Remote spanish Jobs in February 2020

4 Remote spanish Jobs in February 2020

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  • Software Development (1)

    • 1 month ago

      We're currently extending our tribe and are looking for an experienced front end developer that loves crafting beautiful web and mobile apps. If you're looking for a position where you can work in a friendly but highly effective team, contribute directly to product development and really make a difference in the business (and be rewarded for it) we should talk!


      Your background:

      • You have a Bsc/MsC in computer Science, mathematics or any other degree or experience that demonstrates highly analytical skills

      • You've got a successful experience working for a startup

      • You've helped your team build a great B2B/SaaS (rather complex) product and can demonstrate your direct contribution in achieving this

      Your skills:

      • 4-6 years experience designing and developing web and mobile apps with at least 2 years experience working with our technology stack (e.g. html5/CSS3, Angular JS, React JS)

      • You can demonstrate very strong design skills applied to SaaS products

      • You’re very good at understand business customers problems and you're pretty creative at finding solutions to solve them.

      • You own your features from A to Z and can ship the features expected with clean code, quickly.

      • You understand the importance of customer analytics and are familiar with the tools and techniques to analyse customer behaviour and improve product UI.

      • You're very comfortable with customer facing interactions (e.g. customer feedback or ideation sessions, demos)

      Personality traits we’ll be looking for:

      • You've got tons of curiosity

      • You learn insanely fast and adapt to change easily

      • You've demonstrated grit, tenacity to achieve challenging goals (personal and/or at work)

      • High EQ: you communicate well and can get along with all our team members (rather they're in product or growth parts of the business)

      • You have strong work ethic and are autonomous


      • Experience with finance/accounting, CRM or other B2B data-rich apps

      • You speak another foreign language (e.g. French, German, Spanish, Italian)


      We believe a small team of rock stars can accomplish at least 10x more than an average team so we recruit very selectively and for the right candidate our salary/compensation package can be pretty competitive. We also offer flexible/remote working conditions however team get-togethers are required from time to time, especially during your onboarding (expect somewhere fun in South Europe, but that's a surprise!), so you need to be opened to travel on a regular basis.

      PLEASE NOTE: We currently accept remote work only from the UK and Europe.

  • Customer Support / Customer Success (1)

    • Breeze Church Management (US only)
      1 month ago

      Who is Breeze? 

      We are a cloud-based software company making church software simple. We strive, with everything we do, to be the world’s easiest web-based church management software for small and mid-sized churches. Breeze is used by 6,000+ churches to organize people, track giving, manage events and more. 

      Our owner and founder resides in Grand Rapids, MI with a team of 34 servant-minded, Breeze enthusiasts working alongside him from 16+ states throughout the U.S.  Breeze Story 

      Breeze’s Core Values

      We try to embody these core values with every customer and peer interaction we have. 

      • Hustle | Your drive and tenacity to get things done is unstoppable. You struggle sleeping when projects are half-finished. You can’t focus on anything else when you haven’t completed a task. You’ll do whatever it takes to cross the finish line.

      • Resourceful | When you don’t know an answer, you know how to find it. When there’s not a solution, you make a solution. You have the creativity it takes to find a way to get the job done.

      • Social Savant | You’re great with people. You can empathize and connect with them on a relational level. Your emotional intelligence is spot on, allowing you to know exactly when to open your mouth and when to close it and simply open your ears.

      • Servant-Minded | Your focus is on making others successful.  You're not worried about who gets the credit. You're humble and able to admit and take responsibility when you drop the ball, learning from the experience to improve next time.

      Breeze’s Guiding Principles 

      These principles guide every business decision, structure change, and policy implementation… 

      • Global domination with the goal of serving every small to mid-sized church on the planet

      • Be a place that people love to work 

      • Longevity as the stable and guiding approach to strategy and long-term decision making

      Day-to-Day Work Life

      Your daily work is focused on creating an outspoken fan club for Breeze!

      • You will consult with customers, drawing on your experience, to help them determine if Breeze is the right fit for their church. Answering anything from pricing questions to providing sales demo presentations.

      • You will help Breeze customers learn and navigate the functionality of the software features. 

      • You will spend at least 80% of your scheduled shift on the phone, screen sharing or answering customer email. 

      • You will flip between multiple resources (apps, documentation, peers, testing, etc) to help customers find solutions to their end goals.

      • You will test the software to determine the source of customer issues. Identifying training needs, feature enhancement suggestions or software bugs.

      • You will make "how-to" video directions for customers. 

      • You will interact with an extremely social set of co-workers via slack - collaboration is strong around here and the pace is fast!

      • You will receive and provide weekly feedback during a 1:1 meeting with your team lead.

      Keys to Success

      • You are confident and highly relational.

      • Relationship building is important to you and comes naturally to you.

      • You are self-directed and committed to your job, answering calls and emails not just to get the job done but to truly help the church staff accomplish their goals.

      • You have great writing skills with the ability to deliver directions in a concise manner.

      • You are aware of how your performance affects the team and you pull your weight.

      • You are solid technically, not just in one software package but in all areas of internet technology, spreadsheets, database management, email, text, graphics, file types, file sharing, etc. 

      Ideal Team Member

      Personal Traits

      • We want to work with good people as much as you want to work with good people. You must embody the core values (listed above). Servant-minded, hustle, resourceful and social savant. 

      • With your hustle, you will stop at nothing to help co-works and customers get to their job done. 

      • As a social savant, you embrace the fun and the difficult as if everyone is your friend. 

      • Your servant-minded attitude is always looking at situations from other perspectives. You are willing to accept differences and feedback with the goal of growing as a team. 

      • You have natural resourcefulness to you that makes you willing to give anything a go. And, are able to use co-workers as a resource when needed.

      Required Experience/Skills

      • Fluent in both English and Spanish, in both writing and speaking

      • 3+ year(s) of customer support, training or ministry experience.

      • You have a superb knowledge of the web and the internet and how they work. This includes experience with browsers, browser settings, IP addresses, internet service providers, wi-fi and network connectivity. 

      • You can install and uninstall various software and know-how to walk someone less technical through the process. 

      • You have strong Excel skills and know-how to download, save and work with different file types. 

      • You have experience supporting others, on some level, with web-based software used in a professional environment. Basically, you've helped people navigate through technology in a competent way.

      Desired Experience 

      • Experience using Breeze or another church management system

      • Remote work experience


      • Part-time (25 hours per week within 3 days) or Full-time (40 hours a week). 

      • You must be available to work scheduled hours between Monday - Friday from 8am-6:30pm ET in a quiet and uninterrupted environment. This is a scheduled call center position. 

      • Available for a 1.5-hour company meeting every Thursday morning at 9:05am ET.

      Office Requirements

      • Reliable access to an appropriate work location where you can take phone and video calls, record high-quality video and audio without interruption, distraction or background noise.

      • Strong and stable broadband internet connection that can handle simultaneous Voice Over Internet Protocol (VOIP) calls, streaming video and comparable high-bandwidth applications (typically, 10 Mbps download/3 Mbps upload at a minimum.) 

      • System Requirements (Computers are provided to staff.) 

      Competitive wages and participation in a 401K plan are offered to both part and full-time team members. A full benefits package including medical and dental is offered for full-time team members.

      If you’ve applied for this position within the past 12 months, there’s no need to reapply – we already have your application.

  • All others (2)

    • We are looking for Technical Project manager that can help us drive our projects forward. This role will be in charge of guiding our development team according with product and project needs in accordance to definitions made with various stakeholders across our ecosystem with a technical vision in accordance with our technology stack.

      You should consider applying if:

      • You have experience working as a PM in technology projects from definition to implementation.

      • You have a degree or equivalent experience in computer science or related fields.

      • You have been part of technical teams in a developer or operations role in the past.

      • You are able to develop a good relationship with people, even from remote locations.

      • You are assertive in your communication, managing conflicts, expectations and possible outcomes aiming to the team's well-being and the completion of the projects.

      • You are organized and enjoy improving processes that make staff life's easier.

      • You are fluent in English and Spanish.

      ABOUT US

      We're an informal bunch. We believe in freedom and welfare for our team. We don't clutter ourselves or our collaborators with meaningless tasks, we don't micromanage and we don't tell you how to do your work. Remote is not only accepted but encouraged. We rely in quality, autonomy and a work-life balance that prompts the motivation and drive that will result in top-notch delivery.

    • Avaaz’s Campaign Directors direct the core work of the organisation, and together with the Executive Director form the Senior Team that engages with all strategic and organisational questions.

      This is an exciting leadership position at the heart of one of the most innovative and promising public organisations in the world today. It offers a unique platform from which to develop and pursue large-scale social change efforts.

      As a Campaign Director, you will be responsible for researching, conceiving, developing, and running campaigns on a range of national and global issues, helping to channel the time and money of our members in the most effective ways possible.


      • Monitoring world events and identifying opportunities for strong campaigns.
      • Consulting with experts and rapidly developing a strong strategy, policy, and message.
      • Drafting compelling campaign emails and other communications.
      • Project managing campaign teams, and line managing campaigners.
      • Conducting high-level advocacy and relationship building with government, business and third sector officials.
      • Public speaking and media.
      • Helping to craft the overall strategic direction of Avaaz, and at times taking responsibility for recruitment, team building and management, and special projects.


      This is a demanding role that requires remarkable talent in a wide range of areas. The main skills you will display are:

      • Strong strategic, creative, and innovative thinking.
      • Outstanding written and oral communication skills.
      • Passion and commitment to global justice, citizen empowerment and social change.
      • High professionalism, self-motivation, efficiency and results-oriented delivery on short timelines.
      • Strong teamwork skills, comfortable in a highly collaborative team culture and a hierarchical team structure.
      • Strong project and staff management skills.
      • High degree of knowledge and engagement across a range of global issues, combining the ability to engage in depth with questions of policy and political strategy with a readiness to move swiftly from issue to issue. 

      Fluency in English is a requirement, fluent French, Spanish or other EU languages are strongly desired. Additional languages are an asset.


      Avaaz is a virtual organisation, with most of our work done over email, telephone and Skype.Our staff are based in cities all over the world and meet at team retreats twice per year. For this position we would prefer candidates based in the EU/ UK, but welcome other applicants in the region/ time-zone. Avaaz covers office costs, either to establish a home office or to rent one, and we support staff to house themselves in local similar organisations when preferred.

      Compensation and Benefits

      Salary varies with location and experience, but is highly competitive with leading nongovernmental organisations. Benefits also range with location, but include 5 weeks paid vacation per year.