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07/02/2019 18:02:10

Job type: Full-time

Category: All others

As a member of the Customer Education team you'll be working closely with the team lead and founders to help educate prospective and current customers about how to use HelpDocs.

About the role

We're not expecting you to be amazing at everything here, but this is a general rundown of the day-to-day for the Customer Ed team.

Help current customers make the most of their HelpDocs subscriptions

  • Respond to customer chat and email queries
  • Write support documentation for common queries
  • Make prerecorded videos to explain more complex product features
  • Run live Sessions and Workshops to help customers one-on-one and at scale

Help prospective users make the right decision about if HelpDocs is right for them

  • Respond to chat and email pre-sales questions
  • Identify where the product is a good fit for the prospect
  • Know the competitive landscape so you can refer prospects to one of our competitors if they're a better fit

Find and provide genuine value to potential future users

  • Write blog posts (generally personal stories) that tangentially relate to support, happiness or remote work
  • Talk to existing customers about their work and write up Customer Stories
  • Help produce ebooks, worksheets, and other long-form content

It's important to note that this isn't a traditional support, marketing, or sales role. It's a role specifically focused on educating our customers so they can make the most of their existing (or future) subscriptions.

About you

  • You're fluent (like a native) in English. Bonus points if you speak a second language. Extra bonus points if that's French, German, Spanish, Dutch or Chinese.
  • You have excellent written communication skills
  • You're compassionate, and understand that all our users are amazing, even if they currently think you're an asshole
  • You're not afraid of getting your hands dirty in different areas of the business
  • You thrive on feedback, positive and negative, and are constantly working to be the best you can be
  • You're happiest (and preferably have experience in) working remotely. Bonus points if you love to travel.
  • You have right to work in the UK (if you want to be officially employed) or you live literally anywhere else and are happy taking care of your own taxes (you'll be retained as a full-time consultant)
  • You have a personality and you're not afraid to show it. ūü¶Ą‚ú®
  • You have a passion for helping customers, and are driven to help them succeed.

About HelpDocs

  • You'll be working a lot with our current Customer Education Lead and the founders (we're pretty awesome, so that's a perk ūüėá).
  • We're bootstrapped, profitable and remote. You'll get to learn how all that works.
  • Transparent internal metrics and goals. We'll share (nearly) everything with you from day 1.
  • The whole team is friendly, approachable, and inclusive to all.
  • 1-2 team retreats a year. We're currently planning our fourth team retreat for January 2020. We've had retreats in Madrid, Panama and Bangkok so far.
  • We'll provide whatever software & equipment you need to do your job successfully
  • Flexible vacation policy. Technically we offer 28 days to all employees, but we're not counting. If you need time, take it. Then come back and do great work. ūüí™

Final notes

If you're amazing at the role, there's room to grow in your existing role, in Customer Education in general, or move to another role entirely. We're pretty flexible.

We're looking for someone to start as soon as possible. If you're a good fit we'll get back to you within a few weeks to schedule a chat on Slack (or team chat software).

Please mention that you come from Remotive when applying for this job.

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    Does this sound like your kind of gig? Check out our docs, install and tinker with the products that interest you, and think about where you might fit in. Then, show us your writing chops. Tell us why you're interested and what you can bring to the role. Upload relevant writing samples, or provide links to your portfolio, GitHub contributions, or other publicly-available content with your application.

    Writers at Elastic:

    • Work side-by-side with Elastic engineers, product marketing, support, and your fellow writers to document new features, improve our existing content, and help users succeed with the entire stack.

    • Follow Elastic's git-based software development process. Being comfortable using git and GitHub is essential.

    • Review and edit documentation changes contributed by other Elasticians and our open source communities.

    • Collaborate with other content creators at Elastic from Marketing, Support, Education, and beyond to help tell a consistent Elastic story.

    We want to hear from you if you have:

    • A willingness to wear a variety of hats, a desire to learn new things, and the drive to figure things out.

    • 2+ years in a content development role that included writing for developers or those responsible for deploying and managing complex systems. You have written a significant amount of relevant content. Some of our open opportunities involve working more autonomously and require more experience.

    • Experience writing customer-facing software documentation. You understand the craft of technical writing and how it differs from other types of writing.

    • Authored content in a lightweight mark-up language such as Markdown, Asciidoc, or Wikitext.

    You should also be:

    • Familiar with modern web development and technologies used to build applications.

    • Comfortable reading code in one or more languages.

    • Happy working from the command line and able to write basic scripts and examples.

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