Senior Software Engineer (Elixir)


2 months ago

10/31/2019 10:23:04

Job type: Contract

Hiring from: European timezones

Salary: €65k-90k

Category: Software Dev

Job description

A few months ago we started out with the vision of building a next generation sports betting platform focused on performance, reliability, modularity and automation. We believe that our experience paired with today’s technologies, great talent and the agility of a startup environment will enable us to deliver a best-in-class product that meets the demands of the market of tomorrow.

Our Client Services Team is now on the lookout for a Senior Software Engineer who wants to join our distributed team and help us execute our vision.

The Team

The Client Domain is all about innovation. Here we shape our products to satisfy the needs of our heterogeneous customer base. To achieve this you will collaborate closely with the Frontend Engineers of the Client Team to design and implement bespoke APIs and services that will be used by our different products and brands.

The Client Services Team is tasked with the development of all backend services  client applications, i.e. primarily the  API Gateway of our platform but also client-related services such as authentication, internationalisation or content management and other backend services that allow us to provide a unique experience to a specific segment of our users. Being our platform’s gateway to the outside world, scalability and responsiveness is of utmost importance in the Client Domain. It is worth noting that the traffic pattern of our platform will not only be dictated by the sporting calendar but also by the sometimes unpredictable behaviour of our users.

By joining our team you will be working primarily in Elixir but you will also influence the full lifecycle of our software, starting with architectural and design decisions, all the way to the implementation, testing and monitoring of the resulting services.

Remote Work

We are hiring for talent, not for a specific location. You will find that members of our team are distributed all over Europe. Being a distributed team enables us to hire only the best, without being restricted to the talent pool available at a specific geographic location. However, to facilitate team communication and collaboration we currently require you to be located in a European time zone (between UTC-1 and UTC+3). You must also be able to travel to other European locations a few times a year for on-site meetings and workshops.


The base compensation range for this role is €65k-90k annually, depending on your background and experience. It can be subject to an adjustment of up to 15% in either direction if the cost-of-living in your region is far above or below the European average. As an independent contractor you will be responsible for paying any taxes or applicable fees in your country of residence (unless you are based in Malta, in which case you will be employed). In addition to that, we offer a number of perks to each of our team members as we truly believe in a healthy work-life balance and continuous learning.


  • 5+ years of professional software development experience, with at least 2 years of professional experience using Elixir

  • Deep understanding of functional and concurrent programming, as well as distributed systems

  • Deep understanding of microservice architecture, message-based communication and stream processing

  • Good knowledge of test automation, cloud and containerization technologies, code instrumentation and CI/CD pipelines

  • Experience taking full ownership of your services including managing them in a production environment

  • Interest in keeping yourself up to date and learning new languages, frameworks and technologies as required

  • Product-oriented mindset and eagerness to take part in shaping the products we build

  • Ability to work autonomously in a fully distributed team

  • Good communication skills in verbal and written English

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  • Ceros is the world's leading collaborative design platform. We empower designers and marketers to create beautiful, interactive content experiences, all without the need to write a code or test in all those pesky browsers.

    Our customers include some of the world’s leading brands, such as Mashable, GE, Red Bull, United Airlines, and IBM. We are well-funded and venture-backed by prominent investors including Grotech Ventures, Greycroft, and Starvest Partners.

    About the Product

    Designing and building the Ceros platform is no easy task. We require the best-of-the-best web developers, designers, and Quality Engineers, ready to bring the functionality of desktop software to the web, often pushing web browsers to the limits of what’s currently possible.

    About the Team

    As part of the Ceros product team, you’ll be working with a small, cross-functional group of the most talented people you’ve ever worked with. We hire only passionate and creative people with a proven and unquestionable ability to execute, and every member of the team is equally responsible for moving the product forward. We find a way.

    We have a very dynamic company culture that collaborates daily. We care deeply about the user experience, and we debate passionately about our ideas. When you work at Ceros, you check your ego at the door, and you aren’t afraid to be honest, especially to yourself. We take our jobs seriously but ourselves not so much -- whether it’s cracking jokes in the chat room or poking fun at the CEO’s atrocious spelling.

    This position is 100% remote, but we are primarily in U.S. Eastern time zone and prefer candidates who can have an overlapping work schedule with the rest of the team.

    About the Opportunity

    Affectionately referred to internally as the “Day-Ruiners”, our Quality Engineers work hand in hand with developers, aiming to ensure releases are bug-free. Day to day responsibilities include writing automated tests, manually testing new features, creating and maintaining test-cases in TestRail, working with our support team to triage and document defects found in production, and assisting with releases. 

    You should be proficient with at least one programming language (our automated test suite is written in Javascript, so Javascript experience is a big plus). You should understand how web applications work and where things can break down. Proficiency using browser developer tools and being comfortable with the command line is also a must. Most importantly, you need to care deeply about our customers and their experience working with us.


    • 2+ years experience manually testing with an agile software team
    • 2+ years experience writing automated tests
    • Comfortable in at least one programming language (Bonus if it’s javascript)
    • Comfortable with the linux command line 
    • Understanding of CI/CD pipelines and tooling
    • Understanding of the different types of software testing
    • Strong attention to detail
    • Excellent written and oral communication skills


    • Experience load testing web applications
    • Experience performance testing javascript based applications in the browser
    • Experience testing web application security
    • Experience testing a visual design application of some kind

    Next Steps

    If you want to be part of the Ceros team, please send your resume and a cover letter to us. We’re a company of passionate, honest, and sometimes silly people, so don’t be afraid to express yourself.

    Key Things to Know

    • This is a remote role
    • We want you to start ASAP
    • This is a full-time position
    • Unlimited vacation days
    • Competitive salary
    • Stock options
    • Premium health insurance
    • Ceros does not provide sponsorship for this role
  • 1 month ago
    Do you love building products from a "behind the scenes" perspective? We're looking to expand our team with a full-time, experienced Elixir Engineer.

    As a backend engineer at Sketch, you'll have the ability to work on large-scale systems that impacts people's day-to-day work. You will work closely with frontend and Mac developers and project managers to guarantee maximum alignment for our products and smooth engineering processes.

    Sketch's web platform involves different backend services, and the stack is a mix of serverless and self-managed services. Your main mission will be to contribute to the Elixir backend, using the best practices and techniques of the language in order to take full advantage of Elixir and Erlang/OTP scalability and resiliency properties. This backend is built with the web framework Phoenix and implements a GraphQL API with Absinthe. The application data is persisted with a SQL database.

    You will also help other junior Elixir developers to improve their technical skills through code reviews, peer-programming sessions, and other coaching practices.

    Sketch is a 100% remote company, and your colleagues will be distributed around the globe. Being remote adds great flexibility to everyone's life and helps us, as a company, to have a more diverse team. Our team works remotely and communicates mostly using text. You need to have excellent communication skills and written English, be self-motivated, and comfortable working in a remote position.

    You are a seasoned Software Engineer, passionate about the web, product design, and problem-solving. You have worked with different languages, and you understand well the advantages and trade-offs of different technologies for different needs. You have broad experience in building and maintaining large web applications. You know how to organize Elixir/Phoenix code for excellent maintainability and high development speed.

    You have been working full-time with Elixir for more than four years and with Phoenix (also full-time) for more than two years. You don't just scratch the surface of Elixir. You master Erlang/BEAM/OTP debugging, and other types of low-level tasks. You understand well the implementation peculiarities of GraphQL, and its challenges regarding authorization, database performance, and caching.

    You can work as part of a close-knit team. You have been part of medium/large web development teams. You seek knowledge sharing within your team. Together with your colleagues, you will code, review Pull Requests, deploy to production, etc.. Also, as part of a distributed team, you believe in maintaining detailed documentation.

    You are a pragmatist and understand technology as the medium to build products. You understand the right balance between code readability, simplicity, development speed, and maintainability. Above all, you seek operational excellence and push to apply the best engineering practices possible. At Sketch, we back our decisions with arguments.

    You will work very closely with the rest of the backend team. Most of your working hours must overlap with the rest of the backend team. This team is, mostly based on European/African timezones. So, probably, more than 5 or 6 hours of difference will be a problem.
    Even if you're not able to tick all of these boxes, we would still love to hear from you.
  • 2 months ago

    About the role

    This position will help lead the growth of our analytics and monitoring platform. You will be a lead Django engineer working closely with our team.

    What we are looking for:

    • Experience in writing web applications using Python, databases and message queues like Kafka, AMQP, SQS.

    • Experience with popular third-party libraries and frameworks (e.g. Django, SQLAlchemy, Flask).

    • Skilled in automation work (CI/CD) and infrastructure management (Google Cloud, Kubernetes).

    • Familiarity with current standards and technologies (RESTful, Python 3.6+, PEP8).

    • Experience working with a distributed team.

    What you will do:

    • Design future-proof software architectures aligned with cloud platforms.

    • Design and implement back-end systems and APIs using state-of-the-art technologies and practices.

    • Develop back-end components of user-facing web applications.

    • Communicate with teammates on a daily basis.

    • Learn new skills and technologies as you go.

    • Be responsible for your code. Ensure your code is testable and tested.

    Who you are:

    • Experience in writing web applications using Python, databases and message queues like Kafka, AMQP, SQS.

    • Experience with popular third-party libraries and frameworks (e.g. Django, SQLAlchemy, Flask).

    • Skilled in automation work (CI/CD) and infrastructure management (Google Cloud, Kubernetes).

    • Familiarity with current standards and technologies (RESTful, Python 3.6+, PEP8).

    • Experience working with a distributed team.


    • have worked with Google Analytics / other Google APIs

    • have worked in data science

    • familiar with machine learning


    • flexible work schedule

    • Company provided computer and equipment

    • Working with a group of talented, passionate, and motivated team members across all disciplines

    Interested in applying?

    Send us an email at [email protected] with more details about yourself.

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