Senior Software Engineer


4 weeks ago

01/24/2020 10:22:57

Job type: Full-time

Category: Software Development

Help fix the legal industry!

The way legal paperwork gets done is filled with inefficiencies, which leads to ridiculously high legal fees. We fix this by building software that automates and streamlines the process.

We're profitable and growing sustainably. We're the most popular way for high-growth technology startups to form, and are also used by tons of top-tier startups for hiring and fundraising. Our software is more advanced than any other online legal service. We've invested a lot in architecture, maintainability, and testing, giving us a significant advantage as we build out functionality that founders and attorneys can currently only dream of.

We're a quiet leader in the legal technology space — if you are interested in changing the legal industry, this is arguably the best place to be.

Notes on our stack and process:
  • Our backend is mostly in Ruby on Rails, with very small amounts of Scala and Go as well.
  • Our front-end is mostly in Ember.
  • We use CI extensively for linting, tests, visual diffs, and deployment.
  • We're not religious about any particular technology — we believe in using the right tool for a given problem.

This is a great fit if you want to work:
  • ... on a complex product, with a ton of engineering challenges
  • ... in a company that strongly values good software development practices
  • ... at a product-driven company bringing an archaic industry into the future
  • ... on a beloved product with a lot of usage and visibility in the startup community
  • ... with bright people who are extremely passionate about their work
  • ... where you'll be a key early software engineer
  • ... at a financially sound company that is not dependent on venture capital financing

You must have:
  • An inability to write anything but clean, maintainable code.
  • A strong aversion to code without test coverage.
  • Deep experience with building, maintaining, and optimizing large-scale, production Ruby on Rails applications
  • Significant experience building software as part of a team with strong development practices
  • Very strong written communication skills
Experience with Ember is a huge bonus, but not mandatory.

This position can be either co-located or remote (completely up to you). If you're co-located, you can have your own office (if you want). We're located in Emeryville, California — one shuttle stop away from BART and very close to the freeway.

We are happy to support an H-1B visa application after 2 years of employment, if desired. We are only looking directly for full-time employees - we are absolutely not interested in agencies, contractors, or recruiters.

Please mention that you come from Remotive when applying for this job.

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  • Hubstaff is a fast-growing startup in the time tracking and project management space that fully embraces remote work. You work when and where you want. We care a lot about our culture, having fun while working hard, and our annual retreats.

    Here's a video from our last retreat that shows what it's like to work for Hubstaff.

    We are looking for a senior full-stack engineer who has several years of experience in both React and Ruby on Rails to join our passionate development team and work on our up and coming task management product.

    The correct person will take pride in their work, have extreme attention to detail, and be able to get their hands dirty implementing Rails controllers, React components, and doing HTML & CSS front-end work.

    This position will report to our Tasks team lead and work closely with our other engineers. You’ll be able to work 100% remotely. We are looking for someone that can grow with our team for years to come.

    This is a long-term (years, our hope is forever) full-time (40 hrs/wk) 1099 (hourly) contract role. Some of the benefits of working for us is our company-hosted annual retreat, work where you want (cafe, co-working location, your home, anywhere), don't have to ask for permission when you want to take time off, get to dedicate yourself to one project at a time, and have job security and a career path for years to come (we've run the company using positive cash flow from day one and are carefully growing the team and business).

    You’ll be a good fit if you:

    • Are self-disciplined and have a great work ethic
    • Have good time management skills
    • Communicate well
    • Can work until at least 1pm EST M - F
    • Like having a consistent daily work schedule
    • Have at least three years of React and five years of Ruby on Rails experience

    Front-end Development Requirements:

    • React & Redux
    • Highly skilled with HTML & CSS
    • Bootstrap
    • Javascript & jQuery
    • Git

    Backend Development Requirements:

    • Ruby on Rails
    • Postgres or MySQL
    • Unit tests (rspec, Jest, etc.)
    • Background workers (Sidekiq)
    • Working from design docs/specifications & wireframes


    • Solr
    • Redis
    • Vue.js
    • Service workers architecture
  • 1 week ago

    Codelitt is looking for a Ruby on Rails senior with experience building highly complex applications. Preferably you communicate well with other engineers. You work well with others and friendly.

    While this is a remote position, there are often meetings at 9 a.m. ET. Something to take into consideration. Mountain Time, Central Time, or Eastern Time preferred.


    • Experience working and collaborating with teams
    • Experience in Linux and command line a must
    • Solid Javascript experience a must
    • Proven work with React
    • Proven work with Ruby on Rails
    • You know how to architect all components of front-end project
    • You have experience reading the API documentation and working with different endpoints to compose the desired effect
    • You know how to run projects through solid processes (things like code reviews, reviewing stories, planning)
    • Picks up new technologies quickly and efficiently
    • Uses Git for all of your projects
    • Creates tests before they write code (TDD is your thing)
    • Expert knowledge of OOP and software design principles
    • Driven, ambitious, and interested in tech
    • Self-motivated
    • Acumen. You must be able to think of and judge multiple solutions for a problem and be able to reason between them.
    • You’re aware of how to build secure apps
    • You know how to optimize frontend load times, debug rendering issues, and overall provide a smooth experience to the user.
    • Knowledge of responsive frontends
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    Security Architect Job Responsibilities and Duties

    Syncro is a small team crafting applications helping small business be more successful. Our software does job tracking, marketing, invoicing, integrates tons of online tools -- and is awesome.

    We're building a company that has fun inventing. We go fast, and our customers love us. Thousands of repair shops and IT Professionals all over the world rely on our platform for their entire business operations.

    We are different - we really do care, the founders are writing this ad and holding interviews.

    We are building a powerful Remote Machine Management (RMM) platform and this space demands the utmost in security. This is where you come in! As a lead in the security team you’d be relied upon to coordinate vulnerability assessments, field incoming reports from bug bounty programs, assist real-time in active attack scenarios, help marry business requirements with state of the art security systems, and more.


    • Perform penetration testing on new and existing application architecture

    • Gather requirements and current standards to overview technology and make recommendations

    • Plan architecture changes and help guide new innovative security programs

    • Keep up-to-date on the latest security standards

    • Document security procedures for hosted environments, remote workers, internal tools, and the production platform.

    • Estimate cost and budget for security updates

    • Oversee technical implementations during security or other IT updates

    • Mitigate damages during a cyber attack and respond to threats quickly

    • Coordinate outside security vendors for vulnerability assessments, audits etc


    • A salaried position designed to grow with the company(seriously, try us).

    • We want this to be your dream job - but we need your help(tell us how).

    • We will advance your career like nobody else-- stay with us for the long haul and we'll keep you challenged, learning, passionate, and growing.

    • We are currently a dispersed team working from home.

    • We offer comprehensive health, vision, and dental coverage and a 401(k).


    • A few years of professional experience working on application security and network security.

    • Ruby on Rails or web development experience is a major plus.

    • No specific education necessary.(really.)

    • Excellent communication skills - verbal, written and electronic.

    • You care-- which means sometimes putting yourself out there for a customer experiencing pain.

    • Ability to multi-task in a fast paced environment.

    • You're kind and wily(in a good way).

    • Bonus: Experience with HIPAA compliance or other similar experience.


    Just demonstrate that you are an individual, you have a personality, you enjoy life, and you enjoy good work. And please include a resume. If you have a cover letter that can highlight something you know about our product, the space, and security trends in this space, that would be fun to read!

    Syncro is an equal opportunity employer. We value diversity and are committed to creating an inclusive environment where all employees can thrive and do their best work, free from discrimination and harassment.

    Pay: DOE. Let's Talk.

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