Senior Blockchain Developer


6 months ago

07/18/2019 10:21:23

Job type: Full-time

Hiring from: Europe

Category: Software Dev

We are looking for someone to help us develop and implement the Joystream protocol and blockchain. You will be an integral part of the team, and be given plenty of freedom and autonomy to explore, learn and build.


  • Build the Joystream protocol and blockchain

  • Build the platform governance and incentive system

  • Be autonomous and self driven

  • Help us create and maintain the company’s culture and core values while we grow


  • 3+ Years software engineering experience

  • 1+ Years working in blockchain domain, can be substituted for with deep conceptual understanding and practical experience

  • Familiarity with p2p protocols, e.g. DHTs, gossip networks, BitTorrent, IPFs, Dat

  • Experience in smart contract development, e.g. Ethereum/EVM/solidity or tendermint/Cosmos-sdk or similar

  • Solid understanding of applied crypto primitives

  • Systems programming is a plus, e.g. in Go, Rust, C++


  • Competitive salary

  • High degree of autonomy to schedule your work week and vacation time

  • Company retreats to conferences and events

Ideally, you would be located or willing to relocate to Oslo, but working remotely is also an option. In the latter case, you would have to be located in a reasonably suitable time zone, and expect to travel to Oslo up to four times a year.

We will also consider less experienced applicants for a non-senior position

Please mention that you come from Remotive when applying for this job.

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  • Clearbit (US/European timezones)
    4 days ago

    We're looking for a growth engineer to join our Conversion team. This is a role you can (and we hope you do) grow immensely in, all while making a big impact on the business. Once an idea or problem is identified, you get a lot of autonomy as to how you test and solve it.

    About the role

    The Conversion team works across the funnel - on anything from churn to improving sales efficiency to landing page conversion to free tools. We work in one week sprints, where we identify experiments, research and run with them. We default to an MVP model – splitting ideas into the minimum to test (while still being on brand) before building out. 4 launches + feedback (iterations) over 4 weeks is much more appealing to us than a month of work before feedback. We are often wrong, and want to learn as quickly as possible.

    Here's what you'll be doing:

    (1) Building and enhancing free useful tools for our target audience: We work on free tools to help with lead generation. For example, we have our Connect email finder tool and a "lite" version of our Salesforce integration, as a free Chrome extension. 

    (2) Improving the experience of new users: This includes optimizing onboarding for new users (both in and out of product) and making our free trial experience better. We've recently launched a new product, X, so there is a lot of potential here.

    Example: When a new user signs up, we show them integration and use-case paths we think are the best fit for them based on their tech stack and job function/role.

    (3) Finding and acting on opportunities for improving conversion. You will work across our web properties (, our blog, free tools) running experiments and A/B tests to test hypotheses for increasing conversion.

    Example: We recently overhauled our main demo request form with many features - dynamic enrichment to minimise the amount of form fields needing filling by prospects, auto-completing their email address, or hiding the form and showing a CTA to schedule time with their CSM if they're a customer. Try it out on our homepage 😉

    (4) Helping other teams be more efficient. One of the great things about this role is you are not siloed. If there are areas of opportunity to help the CS team, we'll do it.

    Example: We built a Prospect Research tool for our customer facing teams. It pulls information together on a prospect from a multitude of sources (including Clearbit 🙂) saving sales reps 10 minutes of research prior to each call.

    (5) Implementing personalization and product demos in our work: This includes anything from implementing personalization on our website and within our emails to detailed product and use-case demo pages for the sales team.

    Example: We use hyper personalization on our Reveal page, including pulling in a screenshot of the visitor's homepage and showing them how it could look if they used personalization.


    Hard skills are great, and we do expect a certain level of experience, but more importantly we're looking for someone who can learn on the job, loves solving problems, is adaptable to change. Our priorities can change, new exciting ideas can surface and we have many different products and areas of scope. 

    Our goal is to build the best growth team there is - for both your growth and the company's growth. Focused on results, but with the freedom and autonomy to experiment with new things and jump on opportunities as they arise. We work and learn fast, but have the infrastructure in place that we still test everything thoroughly and abide to the high quality bar we set for ourselves. Learn more about us here.

  • Please submit Github or other repo for relevant code and projects.

    Location: Auckland, New Zealand or Remote

    About Laminar:

    A developer-centric company, flexible hours and location, cutting-edge technology with endless learning & development opportunities, doing meaningful work, and having lots of fun while doing it.

    What We Do:

    Laminar builds decentralized finance protocols for blockchains. We are in a unique position to bridge the users and players in both mainstream finance and the blockchain world, to enable more open, more inclusive, more secure and better finance experience of the future. Laminar has a small but growing team of developers dedicated to building blockchain applications using Substrate and other blockchain technologies.

    What We Have Achieved:

    Laminar is only a few months old. We have secured comfortable seed funding and is backed by financial institutes. We have launched our testnet trading platform on Ethereum and exhibited at the world's largest Fintech tradeshow in Singapore. We received a grant from the Web3 foundation and is an ecosystem partner of W3F and Polkadot. It's a great opportunity to join a fast-growing start-up at an early stage 

    Who You Will Be Working With:

    Our team not only have the most influential Substrate contributor and course lecturer, but also iTunes awarded app developers, part-time artist, competitive CS player, snowboarding coach, and marathon runner. Let's do cool shit and make a difference.

    About the Role & Responsibilities:

    As a Blockchain Engineer,

    1. Build Substrate-based blockchain projects

    2. Provide technical support and hands-on guidance on these projects to users, external teams and communities

    3. Evangelize our products and technologies to developer communities


    1. Familiar with blockchain & decentralized application concepts

    2. Familiar with common data structure and crypto algorithms

    3. Excellent interpersonal, verbal, and written communication skills

    4. Ability to work autonomously and proactively

    5. Experience with participate open source projects


    1. Familiar with Substrate

    2. Experience with the Rust programming language

    3. Senior-level C++ development experience

    4. Experience with Solidity smart contract development

    5. Experience with blockchain and building decentralized applications

    Please submit Github or other repo for relevant code and projects.

  • Dock is developing a decentralized solution in the verifiable claims space which we want to incrementally evolve into a full-fledged DAO in the Polkadot ecosystem.

    Your role:

    Greenfield opportunity to take a front seat in the design and development of models and components for what we know will be a showcase Polkadot application. This is a full-time Rust opportunity.

    This is a full-time Rust opportunity.

    You will contribute to:

    • Design and architecture definition

    • Crypto- and Tokenomics solution design and implementation

    • Claims and Identity open standards advancement

    • Technical and non-technical publications

    Our Stack:

    • Rust, Wasm

    • Polkadot Substrate, Ink!

    • OpenBadges, Blockcerts, Verifiable Credentials Data Model, Decentralized Identifiers (DIDs)


    • RDMS and NOSQL

    • Python, React, ES6

    • * AWS (and hopefully DFinity soon)


    • Live, breath, and dream decentralized

    • Able to work through, and implement from, white papers

    • Creative self-starter and continuous learner

    • Able to work remote first


    • Experienced Rust (2018 Edition) and wasm developer

    • Strong data structures and algorithm knowledge, especially consensus and cryptography algorithms

    • Minimum five years distributed and decentralized software development

    • Minimum one year Ethereum or similar

    Nice to have:

    • Polkadot ecosystem

    • Active open source contributor

    • Parity technology stack including clients and wallet(s)

    • Mainnet dApp development

    • Wallet experience including multisig

    • Cryptography expertise, especially with ECC, BLS, PRE, ZK

    • DAO design and implementation

    • Github/Gitlab, CI/CD

    • AWS and Docker

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