✅ Work from anywhere

✅ Competitive salary

✅ Twice a year team retreats 

✅ Flexible working hours

✅ 34 happy people coming from 12 countries and 14 states. 

Since 2013, Close grew to become a profitable, 100% globally distributed team of high-performing, happy people building a product customers love. 

At Close, everyone has a voice. Transparency is encouraged, they practice a mature approach to the work-place. They don’t have strict policies, they have guidelines. Work/Life harmony is an important part of Close - they believe you bring your best to work when you practice self-care (whatever that looks like for you). 

💚The team is a collection of talented humans rich in diverse backgrounds, lifestyles, and cultures.

What I enjoy most about working at Close is the thoughtful discussions and the thought-provoking debates! We have a value of continuous truth-seeking, it’s a very big

Rebecca Luo

Applying process

At Close, recruiting is done internally: people interviewing you are your future colleagues! Applicants are expected to put some efforts into their application. In a way, your application is almost your first interview...

Close's interview flow:

🤝 First introduction call is carried out via Zoom

🤝 Candidates get a take-home project, which takes about 3 hours of work

🤝 One or two more technical calls/assess skill sets

🤝 Last call with one of the co-founders and possible reference checks 

The teams’ goal is to get back within 3 days of applying. The entire application process takes 2-3 weeks. 

My first month at Close...

On your first week, you'll be onboarded and your objectives will be shared. Applicants who are going to strive should make a noticeable difference at Close within the first month.

More from Close employees…

You can find a lot more information on those testimonials. The Close team regularly runs anonymous, insight survey to take the pulse of the company. You’ll meet amazing people there...

Alberto is a former Sales Executive who held the title of “Mister Austria”...

Rebecca just left Close to train as a Muay Thai fighter... The Close team loves to encourage teammates to follow their dreams.


Build a house you want to live in” is Close’s favourite and most impactful value. 🏠💚

The Close team love long term thinking and actions, listen to Steli, founder and CEO, sharing the Close story on this podcast.

Perks & Benefits

💰 Matching 401k (4%) & Medical, dental + 99% of premium for US-based employees. For internationals, benefits are baked into their salary.

💻Stipend to get a computer, monitor, headset. 

👩‍💻 $200/mo coworking stipend/office/hot desk

🌴Vacation: 5 Weeks paid holiday + 6 Government Holidays + Dec 24 - Jan 1 (Company Holiday)

No set hours, unless a customer service positions require it.

👩‍🎓Learning and development: Want to get coached, attend a workshop or further a skill? Just make your case, Close may pay for half!

🏝️Sabbatical possible after 5 years  

Life & Diversity

Diversity & Inclusion: At Close, there are three women in a leadership position. The team advocates promoting from the inside. Also, inclusion and diversity is a priority for the team. See Close’s recent “Women in Sales” series here. 

Sharing is caring: Close has optional monthly sessions where people can share things about themselves. For instance, teaching yoga classes or flight hacking… It’s a way to connect on a non-work relevant way!

Families @ Close: This team is growing in more ways than one - they recently launched 8 babies (and counting!). Parents at Close keep in touch and share their experience of parenting... remotely!

Parental leave: 10 weeks for the primary caregiver and 4 weeks for the secondary caregiver.

Tech Stack

👷Take a look at Close's stack on StackShare! Also, they are on GitHub.

🔄Continuous Delivery: They ship code multiple times per day via CircleCI

🔝Open Source Contributor: Close <3 open source - github.com/closeio

📓 Learning & Sharing: In their weekly eng video meeting, Close does "Show & Tells" where they show off something that they recently built, learned, etc.

⌨️Communication stack: Zoom, slack, gSuite, Asana, GitHub, Confluence (wiki), Dropbox, and everybody is using Close, of course!

Useful Links


Want to learn more about Close's remote philosophy? See this awesome article published by the team