Remote trello Jobs in February 2020

2 Remote trello Jobs in February 2020

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  • Design (1)

    • Looking for a very experienced designer with an entrepreneurial mindset.

      We offer:

      • Work on the cutting edge of the humanities field, working directly with professors from Harvard, MIT and other great institutions, building products for universities, archaeological sites and museums across the world.

      • An innovative product design process that keeps innovating.

      • An inclusive, supportive environment and a long list of benefits — including an unlimited vacation policy and a generous parental leave — from a company following the reputable Gitlab Handbook.

      • Work from anywhere. Stay at home, or go digital nomad: we don’t care as long as you have a fast, reliable internet connection, and get your work done.

      • Occasional company get-togethers in places like Sicily, Greece and Poland.

      • Design user experiences for AR and VR 🕶️


      • You’re a senior designer.

      • You have an online portfolio with links to live projects you’ve created and possibly a story of how you tackled the project.

      • You’re a minimalist, and every pixel of your design is intentional and can be justified.

      • You’re economical and know how to not reinvent the wheel. Utilising tools like Zapier, and web APIs in order to build MVPs rapidly

      • You know that “good designers copy, and great designers steal”. You’re unashamed of scavenging the best from Product Hunt, Dribbble, and co.

      • You’re a designer with an entrepreneurial mindset. You think both delightful and profitable.

      • You know how to use Figma. (If not, you’re confident you’ll figure it out in ~2 days.)

      • You balance business and user needs.

      • You know HTML/CSS like the back of your hand, and are okayish with JavaScript.

      • You are a great communicator. You have a knack for simplifying the complex.

      • You write well, and you’re pedantic about every word and punctuation.

      • You know that assumptions kill projects, and you bust them by doing effective, fast, and cheap user research.

      • You know when to do qualitative, and when to do quantitative user research.

      • You are open-minded, progressive, and accepting to all people.

      • Similarly you care about inclusive design, starting from accessibility, all the way to designing a product that makes people feel respected.

      Very nice to have:

      • You’re a humanities geek. Or at least you have an appreciation in things like the arts, history, culture, museums, archeology.

      • Have worked in the non-profit and/or GLAM sector before

      • You know some JavaScript skills (not just simple jQuery).

      • You can pick up enough from dev discussions to tell when a technical decision will have a UX impact, and you champion the user/business in that conversation.

      • You know how to use Git, and have collaborated with developers using Git.

      • You’ve previously worked at both agency/freelance and in a product team.

      • You’ve created and worked with design systems

      • You have experience designing for AR, VR and mobile

      • You’re a natural people person, and love sitting down with, and interviewing users.

      • You have remote work experience, know how to structure your daily routine and know how hugely important written communication skills are.

      • You have a solid knowledge of Trello and Realtimeboard.

      • You have conducted A/B tests, and measure the impact of your work in terms of revenue, user engagement, reduced bounces, or any other proxy variable.

      • You have experience facilitating remote design sprints.

      ➡️Please apply via and as part of your application send us your email address, a link to your portfolio, and your interest in designing for cultural heritage.

      We will then send you a link to a survey with questions. It’s kinda like a phone screen but more convenient. For this role we’re only accepting senior designers with an online portfolio of work. Ideally a personal side project or two as well showcasing your entrepreneurial side.

  • All others (1)

    • About Kraken

      Our mission is to accelerate the adoption of cryptocurrency so that you and the rest of the world can achieve financial freedom and inclusion.  Founded in 2011 and with over 4 million clients, Kraken is one of the world's largest, most successful bitcoin exchanges and we're growing faster than ever. Our range of successful products are playing an important role in the mainstream adoption of crypto assets.  We attract people who constantly push themselves to think differently and chart exciting new paths in a rapidly growing industry. Kraken is a diverse group of dreamers and doers who see value in being radically transparent. Let's change the way the world thinks about money! Join the revolution!

      About the Role

      This role is fully remote.

      In this role you will work primarily with the Front End developers and own, drive, and improve the non-technical aspects of the Front End release cycle. You will also work with the Engineering and Product teams to help build, maintain, and track timelines, and coordinate around objectives. You should be familiar with agile and waterfall planning and comfortable with a combination approach. Overall, we are looking for someone with a methodical, analytical, and flexible approach to release and project management who will coordinate and collaborate within and without the Front End team to alleviate the non-technical burden of shipping well and often.

      What you'll do:
      • Own non-technical aspects of ongoing release process including coordination, documentation, and process improvement
      • Work with the Product Team to break up larger epics and stories into smaller consumable units of development
      • Work with the Product Team, Frontend team, other Engineering Teams, and major stakeholders to coordinate work and follow up on deliverables
      • Identify task blockers in advance
      • Manage project workflows, groom tickets and boards, and look for duplicates, invalid, or undefined tickets to help ensure everything in the queue is ready to be worked on
      • Develop road maps through accurate estimates based on Jira metrics you will collect and analyze
      • Maintain, coordinate, and communicate project timelines
      • Create executive dashboards and reports that would show the status of major projects, resource utilization, gaps and roadmap

      Who you are:
      • Minimum of 10+ years experience working as a project manager or similar role
      • Jira expert with two or more years experience with Kanban project management or light Scrum, and the openness to experiment with process
      • Spreadsheet expert (Google Sheets, Excel) comfortable with pivot tables and statistical analysis
      • Excellent communication skills and eagerness to ask questions and understand business and product objectives
      • The energy and patience to work in a rapidly growing industry, and the ability to recognize and pursue objectives independently
      • Superb organizational skills and an analytical view on maximizing productivity, with a focus on value and not getting caught up on process
      • Resilient determination to push projects through to completion, regardless of how often priorities and deadlines may shift with little notice

      Must haves:
      • Experience with Tableau, Looker, Metabase, or other BI tools
      • Experience managing projects in Jira, Trello, and Wrike
      • Must be comfortable working with simple command-line tools to export data from internal systems
      • Strong understanding of basic statistics
      • You have worked with software teams in the role of project manager – you know how to talk tech-lingo to engineers of various disciplines and understand what their jobs entail: the tasks, challenges, and costs of each position on a team are something you can appreciate

      Nice to haves:
      • Experience with scripting in Python, R, NodeJS or other statistical modeling languages
      • Understanding of advanced statistical hypothesis testing
      We’re powered by people from around the world with their own unique backgrounds and experiences. We value all Krakenites and their talents, contributions, and perspectives.

      Check out all our open roles at We’re excited to see what you’re made of.  

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