Senior Software Engineer


1 month ago

10/21/2019 13:03:34

Job type: Full-time

Hiring from: US only

Salary: $120k – $144k

Category: Software Dev

PocketSuite is a YC-backed mobile platform for service professionals, independent businesses, freelancers, contractors, gigsters, part-time, and other non-traditional workers - helping them message, schedule and collect payment from their clients. PocketSuite empowers the U.S. market of 57 million freelancers, generating $1.2 trillion in sales with online platforms for running their business. Over 4 million appointments booked, $184M in payments processed, 18 million messages sent for businesses running on PocketSuite today. We are the stickiest SMB platform in the market. Once businesses onboard, they never look back.

Who are we looking for?

We are recruiting a founding engineer to help thousands [and growing] of small businesses run their business in a new, mobile optimized way. You will be working on any number of exciting projects from building industry leading (and App-Store featured) native mobile applications to building high performance, scalable backends for getting freelancers new clients, locking in recurring income, getting payments processed fast, growing their business. You are also helping to shape the next generation of business productivity and consumer convenience tools for the Fortune 10M (in the U.S.) and 750M globally.

What will you be doing?

  • Develop our mobile applications [Objective C, Android]

  • Develop our payments, messaging and scheduling stack

  • Develop our machine learning stack for payments and scheduling

  • Develop & roll out unit test coverage in both mobile & backend stacks

  • Build internal tools for code deployment, customer on-boarding / retention

Are there any requirements?

  • Bachelors degree in Computer Science [or equivalent]

  • Expertise in at least 3 of the following: Objective C [iOS], Android, Python, SQL, Machine learning

  • No one (reasonable) you know would describe you as an asshole.

  • Every engineer you've worked with would rank you in their top 5

  • You should be able to ace our basic technical interview [no puzzles, no tricks]

  • You sleep in between release cycle

  • Your not into shining new things and Tech Crunch headlines

  • You are all about building systems that create real value for real people - over the long term

  • The details matter to you [premature optimizations, pixel level precision] and you take lots of pride in your work.

Who we are?

1) Engineers and product obsessed - we loathe over-engineering, we cringe anytime a customer reports a bug and we release new versions every 3 weeks.

2) We love our customers - solving their problems and helping them grow and succeed in a rapidly changing market. Oh yeah we also love their 5 star reviews.

3) We love disrupting the status quo - desktop solutions are so last year and we believe everyone globally in the industries we're going after will be using a mobile app as their primary business tool by 2025.

4) We believe only three things matter as we build out our business: building a great product, delivering awesome customer service and a killer instinct for communicating what we do to the market.

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  • Get to know us

    We create open source software that puts users in control over their online browsing experience. Our desktop and mobile products, such as Adblock Plus (ABP), Adblock Browser and Flattr, help sustain and grow a fair, open web because they give users control while providing user-friendly monetization. Our most popular product, Adblock Plus (ABP), is currently used on over 100 million devices.

    Here’s the big picture

    Work on ABP iOS and macOS development, focusing on lower-level tasks. You will be working on complex issues, both on mobile and on browser development. Not to brag or anything, but look at how many projects you can work on, and everything is open source:

    • ABP for Safari on iOS
    • Adblock Browser for iOS
    • ABP for Safari on macOS
    • ABPKit (framework), the backbone of our own products and the foundation for our partner products

    After your morning coffee, you’ll be expected to do...

    • iOS (80% focus) and some macOS development using Objective-C, Swift, RxSwift
    • Core development of libraries, backend, server-side software
    • Development of iOS and macOS apps
    • Development of new products

    and the rest...

    • Consulting with partners
    • Maintaining existing products
    • Strengthening the underlying technology and backend of our mobile core products
    • Working on core content blocking functionality
    • Finding innovative solutions in a very limited content blocking environment

    We trust you to work from home if you have...

    • Multiple years of iOS, Swift, and Objective-C development
    • Advanced programming experience equivalent to programming with RxSwift for significant application services
    • Knowledge of algorithms and data structures (at computer science 4-year level)
    • Debugging skills (multithreading, concurrency, memory lifetimes, parallelization)
    • Expertise with HTTP protocols, database operations (SQL/NoSQL), and functional programming (e.g. Haskell, Scala, F#, Rust, Swift, JavaScript)
    • Experience in interoperability with Swift and Objective-C
    • Ability to write accurate, concise, and complete technical documentation

    You can do this job in your sleep if you also have experience in...

    • Browser development
    • Content blocking
    • Working in agile teams
    • Open source development

    A little bit about the team you’ll work with

    The iOS/macOS team is a globally distributed team that works on multiple projects. Depending on priorities, we decide how we want to work on each level. We have bi-weekly video meetings, but most of the communication happens over IRC, email, and our own issue tracking system.

    Privacy Notice
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  • 4 days ago

    About SpiderOak

    We want to change the world, and we’ve already done it once. SpiderOak has been building encrypted software since before the first iPhone was released.

    SpiderOak is committed to building secure and reliable software that protects our customers’ data. Our approach is fundamentally different from most mainstream security companies. Instead of adding layers of security on top of an insecure system, we build software that is inherently secure.

    How are we different?

    SpiderOak builds need-to-know technology that supports customers working in hostile environments. Traditional systems trust IT infrastructure to maintain the whole security system, even though the news is rife with evidence that this model does not work. Our software combines end to end encryption with a distributed ledger (aka Blockchain) technology to offer best-in-class security with no backdoors.

    The Distributed Ledger, SpiderOak Model

    A distributed ledger approach can provide compartmentalization of data that does not suffer from a single point of failure and is both fast and cost-effective. Compartments are defined using an irrefutable distributed ledger, enabling complete confidence in who is allowed to participate. Once the list of allowed users is defined, it becomes easy for those parties to negotiate shared encryption keys to secure the data being collaborated on.

    Our approach allows for the instant provisioning of cryptographically secure collaboration spaces for use in scenarios where certainty about who has access to that space is a mission requirement.

    About SpiderOak Engineering

    Our Engineering team is comprised of passionate and creative people who are committed to the premise that complexity is the enemy of security. The problem of security will not be solved by layering on more band-aids, e.g. firewalls, packet inspection, two-factor authentication, etc… these actually add complexity by increasing the attack surface. We take a fundamentally different approach by removing the need to trust your infrastructure or your admins through the combination of

    • Zero-trust systems and applied cryptography

    • Distributed ledger

    Our platform and applications – built on Go – enable our customers to collaborate and communicate securely, and we’re looking for growing the team to help us turn this ambitious vision into reality. Our culture is focused on productivity and creativity, and we’re committed to collaboration with our colleagues across the organization.

    Job Description

    Rather than bore you with a long description, let’s cut to chase: your job is to integrate our client-side Go and HTML app into native mobile operating system APIs. Integration examples currently include: networking, crypto, key store, file management, and push notifications… but the list might grow as the user needs evolve.

    Experience & Skills

    • Simply put: you need prior experience in building apps for iOS and/or Android. You also should have a desire to work with remote, distributed teams.

    NOTE: Given the nature of our work, candidates must be US Citizens residing in the United States.

  • 1 month ago

    Because good design is essential on the mobile platform, we are looking for a product-aware engineer who appreciates good user experience. You’re not only rock-solid technically, but also have a flair for apps which are a joy to use. Our portfolio currently consists of 4 consumer facing apps and we plan to release several more. To keep this manageable you, together with your team, will architect and build a framework to underpin all our apps from scratch.

    Key tasks and responsibilities

    • Build a framework to underpin all our apps on all supported platforms (iOS, Android) from scratch

    • Take architectural decisions to make our apps stable, as well as easy to maintain and extend

    • Work closely together with our designers and our backend engineering team

    • Take full ownership of building, releasing and maintaining our existing as well as new apps on iOS and Android

    • Build up the test and release infrastructure for our portfolio of apps

    Key skills / requirements

    • Minimum of three years of experience developing iOS or Android apps (First platform)

    • Experience developing apps for a second platform (iOS or Android)

    • A sense for world class mobile products and love of great engineering

    • Ability to tackle problems outside your comfort zone and get things done without supervision

    • Excellent spoken and written communication skills in English


    • Shipped successful iOS or Android app(s), ideally still available in the App Store or Play Store

    • Experience running a test and release infrastructure for iOS and Android apps

    • Generalist engineering skills (web, backend, or sysadmin)

    • Basic knowledge of German

    What we offer

    • Build products for a customer base of more than 5 million people across 5 countries

    • Access the resources of a big corporate but get the freedom of working in an uncomplicated environment

    • Competitive salary

    • 9 out of 12 points on “The Joel Test” (

    A contact you should connect with

    We look forward to receiving your complete application documents. Please apply online only. Direct applications are preferred.

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