Software Engineer - Cloud Infrastructure


2 weeks ago

11/22/2019 10:26:02

Job type: Full-time

Category: Software Dev

The company:

At Datadog, we’re on a mission to build the best monitoring platform in the world. We operate at high scale—trillions of data points per day—providing always-on alerting, metrics visualization, logs, and application tracing for tens of thousands of companies.

Our engineering culture values pragmatism, honesty, and simplicity to solve hard problems the right way. Join us to own significant chunks of our architecture, design and build resilient systems, and ship to production every day for customers who care deeply about what you build.

The opportunity:

As a engineer working on our cloud infrastructure systems, you will build the distributed, high-throughput, low-latency platform that powers all of our products, now and in the future. Your platform will support our growing list of products that help companies all over the globe understand and scale their systems and services.

In a typical week, you might:

  • Build distributed, high-throughput, cloud infrastructure systems
  • Do it in Go and Python, with bits of C or other languages
  • Use Kubernetes, Kafka, Redis, Cassandra, Elasticsearch and other open-source components
  • Own meaningful parts of our service, have an impact, grow with the company


  • You have a BS/MS/PhD in a scientific field or equivalent experience running large-scale systems in production
  • You have significant backend programming experience in one or more languages
  • You can get down to the low-level when needed
  • You care about code simplicity and performance
  • You want to work in a fast, high-growth startup environment that respects its engineers and customers

Bonus points

  • You wrote your own data pipelines once or twice before (and know what you'd like to change)
  • You've built high scale systems with Cassandra, Redis, Kafka or Postgres
  • You have significant experience with Go, C, or Python
  • You have a strong background in infrastructure, data storage, internal tools, engineering effectiveness, or site reliability

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  • We at Redox understand that we are all patients, and our mission is to make healthcare data useful and every patient experience better. Our values represent the basis of our culture of trust, transparency, and personal growth, and define how we want to interact with each other and the world.

    Redox’s full-service integration platform accelerates the development and distribution of healthcare software solutions by securely and efficiently exchanging healthcare data. With just one connection, data can be transmitted across a growing network of more than 500 healthcare delivery organizations and more than 200 independent software vendors. Members of the Redox Network exchange more than seven million patient records per day, leveraging a single data standard compatible with more than 40 electronic health record systems. We are on a path to double our number of client connections over the next year and need to continue to build applications that scale accordingly.

    About the Team

    Our applications provide ingress and egress pathways that are responsive to the communication and data format needs of our customers, all while being resilient to our scaling needs to process millions of records per day. Our engineering teams own their solutions, enjoying the autonomy to design and implement the technical solutions to the hard problems presented by the myriad ways of exchanging healthcare data. 

    A sampling of the technologies we use to implement these solutions include:

    • Libraries and µ-services built using TypeScript/NodeJS
    • Data management using Postgres, Kafka, and Redis
    • Horizontally scalable containerized deployments using Docker, Rancher, and Kubernetes
    • Application monitoring using InfluxDB, Grafana, and SumoLogic

    An impactful engineer will:

    • Collaborate with other team members to continue to scale our architecture, taking into account the needs of today while remaining flexible enough to evolve for the needs of tomorrow
    • Work within a µ-service architecture, creating new solutions and decomposing our existing monolith
    • Own projects from end to end, executing on designs involving multiple fellow engineers
    • Participate in all phases of the SDLC - from requirements, design, and development through testing, deployment, maintenance, and support
    • Create RESTful APIs that adhere to best practices, as well as build out tolerant async models of communication
    • Understand the tension between an ideal end state and delivering value quickly and effectively prioritize between those options
    • Bias towards action while solving the biggest problems in sight

    Your day to day will consist of:

    • Pairing with other team members, embracing a culture of collaboration and mutual respect to solve complex problems
    • Designing solutions to feature requirements as prioritized by Product Management
    • Implement solutions through the entirety of the SDLC, including testing, deployment, and operationalization
    • Create generic solutions to complex problems
    • Reviewing fellow engineer’s code prior to shipping
    • Troubleshooting production issues as they arise and building a more fault-tolerant system

    Preferred Experience

    • 5+ years professional software development experience in one or more modern general purpose languages (Javascript/Typescript, C#, etc). Your day to day development will be spent working with NodeJS and TypeScript, but we are more interested in your ability to solve problems than the language used to solve those problems.
    • Experience writing horizontally scalable applications
    • Experience working with relational data stores
    • Experience integrating with 3rd party APIs
    • Strong desire to expand your professional impact and autonomy
    • Healthcare IT
    • Excellent written and oral communication skills, including pairing
    • Effectively give and receive feedback, both positive and constructive
    • Operate effectively on a remote team
    • Experience leading a team is a PLUS

    It is not expected that any single candidate would have expertise across all of the areas outlined above. Please apply even if you are not sure you meet all these criteria. If you are interested in the role and think it could be a fit, we'd like to hear from you.

  • About us

    We're building the new standard developer platform. Top tech companies have invested $100Ms to build internal developer platforms for code search, code review, alerts, and automation. Sourcegraph provides this standard developer platform to every company, helping startups and large enterprises ship better software faster.

    Our mission is to dramatically increase the number of people who can understand and write code. By making code more accessible, we will democratize software development and accelerate innovations that bring the future sooner in transportation, health care, energy, AI, communication, space travel, etc.

    We value openness and transparency. Our code, our roadmap, and our company processes are public. This transparency helps us rapidly gather feedback from our customers so we can iterate, learn, and deliver the best product.

    To create a product that serves the needs of all developers, we are building a diverse remote-first team that is distributed across the world. Sourcegraph is an equal opportunity workplace; we welcome people from all backgrounds and communities.

    If you are passionate about making the world better through software, come join us!

    About the role

    You will help build Sourcegraph by collaborating on a small team to solve challenging problems that are fundamental to the growth and success of our business. This single job description covers a broad range of skillsets that we value at Sourcegraph (e.g. frontend, backend, full stack, dev ops, site reliability) so please don't hesitate to apply.

    We use a variety of technologies to help us accomplish our goals:

    • Frontend: TypeScript, React, RxJS, SCSS, Browser extension APIs

    • Backend: Go, GraphQL, PostgreSQL, Redis

    • Deployment and operations: Kubernetes, Docker, Google Cloud Platform, Terraform

    Review our roadmap to understand how our engineering team is organized and what projects you might be working on if you started today.


    You will:

    • Collaborate with the product and engineering team to define and prioritize the problems that you will be working to solve.

    • Write RFCs to communicate your implementation plan and solicit feedback from teammates.

    • Write code to achieve the goals of your projects.

    • Provide thoughtful and compassionate feedback to your teammates when reviewing their code and designs.

    We will encourage and support you to:

    • Collaborate directly with the customers of your work.

    • Publish blog posts and give conference talks about your work at Sourcegraph.


    • You are skilled enough within your area of expertise to own the development of a non-trivial change during your first month at Sourcegraph.

    • You communicate clearly, especially in writing, and work well on a team.

    • You are passionate about creating high-quality software and understand how to make appropriate tradeoffs (e.g. cut scope) to ship quickly when necessary.

    • You are a humble learner who values continuous growth and learns new skills quickly.

    • Your are happy and effective working on challenging open-ended engineering problems.

    Nice to haves

    • You have created and maintained a non-trivial amount of production code.

    • You have experience working on developer tools.

    • You have experience mentoring and teaching other engineers.


    We are flexible and don't require you to be in any particular timezone or location. Our engineering team is distributed across the world and about half work from our office in San Francisco.

    Compensation and benefits

    We provide competitive pay and equity because we want you to act like a business owner and share in the success of Sourcegraph. We also provide many benefits to keep you happy, healthy, and productive.

    Interview process

    • You apply here.

    • We set up a 30 minute call to chat with you about Sourcegraph to find out what you are looking for in your next role.

    • We evaluate relevant technical skills that you have via a 2 hour coding exercise asynchronously at a time of your choosing.

    • We schedule a 4 hours of remote interviews over video chat across multiple days.

    • Architecture: We give you an open problem statement and you walk us through how you would solve the problem.

    • Technical experience: We ask you about your past work and accomplishments.

    • Team collaboration: We ask you about how you work and communciate in a team setting, and how you handle tricky situations.

    • CEO/CTO: We ask you about what motivates you to do your best work, and we tell you more about the vision for the company.

    • We check your references.

    • We make you a job offer.

    • We also expect you to be interviewing us too, so ask us any questions you have along the way.

    If you aren't ready to start interviewing but are interested chat with us about anything, reach out to us @srcgraph or [email protected]

    Apply here 

  • Deploying on top of Kubernetes? Writing in Go? Curious about distributed computing? So are we!

    We’re building the next generation of cloud computing infrastructure. We are hiring for a remote Backend Engineer to join a growing team of driven entrepreneurs. We look for candidates interested in driving architecture, technology choices and using their experience to help build our edge computing platform.


    • Support your personal development, prioritising growth in knowledge around technology

    • Build an environment that encourages individual autonomy within a close-knit team

    • Provide constant technical challenges and puzzles requiring creative thinking and problem solving

    • Encourage the proactive use of new technologies and processes


    • Ensure software is designed and implemented for quality, robustness and scale

    • Support the product development team in resolving challenges

    • Take ownership and responsibility of production-ready code

    • Contribute to and ensure the completion of code development so that product releases reach general availability on time


    • Experience and understanding of production-ready services in a Cloud-like environment

    • Passionate about distributed compute systems and containerisation

    • Hands-on experience working with large scale web or cloud architectures

    • Continued development experience: writing resilient code, tests and debugging issues

    • Strong grasp of core architectural and programming principles

    • Strong experience with Go

    Interested? Ping over your CV, Github profile or any other relevant work you want to share.

    We believe diversity and inclusion make us a better company, and we embrace equal employment opportunity. We are committed to building a team that represents a variety of backgrounds, opinions and skills.

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