasks are not strictly web related and may challenge you in other ways (e.g. data analytics, network communication, database optimization, etc.).

      • You will have a lot of independence and agency while working, but you will communicate with other colleagues daily and often work with them directly to solve coding issues.

      The work environment

      This is a remote position. You have an amazing opportunity to join our fast growing platform and make it grow even faster.

      We offer you outstanding team environment, low stress atmosphere, and an opportunity to advance your career by building amazing things on a modern tech stack.

    • WordPress doesn’t try to keep its users inside walled gardens, a rare thing in a world that is dangerously moving away from the open web. Instead, WordPress gives them the freedom to build a business website, an online store, or a personal blog – the way they like it. Big sites or small, using the community-run open source project or Automattic’s, vanilla or customised with hundreds of plugins, WordPress users always get to own and control their data, their expression, and their freedom.

      What have we worked on recently?

      • Gutenberg – a new block-level editor, clean abstractions for users, too, not just developers.

      • Jetpack is a plugin that brings cloud-scale features to self-hosted sites and our latest addition is Rewind, think `git` for WordPress sites.

      • WooCommerce is the most popular e-commerce platform on the web.

      • Longer product list is on

      How do we work?

      • We open-source! We’re cool with open-sourcing everything except passwords, or secret keys.

      • We ship often, we deploy many times daily, with the help of peer code review and continuous integration.

      • Our engineering organization is flat, and you can be involved in any discussion across our many communication channels.

      • We’re kind to each other and our users – we strive to build a positive, supportive and inclusive culture of cohesive teams focused on delivering value to our customers.

      Enough about us, let’s talk more about you. The Cross Platform Engineer position might be a good fit if you:

      • Have a solid understanding of Electron.

      • Have experience with PhoneGap.

      • Have knowledge of tooling and build systems.

      • Have fluency in hybrid native/web environments (ideally both desktop and mobile).

      • Have a solid solid understanding of the core JavaScript language, HTML5, and CSS3.

      • Have proficiency developing well-structured web applications using modern JavaScript tools like React and Redux.

      • Are highly collaborative and love participating in code reviews and discussions about architecture, or design.

      • Are thoughtful about product design, with good user experience instincts.

      • Are reliable and self-directed.

      Extra credit:

      • Have WordPress programming experience.

      • Data analysis experience, and understanding of how analytics can help with product decisions.

      • Open source contributions, particularly involvement in open source (or other) communities.

      • Experience working on accessibility.

      Speaking of interests and skills, here some areas in which you can grow and have further impact in the future:

      • Learning and development – we have a generous personal development budget and encourage you to grow your skills through courses, books and conferences.

      • Architecture – we encourage developers to develop expertise in the systems they work with, guide their evolution and mentor other developers working on them.

      • Engineering effectiveness – helping other developers become more effective through tools, practices, cross-team collaborations, and process improvements.

      • Leadership – we offer a variety of leadership options to those who have interest, including becoming a team lead.

    • We are Astro HQ and we build hardware and software tools that unlock creativity and productivity. Tools like:

      Astropad – Software that turns the iPad into a high-end drawing tablet.

      Luna Display – The first hardware solution that turns the iPad into a wireless second display.

      We are looking for a Windows Software Engineer to join our team. You would lead our effort to bring Astropad to the Windows platform. We are looking for someone that is ready for the challenge and wants to make a big impact as part of a small team.

      You will…

      • Develop a plan for making our system cross-platform

      • Work on cross-platform infrastructure in both Objective-C and C++

      • Build our Windows user interface and corresponding platform layer

      • Develop test suites and internal tools

      • Collaborate on a daily basis with our engineering team via Slack and GitHub

      Skills & Requirements

      • Extensive experience developing for Windows

      • Familiarity with C/C++ and Visual Studio

      • Has some understanding of iOS and Objective-C

      • Uses Windows regularly and is deeply familiar with it

      • Has experience shipping products

      • Self-starter with a passion for product development

      About Astro HQ

      We are a small, bootstrapped startup founded by a team of ex-Apple engineers. Our tools are used by tens of thousands of creative pros and some of the largest animation studios in the world, and we are just getting started! We are looking for people passionate about building the next generation of tools that unlock creativity to join our team.

      We are a fully remote company with a small office in Minneapolis, MN. If this sounds interesting to you, please get in touch!

      We offer:

      • Remote work (or our office in Minneapolis, MN)

      • Flexible work schedules

      • Competitive pay + equity

      • Health & dental insurance

      • Parental leave

      • 3 weeks vacation

      • Challenging and creative work

      • High impact and significant responsibility

    • 5 days ago

      ALICE is a growing startup serving 2k+ hotels all over the world with a global team of 140 staff spread across 16 countries. Our mission is to help businesses deliver exceptional hospitality with a focus on hotels. We do this by partnering with the world's best hoteliers to build a product that lets them do their best work. We take on the challenge of running the day to day tasks of every department in a hotel through a unified platform.

      We are looking for a Director of DevOps to lead a group of high-performing and globally distributed DevOps engineers. The Director of DevOps will manage and continue to grow a globally-distributed team while contributing to strategic planning to define direction for ALICE Infrastructure and DevOps. You will work with a highly motivated, diverse, and thoughtful group as we rapidly scale to disrupt an industry.

      The Director of DevOps will:

      • Lead a global team of DevOps engineers focused on efficient operation of daily activities, developer productivity and continuous improvement. Monitoring, automation and tools development

      • Establish and maintain DevOps strategies for execution and growth of the operation

      • Work closely with the engineering and product leadership to architect solid technical design and approach to operations

      • Define and manage company’s cloud posture with efficient utilization of cloud services, optimizing AWS cost/usage

      • Define and manage service standards, SLA’s for uptime & monitoring, etc

      • Implement processes for efficient server management including security related tasks, ensuring alignment with security requirements like patching and encryption

      • Develop and maintain a Business Continuity Plan and a Disaster Recovery Plan, and ensuring successful annual testing of each.

      • Develop and recommend standards, guidelines, and best practices for DevOps

      Our stack is:

      • Backend: Java / Groovy and Grails  

      • Web Server: Tomcat  

      • Database: Aurora MySQL (AWS RDS)  

      • ElasticSearch

      • Redis


      • 6+ years DevOps management experience at scale

      • Hands-on experience building complex, scalable, and high-performance system software architectures with AWS

      • Experience with designing the appropriate monitoring and alerting for production infrastructures

      • Strong experience with agile software development techniques and highly automated test environments

      • Experience managing mission-critical production systems with strict SLAs around service availability

      • Strong leadership skills with widely distributed teams (geography and time), inspiring and coaching people to help them do the best work of their career; helping people identify opportunities for their own growth, and define plans for achieving measurable goals

      • Organization and context-switching: this role will focus on a number of initiatives, simultaneously.

      • Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, Engineering or related field

    • ArangoDB (US or Europe)
      5 days ago

      ArangoDB is the leading native multi-model NoSQL database, with more than 10 million downloads. It combines the power of graphs, with JSON documents and a key-value store. ArangoDB makes all of our clients data models accessible with a single declarative query language. Developers can build high-performance applications using a convenient SQL-like query language or JavaScript extensions. ArangoDB itself is written in C++, but a lot of our tools surrounding it are written in Go. Oh, and did we mention it is open source?

      We are looking for an experienced Kubernetes Engineer to lead the development of our Kubernetes Operator. Our goal is to make working with data easy. And because we want to make it simpler for others, we have to work on solving complex problems like the simple deployment of ArangoDB in cluster environments. As a part of our dynamic team you will work on various components that integrate deeply into Kubernetes that make running stateful and resilient databases as easy as possible for our customers.

      Our headquarter is in San Francisco (US), our development hub is in Cologne (Germany) and our diverse team includes workmates at remote locations worldwide. So do you prefer your desk at home or do you want to join our modern family at one of our locations? Your choice.

      About the Role

      • You build and improve our Kubernetes operator to run and deploy our ArangoDB database

      • Work closely with Customer Care to provide technical support and integrate client feedback into the product lifecycle

      • You help produce user guides and documentation in cooperation with Marketing

      • Help the open source community and our clients with best practice

      • You help with the design, development and maintenance of our tools around ArangoDB that are written in Golang

      Your Skills

      • Kubernetes is your thing and you feel at home in the Open Source world surrounding it

      • You have hands-on experience developing for and working with large scale distributed systems

      • Besides Kubernetes you have more than heard of Mesos (DC/OS), Docker (Swarm), Cloud Foundry

      • Development experience with more than one programming language, including Go

      The over 50 minds of ArangoDB come from 4 different continents and over a dozen countries. Diverse backgrounds enable us to see new solutions. We love this diversity and encourage everyone who is curious and visionary to join the multi-model movement.

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  • Customer Support (47)

    • Hi, thanks for reading about our Customer Support Specialist opportunity! We're glad you're here.

      We're Knack, a code-free platform used by thousands of customers — from non-profits to the world’s biggest companies — to easily build custom apps, workflows, and databases.

      Our Customer Success team is about much more than just responding to customer issues. As a Customer Support Specialist, you are in the best position to understand how our customers find value, how they use our product, and where they struggle. A big part of this role is to make that knowledge count by helping us figure out how we can make our product and their experience with Knack — amazing.

      We’re looking for an empathetic and patient person that enjoys solving tricky customer problems while looking for ways to improve customer experience in the long-run.

      Knack is a 100% remote company, with a flat, consensus-driven culture. That means a huge amount of autonomy and ownership to define your work and impact, and the opportunity to have a major impact here is a huge one.

      We also emphasize the journey over the destination. We're looking for applicants that are opinionated about what matters to them, and want to join a fun, passionate, close-knit team of high-quality human beings that above all enjoy working together. Hopefully, that's you!

      Role & Responsibilities

      Here’s what you’ll be doing as a Customer Support Specialist:

      • You’ll guide customers through learning to use Knack and help them to troubleshoot issues through email and our in-app messenger.

      • You’ll improve our product by gathering customer feedback and, over time, recognizing patterns and areas where customers are struggling that we need to address.

      • You’ll advocate for our customers and work with our product team to help them understand what changes should be prioritized.

      • You’ll help improve our knowledge base and other support materials by writing, creating, and updating content, and by making suggestions for new support content.

      • You’ll help improve our internal support team resources, including writing canned responses, adding to our internal knowledge base, and making suggestions for improving processes.

      • You’ll be the face of the company. Our customers interact with our Success team more than any other team in our company. When our customers think of Knack, they will think of the experiences they have with you.

      About You

      Here are some of the "must haves" to be successful in this role:

      • You’re patient, empathetic, and enjoy working with customers. You don’t just want to resolve an issue. You get a kick out of making a customer’s day better and putting them at ease.

      • You have at least one year of experience in a customer support role. You’ve been in the trenches and understand both the incredible value that customer support provides and the work that it takes to give customers a great experience.

      • You enjoy solving new problems every day and won't give up if you don't find the answer right away.

      • You’re always on the lookout for ways to make things better for customers and you’re willing to advocate for those changes.

      • You have excellent written communication skills. You can break down complex topics into easy-to-follow guidance while being friendly and professional.

      • You have experience with writing or creating help content (i.e. articles, videos, etc.) and understand best practices for doing so.

      Here are a few other hints that you might be the person we’re looking for (you match up with a number of these):

      • You have a sense of humor, a sense of humility, and take your work much more seriously than you take yourself.

      • You have experience supporting a highly technical, SaaS product or experience with technical troubleshooting related to APIs, HTML/CSS, or Javascript.

      • You are excited about exploring growth and career opportunities in customer success.

      • You are comfortable advocating for what you need to do your best work.

      • You are excited to work in an environment that emphasizes both autonomy and accountability.

      • You are totally okay with big swings, wild experiments, and learning through failure.

      About Knack

      Knack launched in 2012 with one simple goal: to enable everyone to do amazing things with their data.

      Knack makes it easy for anyone to build applications and workflows to make their data useful. Our customers use Knack to run their processes, departments, or even their entire companies.

      We've been growing steadily since as we've built our team, perfected our product, and nailed our product-market fit.

      So how are we different?

      • We're bootstrapped: we've had to build something our customers actually pay for. This changes how you do things.

      • We're 100% remote: and have been from the beginning. Every decision we've made has been based around optimizing our remote operations.

      • We're all a little weird: and we like it that way. We're more than just chat avatars; we've all gotten to know each other, have grown together, and love working with each other.

      • We enjoy the journey: we're in this for the long haul. We're not chasing an exit or the next round of funding. We're building something we're proud of and want to keep improving on.

      • You can read more about Knack and the team here.

      Benefits & Perks

      The biggest benefit is our awesome team of Knacksters. We're a funny, humble, talented team of delightful human beings that above all enjoy working with each other, growing with each other, and supporting each other.

      These benefits aren't that bad either:

      • Define your work: find the location, environment, and schedule that is best for your life and work. It's not about separation, it's about optimization. Our only rule is an overlap zone of 11am to 4pm EST.

      • Unlimited Paid Vacation: take the time you need to stay motivated, charged, and balanced. You'll get required days off for birthdays and knackiversaries.

      • Paid Corporate Retreats: we get together twice a year at amazing locations to do normal human being things in person. We pay for your flight, lodging, and meals.

      • HealthCare: we offer health, vision, and dental, covering 75% of the premium for you and your dependents (spouse + children).

      • Equal opportunity: we push everyone to maximize their impact on our product and company--we strongly value all of our people, regardless of title or seniority.

      • Family support: we offer a generous paid family leave to welcome any new additions to your family.

      • Tech: we provide a top-of-the-line PC or MacBook

      We are also passionate about learning and professional development. We provide multiple learning opportunities and encourage each other to continuously learn and grow:

      • Long term growth and learning plans, with regular check-ins to help you level up on what's important to you.

      • Have executive-level visibility into how the company is run and performing, including revenue.

      • Use an annual allowance to stay on top of your game with training, classes, conferences, and workshops.

      • Get dedicated support from a success mentor who'll fast-track your on-boarding and give you the tools you need to be successful.

    • Splendid Spoon (US only (East Coast))


      Splendid Spoon is looking for part time Customer Experience Associates to provide customers with best-in-class care and support. This is a multi-layer position that provides unmatched quality support for Splendid Spoon customers by email, phone, and live chat with room for growth within a tight knit team. The ideal candidate will become an expert in our customers, a trusted advisor for our community, and help share insights with the broader Splendid Spoon team.

      Successful candidates will believe customer care is at the forefront of any great brand. We value enthusiastic self-starters are looking for an ambitious team member who has a passion for health, loves helping others, and is excited to support Splendid Spoon's continued growth.


      • Deliver best-in-class customer support with compassion, timeliness, and warmth

      • Act as the voice of Splendid Spoon and embody the brand in all interactions

      • Become a trusted advisor to our Spoon Crew community and customers, helping individuals tap into the power of real, nourishing food

      • Seek out customer-first solutions to any new issue, building customer loyalty and creating opportunities for connection both online and off

      • Maintain expert-level knowledge of our products and plans, as well as curiosity and awareness of new trends and research in the health and wellness industry

      What our customers say about us (unprompted customer feedback):

      "Customer support can make or break a company; especially in the early stages of a start up! Splendid Spoon customer service is always top notch. I'd rank it as one of the best, if not the absolute best, I've ever encountered. Responsive, Efficient, Consistent, Effective! Thank you Spoon Crew!"


      • Bachelor's degree or 1-2 years of customer support experience

      • Superior written and oral communication skills

      • Highly organized and detail-oriented

      • Hardworking, entrepreneurial, and eager to grow within an organization

      • Natural problem solver with a "no job is too small" attitude

      • Availability to train in-person at our Brooklyn office, and work remotely otherwise

      • Access to your own computer

      • Experience with Zendesk a plus


      • Be part of a tight-knit crew that is passionate about eating well and feeling good.

      • A biweekly Splendid Spoon delivery to enjoy at your leisure.

      • The freedom to work from the office or remotely anytime.

      • Team yoga and meditation classes.

    • 2 days ago helps enterprise software companies take advantage of the Amazon Marketplace. We have done work for amazing software companies like New Relic, Cyberark, Pagerduty, Druva and many others. We can get you listed fast to enable streamlined procurement and new channels for revenue. Our software also enables downstream integration into corporate systems like Salesforce and advanced revenue reporting to make running your business with the Marketplace a breeze. Software vendors focus on their clients and software, we focus on Amazon, everyone wins.

      Your Day

      • Provide immediate on-boarding activities for customers following their purchase of Tackle

      • Own overall relationship with assigned clients, which include: increasing adoption, ensuring retention, and satisfaction

      • Work with clients to build Customer Success Plans, establishing critical goals, or other key performance indicators and aid the customer in achieving their goals

      • Measure and monitor customers achievement of critical and key performance indicators, reporting both internally to Tackle account stakeholders and externally to Customer Sponsors and Executives

      • Establish regular cadence (weekly, Monthly, Quarterly) with each assigned clients, to review health metrics

      • Establish a trusted/strategic advisor relationship with each assigned client and drive continued value of our solution and services

      • Work to identify and/or develop up-sell opportunities

      Desired Skills & Experience

      • Experience in a related function is required with direct customer advocacy and engagement experience in post-sales or professional services functions

      • Prior experience in Customer Success or equivalent history of increasing satisfaction, adoption, and retention

      • Exception verbal, written, organizational, presentation, and communications skills

      • Strong team player but self starter

      • B.Sc. in Computer Science or equivalent experience

      • Project management experience & skills

      Please send your cover letter and resume to [email protected] to apply!

    • We are looking for an exceptional Enterprise Customer Success Manager to join the Customer Success Team where you will be responsible for the success and long-term growth of our customers across the commercial and enterprise segments of the business. In this role, you will be the key point of contact for our customers, helping to ensure they maximize the value they receive from our solutions and cultivating a successful long-term partnership. You will ensure we are actively partnering with our customers to develop a deep understanding of their business, their unique challenges, and the required outcomes to be successful. You will be a challenger, a partner, an advocate, and the voice for them across our company.

      The Enterprise Customer Success Manager role is a perfect role for someone who has some technical expertise, loves talking to customers, has a solid commercial foundation with a talent for developing and executing strategic plans to drive adoption, retention, and growth. This role will manage a diverse book of customers ranging in industries and deployment types with strategic, focused efforts on developing a deep understanding of your customers’ unique business challenges and ensuring their investment in our products are providing a real, meaningful business impact for them.

      About Customer Success at CircleCI

      The Customer Success Team at CircleCI plays a pivotal role with our customers. The team is responsible for ensuring customers are recognizing value from our platform, and helping to identify ways we can help a customer solve business problems. You’ll cultivate and grow a portfolio of existing clients and act as a trusted advisor and ambassador for CircleCI.

      In terms of growth, we strongly believe in the continued development of each new hire. In joining the Customer Success Team, you’ll join a community that believes in development and promotion from within and as a rapidly expanding business, there are a lot of opportunities for progression.

      About CircleCI

      CircleCI is the best platform for software teams looking to rapidly build quality projects, at scale. Our intelligent continuous integration and delivery tools are simple yet powerful. Our aim is to provide the wisdom of a connected development ecosystem to every team member making technology decisions.

      We run 12M+ builds a month on our platform for companies like Spotify, Kickstarter, Sony, and Coinbase. Over 25,000 organizations and 300,000 developers actively build, test, and deploy on CircleCI. We’ve raised $59.5M in venture capital from Industry Ventures, Top Tier Capital, Scale Venture Partners, DFJ, Harrison Metal Capital, and Baseline Ventures.


      • Own the gross and net retention of your assigned book of business, by driving the annual renewals and ensuring your month-to-month customers continue to appreciate the value we deliver and grow their use of the product

      • Drive the adoption and growth of CircleCI with an assigned customer base in your territory, with a focus on providing insights and information that will aid the customer in their experience with CircleCI

      • Understand the technical and business challenges of our customers and advise them on how to best use the CircleCI solution. Customer activities will include establishing and maintaining broad customer relationships, monitoring product usage and adoption, reviewing and taking proactive measures to maintain customer health

      • Partner with your counterparts in Sales and Customer Engineering to develop and execute strategic account plans

      • Connect with customers via weekly/monthly meetings and regular business reviews, both in-person and via video conference to continue to better understand your customers and partner with them to solve problems, develop goals, and identify trends

      • Be the voice of the customer as you partner with engineering, marketing, product, and sales to deliver best-in-class customer experience

      • Identify growth opportunities and work with the Sales teams to engage accounts and ultimately enter into a greater evaluation of the CircleCI solution

      • Partner with internal teams to manage new users, ensure onboarding and technical success alongside our engagement managers and success engineers

      • Monitor usage to identify and manage renewals, risks and downgrades. Grow customer accounts over time and work to ensure customer renewals at scale

      • Identify at-risk customers and help them get on track


      • 4-6 years B2B SaaS customer success, or account management experience in a customer facing role

      • Track record of achieving and exceeding renewal, retention, and growth targets

      • Demonstrated ability to work independently and “own” your book of business

      • Excellent written and verbal communication skills

      • Strong time management with the ability to balance multiple deliverables while working in a high volume environment

      • Technical mindset and passion to learn about software development, cloud environments, and interacting with developers

      • Growth mindset, intellectually curious and ambitious with innovative ideas to inspire customer loyalty and adoption

      • Experience with tools such as Salesforce, Gainsight, Outreach, and Zendesk. Savvy with navigating multiple systems and data analysis.

      • Ability to manage and maintain a high value book of customers

      • Startup SaaS experience a must

      Other Desirable Qualities:

      • Proactive mindset to drive conversations and relationships forward with a technical base of users and buyers

      • Act as a strategic consultant with a Challenger mentality

      • Experience working remotely or in a satellite office

    • 5 days ago

      Coinbase has built the world's leading compliant cryptocurrency platform serving over 30 million accounts in more than 50 countries. With the success of our flagship product, Coinbase Consumer, and our vocal advocacy for blockchain technology, we have played a major part in mainstream awareness and adoption of cryptocurrency. We are now proud to offer an entire suite of products that make accessing cryptocurrencies easy and secure, in addition to new products that operate at the frontiers of crypto and blockchain.

      As a Customer Support Analyst II, you’ll join a high functioning team of passionate support professionals who know their performance is critical to Coinbase achieving its mission. At Coinbase we have a high hiring bar and we’re determined to create a productive, progressive, inclusive place to work. If you’re looking to work for a mission-driven, employee first organization, please apply today.

      What you’ll be doing:

      • Responsible for providing support for Coinbase customers by investigating, troubleshooting and resolving cases across multiple channels (voice, email, social and/or chat).

      • Manage, prioritize and respond to Tier 2 and/or 3 issues, inquiries and escalations.

      • Communicate with internal and external stakeholders in an effective, tactical, and empathetic manner.

      • Participate in an on-call rotation to handle hi-priority queues and provide daily handovers to global operational teams.

      • Document updates and changes to new and existing processes, training decks and flowcharts.

      • Collaborate with vendor partners and internal support teams to identify and implement workflow gaps and areas for process improvement opportunities.

      • Train and mentor support analysts and vendor agent teams in onshore and offshore locations.

      • Utilize an in-depth understanding of metrics in order to analyze and report on trends, issues, and bugs.

      • Provide insights, suggestions and feedback to managers and leads.

      • Occasionally travel to onshore and offshore locations to train new analysts and vendor agents.

      What we look for in you:

      • Motivated by Coinbase’s mission and creating a seamless support experience for our global customer base.

      • Must work business hours in one of the following shifts:

      • Morning shift: 6:00 A.M. - 3:00 P.M.

      • Mid-morning shift: 9:00 A.M. - 6:00 P.M.

      • Afternoon shift: 4:00 P.M. - 12:00 A.M.

      • Minimum of 3 years of relevant experience, preferably in financial services, technology and/or customer support.

      • Flexible and adaptable to meet the evolving needs of a high-growth and fast paced organization.

      • Travel requirements up to 15% to Coinbase offices and vendor locations (depending on business need).

      Nice to haves:

      • Experience with payments, fraud, account access, trust and safety or other relevant operational domains.

      • Exposure to different channels of support, including voice, email, social and/or chat.

      • Availability to work on weekends.

      • Advanced understanding of Google apps, JIRA, Salesforce Service Cloud.

      • Proficiency in another language (non-English).

    • 6 days ago is transforming the way people buy and sell high ­quality custom apparel. As a leading fundraising site, we’ve helped thousands of causes and organizations raise millions of dollars by selling their own shirts.

      We are a young, agile startup based in Richmond, VA growing by leaps and bounds.

      We’re looking for an outstanding personality to join our Customer Success Team to help advance our goal of providing the most human—and most helpful—customer experience possible.  

      This is a full-time, US-based position with a Saturday – Wednesday schedule (Thu/Fri off). You may be in-office or remote.


      • Email customers. A lot. This is our primary medium for solving customer issues and where you’d be spending the majority of your time

      • Live chat. When customers need something fast, they need us to be available.

      • Phone support. While we are too small of a team to take calls for everyone, if someone asks we will make a way. 


      • Coach customers on our platform

      • Reach out to potential customers and educate them on Bonfire’s value

      • Consult customers on best practices

      • Provide t-shirt design help and concepting

      • Identify customer trends to supply our Product and Dev teams with feature requests and bug reports

      • Advocate for a world-class customer experience in cross-functional team meetings


      • Excellent written and verbal communication skills

      • Creative problem-solving abilities

      • Commitment to lifelong learning

      • The ability to work in a fast-paced, challenging environment

      • The desire to meet and exceed measurable performance metrics

      • Customer service experience

      • A relentless commitment to empathy

      • The ability to work quickly, efficiently, and under pressure

      • Attention to detail

      • Results-oriented mindset

      Bonus skills & attributes:

      • Previous experience working remotely

      • Background in design or art (esp. Adobe Creative Suite)

      • Experience at a tech company or startup

      You’re in good company (with a good company). We offer:

      • Unlimited PTO/vacation

      • The ability to work remotely some or all of the time

      • Excellent insurance benefits including: health, dental, HSA, and 401k plan

      • An amazing workplace culture

      • The option to work holidays for overtime pay

      • The chance to make a real impact on the company’s growth and history

      • An opportunity to help make a difference in thousands of people’s lives

      • An environment to grow your skills, learn new technologies and tools, and to challenge yourself (while having fun)

    • We're seeking an experienced, high level customer success champion to provide account executive services to users of our highly successful SaaS utility. This isn't your typical "customer service" position! You'll be joining a small, tight-knit, and highly committed team that's passionate about helping customers to reach their business goals using our product. Most of this will be done using intercom and salesmachine for communication and zoom to provide screen sharing demos.


      • Respond to customers inquiries via Intercom

      • Perform one on one screen share demos

      • Run training sessions for new accounts

      • Conduct webinars for B2B customers

      • Perform account setup and similar "account executive" type functions

      • Reach out to low performing accounts to reduce churn

      • Increase onboarded and active accounts

      Experience Required

      • 3+ years in a similar customer success or technical support role for a SaaS

      • Moderate to advanced understanding of SEO / Digital Marketing

      • Basic understanding of all common digital marketing channels (Adwords, FB Ads, Google Analytics, Social Media etc)

      • Advanced written communication skills

      • College degree (bonus)

      • Experience running your own website (bonus)


      • $55,000 CAD


      • 100% remote position

      • 3 weeks vacation

      • Profit sharing

      • Full benefits

      • Frequent promotions

      • Fun working dynamic

      • Annual company retreats

      • Unlimited personal days

      • Autonomy and flexibility

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  • Design (40)

    • WHO ARE WE

      Namaste Technologies began as an international cannabis eCommerce company operating 32 sites in 20 countries. We have years of data collected on legal cannabis users and by combining machine learning technology with telemedicine apps, we’re monetizing this information. We have recently acquired our sales license for our Licensed Producer CannMart which now allows us to operate our marketplace for all brands’ legal cannabis products.


      Position Description:

      We’re looking for a passionate, experienced designer to join our growing product design team. You will help us better serve the users of our eComs and Apps by creating beautiful and inspiring design experiences that help users discover, connect and advocate.

      You’ll get the opportunity to collaborate on a variety of projects with a team of top designers in a fast-paced, rapidly growing environment where we don’t compromise on quality and optimize for delivery.


      As a Senior Product designer, you will work together with designers, researchers and strategists on solving design challenges by creating high fidelity designs and prototypes of features or new products and carry them through sign-off with stake holders as well as QA with engineering.

      Required Skills:

      • Track record of creating meaningful digital experiences for top brands, in-house or agency, ideally with an eCommerce focus.

      • Understanding of platforms and devices and how they relate to design, a good understanding of front-end coding standards and limitations, coding knowledge a plus.

      • Experience working with Design Systems and modern UI design tools (Sketch/Libraries, Abstract, InVision, Zeplin etc.).

      • A deep understanding of the end to end iterative UX process (personas, scenarios, wireframing, and high fidelity visuals).

      • A passion for solving design problems while – owning all facets of design (strategy, art direction, interaction design and research).

      • Exceptional UI abilities, a keen eye for good design shown and an extensive portfolio of live projects.

      What we offer:

      • Fully remote and highly talented distributed team.

      • Working on great tech stack with cutting edge technologies.

      • Product company with a long-term vision.

      • Competitive salary depending on the relative work experience.

      • Project exposure and ownership that impacts our users, product, and business.

      • Challenging technical tasks, fast learning cycles, and meaningful feedback.

      We thank you for your interest in employment opportunities at Namaste Technologies. Please note, only the candidates who are selected for an interview will be contacted. Namaste Technologies welcomes and encourages applications from people with disabilities. Accommodations are available on request for candidates taking part in all aspects of the selection process.

    • Yesterday

      Web Designer (CSS/HTML/Illust.)

      As a Web Designer you are developing on the most visible parts of our products. You will work with both Marketing and Engineering to provide front-facing code with always a strong focus on using cutting edge technology with a quality acumen.

      – Felix Häusler, CEO

      Working at Grape

      We value high code quality in terms of readability, reusability and maintainabilty the same way we value speed and efficiency of development. We prefer composition over inheritance, functional over object oriented.

      Your development tasks consist 50% of chat client webdesign, 30% of templating and design on landing pages, blogs, etc. and 20% of conceptual work, illustration and mockuping.

      We value participation in open source. We are not just using open source projects, we try to give something back. We encourage developers to release reusable parts of their code under an open source license. You can spend up to 20% of your working time on open source projects we use.

      Tools and libraries we use (to name a few):

      • Stylus CSS compilers

      • Django

      • Github

      • Babel (ES2015, stage-0)

      • Webpack

      • React and Redux

      • Electron

      • JSS

      • react-virtualized

      • Format.JS

      What we are looking for

      You’ll work closely with all different team members at Grape to speed up our front-end development to build new features and products. You will be shipping code to thousands of active users every day.

      Our engineers are also very comfortable working directly with customers to tackle bugs and answer tricky support questions. It’s important to write code with customers in mind so that we can provide the best experience possible with Grape.

      You are you expected to have the following technical skills:

      • BSc degree or equivalent practical experience.

      • Fluent in CSS3 and HTML5

      • Experience with responsive webdesign

      • Track record as designer with publicly available references

      • Advanced Screen Design skills

      • Knowledge of Javascript, Frontend Development

    • FullStack (US only)
      2 days ago

      Our team has become renowned in our ability to bring creativity, expertise, and sound development practices to notable and ambitious startups. Our mission is simple: to build great products that propel our clients towards success.

      We’re looking for someone to join our team who loves crafting and developing high quality, intuitive user experiences. You will have the opportunity to work alongside a close knit group of very talented designers, engineers, and product managers to build software that changes the world.

      At FullStack you will:

      • Be part of a team that builds disruptive and distinctive digital products.

      • Work with product managers, developers and client stakeholders to deliver exceptional experiences to the end user.

      • Effectively communicate user interaction through deliverables such as wireframes and prototypes.

      • Wireframe and mockup user interfaces with your design application of choice or in the browser (when appropriate).

      • Design web and mobile application interfaces and interactions.

      • Actively participate in design critiques/reviews and product discussions.

      • Think deeply about the user experience and usability issues.

      • QA the implementation of your designs.

      About Fullstack

      We are a small, passionate team dedicated to making our clients incredibly successful by developing and improving ideas into highly functional and usable web applications. We have become renowned in our ability to bring creativity, expertise, and sound development practices to notable and ambitious startups. Our development work focuses on architecting and building new applications as well as scaling existing apps for our clients as they grow. Come join us in a laid back, remote-friendly, exciting environment where you will be able to do your best work!

      You’re qualified because:

      • Your ability to design exceptional user interfaces is second-to-none

      • Mobile and responsive design/development is not an afterthought

      • You have a burning passion for providing experiences to users

      • You’re proficient in handcrafting HTML, CSS and Javascript and can build out your designs.

      • You get things done whether you’re working autonomously or in a team setting.

      • You enjoying optimizing conversion funnels, and removing roadblocks that prevent users from reaching their goals.

      • You understand what makes a user experience accessible to the greatest number of users, and have a general working knowledge of the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines.

      • Communication skills and the ability to explain your design decisions come naturally.

      • You’ll get bonus points for the following:

      • Experience with eCommerce design, conversion optimization and A/B testing

      • Ability to optimize HTML, CSS and images for optimal site loading times.

      • Version control with Git

      • Ability to work with Webpack, SASS/SCSS, npm, etc.

      • Experience designing for iOS and Android

      • CMS templating in WordPress or other CMSs

      • Experience with MVC frameworks such as Ruby on Rails

      • Ability to conduct user testing and customer interviews

      • Ability to create icons and logos in a pinch

      Other info…

      • Working remotely is how we operate

      • This is a contract position, with up to 40 hours per week

      • We offer competitive hourly rates based on experience

      • Work visa transfer or sponsorship is not possible at this time

      • We are looking for people located within the continental United States

    • Digital Ocean (US & Canada)
      3 days ago

      Have you ever wondered what happens inside the cloud?

      Based in New York, DigitalOcean is a dynamic, high-growth technology company that serves a robust and passionate community of developers, teams, and businesses around the world. We believe that today’s entrepreneurs are changing the world through software. Our mission is to empower these entrepreneurs by bringing modern app development within reach for any developer, anywhere in the world.

      The brand team is a friendly group of talented designers on a mission to create visual experiences that developers love. The team is responsible for fueling our world-class brand identity with eye-catching, beautiful, original work that consistently delights and inspires the developer audience to grow with DigitalOcean. We are passionate about simplifying complex concepts into elegant, on-brand customer experiences while always looking for creative ways to evolve our brand identity to the next level. The Brand team is responsible for maintaining consistent quality across all design, for both internal and external assets.

      We want people who are passionate about being high performing team players who embrace new challenges and go the extra mile.

      As a designer on the brand team, you will deliver successful brand design projects by understanding stakeholder business and communication goals, and translating them into unique creative solutions. You will focus on producing the best possible assets and outcomes. To elevate and affirm the brand with every creation.

      You have broad knowledge and skills in visual design, interactive design, typography, illustration, and production. And you are a problem solver that can take limited direction, proactively seek out answers to critical questions and synthesize multiple information streams into actionable and effective work.

      You are someone who actively influences your own development. You’re looking for a team where you have the opportunity to grow and seek out new ways to contribute to your field, your colleagues, the company and its mission. You’re seeking a transparent, collaborative environment in which to thrive.

      What You’ll Be Doing:

      • Design web pages, web and social ads, traditional collateral, swag and events experiences

      • Simultaneously advance multiple projects in different environments, ensuring that all touchpoints and interactions with DO are consistent and align with our brand

      • Work with stakeholders and teammates to ensure briefs are complete and well understood

      • Share work within the creative team and with stakeholders in a way that encourages collaboration, drives rapid feedback cycles and keeps projects moving fluidly

      • Capture nuanced feedback into action items, effectively resolve conflicting inputs

      • Embrace flexibility in working with a full spectrum of project types and timelines, from well planned large scale halo pieces to urgent churn-and-burn production work

      • Help drive the direction of DigitalOcean’s brand with your design and creative work

      What We’ll Expect From You:

      • Own design projects from brief through concept and iteration to production

      • Demonstrate a passion for modern, thoughtful and well organized design

      • Exhibit stylistic breadth, attention to detail, and ability to balance beauty, innovation and usability

      • Show versatile experience with visual web design along with some UX and traditional brand design

      • Prove facility in translating high level and abstract ideas into unique, comprehensible visuals

      • Expertise with Sketch, Illustrator, Photoshop and Indesign

      • Why You’ll Like Working for DigitalOcean:

      • We have amazing people. We can promise you will work with some of the smartest and most interesting people in the industry. We work hard but we always have fun doing it. We care deeply about each other and take our “no jerks” rule very seriously.

      • We value development. We are a high-performance organization that is always challenging ourselves to continuously grow. That means we maintain a growth mindset in everything we do and invest deeply in employee development.  You’ll need to be great to get hired here and we promise you’ll get even better.

      • We care about you. We offer competitive health, dental, and vision benefits for employees and their dependents, a monthly gym reimbursement to support your physical health, and a monthly commute allowance to make your trips to and from work easier.

      • We invest in your future. We offer competitive compensation and a 401k plan with up to a 4% employer match. We also provide all employees with Kindles and reimbursement for relevant conferences, training, and education.

      • We want you to love where you work. We have great office spaces located in the heart of SoHo NYC and Cambridge and offer daily catered lunches to keep your hunger at bay. We’re also very remote-friendly—we use Slack to communicate across the company—and all remote employees have the opportunity to onboard in-office and take an all-expenses paid trip to our annual company offsite, Shark Week, to get quality in-person time with the team at least once a year. We also allow employees to customize their workstations to meet their needs—whether remote or in office.

      We value diversity and inclusivity. We are an equal opportunity employer and we do not discriminate on the basis of race, religion, color, national origin, gender, sexual orientation, age, marital status, veteran status, or disability status.

    • Kanopi Studios (North America)
      4 days ago

      As a Contract Designer, you will work closely with Kanopi’s teams to design and create beautiful front­end experiences, tackling complex creative problems in a fun and team-oriented environment. You will not only contribute to our clients’ needs, but your design expertise will also contribute to the Kanopi Studios website and other marketing and communications materials used to promote the company. You will create stunning website layouts, user interfaces, and exceptional user experience using a strategic approach based on agreed-upon goals, user stories, and other project parameters. You have a deep understanding of information flow, readability, and interface usability principles to create design solutions that are not only visually beautiful but also translate into highly functional, legible, and easy to use web pages and user interfaces. The Contract Designer reports to Jessica Skewes, Director of Ideation & Strategy.


      Your typical work week might include:

      • Guiding conversations, assisting clients in fine tuning page goals, strategy, and brand positioning.

      • Creating and modifying wireframes and designs based on approved strategy, branding, page goals, research and user persona findings.

      • Anticipating and flagging issues, requests or other factors that could alter a project’s scope of work, budget, timelines, etc.

      • Providing final files in an appropriate format for themers. Being available to answer questions that may arise in the process of executing designs.


      This is a contract position. Hourly compensation is commensurate with experience. Not to worry. The pay is competitive and what you’d expect for this role. This is a 100% remote role, but you must live and be able to work in North America.


      We are looking for candidates who…

      • Have 3-5 years of web design experience, including designing for custom plugins and themes.

      • Have experience consulting with clients in an agency setting - planning, documenting, and presenting creative solutions.

      • Have experience working in a fast paced environment on multiple simultaneous projects

      • Have experience creating layered design mockups for responsive theme implementation

      • Demonstrate inclusive, supportive, and thoughtful interpersonal communication skills.

      • At Kanopi, we believe a variety of backgrounds, experiences, and voices make for a better workplace. We strongly and enthusiastically encourage people of color, individuals who identify within and beyond the LGBTQ+ spectrum, women, and people with disabilities to apply.

      NOW, WHAT?

      If you think this post was written just for you, here’s what to do next:

      • Submit your resume and a link to your portfolio.

      • Answer the questions you see here on this page.

      • Send us a cover letter.

      • Now… About that cover letter… This is VERY important!

      • Please include all of the typical reasons why you’d be an outstanding candidate for this position, plus answer these two questions:

      • Over the past year, what has been your most important achievement, either professional or personal?

      • If you were a superhero (heck, maybe you already are!), what would be your superpower and why?

      • If we feel like you may well be the perfect candidate, we’ll contact you to set up a short phone screen to kick off the interview process. We’ll only contact those candidates that we feel are a good match. Sorry. That’s just the way it goes.


      We've done our best to describe the company, our customers and the role. But hey, we're not perfect, so if anything here is unclear, include any questions you might have in your cover letter.

      I think that's it.

      If you're awesome, we want to hear from you!


      Kanopi is a distributed agency—meaning that we get the job done from our homes, from a co-working space or coffee shop—wherever we do our best work. We are collaborative and dedicated to creating awesome websites for our clients.

      Benefits of Working at Kanopi

      • Fully Remote: Work where and when you do your best. It’s about feeling connected to others, having a flexible schedule and staying healthy.

      • Top Talent: Since we are not limited by walls, our ability to hire the best is limitless. Collaborate, learn and surround yourself with a strongly skilled and diverse team.

      • Travel: Love to see the world? So do we. Just find a place with good wifi, get connected and make great work happen!

      This job description is intended to describe the general nature and level of work performed by those assigned to this classification. This job description in no way states or implies that these are the only duties to be performed by those occupying this position. The job description and job functions described herein are subject to possible modification by Kanopi Studios in accordance with applicable federal, state and local laws.

    • Envato
      5 days ago


      We’re so happy you found us. Since you’ve come this far, it’s safe to say you’re curious about our story and what career opportunities exist, so we’d love to start by introducing ourselves.

      Then & Now

      Our story starts in 2006 with three founders in a Sydney garage (no, we’re not kidding). Born from a desire to earn a living doing what they loved, with the flexibility to do it from anywhere, Envato set out to create an online community for buying and selling creative digital assets. Nearly 13 years later, we’re profitable and still totally bootstrapped. This allows us to stay super experimental and totally focused on the best interests of our authors & customers around the world.

      We’ve built marketplaces where anyone can buy and sell the creative assets they need to complete their projects faster. Our community can now buy millions of different kinds of assets on Envato Market, or subscribe to the #1 unlimited subscription service for creatives, Envato Elements. Every day, these products continue to help everyone from freelancers to small business owners and agencies get their creative projects done.

      While we are known and loved within the digital professional community globally, where our authors have earned over $750 million, we also want to be a place where anyone can Make with Envato. Alongside Market & Elements, our portfolio also includes Milkshake, a website builder for Instagrammers, Placeit, a smart template tool for logos, mockups, graphic design & more, Mixkit, for free stock footage and animation, and most recently, Twenty20, a stock-photo subscription service.

      With over 600 people globally, we have offices in Guadalajara, Mexico & Los Angeles, alongside our funky Melbourne HQ. We pride ourselves on being super remote friendly, with a staffing population just as diverse as the global community that use our products. To keep this sustainable as we scale, we support people to work from anywhere, whether that’s the beach in Croatia, on the Mornington Peninsula, or from their living room.


      You will be joining a newly formed delivery team in the Content Group, who look after our community of Authors, a community of talented and successful creative entrepreneurs that earn a living through offering high-quality content to the Envato ecosystem.

      You’re responsible for understanding, exploring and solving user and business problems as part of a collaborative and user centred design process on a range of projects balancing the needs of our users with the business goals and company vision. You’ll also add your visual design expertise to enable efficient and iterative delivery of a great product.

      Organisational structure

      You report to a Senior UX Designer as part of the UX & Design team, and are also an active member of an agile product delivery team. You will collaborate closely with both teams to solve user problems.

      What you'll be doing

      You will be responsible for defining a user experience that solves user needs that is accessible and consistent with other Envato products. You are expected to:

      • Support the successful design and delivery of projects via a clearly defined, collaborative and repeatable design process.

      • Facilitate, participate and lead collaborative workshops and 1:1 interviews with your delivery teams, stakeholders & subject matter experts to help the team understand problems and opportunities, explore ideas and validate direction.

      • Work with our UX Researcher to determine the best research methods and then execute on the plan.

      • Rapid prototype design solutions to validate with our users.

      • Apply the Envato design language to mockups and support the development team on the entire implementation process to ensure the designs will consistently come to life.

      • Provide constructive feedback to other designers in the team.

      • Present and rationalise design recommendations to General Managers, Product Managers, Designers and Engineers

      • Align with the Envato values and design against Envato’s design principles.

      About you

      As a member of the Envato Design Team you will be expected to represent design in a consistent way to your delivery team and other parts of the business by:

      • Instinctively collaborative in how you work and seek feedback both formally and informally with all types of stakeholders.

      • Being the champion for our users and their needs through a well structured design process that is centered around validation.

      • Being an advocate for the brand and consistency with an acute understanding of when to push, question and if appropriate improve the guidelines.

      • Constantly looking to improve your process and the way we do things at Envato.

      What we're looking for

      • Demonstrated experience in a similar UX/product design role with a portfolio showing examples of how you:

      • Explore and understand the user problem via formal and informal research & testing sessions and being able to translate into tangible insights.

      • Working with stakeholders throughout the project.

      • Explore different design directions and chose a selected option.

      • Next steps/lessons learned.

      • In depth understanding of user interface design including usability, accessibility and responsive design.

      • Experience working with engineers in an Agile or Lean environment to make the dream becomes a reality.

      What we offer

      • A fantastic culture of creatively minded, hard working people who are passionate about Envato and being part of its growth and success

      • Flexible working conditions – we want you to love your work but also your life outside of Envato

      • We actively work on creating a safe, inclusive environment free from discrimination

      • A fast paced and progressive environment where everyone has regular interaction with teammates and Envato community members from all over the world!

      • Read more from our staff about why they love working at Envato by visiting

      • We’re offering a competitive salary package & benefits ($85k-$110k package, but flexible depending on experience)

      Who should apply?

      We care deeply about diversity and inclusion at Envato, and welcome applicants of all types, and from all backgrounds. If you think you have the skills and experience needed for this role then we'd like to hear from you.

      What next?

      Submit a cover letter, an up to date copy of your resume and answers to the below questions. Good luck!

    • Hypergiant (US only)
      6 days ago


      The space where impossibility intersects reality; where companies speed beyond norms and realize an exploded potential; where light filters out darkness, and machine intelligence makes everything about business smarter.   Hypergiant is rapidly growing and is in search for bright & creative minds who not only think outside a box, but don’t believe a box exists.  If you’ve ever been told you are a right-brain / left-brain individual, then we should chat.


      Hypergiant is rapidly growing and is in search of a client-facing Senior Visual Designer to help design and brand AI-driven solutions for the enterprise. Ideally, you have amassed deep experience at a high-intensity agency, software development shop, or in-house at a SaaS startup. A broad understanding of how AI would improve a large, Fortune 500 company’s business is necessary.


      You’re a self-motivated individual who loves to solve big problems from a human-centered design perspective. You’re more than capable of holding your own in conversations about Artificial Intelligence, technology, Agile development, and more, but you are particularly inclined towards improving the holistic experience for people. You do your homework on the client, advances in their industry, and go above and beyond to forge relationships with key decision-makers.


      YOU WANT TO WIN. It could be a small mom & pop oil and gas company or a large fashion brand based out of NYC, but you always enter and exit the room with confidence, new friends, and new opportunities for Hypergiant to pursue.

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  • Marketing / Sales (40)

    • (Europe or US East Coast)


      • As an Account Executive, you will be responsible for helping new leads evaluate how can help them solve their business challenges.

      • We’re seeking someone with sales experience, ideally from a SaaS background, to join our new sales team. So far, all our sales efforts have been done by our founders, and we are looking for someone that will help improve our processes and effectiveness.

      • We approach sales from an educational mindset, and pride ourselves on being product-experts, so we can help customers solve their problems. We believe that the best way to sell is by “helping”, not “selling”.

      • You should have an understanding of the evolution of SaaS sales (self-service free trial) and be able to apply that to building a sales pipeline that drives successful onboarding during trials, and closes the ideal leads. The majority of leads come from various inbound channels such as SEO, content marketing, guest blogging, partnerships and marketplaces.

      • You’ll be responsible for qualifying and closing inbound 14-day free trial sign-ups into successful customers. You’ll spend a lot of time talking with leads and getting to know our ideal customers. A typical day-in-the-life would be answering incoming sales and emails, scheduling and hosting demos and converting prospects into customers (a full-stack sales process).

      • You will work closely with the Product team to report customer insights and help improve our onboarding experience which helps leads convert. You will also work closely with Marketing to help define and prioritize the best lead generation initiatives to attract more of our ideal customers into our pipeline.

      • While we accept both on-site and remote candidates for this role, we require that remote candidates be located in Europe or on the Eastern coast of America. We accept a maximum of 6-hour difference with our headquarters in Brussels, Belgium.

      What you’ll do

      • Call qualified leads shortly after they sign up to our free trial and qualify them based on our ideal customer profile.

      • Schedule and perform product demos and present webinars for both prospects and customers.

      • Help leads and customers get properly set up with to ensure that they can be successful using the product.

      • Answer inbound sales related questions from leads and customers via chat, emails, and phone.

      • Follow up with prospects during and beyond the trial period.

      • Be able to identify “nice-to-have” from “deal-breaker” features during customer calls and be creative suggesting product workarounds.

      • Develop a deep understanding of our product to help leads and customers find a solution to their problems.

      • Share and document insights with the product team based on customer feedback and help improve onboarding experience

      • Partner with Marketing to create and drive new lead generation campaigns.

      • Create customer facing content (such as helpdesk articles, screencast, ..) that can easily be shared with leads and customers to help them evaluate and set up their account properly

      • Keep CRM up do date to reflect the real situation of our opportunities in our Sales pipeline.

      • Able to think strategically and propose ways to scale our sales efforts when possible, while still keeping our approach personal and educational.

      • Report on key activity and performance metrics such as # of calls made, # of demos delivered, # of leads qualified, # of new customers and $ amount of new MRR add each month.


      • You experience working in a sales or customer-facing position, ideally in SaaS

      • You have a track record of performance

      • You speak and write in perfect English

      • You are a “product geek” , meaning you are able to develop strong understanding and technical knowledge in order to speak confidently to customers and communicate their needs to our team.

      • Be comfortable taking calls and closing deals while also thinking strategically about growing our sales efforts.

      • You see yourself more as a “consultant” than a pure “sales guy or gal”. You understand that the best way to sell, is to help.

      • You get a kick out of talking with customers and figuring out creative solution for their problems.

      • You are naturally empathetic, meaning you are comfortable talking to different types of potential customers from multiple industries and technical abilities.

      • You are familiar with the project management and issue tracking tool space. You know what Jira, Trello, Asana, Github and Gitlab are and you’ve worked with them in the past.

      • You have the startup mentality: you love figuring out creative ways to get the best maximum results with minimal resources


      • Competitive salary: Our compensation packages are based on market research and are equitable to other roles within The actual compensation offered to a successful candidate will be based on relative experience and skills.

      • Technology: Get a new MacBook Pro laptop with all necessary accessories (e.g.: second screen monitor, mouse, keyboard, laptop stand, adaptors,…). Basically anything you need to work in an environment you like.

      • Transparent salary: Your compensation package is accessible to anyone internally to encourage transparency and understand how you can grow inside the company. Your salary is calculated by taking into account market rates for your skillset, your relevant experience and the influence and ownership associated with your role.

      • Flexible working hours: As long as you are able to collaborate with your team effectively, get your work done and display the right attitude, it doesn't really matter when you start and finish your day.

      • Flexible holidays: Beyond your legal number of days off and public holidays, we trust you to take a few more paid extra off days if you feel it's important for your well-being.

      • Learning & personal development budget: Get a yearly budget for paid conferences, trainings, online courses and books.

      • Company retreats and activities: We regularly organize company dinners and activities to spend time together in a different and fun environment.

      • Profit Sharing: It's very important to us that we redistribute part of the value created with you, the actual contributor. We decided that the best way to share the success of the business with you was via a profit sharing program.

      • Career Evolution Roadmap: Depending on how fast you want to grow inside the team, we work with you from day 1 to lay out a plan that will allow you to achieve your professional and personal goals. We also regularly meet with you to assess your progress and figure out together what needs to be done to achieve your aspiration.

      • Great office or co-working space: We work in the heart of Brussels city in a great office with tons of space. Bars, cafes, and restaurants are only minutes away by foot. Access by tram, metro, train and bus is super easy. If you decide to work remotely, we will cover your co-working expenses.

    • Yesterday

      About the Role

      Do you look at the world and see injustice? Do you have a passion for diversity, inclusion and the removal of prejudice, in all its forms? If so we would like to hear from you.

      The Content Marketing Manager role is crucial to our growth. Our objective is to own the conversation around Diversity and Early Talent in the HR community. We want the Headstart brand to be synonymous with insight and thought leadership around these two very important areas and we want to be a valued, respected and participating member of both communities.

      Key responsibilities are:

      • Produce, curate and manage content in all its forms.

      • You will research the Diversity and Early Talent landscapes, engaging influencers, writers and practitioners, curating their content, along with other insightful papers, blogs and other content that adds to the agenda's we care about. You will also manage our own content, ensuring that our papers, PR articles and blogs are shared to the relevant audiences.

      • Work with Growth Marketing to build our presence and credibility across our core channels:

      LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Outbound

      • You will engage with our community through the social landscape, engaging in conversations, hosting chats, sharing content and generally embedding yourself and Headstart as a leading member and voice in the community.

      • Attend and report from conferences

      • You will attend conferences, ideally earning a place as a trusted blogger to report on the conference and generate social activity that grows the Headstart reputation and brand.


      Measures of Success:

      Measures of success for this role will include:

      • Generating conversation

      • Increase in inbound leads via the community

      • Increase in organic traffic to the Headstart website

      • Awards - working with our clients to submit awards proposals

      • Top lists for technology, influencers and blogs

      • Increase in engagement across our social and growth platforms

      Who are you?

      • You will be an experienced content marketer, with a proven background and capability in creating communities of interest and building brands through engaging content and interaction on social media.

      • You will also understand content and the art of content curation, having demonstrable proof of building thought leadership and measurable engagement through content management and distribution.

      • You have experience in copywriting, content strategy and development of tone of voice

      • You are passionate about tackling a lack of diversity in the workplace and have a full understanding of the issues, with your finger on the pulse in this area.

      • You have a strong understanding of data analytics and methods of evaluating the effectiveness of content

      • You have excellent influencing skills to work with a variety of clients and internal stakeholders

      • You should have excellent verbal and written communication skills (inc. public speaking)

      • Ability to work remotely

      • To succeed you will need to love the ambiguity and energy of a start up environment. A proven self starter with bags of self motivation, your natural, informal and inquisitive style will mean growing our community will come as second nature to you.


      • An awesome team of course!

      • Fully flexible and remote working

      • Annual team get togethers

      • Unlimited holidays

      • Budget for individual learning and development

      • Pension

    • Skedsocial (2-3 hours overlap with Melbourne, Australia)
      2 days ago

      We are a B2B software as a service tool that helps people schedule content on social media.

      We are looking for someone to lead our more specialised SEO efforts internally, on a full or part time (at least 2 days a week) basis, with an initial 3-month contract.

      What we're looking for

      We are looking for someone who:

      • Lives their day inside Ahrefs/SEMrush/Clearscope etc

      • Loves to take a very technical and metrics-focussed approach to SEO

      • Wants to take on a challenge, with competitive keywords

      • Can lead the efforts internally from strategy to execution.

      • Has experience in the B2B SaaS space, ideally in a marketing focussed tool.

      • We would like to find someone who is willing to get their hands dirty and can manage the SEO process end-to-end so that you can keep the feedback loops fast.

      • When/if you run out of time to DIY, we can talk about adding extra people or contractors to be able to free up your time, but for us it's important that you aren't afraid to get your hands dirty and that you have recent experience "doing the work", not just setting strategy.

      • You will need to have at least 2-3 hours overlap in working hours (8am-6pm) of Melbourne, Australia time, but otherwise our team is fully remote distributed around the world.

      What you'll work on

      • Your first 1-2 weeks will be focussed on auditing our existing activities and identifying what the quick wins might be for the best keywords to generate revenue.

      • Then you'll work on implementing your thoughts alongside our team, with a focus on a keyword list of 10-20 high quality and high intent keywords you have researched that you think will create the best ROI for us.

      • You'll regularly report on progress as we climb up the SERPs, and likely contribute to various other campaigns and projects our team works on.

      Salary guide

      We're pricing this role at US$55-60k per annum (pro-rata if you work part time) – we also have a profit share program, paid time off and more.


      To apply

      Send us a (short) cover letter along with your CV or LinkedIn, and include some detail about the following questions.

      1. What companies have you worked with that are similar to us?

      2. How much of your work is normally split between strategy and 'getting it done'?

      3. What are your favourite SEO tools that you use frequently?

    • 3 days ago

      Have you ever wondered what happens inside the cloud?

      Based in New York, DigitalOcean is a dynamic, high-growth technology company that serves a robust and passionate community of developers, teams, and businesses around the world. We believe that today’s entrepreneurs are changing the world through software. Our mission is to empower these entrepreneurs by bringing modern app development within reach for any developer, anywhere in the world.

      We want people who are passionate about understanding developer needs and simply showing them how DigitalOcean can help.

      We are looking for a technically savvy, talented and results-oriented self-starter to work cross- functionally with the product, success, and community teams to clearly and simply communicate the benefits of DigitalOcean, to drive differentiation and preference amongst our developer and small business personas. You will own and drive the overall plans around go-to-market, messaging, positioning, sales enablement and strategic partnerships working jointly with product management and the rest of marketing.

      What You’ll Be Doing:

      • Connect market and customer data to draw insights to effectively market our products

      • Inform product design with your knowledge of the market opportunities and competitive landscape for cloud compute products and services

      • As we expand our compute and kubernetes products and addressable market:

      • Develop product positioning and messaging

      • Develop a comprehensive product marketing strategy for our compute product portfolio

      • Plan and manage execution of multi-channel campaigns for product and feature launches

      • Influence packaging and pricing

      • Develop product-specific content to drive revenue growth including solutions marketing, online workshops, blogs, customer stories (video and written), and presentations

      • Collaborate with cross-functional teams to ensure growth in awareness, adoption/usage and revenue is delivered to meet and beat the compute goals

      • Direct interaction with the DigitalOcean leadership team

      What We’ll Expect From You:

      • Track record of success in marketing to developers, startups, and digital businesses in a product marketing or product management role

      • Demonstrated ability to influence up and cross-functionally

      • Well equipped to balance quantitative evidence and qualitative factors to quickly test and learn, but with ability to make decisions with uncertainty or imperfect data

      • Strong advocate of the customers’ point of view and requirements

      • Demonstrated team leadership, organizational and collaborative communication skills

      • Startup experience strongly preferred; entrepreneurial spirit a must

      • Strong track record in thriving in a highly energetic, fast moving environment

      • Experience in the infrastructure, cloud services, and development is a major plus

      • Excellent verbal and written communications skills

      • Managed GTM activities for at least two launches of products designed for developers or businesses

      • Experience with cloud infrastructure products and services

      • Experience talking with developers in their own language

      • Experience developing business and technical product positioning for multiple personas

      • Experience marketing developer-focused products, such as PaaS, IaaS, developer tools or platforms

      • Demonstrated ability to grasp and learn new technologies

      • Ability to work in a fast-paced and agile development environment

      • Bachelor's degree or higher in a business field with courses or demonstrated knowledge of a technical field, such as computer science, engineering or mathematics preferred

      • MBA is a plus

      Why You’ll Like Working for DigitalOcean:

      • We have amazing people. We can promise you will work with some of the smartest and most interesting people in the industry. We work hard but we always have fun doing it. We care deeply about each other and take our “no jerks” rule very seriously.

      • We value development. We are a high-performance organization that is always challenging ourselves to continuously grow. That means we maintain a growth mindset in everything we do and invest deeply in employee development.  You’ll need to be great to get hired here and we promise you’ll get even better.

      • We care about you. We offer competitive health, dental, and vision benefits for employees and their dependents, a monthly gym reimbursement to support your physical health, and a monthly commute allowance to make your trips to and from work easier.

      • We invest in your future. We offer competitive compensation and a 401k plan with up to a 4% employer match. We also provide all employees with Kindles and reimbursement for relevant conferences, training, and education.

      • We want you to love where you work. We have great office spaces located in the heart of SoHo NYC and Cambridge, and offer daily catered lunches to keep your hunger at bay. We’re also very remote-friendly—we use Slack to communicate across the company—and all remote employees have the opportunity to onboard in-office and take an all-expenses paid trip to our annual company offsite, Shark Week, to get quality in-person time with the team at least once a year. We also allow employees to customize their workstations to meet their needs—whether remote or in office.

      We value diversity and inclusivity. We are an equal opportunity employer and we do not discriminate on the basis of race, religion, color, national origin, gender, sexual orientation, age, marital status, veteran status, or disability status.

    • 4 days ago

      We are looking for a Business Development Representative to work closely with our Marketing and Sales teams. Your role will be to seek new business opportunities by contacting and developing relationships with potential customers.

      It is an added advantage if you have experience in developing leads from marketing campaigns and meeting sales quotas. You will be responsible for the entire sales cycle from establishing a customer contact till signing a deal. You will also ensure proper after-sales service.


      • Qualify leads from marketing campaigns as sales opportunities

      • Contact potential clients via phone and emails

      • Identify client needs and suggest appropriate products/services

      • Customize product solutions to increase customer satisfaction

      • Build long-term trusting relationships with clients

      • Proactively seek new business opportunities in the market

      • Set up meetings or calls between (prospective) clients and Account Executives

      • Build reports to present to the manager.

      • Stay up-to-date with new products/services and new pricing/payment plans


      • Proven work experience as a Business Development Representative, Sales Account Executive or similar role

      • Hands-on experience with multiple sales techniques (eg: inbound, outbound, field sales)

      • Track record of achieving sales quotas

      • Experience with CRM software.

      • Fluency in MS Excel.

      • Understanding of sales performance metrics

      • Excellent communication and negotiation skills

      • Ability to deliver engaging presentations

      • BSc degree in Marketing, Business Administration or relevant field.

    • Many of the best software companies in the world are already happy customers of Blossom, but we want to grow beyond the tip of the iceberg.

      To increase our impact we are looking for someone who can help us to grow beyond our core customer base of early adopters.

      You will lift product management best practices as well as the philosophy behind Kanban, Lean and Blossom itself into mainstream.

      You will be in the driver’s seat of all our customer acquisition activities and be responsible for growing our revenue to unlock further resources.

      Strategy without tactics is the slowest route to victory.

      Tactics without strategy is the noise before defeat.

      — Sun Tzu

      You will define our strategy & tactics for branding, marketing, sales and customer success. Your main focus will be to build and operate a holistic revenue machine.

    • Bevy Labs (North & South America)
      6 days ago

       Bevy is the first company dedicated to building enterprise software for companies who want to build, grow and scale their communities in real life (IRL). To keep up with our growing customer base, We are seeking a Marketing Growth Engineer who will be responsible for activities that drive B2B user acquisition and revenue growth including, Web Development, SEO/SEM, analytics, email marketing, social and viral marketing. We’re looking for a data-driven habitual experimenter who likes to try out various ways to improve funnel metrics, test and analyze user acquisition hypotheses to understand what is, or isn’t working and why, and implement tactics that will drive increased traffic and conversion. A full member of the Bevy engineering team, the growth marketing engineer will primarily work on growth marketing engineering projects and otherwise focus on efforts to improve our software offering to help our clients grow their communities.


      • Optimize and maintain customer facing website and all related components (chat bot, blog, events, forms, etc…)

      • Leverage all channels including but not limited to inbound and outbound marketing campaigns, paid digital acquisition programs (PPC, paid social), content marketing and SEO to hack user growth (inbound leads and free trials).

      • Work with the Growth Marketing to bring creative ideas and solutions to grow KPIs.

      • A/B test these ideas. Analyze the data and user feedback on those tests.

      • Exchange ideas, data, and feedback with other departments to make the product more user-centric.

      • Drive traffic to website, landing pages, social media and applications.

      • Apply Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) principles and hacks to increase user growth.

      • Integrate multiple data sources to create a 360-degree view of user and prospect funnel.

      • Prioritize constant improvement by testing data-driven hypotheses across all channels: web, email, ads, content, social, community, product, etc.

      • Participate in software design and implementation discussions, code reviews, product planning, as needed.

      • Take initiative with anything that comes your way

      Your work qualifications

      • Bachelor’s degree or equivalent practical experience

      • 3-5 years in a similar position, with a demonstrated track record of success in testing hypotheses, and synthesizing facts and insights into concrete, actionable strategies

      • Technical background and know-how in integration, analytics and testing, and implementing insights driven tactics that effectively drive customer acquisition numbers

      • Database skills and experience working with multiple APIs to create unique datasets.

      • Google Marketing Platform (Google Tag Manager & Google Analytics etc.) EXPERT

      • Paid Search & Social Media experience including- Google Ads, Bing Ads, Metatags for Social Media (e.g. Facebook Open Graph), LinkedIn Sales Navigator, Facebook Ads

      • Excellent communication skills. The Bevy engineering team is fully distributed -- thoughtful, proactive communication is critical.

      Preferred Qualifications

      • Solid understanding of modern JavaScript and React.js

      • Experience developing with public APIs and Webhooks modern data interchange formats like JSON and XML

      • Bonus points for professional experience with Python and Django

      • Successful experience with working in distributed team, ideally in startup environments.

    See 33 more Marketing / Sales jobs
  • Product (49)

    • Stack Overflow (US & EU timezones)

      At Stack Overflow, our mission is to serve developers. Whether we’re helping developers get public answers to their questions, work more efficiently with their team, or find a new job, we build products that make millions of developers’ lives better every day. We’re looking for a Product Manager to join our team, working on our Developer Advertising product suite. today has over 17 million question and answer pairs, sees 50 million unique visitors a month, and has been visited over 12 billion times in the past decade.  You’ll be leading the Advertising product experience for businesses who want to reach developers on one of the largest, most engaging developer sites on the internet. The Advertising product team is responsible for managing the various digital ad types advertisers can buy on Stack Overflow. The ideal candidate has deep domain expertise and experience building products used by advertisers and is excited to grow and improve our existing product suite.

      You’ll have the opportunity to do a lot. You can expect during your first year:

      • First Month: Get onboarded and brought up to speed on our current plans. You’ll spend a lot of time learning about our products, building rapport with the product, engineering, sales, marketing, and support teams, and contributing to small features.

      • Next 3 Months: Acquire a deep understanding through past and new user research of the biggest opportunities to serve different segments of our users.  This will include improving the current product suite through extensive testing, iteration and working with our data science team and stakeholders to analyze and deliver new versions of the product to customers. You’ll design tests, build prototypes, talk with users, write specs and pitch projects to your team and the company.  

      • Next 8 months: You can expect to start taking a leadership role developing the long term roadmap for the Advertising product team. You’ll be involved not just in product development, but in defining long term strategy, improving our processes, and advocating for targeted and relevant content for developers that use Stack Overflow.

      • We like to work in public. Not only does that mean being open within the company about what the product team is building, we also try and bring the developer community in as soon as we’re able.  Here are some examples of how we have done this historically:

      Most of the Ads team works out of New York, so being co-located is preferred. However, we’re looking to hire the best person wherever you are in the world. We work remotely so you can work from home and interact with the team over Google Hangouts and chat, usually during US or European working hours. We have offices in New York, London and Munich, so if you’re in (or want to relocate to) one of those cities you can, and our offices are awesome.

      Skills & Requirements:

      What you’ll do:

      • Help set the product strategy for Stack Overflow Ads, and lead the team that is executing on that strategy

      • Contribute to user research and customer segmentation to understand the needs of our customers and developers that consume ad content.

      • Propose new products and features and pitch them to the company and community

      • Start with high-level goals, turn them into detailed functional specs, and work with developers and designers to create rapid prototypes

      • Define and monitor metrics to determine the effectiveness of ad types, and administer split tests to learn whether a change is an improvement

      • Interact with our community of developers to gather ideas and feedback

      • Support go-to-market strategies with the marketing and customer success teams

      What we want to see:

      • A track record of coming up with ideas for, building, and shipping digital and mobile advertising products.  

      • Hands on experience with ad server and targeting technologies, specifically Double Click for Publishers and Google Ad Manager.

      • Minimum of 4 years as a product manager/product owner

      • A deep understanding of the digital Advertising industry, best practices, trends, and products

      • Excellent spec-writing and UX skills

      • An understanding of the technical implications of what you ask the team to do

      • Excellent telecommuting skills. Even if you work from one of our offices, many of our team members are remote

      • Experience with usability testing and A/B tests

      • Demonstrated ability to communicate clearly through written word (whether that's meta or forum posts, specs, blogging, or anything else)

      If this job interests you but you aren’t certain if you meet all of the requirements, apply anyway!

    • WHO WE ARE

      Namaste Technologies began as an international cannabis eCommerce company operating 32 sites in 20 countries. We have years of data collected on legal cannabis users, and by combining machine learning technology with telemedicine apps, we’re monetizing this information. We have recently acquired our sales license for our Licensed Producer CannMart which now allows us to operate our marketplace for all brands’ legal cannabis products.


      The Product Manager, eCommerce will be incredibly organized, enthusiastic, confident and a great communicator.  You enjoy working with the latest technologies out there, while having the opportunity to solve real-life problems, in an exciting domain.  We want you to be able to develop your skills and grow as a professional, so you’re never left bored or unchallenged.


      • Gain a deep understanding of customer experience, identify and fill product gaps and generate new ideas that grow market share, improve customer experience and drive growth.

      • Create, manage and lead a fast-paced, customer-centric product development process.

      • Provide strategic oversight to help develop new products by working cross-functionally with Dev leads, Marketing, Sales and Leadership to align vision and drive execution.

      • Lead the collection and analysis of customer's, stakeholder's and other team's feedback to shape requirements, features, new product enhancements and product plans.

      • Create strategic product line roadmaps to help drive adoption of the product.

      • Provide vision and direction to the development team and stakeholders throughout the project.

      • Create requirements and set deliverable timing.

      • Plan and prioritize product feature backlog and development for the product.

      • Follow the progress of work and address production issues during development.


      • 3+ years of product management, product ownership or business analysis experience.

      • Bachelor's in Computer science, Engineering, Business, Economics or a related discipline.

      • A technical background and experience working in an Agile delivery model.

      • Prior experience driving strategy for innovating products or services.

      • A bias for action - we move fast and need people who can think big.

      • A natural collaboration instinct with a confirmed ability to work across teams to get things done.

      • An organized approach and the ability to prioritize and trade-off conflicting commercial and technical constraints.

      • Excellent presentation and interpersonal skills and comfortable working with technical and commercial staff both internally and with customers.

      • Sharp analytical and problem-solving skills are a MUST.

    • College (US only)
      2 days ago

      We are seeking our first VP of Product to join our leadership team and lead our small but growing product team here at Collage. Our ongoing Product goal is for every customer to have an outstanding experience designing and ordering custom photo products.  This is a new position for an entrepreneurial and empathetic leader where you’ll be expected to substantially shape the role and have a lasting impact on our brand, values, and methods for developing products. Adding a strong VP of Product will allow us to best support our team through critical stages of rapid growth, while more effectively identifying and materializing greater opportunities to expand into new product areas and markets and most importantly, to improve the lives of our customers by giving them a platform to create products that they love.

      Our Product Team Values

      • We believe in developing great product through a deep understanding of our users with a variety of qualitative and quantitative methods, creative use of technology, exemplary design, and an open mindedness to new ideas.

      • We believe that the whole product team - engineers, designers, and product managers - should be actively empowered to contribute to product development.

      • We believe in the lean approach of cheaply and quickly validating assumptions with evidence, and iterating quickly.

      • We are committed to improving the lives of our customers and provide the best possible work environment of our team members.


      • Drive product mission, strategy, and roadmap with strong emphasis on Lean methodologies.

      • Own the end-to-end processes related to product discovery, including identifying problems and opportunities, rapidly validating our assumptions, and defining the solutions that we deliver to our customers.

      • Lead and mentor the existing and future product team members (currently two product managers and two designers).

      • Work closely with the head of engineering to ensure efficient implementation of product improvements and facilitate engineering involvement in product discovery.

      • Collaborate and work cross-functionally with the marketing, physical product and customer services teams and address stakeholder concerns.


      • 10+ years experience in product management, preferably in consumer software.

      • Extensive experience with and strong proponent of Lean methodologies.

      • Proven track record of success in developing and shipping consumer product with a high quality user experience.

      • Passion for leading, mentoring and scaling product teams to reach their full potential.

      • Experience defining end-to-end product mission, strategy and roadmap.

      • A healthy level of skepticism and an analytical nature: ability to quickly absorb and analyze unfamiliar information to make decisions that are supported by sound evidence.

      • Evangelist of the lean approach, capable of finding creative ways to quickly validate assumptions underlying both problems and solutions.

      Benefits and Perks

      • Working from home makes it easier to focus on results and develop professionally while spending less time commuting. (See our opinion piece on perks and work-life balance at

      • 401(k) plan, home internet reimbursement, and $3,000 / year in free products plus employee discount for friends and family.

      • pays 100% of the premium for full health, vision and dental insurance coverage for you and your family in a high-quality Blue Cross Blue Shield PPO plan.

      • Flexible work schedule and unlimited vacation policy (work hard and take time when you need it).

      • We’ll pay for computer and home office equipment (within reason) that will help you work better.

    • Canonical (Americas, EMEA)
      3 days ago

      Business, technology, and personal leadership all come together in the product management team at Canonical, the publisher of Ubuntu.

      We are growing our interdisciplinary, creative and focused team of product champions who own and lead product marketing, management, and performance across our broad cloud and IoT product portfolio, including the Ubuntu operating system, OpenStack, Kubernetes, MAAS, containers, AI and more.

      The Product Manager will be an analytical storyteller with a strong sense of message and product capabilities. We are seeking graduate professionals with a technical background to define product strategy and create initiatives to drive business engagement with Canonical products.

      Product management at Canonical is data-driven and content-centric. Product performance is closely measured and this team participates in regular reviews with the company leadership. You will join a rapidly growing team at an early stage in its development and have the opportunity to shape and develop the positioning and message across our suite of products. You will generate effective content that can attract and engage sophisticated technical and commercial audiences (product managers and directors of technology and IT), and work closely with Canonical’s marketing, media, product development, sales, research, consulting, and training teams.

      You will not only define product strategy but also be accountable for product development and go-to-market execution, the creation of marketing materials including sales collateral, case studies, training, and external blog posts. You will be expected to be comfortable creating impactful assets that drive measurable lead generation and market awareness.

      The successful candidate will be multi-talented, with:

      • A rigorous technical or science background and supporting qualifications

      • Business and commercial interests, possibly with a relevant qualification

      • A proven history of articulation, presentation or narrative, as well as leadership in areas of personal interest

      • Energy and a strong work ethic, and personal interests aligned with the field, such as demonstrable hobbies in areas such as tech/arts/music/languages

      • Awareness of the positioning, competition and tactical opportunities available to Ubuntu and Canonical

      • If you are excited about technology and interested in how innovation drives business impact on a global scale, this might be for you!

      In this team you will:

      • Develop value proposition and messaging frameworks, and drive articulation of product portfolio positioning, aligned to product goals

      • Own go-to-market and adoption strategies

      • Identify needs and sharpen product offerings based on feedback from customers and competitive positioning

      • Maintain and communicate product release roadmaps

      • Create compelling sales and marketing collateral to drive adoption

      • Conduct adoption analysis and develop recommendations for growth initiatives

      • Identify internal and 3rd party research needs to support product positioning and go-to-market plans


      • Bachelor’s Degree in Engineering, Computer Science or a related discipline

      • Evidence of interest in the business impact of technology (e.g. MBA or comparable background)

      • Strong aptitude for data-driven decision-making and experience in distilling complex products into client-facing solutions

      • Proven ability to write about technology and the tech competitive landscape, either in the form of product writing or public commentary

      • Ability to create compelling sales collateral and marketing materials

    • Welcome!

      We’re so happy you found us. Since you’ve come this far, it’s safe to say you’re curious about our story and what career opportunities exist, so we’d love to start by introducing ourselves.

      Then & Now

      Placeit is a design tool that allows anyone to create beautiful videos and designs in seconds. Our aim to enable to creative people that don’t have technical skills to be able to make beautiful looking visuals!

      At the end of 2017 we became part of the Envato family.  Envato operates a group of digital markets that sell assets for designers of all types.   Envato offer includes graphic design, photography, audio, video and tutorials. There are about 1.5 million active buyers and sellers and 8 million community members, along with more than 5 million products in their market.

      What you’ll be doing

      The Director of Product is a newly created, full-time permanent position to be responsible for designing and defining new features for Placeit but also owning the quality of those new features once released production.  We believe that half of the product development process happens after you’ve released the initial version.  It’s all those little details that make the features really become polished!

      Reporting to the CEO Placeit and collaborating with the CEO Envato, the Director of Product will lead a team of UX experts and collaborate with Project Managers, CTO and Engineering, and all internal and external stakeholders to drive product decision making.  This position will suit a technically minded problem solver combined with an understanding for our aesthetic and creative product.

      What’s unique about Product development at Placeit:

      • There is a lot of collaboration between the technical and UX side early in the design process. No one throws a feature “over the fence”. The UX team shapes their ideas around the constraints.

      • The UX team doesn’t just design things and ask engineering to build them. They try to find the optimal point at which the feature is useful to users and not overly complex to build.

      • At least 75% of the feature we build have a strong case backed up by real data. That doesn’t mean we don’t take gut decisions once in a while but the default is to try to make intelligent decisions.

      • Our product is large (in terms of featureset) and there are many segments of users that use our product. It’s very easy to over simplify things and make changes that don’t work well for a large portion of users so we have a lot of emphasis in designing experiments to understand before we overly commit to something we’re not sure about.

      • We move fast. We know a lot of companies say that but we mean it. We make lots of big changes quickly but we track those changes and watch closely.

      • We don’t do over-collaboration. We try to only involve the people actually need to be involved in making decisions and exclude everyone else.

      • Everyday we come in, we take a second look at planned features and see if we can find a simpler way of approaching a feature. Even if it means trashing the feature requirement completely.

      • We don’t do any release that can take more than 6 weeks in order to contain complexity.

      • If we don’t understand the user story / value proposition, we don’t build it.

      • We like to clearly separate the problem definition phase from the solution phase and never to mix the two.

      • Our UX / Product team is very much involved in understanding user behaviour. Everything from reading customer requests directly to watching user usage recordings to talking to customers directly. We’ve built a lot of tooling in this area.

      • We will often explore multiple ways of doing the same feature to make sure we properly explore multiple options before committing to one.

      In this role you can expect to:

      • Define and direct the design of new features

      • Communicate progress and new feature releases to all stakeholders (Content, Marketing, Customers, Finance, Engineering, UX)

      • Communicate and define success metrics of the product (including new features)

      • Work with marketing teams to announce and draw attention to features

      • Work with Placeit and Envato CEO to execute within the overall product strategy

      • Design and run experiments to help understand product usage

      • Suggest new features

      • Prioritise the backlog of features / improvements based on direction set from CEO

      • Be the final line in terms of quality assurance for new feature releases which means a strong sense for understanding user flows QA

      What we’re looking for

      • Familiarity with the design / creative industries; making logos, videos, templates

      • Strong experience working with Sketch / Figma / Adobe IX / Invision design tools

      • Basic coding knowledge

      • At least five years of product management experience

      • Experience leading a team of five or move for a minimum of three years

      • Curiosity in how to actually build things shown in projects owned and started by you

      • Having a design background to be able to give direction the UX team

      • Strong written communication skills and the ability to communicate with a variety of stakeholders and audiences ideally in English and Spanish

      • Demonstrated ability to understand the commercial factors and how to factor them in planning in terms of trade-offs

      • Developed problem solving skills to be able to synthesise feedback from customers and stakeholders. You should be able to get to the bottom of a request and understanding the core reasons deeply.

      • Have an analytical mindset to analyse data and create experiments to find out the answers to key questions that can drive new feature ideas.

      • Hold expert skills in the product design process: Problem definition, wireframing, prototyping, UX, visual design, UX research, QA and studying the product usage in production

      • Intermediate to Advanced skills using Google Analytics and / or background in using application usage events / analytics data to understand user behavior.

      • Strong statistics / analytical skills; Ability to easily extract insights from reports

      Who should apply?

      We care deeply about diversity and inclusion at Placeit and welcome applicants of all types, and from all backgrounds. If you think you have the skills and experience needed for this role then we'd like to hear from you.

      What next?

      Submit a cover letter, an up to date copy of your resume and answers to the application questions. Good luck!

    • Docker is looking for an inspirational product leader to help us shape the way applications are built, deployed, and managed in a world run on containers. As the Senior Product Manager responsible for Docker Hub, you will own and drive the life cycle of new features and products from high-level concept design to delivery and end of life. You will help shape the future on key areas of the Docker developer experience, including how developers build, share, collaborate on, ship, and run modern containerized apps.

      Jump on the whale!

      We’re rapidly growing the Docker product platform, ecosystem, and the team, and tackling some of the biggest challenges around – your impact will help operations teams support millions of developers around the world ship code faster and more reliably. At Docker, you and your engineering team will imagine, design, build a platform that the next generation of software developers will use to change the world. If you have the skills for the next level but haven't been noticed in your current environment, we're ready to take a chance on you.


      • We subscribe to Good PM, Bad PM.

      • You own the product, the revenue, and the results. No Excuses.

      • You believe in and can articulate succinctly, the customer and their pain. You empathize and internalize deeply the world they live in and the constraints they work through. You live to make their lives easier.

      • You love talking to developers and finding amazing solutions that solves for today's problem while optimizing for tomorrow's vision.

      • You love building products that are easy to adopt and use. You have a keen design sensibility, and you are always looking for ways to improve the usability of your products.

      • Marketing loves your slides and positioning statements; you love their ability to make it look and sound amazing in all forums and take it to a wide audience.

      • Support teams call you first when something is wrong and know you will not leave them in a lurch with a customer.

      • You love to move fast, and ship stuff that matters.


      • You have built SaaS products and understand the challenges of running a SaaS platform at global scale.

      • You have a deep understanding of the needs of developers and appreciate the unique challenges of crafting a product experience that speaks to developer sensibilities.

      • You've had a fantastic career building enterprise products...your customers love you and know you by first name.

      • You can break down complex technical problems into small, release-able, user valuable features.

      • You can describe complex issues clearly and succinctly to someone who doesn't have a Computer Science degree.

      • English proficiency preferred

      What We Have To Offer

      • We have a customer base you'll love because everyone has a favorite company that uses Docker

      • People who are torn between going home and going on a burrito run, or sometimes just a run.

      • Free food of all kind (healthy and not), drinks and beers

      • an awesomely smart group of people who are professionals at what they do and have fun doing it.

      • Mentorship for our next leaders who have an active learning mindset.

    • Giant Swarm (Europe or North America (East Coast))
      6 days ago

      We are looking for a Technical Product Owner for Kubernetes

      Giant Swarm is a fast growing open source infrastructure management platform used by modern enterprises. Our vision is to empower developers around the world to ship great products.

      We're a distributed, diverse, and growing team, spread across Europe. The company is based in Cologne, Germany, where we have a small office in a coworking space. However, only a few people work there. All workflows are created to function remotely - but of course, if you want to visit Cologne, you are more than welcome!

      While we are remote first, we appreciate quality time with our co-workers, so we meet in person twice a year to work and have fun together.

      Work-life integration

      • Flexible working hours, and working from home or anywhere you prefer but please note that your permanent location should be somewhere in Europe.

      • Currently, the number of kids from our team members outnumbers the number of employees.

      • We don’t only care about the kids “within” the company, but also about all children - for example, we compensate the carbon of all our flights.

      • As an international company, we want to create similar standards for everyone, regardless of location. So, additional perks (for example, a location-aware, fixed amount paid each month to cover costs like co-working, phone contracts or gym memberships), paid parental leave and healthcare compensation are compulsory.

      Your Job 

      • You are responsible for the success of our product ;) But of course, you are not alone. We currently have 4 PO’s and all team members are engaged in the product process.

      • You create, order and validate the list of the work that has to be performed. You decide with the other PO’s what will be developed and when, and make strategic product decisions.

      • You manage the Product Backlog of your team and write user stories.

      • You communicate a clear vision and help the team to prioritize.

      • You participate in all development events (Daily StandUp, Planning, Retrospective, Reviews).

      • You do proactive stakeholder management (customer, other PO’s, cross-functional Dev Teams, other internal departments) and gather requirements, manage expectations and set priorities.

      • You ensure that our customers are informed about new features (Documentation, Blog posts, Newsletter, just organization, no content creation!).

      Why we think this job is worth applying for (challenge us!)

      • Impact, Impact, Impact! We are a remote-first organization with a growing team from 15+ European countries. Every new team member changes the team. This is great! People who know things we don’t are highly welcome.

      • “It's easier to ask forgiveness than it is to get permission” (Grace Hopper) - sure, it’s not 100% like this, but we have a strong culture of failure which, is part of our agile mindset. We don’t do things like in the guidebook. You can try things out! Our default to 100% transparency will help you here.

      • We play a key role in our customers' digital transformation. We have partnered up with Amazon and Microsoft to provide our solution on their cloud platforms - more will follow.

      • We have been in this ecosystem from the get-go and as part of the CNCF family, we feel at home in the community. As a part of Giant Swarm, you will also join this extended family.

      • We serve some of Europe's leading organizations and are talking to many more.

      WHY Giant Swarm?

      We like to give you a glimpse on how working with is like:


      Creative work needs freedom and openness. We encourage you to do your work wherever and whenever you want. We expect passion and encourage sustainability. If you need rest, take it. We don't count holidays - but we are also aware that this combined with remote work can also lead to working too much. So we encourage you to take holidays and help you to manage the freedom and flexibility.


      We are a growing company with team members distributed all over Europe and plans on expanding to the US. Our ambitious goals are only achievable as a team. Everybody’s input is highly welcome and appreciated. Although sometimes rules and processes are necessary, we try to keep them as lean as possible. Always question the status quo and find new ways of collaboration and teamwork.


      Learning is mandatory and fun at the same time. If you realize you want to expand your knowledge in a specific area, we support you with conferences, books etc.


      We offer fair (transparent and open) salaries with benefits like choosing your own laptop, additional perks (for example, a location-aware, fixed amount paid each month to cover costs like co-working, phone contracts or gym memberships), paid parental leave and healthcare compensation are compulsory. And you will participate in our stock options program. Currently, our team members have more children than we are employees. So family-friendliness is a must.

      We are not hiring job descriptions. We hire humans. :) We welcome applications from everybody, regardless ethnic or national origin, religion, gender identity, sexual orientation or age.


      • You have at least 3 years of work experience in a tech-driven environment and you know stuff about enterprise software, cloud, open source and distributed systems). You can tell us about your experience with Kubernetes and infrastructure.

      • You find the right tone for all stakeholders. Especially with our cross-functional Engineering teams, you are available and engaged. (We are currently building a product where we put customer requirements into product requirements and stories which work for a multitude of customers.)

      • You can deal with being empowered to make decisions.

      • You understand the market, product, business, and any constraints involved.

      • You have an understanding of how our product is developed and delivered, you know a lot about agile methodologies but you don’t need to do everything in the guide book.

      • You fight for good UX as this is a huge part of our product.

      • You are happy to work in a fast changing environment and adapt the way you work according to the current status of the company. We are operating in the evolving container ecosystem; the whole market is highly volatile.

      • You don’t need to be a coder, but a basic knowledge of Linux or a little bit of programming will help you to understand what we are doing.

      • Having worked with Kubernetes before is a great plus.

      • You have excellent English skills. German is a plus.

      • We (and our customers) are currently mostly distributed around Europe (around UTC), thus, you are located in Europe or the North American East Coast.

    See 42 more Product jobs
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    • Today

      We are Netguru, a software services and consulting company ranked in the top five of the fastest growing IT companies in Central Europe for the third time. We maintain an unshakable passion for developing web and mobile applications on behalf of our clients worldwide. We grow 100% each year both in revenue and staff, in 2018 our annual turnover was 80 mln and 500 employees.

      Do you have the knowledge and experience to independently lead an inhouse tax and accounting division in a fast-paced environment? If your answer is positive - click the “apply" button and let us get to know you better! 

      Why is it worth joining Netguru as a Chief Accountant? You will have:

      • a chance to work in an innovative, agile ambitious and friendly environment,

      • a real impact on our internal procedures and tools and opportunities to expand your knowledge about mergers, takeovers, the stock market, and much more,

      • an access to high-quality tools - we use Salesforce, Atlassian,  Enova, and Saldeo on a daily basis and we’re integrating our internal systems with databases and external solutions to speed up our processes,

      • an opportunity of a pay-rise twice a year, based on clearly defined goals – you will frequently meet with your leader who will help you make full use of your potential.

      Your main responsibilities:

      • Independently managing tax and accounting within the company according to the Accounting Act (Ustawa o Rachunkowości) and the International Accounting Standards;

      • Leading, coaching and developing an internal team of 3+ accountants;

      • Working closely with the Controlling Department, Business and Head of Finance

      • Supervising the correctness of financial statements as well as producing accurate, timely, and informative management accounts for the business;

      • Preparing declarations required by tax law,

      • Monitoring changes in legal regulations and implementing them in the company’s accounting;

      • Liaising with third-parties such as auditors, tax authorities, vendors, clients;

      • Automating processes, implementing business-friendly procedures and tools.

      Skills and experience required as a must:

      • Up-to-date tax knowledge, in-depth knowledge of the Accounting Act (Ustawa o Rachunkowości) and the International Accounting Standards;

      • Minimum 2 years’ experience:

      • As a (Deputy) Chief Accountant (in company with annual revenue of  at least 100M PLN),

      • OR a Manager of an accounting department in an Accounting Office providing services to dynamically growing enterprises,

      • Experience in directly managing a team of accountants,

      • Proficiency in using Excel and accounting software,

      • Good command of English (CEFR B2+) including financial terminology;

      • Excellent command of Polish (CEFR C1+)

      • Being an agile learner who embraces new technologies and tools,

      • The ability to adapt when, due to business demands, deadlines and priorities change,

      • Business mindset and ability to implement user-friendly solutions.  


      • Experience in an international environment,

      • Experience in dealing with join stock companies (Spółka Akcyjna),

      • Proficiency in using Enova and Saldeo

      Perks & Benefits:

      • individual growth budget for your educational plan,

      • fully covered private health insurance

      • a Multisport card,

      • optional life insurance for you and your family,

      • free sandwiches and co-financed lunches,

      • team retreats and meet-ups

      • & more!

      Need more information? Drop us a line at [email protected]

    • TeamSnap (US only)

      TeamSnap is seeking a highly motivated and results oriented Senior Data Analyst to manage analytics for our Sports Organization Line of Business. As a Senior Data Analyst at TeamSnap, you’ll be working with people from around the company to solve key strategic business challenges.  

      This role will directly report to the Senior Manager of Analytics with cross functional stakeholders including product, marketing, sales, engineering, customer experience and finance.  

      About us

      TeamSnap is an award-winning communication and management service for recreational and competitive sports teams, tournaments and organizations. With over 20 million enthusiastic customers in 195 countries, TeamSnap is indispensable for teams, clubs and leagues worldwide.

      We value trust, communication and fun more than big company policies and rules, and we thrive on empowering our people instead of controlling them. TeamSnap has been named to Outside Magazine’s list of Best Places to Work three consecutive years.

      What you’ll be doing

      As a Senior Data Analyst, you’ll be providing insights to the business that will help drive decision making across various initiatives and departments.  Your time will be split between digging into data, analyzing the findings, and presenting recommendations. A strong desire to be in a heavy data management role is essential for this position - querying data should be your passion. You will work to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of our data analysis infrastructure and regularly collaborate with other TeamSnap analysts as we work to solve TeamSnap challenges.

      Some things that are important:

      • A Bachelor’s Degree in Statistics, Math, Engineering, Computer Science, Economics, Business, or a related technical field

      • 7+ years of work experience in an analytics role

      • Strong SQL knowledge: experience with advanced querying and ETL of data, you are highly technical and enjoy deep data management

      • Experience working with imperfect data sets

      • Experience with Google Analytics and Google 360 products

      • Intermediate proficiency with Tableau

      • Prior experience analyzing product, marketing, customer data with some experience doing statistical analysis and a basic understanding of statistical modeling concepts

      • Strong background in quantitative thinking coupled with a heavy dose of common sense

      • The ability to distill raw data and quantitative analysis into business information and insight

      • The ability to take business questions and translate them into often complex queries and analyses that inform the Line of Business

      • Proactive approach to providing insight that results from intellectual curiosity and an understanding of our customers, products, and strategic objectives

      Other things that would be nice to have:

      • Consulting and/or business strategy experience

      • Experience with Big Query

      • Experience with Google Cloud Platform or additional Google Cloud features

      • Prior experience in SaaS or technology company

      • Ability to succeed in a collaborative, distributed environment

      • Be a parent, coach or participant in a recreational sport

      • Be a TeamSnap user (sign up for a free trial to see what we’re about)


      We are headquartered in Boulder, Colorado, but this job is remote (unless you happen to live near Boulder, in which case you’re welcome to come to the office). TeamSnap is a mostly-distributed company, so you must be very comfortable working with people who aren’t in the same physical location as you or each other. While we love all parts of the world, we can only hire US-based citizens at this time.

      Why TeamSnap?

      • Work on a product that people use and love

      • While we’re still relatively small, we’re not a fly-by-night startup; we’re the leader in a massive market

      • We have a proven revenue model, an experienced executive team, solid funding, and a strong strategic plan

      • We have fantastic benefits, and you’ll have a stake in the company

      • If you’re looking for an opportunity to show off the very best of your skills, in an environment of trust, respect and flexibility, this might very well be the best job you’ll ever have. We’re passionate about helping our customers spend less time organizing and more time playing.

      Benefits and Perks

      • We offer competitive salary and benefits, lots of opportunity to develop professionally, and the ability to demonstrate what you can achieve. TeamSnap is still small enough that your actions will help drive our success. Benefits include:

      • Competitive salary

      • Medical/dental/vision for you and your family

      • Education reimbursement up to $1,500/yr

      • Wellness stipend of $50/mo

      • 401K

      • Free TeamSnap service for your family and friends

      • Free TeamSnap swag.

      • Flexible PTO and vacation policy

      Diversity and Inclusion

      TeamSnap is a company built around trust, kindness and collaboration, where diverse backgrounds, experiences and viewpoints are celebrated and valued. This is a place where everybody belongs.

    • You are an expert project manager and multi-tasker. You love client interaction and you manage relationships brilliantly. You coordinate internal resources for flawless execution of projects. No one has ever seen you sweat (except maybe at the gym). At nClouds, you will ensure that all projects are delivered on-time, within scope. You’ll develop project scopes and objectives, involving all relevant stakeholders and ensuring technical feasibility. Ensure resource availability and allocation. Develop a detailed project plan to track progress in the form of weekly sprints/goals and properly defined milestones. Use appropriate verification techniques to manage changes in project scope, schedule and costs. Measure project performance using appropriate systems, tools and techniques. Report and escalate to management, as needed. Manage the relationship with the client. Create and maintain comprehensive project documentation with help of engineers. If this sounds like you, please apply now.

      Skills required:

      • Experience as a project administrator in the IT sector.

      • Good technical background, with understanding of technical projects.

      • Excellent client-facing and internal communication skills.

      • Excellent written and verbal communication skills.

      • Solid organizational skills, including attention to detail and multi-tasking skills.

      • Strong working knowledge Atlassian products like Jira/Confluence.

    • 3 days ago

      We are seeking a senior data scientist to lead us in making optimal, data-driven decisions throughout the company.  You will work collaboratively with internal stakeholders to communicate findings, answer business questions, improve existing processes and innovate new solutions. You will bring a rigorous approach to validating assumptions, generating hypotheses, and the design, analysis, and iteration of experiments. Your will focus on driving and optimizing marketing strategies, but will also be flexible enough to support analytics needs across other areas in the company including product, e-commerce, and customer service as needed. The ideal candidate will be highly self-motivated and inquisitive, with strong analytical skills, extreme attention to detail and a passion for using data to drive business growth.


      • Partner with marketing team to design and analyze experiments to optimize pricing, up-sells, ad copy, etc.

      • Apply segmentation and modeling methodology to improve marketing campaigns, email lists, and provide insight into our user base.

      • Collaborate on user experience funnel and attribution modeling to identify how users interact with our site through different marketing channels and improve retention and conversion.

      • Design, develop, and maintain robust and scalable solutions, reports, dashboards, etc. that will support our internal stakeholders’ ongoing and ad-hoc needs.

      • Work with internal stakeholders in various areas to correctly frame and answer high-level, open-ended business questions.

      • Verify and validate the accuracy of data, documentation, processes, and conclusions.


      • BA/BS, MA/MS and/or PhD in a relevant quantitative field or equivalent experience

      • 8+ years relevant experience is preferred but we are open-minded and are more interested in the quality of experience than the years of experience

      • Strong statistical knowledge and understanding of A/B test design and analysis

      • Experience with causal inference methods and/or machine learning preferred

      • Experience retrieving data from SQL databases (we use MySQL and Redshift), and manipulating and analyzing data using complex SQL queries or computing languages such as R or Python

      • Advanced spreadsheet skills for manipulating, analyzing, and presenting data (eg. nested formulas and functions, pivot tables, formatting, parsing, etc.)

      • Experience with Google Analytics and digital advertising tracking, measurement, and metrics

      • Superb written and verbal communication skills

      • Excellent ability to visualize data and communicate conclusions to stakeholders of all levels

      Benefits and Perks

      • pays 100% of the premium for full health, vision and dental insurance coverage for you and your family in a high-quality Blue Cross Blue Shield PPO plan.

      • Flexible day-to-day schedule and generous vacation policy: work hard and take vacation when you need it.

      • We’ll pay for any computer and home office equipment (within reason) that will help you work.

      • We offer all full-time employees a Vanguard 401(k) retirement plan, with matching employee contributions.

      • Home Internet reimbursement.

      • Paid travel to conferences and meetings.

      • $3,000 / year in free products, and employee discount for friends and family.

    • BrandBastion (Europe)
      4 days ago


      This is a full-time remote position.

      BrandBastion transforms the way brands deal with social engagement. Our proprietary technology automates the management of millions of social interactions every day, while maintaining the personal quality of one-on-one conversations. Our technology combining artificial intelligence, machine learning and human expertise runs in the background creating an open and free environment for discussions, offering blazing fast customer responses, escalations, protection from threats and real audience insights 24/7. We help brands to rise above the challenges of complex digital interactions, accurately, at scale and in real-time.

      We process millions of pieces of content each day on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube. We also uphold a very large database of categorized content that our machine-learning natural language processing software runs on. In order to provide our clients with actionable reports and to improve our software, the data needs to be efficiently processed and analyzed.

      As a Data Scientist you will be:

      • Thinking unconventionally to find innovative ways to solve real world problems such as: analyzing and classifying social media content in real time, overcoming the challenges of working with unstructured data, multi-language and multi-cultural content.

      • Working closely with our development and analytics team to support further development of our proprietary technology and developing new services.

      • Keeping up with the latest social media trends and threats such as spam, scams, malware and piracy, finding patterns and associations in big data sets.

      • Researching and developing automation and predictive solutions using AI, machine learning, NLP, deep neural networks or even developing your own implementations.

      • Working closely with our account management and sales teams to discover trends, to perform data analysis and generate relevant industry research and reports.


      • Creativity and curiosity is essential for this role.

      • Highly focused on implementation and problem solving, can-do attitude, and committed to ongoing learning.

      • Fluent English, both written and spoken.

      • Data science expertise: Machine Learning, Deep Neural Networks, AI, NLP.

      • Development skills with strong IT knowledge (Python, Java, SQL/NoSQL, Spring, Maven, Microservices, REST).

      • Big Data tools and engineering expertise would be an asset (Apache, AWS, Hadoop, ELK).

      • Experience with text and image analysis would be an advantage.

      • Background in data science, computer science, mathematics or similar field. PhD, patents and publications in relevant area would be an asset.


      • Possibility to work remotely from anywhere in Europe.

      • Work with the best and brightest team members from all over the globe.

      • Competitive compensation.

      • 4 weeks of paid vacation annually offered to all team members.

      • Flexibility in terms of working hours and possibilities to work remotely.

      • Opportunities to grow your career in a new and growing field.

      • Work with some of the world’s greatest and most innovative brands.

      • Receive immediate responsibility for everything you do and the freedom to get creative.

      • Join a growth company operating in a new exciting industry.

      • Opportunity to travel.

    • Automattic, the company behind WooCommerce,, and Jetpack, is looking for an extraordinary candidate to lead our work in payments and financial services. In this role, you will have the opportunity to dramatically expand on Automattic’s work in payments, and build new financial products to help our merchants grow their businesses.

      As Director of Payments, your primary responsibilities will include:

      • Driving and executing the product roadmap for payments and financial services.

      • Leading product development, strategy, go to market, and daily operations for Automattic’s payments products and partner integrations, with a focus on revenue growth.

      • Coordinating and managing product development and management process under tight timelines and across various teams within and outside of the organization.

      • Overseeing risk management and compliance functions to ensure minimal losses.

      • Identifying providers and partners, negotiating terms, executing deals, and working with the team to integrate them and oversee their long-term success.

      • Conducting market research to identify, assess, and prioritize new business opportunities.

      The ideal candidate:

      • Has 7+ years of experience with a strong foundation in product development, product management, and online payments (at online payment companies, card networks, banks, etc., or a similar environment).

      • Has a proven record in developing complex long-term product roadmaps, and executing them across various divisions within an organization.

      • Is deeply familiar with the economics of online payments and what drives profits and losses—and can speak in specifics to underwriting/risk management techniques, optimizing interchange fees, and compliance.

      • Has a consistent record of negotiating and implementing complex deals with large organizations.

      • Has strong analytical skills and the ability to model business opportunities and assess trade-offs.

      • Has experience doing market and competitive research, and working cross-functionally with legal, engineering, marketing, and finance teams.

      • Is highly self-­motivated, able to work with significant autonomy.

    • 5 days ago

       Please read carefully before applying. This position is 100% remote. Your timezone must have a minimum of 2 hours overlap with London (GMT) 

      ABOUT US

      SmarterQueue is a ground-breaking social media tool.

      On average, our platform saves Customers over 8hours per week, and increases the effectiveness of their social media content up to 300%.

      We are a fully remote team of 15, spanning the UK, Canada, America and Europe, building a tool which adds real value to influencers and marketers lives.


      Customer Relations

      • Respond to support questions, requests and complaints from our customers with a high focus on detailed quality. 

      • Develop relationships with customers and proactively gather information on their needs to identify SmarterQueue features that could help them achieve their goals. 

      • Identify and execute opportunities to increase customer loyalty and reduce churn. 

      • Recommend best practices to the Customer Success Manager for the benefit of the broader company related to customer experience, operations, product, sales and training.


      • Support customer onboarding as required and help implement innovative processes to continuously improve onboarding. 

      • Create, review and edit Knowledge Base articles. 

      • Record and edit product explainer videos (including voice over). 

      • Support periodic review and revision of Knowledge Base articles and videos. 

      • Complete communication reports, and suggest improvements. 

      • Support the Customer Success Manager in making strategic decisions regarding the operational performance and process optimisation of Customer Success as a function.


      • Partake in webinars. 

      • Support onboarding and demo calls of prospects and new customers as required. 

      • Support the research of prospective customers in the pipeline and support follow-up and closing requirement as required. 

      • Support efforts in the referral and partner programme as required.


      • Part time and full time hours available. 

      • Must be flexible regarding working hours. 

      • Available to work weekends is a must. 

      • Contract position. 

      • You will work 100% remotely and report directly to the Head Of Operations & Customer Success. 

      • You must have your own computer/equipment with a solid connection to the internet.


      Experience & Requirements:

      • Bachelor’s Degree or equivalent experience. 

      • Fluent in English, both verbal and written. 

      • Strong verbal and written communication skills. 

      • Excellent interpersonal skills. 

      • Strong organisational skills with the ability to multitask projects from start to finish. 

      • Passion and understanding of social media. 

      • Love problem solving and are excited to learn technical skills and technical troubleshooting.

      Critical Competencies for Success:


      • You are incredibly self motivated and driven to be the best version of yourself. 

      • You thrive working remotely. 

      • Credibility is earned at SmarterQueue through execution and getting things done. 

      • You get into the details and deliver results under highest expectations on time and quality. 

      • You thrive in a fast-paced, ever evolving environment. 

      • Be ready to get hands-on with all aspects of the daily needs. The buck stops with you.


      • You have the flexibility to think outside the box. 

      • You have the ability to foresee and identify the needs of the customer before they arise. 

      • You take a creative and calm approach to challenges and issues. 

      • You pay attention to the fine detail, with a focus on quality. 

      • You love crystal clear communication. You communicate empathetically, effectively and in a timely manner to ensure solutions at the highest level of customer experience.

      -People person:

      • You are genuinely interested in others and love being part of a Team! 

      • You consider the wider team before yourself. 

      • You are open to new and innovative solutions. 

      • You must present well and communicate clearly and effectively to upper management and other functions. 

      • You are able to distil complex concepts into plain English, and vice-versa to people at all levels of understanding. 

      • You’re willing to adjust course when appropriate new ideas or objections are raised.


      • Previous startup experience. 

      • Previous remote working experience. 

      • You’ve done social media yourself (so you know our customers’ motivations).


      • Salary range USD $20 - $30 per hour (dependent on experience).


      • Send an intro email (or a video) with your CV and cover letter. 

      • All applications without a complete Angel List profile and intro note will be immediately disqualified.

      • We’re actively looking for a diverse and gender-balanced team.

      • Visit for more information about the product.

      • Due to the volume of applicants, only successful candidates will be contacted to progress their application. Thanks!

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