Senior React Native Engineer (m/f/d)


2 weeks ago

11/28/2019 10:22:00

Job type: Full-time

Category: Software Dev

Pitch, a new company from the makers of Wunderlist, is looking for a Senior React Native Engineer to join our mobile team onsite in Berlin or remote. As a mobile team, we are on a mission to deliver an excellent presentation experience to mobile devices by building an open group of people that communicate explicitly, leverages modern cross-platform technology, applies automation techniques and ships on a daily basis.

Who are we looking for?

  • You are an experienced mobile engineer with a track record of shipping high quality applications with React Native on iOS and Android.
  • You know the foundations and core principles of the underlying native platforms very well.
  • You are interested (or experienced) in working with Clojure/Script and are excited about writing functional UI with Reagent and re-frame.
  • You are comfortable debugging problems anywhere in the mobile application stack, from JavaScript to native SDKs, from issues in the UI to those that happen in the developer tools.
  • You are interested in designing and creating effective user interfaces for smartphones and tablets.
  • You are product oriented, combining thoughtfulness with pragmatism and a will to get stuff done. You are calm and focused under pressure, and consider work-life balance essential for long-term happiness and productivity.
  • You believe effective and successful work is made possible by clear and honest communication, with a shared understanding of the long-term vision and immediate next actions. When you don't fully understand something, you ask lots of questions and use the opportunity to learn and grow.

What you'll do?

  • You will join a small team of experienced developers building a cross-platform mobile application.
  • You will collaborate with your peers to define the architecture, quality standards, and best practices.
  • You will have an opportunity to work not only on the product but also on the development tools and continuous integration services.
  • You will work closely with our designers, teaming up in small cross-functional teams to bring features from idea to concept to wireframes to prototype to final implementation.
  • You will work on the mobile app, frontend (Electron and web) and, if you're interested, backend projects to build simple, high-quality, maintainable, and well-tested solutions.

If you’re looking for an incredible opportunity and a great place to work, we’re excited to consider your application!

We value diversity of perspective and seek to build an inclusive workplace that welcomes people from all different backgrounds (including dogs).

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  • 3 days ago

    The short version

    What: Building beautiful, reliable and scalable products that helps automating payroll

    How: React, Go, Docker, Kubernetes, GraphQL, Google Cloud, PostgreSQL

    Who: Experienced and humble full-stack engineer

    We offer an employee equity plan

    What is Pento? 🤔

    We build beautiful payroll software that automates a company's manual workflows and we usually help companies cut 50-80% off the time they spend on payroll. That means no spreadsheets, no manual bank transfers, no e-mails, and no manual work. We've built an easy-to-use software product, that does all of this automatically.

    You can see a quick video by our co-founder and CEO, Jonas, here.

    The job description 💬

    We’re looking for a seasoned full-stack engineer to build features across the entire stack and challenge our thinking on architecture.


    Here’s a snapshot of what you could be working on:

    • Collaborating with our product manager, designer, co-engineers, and CTO on implementing new exiting features in our products
    • Digging deep into our systems to find bugs and fix them.
    • Designing architecture and collaborating with other engineers on how to build out our stack.
    • Doing in-depth and valuable code reviews.
    • Be part of a high-performing and inclusive team: inspiring team members, set priorities and own results.
    • Contributing to building a collaborative, productive and friendly remote workplace.

    What we're looking for 🕵️‍♀️

    Your background

    • You've worked on front-and and back-end for at least 5 years.
    • You have experience building and iterating on full features. From database schema to CSS.
    • You have worked in small effective teams as the company grew fast

    Extra credit

    • You have experience implementing a large variety of integrations in a scalable and reliable way.
    • You have extensive experience with DevOps and containers.
    • You have production experience with Go, React and/or GraphQL.
    • You have experience working in highly effective remote teams.

    Your personality

    • You have a problem-solver attitude. No problem is too big or too hard.
    • You like working independently, but you also know when to involve your teammates and ask for help.
    • You are hungry to learn. You know you don't know it all, and do what you can to help yourself and your teammates be better every day.
    • You work well with lots of questions and few answers. We're a startup trying to do something no one else has done before, which means we're dealing with a lot of questions and what-ifs.

    What it's like working at Pento 👩‍💻

    We're a small, fast-growing, remote-first team with 4 different nationalities, working out of 5 different cities throughout Europe. Meet the team and read about how we work at Pento here:

    The Pento Team



    Pento Home

  • We are Aurity, a cutting-edge team with a great passion for development, always looking for new solutions and the best technology. We are working with clients from all around the world who have projects that keep us motivated and help us learn and constantly grow. We are supporting huge startups similar to Uber or Monzo. Developing web, mobile apps and backends.

    Our goal is to have fun while coding interesting applications, because life is too short for boring projects. We strive to provide our team with a clear picture of their work and the work of their teammates by having sprints, regular feedbacks, and continuous knowledge exchange or our retreats somewhere in the world.

    As a secret we can tell you that we do a lot of R&D project, which might be next React-Native… Join us to create future!

    Last but not least, Aurity is run by developers not business people. Full stop.


    Currently we are hiring developers on a different level of experience and offer different types of employment. The general requirements you can find below.

    Must have:

    • General developer experience - at least 5 years

    • React Native experience at least 1 year  or 1,5-2 year with React

    • JavaScript 

    • Redux

    • Unit / E2E tests 

    • Very Good command of English 

    • Knowledge about Functional programming

    • Passion for clean code and be up to date with good patterns, latest trends

    • Very good, stable internet connection

    • MacOs


    Good to have:

    • Experience working remotely 

    • Published app to App Store or Google play

    • TypeScript / Flow

    • GraphQL + Apollo/ Relay

    • Experience in integrating Swift/Objective-C/Java libraries with React Native

    • Experience with Continuous Integration (Bitrise)

    • Node or Elixir


    • One month #hackerhouse that we arrange every 6-8 months at some tropical destination.You can join the team there, have some fun and work. We make sure, the internet connection is very good. Next will be in Canary Island or Dominican Republic?

    • Opportunity to join internal workshops.

    • Get paid for additional education and conferences.

    • Work on R&D tech and create next React-Native

    • Very interesting project including blockchain

    • We are open to new projects, and we would gladly work on a realization of your idea where you would stay the leading owner.

    • Want more? Let’s talk we are always open for new ideas!

    Sounds like a perfect job?

    If you have any questions, feel free to contact us at [email protected]

  • Who we are

    LifeCheq is a service that helps you organise your finances to line up with your life goals. This starts with a clear plan that includes what investments you should make, what you can afford to spend on assets (such as property) and important expenses (such as education), and what insurance it makes sense for you to have at this stage of life.

    Then, we help you put that plan into action. We'll fill in forms, chase up product providers, check that you aren't being given a bum deal on your insurance and keep track of what you should be doing. We'll also make sure that, as things change, we update our recommendations so you don't need to worry and can get on with living your life.

    We're based in Cape Town, South Africa with operational branches opening in other major SA cities (Johannesburg so far).

    The systems we're building

    Our service is only made possible by applying the latest technology to the problem of how people plan and manage their financial lives.

    We pick and integrate the best existing services for parts of the business which are done well by others and building up and deploy our own IP for the specific areas where it matters most.

    Our systems play a central role right from when a potential client first signs up. Meetings with our consultants are scheduled, financial data is collected and a client's goals are captured. Our advice team use our tools to model and project a client's life into the future, adjusting the advised actions to best achieve the client's goals and presenting all this back to them in a way that is understandable and digestible.

    The client then uses our app to make decisions and kick off tasks for our processing team that pulls the required information together in order to complete financial product applications. All along the way, relevant parties such as consultants, product providers and the clients themselves are kept up to date with progress.

    Our system has frontends written in Clojurescript using reagent/re-frame with our backend spread across firebase and in-house web services written in Clojure and hosted on Heroku. We make use of third party services such as mailgun, sentry, logentries and auth0 to add their packaged functionality.

    The job you'll be doing

    We're looking for someone to play a senior role in the team developing this system. You'll

    • Write code in the core dev team

    • Manage our various deployments and environments

    • Get involved in technology and design decisions

    • Have responsibilities maintaining the features backlog

    • Be part of training and mentoring more junior developers

    What we think you'll need

    • A solid software development background - 5 years experience in software development

    • Be able to get going with our technology choices - good knowledge of clojure/clojurescript and web tech

    • The experience to play a senior role in a team of developers as it grows - know how to manage a team of developers and their work flow

    • Ready for the challenge of a startup - we're developing the business and product as we go. There is lots of room to own decisions but don't expect everything to be well defined up front

    Additional Info

    We would prefer someone in South Africa though will consider anyone who is able to work in our time-zone (UTC+2)

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