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Protocol Engineer, Blockchain

Aragon One

2 weeks ago

Job type: Full-time

Remote (Americas and Europe)

Hiring from: Americas and Europe

Category: Software Development

The Internet has opened the doors for universal, cross-border, and non-violent collaborative effort to fight for our freedom. However, the Internet has also opened the doors for global surveillance and manipulation. We believe humankind should use technology as a liberating tool to unleash all the goodwill and creativity of our species, rather than as a tool to enslave and take advantage of one another. Thus, Aragon is a fight for freedom. Aragon empowers freedom by creating liberating tools that leverage decentralized technologies. — The Aragon Manifesto
Aragon One is a small, remote-only team of people that span a broad range of backgrounds, interests, and geography. We're dropouts and Ph.D.s, from the US, Europe, and LatAm, craft beer, and coffee lovers designing and building tools to run and govern decentralized organizations.
Aragon One has built the leading smart contract framework to build DAOs, with toolkits for developers to seamlessly integrate their apps with DAO functionality, and a decentralized dispute resolution system.
Our protocols secure more than $300M on Ethereum's blockchain and power more than 1500 on-chain organizations — and this number is increasing every day. That means that not only creators but hundreds of users trust us to deliver reliable and secure tools to govern their communities and protocols, and we value this more than anything.
We're looking to hire Protocol Engineers to join our team to continue building secure and reliable governance protocols. We highly value individuals with intellectual curiosity and openness, with strong attention to detail and quality. You're someone with experience working as a full-stack engineer, and can architect and implement robust solutions.
Your first month should be focused on absorbing as much information as possible and then progressively contributing to larger and larger efforts with more autonomy and independence. You have the potential to create incredible leverage within and outside of Aragon by contributing to existing projects such as the Aragon Network, Aragon Court, and Aragon Chain, and research and experiment with new governance mechanisms.

What You'll Do
  • Architect, develop, and maintain smart contract frameworks for aragonOS, the Aragon Network, Aragon Court, and projects in the broader Aragon ecosystem such as Aragon Chain.
  • Perform internal code audits and code reviews, and produce product and best practices documentation.
  • Research and experiment with new Web3 technologies to explore new governance mechanisms.
  • Understand incentives and thinking out of the box to build robust solutions.

What We're Looking For
  • Experience working as a full-stack engineer, with strong backend development skills.
  • Provable ability to ship high quality, well crafted code, architecting and developing complex systems.
  • Strong testing culture.
  • Being passionate about open source and distributed systems.
  • Being a detail oriented, autonomous individual with a proactive attitude and a love for time self-management.

Bonus Points
  • Experience contributing or managing open source projects.
  • Understanding of Ethereum, Ethereum security risks and incentives, and the inner workings of the EVM.
Aragon One is part of the Aragon project, a community of DAO creators, developers, and users experimenting with new forms of social coordination and governance. Talk to us at Discord!

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This job has a geo-restriction in place: Americas and Europe.

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