Principal Engineer


6 months ago

08/24/2019 10:21:23

Job type: Full-time

Category: Software Development

What will you be doing?

As with many young companies, your responsibilities will change over time. However, here are some of the responsibilities we expect you to take on as a Principal Engineer:

  • Work with our Data Integration and Data Ingestion teams to translate business requirements into high-quality, well architected software solutions.

  • Evaluate and evolve our workflows to ensure fast and efficient collaboration between members of the team.

  • Work on strategy, goals and the structure of the team together with the Director of Engineering to ensure we're best placed to meet our targets.

  • Lead a high performing team of Engineers, ensuring that they are being developed, mentored and challenged, acting as an advocate for them within the organisation and ensuring roles and responsibilities are well defined.

  • Facilitate decisions in building and evolving our data pipeline to improve reliability and resilience.

  • Be continuously learning to make sure we’re able to effectively deploy new technologies and processes in order to stay competitive.


Sounds interesting? Here’s what we’re looking for:

  • Data experience: You’ve worked with systems processing hundreds of millions of events. You have previous experience with ELT/ETL.

  • A strong background in data engineering and/or software engineering.

  • 3+ years of leadership experience - you know how to build and manage teams of engineers. You love helping people to grow and improve, achieve their potential by inspiring excellence and innovation.

  • Strong critical thinking and an outcome-driven mindset. You believe challenging the status quo is fundamental to improve processes, best-practices and technologies in order to stay competitive.

  • Work ethic and communication - we value transparency and open communication. We try to avoid problems by working to resolve tensions and coming together as a team to achieve our shared mission.

  • You’re always up for pairing and helping your colleagues to solve challenging problems.

  • You believe in leading by example and resist command & control structures.

What is it like to work at ChartMogul? 

  • You’ll join the adventures of an early stage company and experience what it means to have a job that’s incredibly impactful.

  • You’ll become part of a team of nice, awesome and highly dedicated people that all have the same mission: Helping companies to build better subscription businesses.

  • You’ll receive a great compensation package (market or above-market).

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similar jobs

  • Shorthand (Asia Pacific)

    Principal Software Engineer


    The Opportunity

    Shorthand is a growing company that provides a digital publishing platform to many of the world’s best known publishers, brands, not-for-profits, and universities. With customers on every continent (except Antarctica!), there’s never been a more exciting time to join Shorthand. Our company has the rare distinction in this era of money-burning startups of being both investor-backed and comfortably profitable. We're a small team of geeks with art and heart, and a high bar for quality.

    To deliver our magic to customers and their audiences, we build software that is scalable, flexible, reliable and as simple as possible but no simpler.

    The Role

    We tend to do things a little differently at Shorthand. For one thing, we’re a small team distributed around the world. For this role we’ll happily take applications from anywhere in the Asia-Pacific region, but applicants must be fluent in English.

    This role will share responsibility for designing, engineering and scaling our backend systems and services.

    We are looking for someone who:

    • Is whip smart, as demonstrated by career achievements and/or school/university results

    • Has good knowledge of cloud-based web architectures.

    • Experienced in system design and distributed computing.

    • Has a wide range of experience and expertise across languages, frameworks and approaches such as Javascript, Typescript, and ReactJS, NodeJS, scripting, serverless, and microservices.

    • Is an expert in using git.

    • Has worked with CI/CD processes before (CircleCI/Jenkins preferably).

    • Has an extremely high bar for quality.

    • Is thorough and detail-oriented.

    • Can learn fast.

    • Has great communication skills, particularly with respect to writing.

    • Gains deep satisfaction from helping to make products better.

    • Has experience of working in a small business or startup environment.

    • Preferably has experience collaborating with diverse, geographically-dispersed teams.

    Core Responsibilities:
    • Own backend development and contribute to other areas of the product. 

    • Learn, evolve and improve an existing application/system architecture.

    • Review code from other engineers and provide feedback.

    • Help secure the environment.

    • Develop Shorthand app server-side and API functionality to help improve the customer experience. 

    • Contribute to the technical direction of the Shorthand tool.

    • Report bugs.

    • Communicate with the customer support team and customers to suggest solutions to issues.

    • Assist in the creation of product documentation when required.

    • A minimum 10 years of experience in Software Engineering roles.

    • A minimum 3 years of experience in web application development.

    • Thorough knowledge of NodeJS and the web.

    • Experience with AWS.

    • A university qualification in computer science or a closely related field, or equivalent career experience required.

    Personality Attributes: 
    • You are a proactive self-starter, who does not need to be told what to do and will be resourceful in order to find solutions to any challenge.

    • You thrive in a fast-paced and demanding environment, and possess a high level of intellectual curiosity.

    • You are collaborative.

    • You find fulfillment in the job itself, and happiness in a job well done.

  • Frontastic GmbH (Europe only)

    Frontastic is looking for a PHP Backend Developer (f/*/m) as full-time or part-time employee or freelancer. We're a remote-first company currently operating in the Europe/Berlin timezone.

    Your responsibility will be building and maintaining Frontastic's API Integrations. Frontastic is unique in connecting multiple headless systems to a single frontend and making this interaction configurable by Frontend Managers. We maintain abstractions for the most important domain concepts and will continuously integrate more headless backends. These integrations must be resilient, maintainable, observable and extensible and are integrated in our backend for frontend ACatwalk). You can introspect existing implementations here:

    This isn't a junior position, which doesn't mean you must have worked in this role before. In any case, you're aware of your technical ambassador talent and are able to excite people.

    What You'll Do

    • Maintain and improve existing API integrations

    • Maintain, extend and improve API abstraction test framework

    • Implement new API integrations or coordinate development of these with external teams or inside customer projects

    • Work together with Operations and Professional Services to ensure observability and resilience of the API integrations

    Who You Are

    • You have existing experience with building API integrations in PHP and understand that backwards compatibility and consistency is essential when building software that a large number of customers will base their projects on.

    • You're aware that external APIs might not always respond and there are always potential networking issues involved and you have ideas on how to handle these and are ready to implement the relevant measures into our infrastructure.

    • You're motivated to work from your home office or a co-working space and able to structure your workday accordingly. That’s what makes you special:

    • Deep knowledge of handling external APIs over various protocols (REST(ful), GraphQL, …)

    • Awareness of issues which occur in high load production setups when software is based on the data of external APIs

    • An understanding of the requirements of working in software development (quality assurance, testing, monitoring)

    • You have a completed education and at least 3 to 5 years of professional experience as a Backend Developer or in a comparable field

    • You reside and work in Europe

    • You have good writing and communication skills in English

    What We Offer

    Our team strives to improve themselves following these guidelines:

    • We offer a friendly learning environment and try hard not to blame anyone for not knowing something and actively encourage mentoring of our peers.

    • We use practices like pair programming, test-driven development when it makes sense and continuously refactor our code to constantly share knowledge and keep the amount of technical debt low.

    • The same goes for us as a company, we continuously refactor our rules and guidelines. Overall, we have a very transparent, helpful, warm, familiar employee culture.

    • We're a remote-first company with regular meetings in-person. We use tools like email, Hangouts and Slack to stay in touch during our daily work.

    We're an equal opportunity employer and value diversity at our company. We don't discriminate on the basis of race, religion, colour, national origin, gender, sexual orientation, age, marital status, veteran status, or disability status. If we receive job applications from yet underrepresented groups those applications will be preferred.


    For this particular job, we are offering to pay between 40.000 € to 70.000 € based on experience and skills. Optionally, you can get Virtual Shares from our Virtual Shares Options Program (VSOP) as part of your compensation. If this job sounds interesting to you, please send a letter of motivation, CV and your earliest possible start date to [email protected] Do you still have a question? Don't hesitate to get in contact via email!

  • Wallaroo Labs is working on a huge idea, and this is a phenomenal opportunity for a person who enjoys challenges. We’re exploring new, emerging use cases involving vast amounts of real-time data, such as in automotive IoT, transportation, and ad tech. Our mission is to help firms exploit this data very quickly to create business opportunities, reduce costs, and enhance safety and security. We’re building next-generation tools like Wallaroo, a highly efficient stream-processing engine, to power applications that run on petabytes of daily data and that expose the limits of traditional big data solutions. We believe this is a $10B+ market opportunity and we aim to take a good chunk of it.

    We’re a seed-stage company that’s raised $6M from some of the best enterprise software investors in NYC, and we’re looking for ambitious people to grow our team and our business, enhance our culture and contribute great ideas.

    The Position

    We don't have a specific candidate in mind for this position. We believe in hiring strong engineers and letting them apply their unique skills and experiences to make our team and product better. That said, there are a few must-have requirements that are needed to do well in our environment. Beyond those, we are looking for candidates who have skills that draw from our "nice to have qualifications" list.


    • Self-motivated and able to work independently
    • Prior experience building high-volume data processing applications
    • Good at async communication (key for working as part of the engineering team)
    • Experience developing on *Nix system (shell, scripts, tools, etc)
    • Experience using a modern version control system (git, mercurial)
    • Ability to get up to speed with new languages quickly
    • Desire to help those around you grow and learn from you
    • A self-guided learner with the ability to pick up new skills quickly
    • Excellent written and verbal skills
    • Ability to work collaboratively with others
    • Thrive in an environment where the long-term goal remains stable but day-to-day needs may change quickly

    Nice to Have Qualifications:

    • Experience running production systems
    • Prior experience working with customers either external or business-oriented
    • Experience working with/designing/building distributed systems
    • Experience developing multi-threaded programs
    • Experience using a "strongly typed" language
    • Experience analyzing system performance
    • Experience developing for AWS or other cloud systems
    • Excellent teaching skills
    • Strong algorithmic and mathematical skills
    • Familiarity with open-source streaming data and message queuing technologies

    Wallaroo Labs - Engineering Values

    Distributed First

    We are a fully distributed team with a base of operations in NYC and engineers ranging from California to the Netherlands. Our processes are always distributed first, with an emphasis on effective asynchronous communication.


    One of our mottos is: “If it wasn’t communicated, it didn’t happen.” Communication is always crucial to effective collaboration, but in a distributed setting it becomes even more important. Email, text chat, and documentation are important tools to communicate across time zones and geography. Voice and video conferences bring us together despite working in different countries. We bring up concerns early, and share objectives, context and work progress in public. We value clarity and making assumptions explicit.


    We value a commitment to learning, and see the ability to quickly get up to speed on new languages, technologies, and ideas as just as important as specialized knowledge, if not more. We stress a growth mindset, and know that listening can take effort but is crucial to understanding.

    Self-motivation and accountability

    Our engineers excel at working independently and flexibly collaborating with the right people for the job. We proactively get involved when help is needed.

    Respect and openness

    We know that we’re working with human beings with their own lives, concerns, and perspectives. We strive for charitable interpretation and empathy. We value constructive disagreement and challenging assumptions, but only when this is done with respect. We realize that even if you are an expert in some area, you can still learn from the fresh perspectives of novices, which means humility is not only reasonable, but essential to overcoming blind spots.

    The right tool for the job

    We know that in software engineering, there are no silver bullets. No language, framework, tool, or process is “The One, True Way”. We look for the right tool for the job, and depending on the circumstances, this may or may not be Wallaroo!


    Our engineers have to be ready to adapt to changing circumstances and temporarily take on roles that might be a bit outside their job description. We value comfort with uncertainty and an openness to experimentation.

    Everyone a Teacher

    In a smaller startup, we need everyone to be a generalist to some degree. That’s part of the reason we value sharing knowledge, skills, and perspectives so much. Our engineers are eager to keep learning, but they’re also eager to teach their colleagues what they know, and to experiment with more effective ways to make this kind of information readily available.

    We are an equal opportunity employer and value diversity in our company. We do not discriminate on the basis of race, religion, color, national origin, gender, sexual orientation, age, marital status, veteran status, or disability status.

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