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02/02/2020 10:27:10

Job type: Full-time

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Category: Software Development

Due to continuous growth, we are currently seeking a Principal Cloud Architect that will work closely with a team of Cloud Architects, Engineers, DevOps and Product teams. The successful candidate will be a key member of the Cloud Engineering team to ensure the success in designing, building and migrating applications, software and services on various cloud platforms including AWS, Azure, GCP, developing public, private and hybrid cloud solutions.

The ideal candidate will have a deep expertise in building enterprise-level computing solutions, architecture and transformation strategy with demonstrated experience with Cloud Computing Solutions such as Platform as a Service (PaaS), Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), using Infrastructure as Code (IAC) tools to automate solutions that are scalable, resilient, readily available and secure.

This position can be remote, with 5-25% travel or report to offices either in Englewood Cliffs, NJ or Universal City, CA

Core Responsibilities:

  • Work directly with our client’s largest cloud users to define technical specifications based on business requirements and conceptual design

  • Evaluate emerging technologies, services, and tools for multiple cloud vendors to help guide innovation, new capabilities, and create business case for technology solutions

  • Collaborate with cross-functional teams to develop a new state cloud architecture, supporting our client’s organizational mode, developing a platform roadmap to drive cloud/ technology discussions and facilitate decision making to translate into product roadmap and releases for target design

  • Assist with the design and implementation of best governance practices for design, security, development, usability, cost control and forensics across multiple cloud providers for public, private and hybrid solutions

  • Enable innovation with continuous deployment across multiple technology stacks using best practices for advanced Cloud Solutions

  • Be a proponent for Open Source technologies, across tech stacks, demonstrating best practices for advanced cloud solutions

  • Develop reference material on architecture, publish design patterns to present both internally and publicly to drive designs for consensus and approval, being able to translate easily from technical to non-technical language

  • Participate in writing code and scripts to automate cloud solutions, also responding to code and architecture reviews

  • Demonstrate ability to conceive, manage and complete project deliverables

Skills and Experience:

  • Bachelor's or master's degree in computer science, computer engineering, or another technical discipline; or equivalent work experience

  • Excellent oral and written communication skills with experience in presenting

  • Proven experience in working on multiple enterprise projects simultaneously while coordinating with the work of others

  • Is self-directed and can effectively contribute with little supervision

  • Hands-on experience working with JSON, Java, Python (Boto3), Node.js, Perl, Bash

  • Experience participating on an agile team

  • Hand on experience with research, analysis, data collection and presentation to various levels internally and external clients

  • Hands on experience deploying production workloads that are reliable, scalable cloud applications

  • Experience with Service Oriented Architecture (SOA and REST), IaaS and PaaS (design and server infrastructure implementation)

  • Experience with large-scale distributed infrastructure, including clustering, load balancing, distributed capacity management with an understanding of system testing

  • Hands on experience in automating PaaS, IaC using Terraform, Git, Ansible playbooks, Chef/Puppet, Cloud Command Line Interfaces and Cloud Templating on various cloud platforms as well as automating testing and performance tools such as JMeter

  • Strong technical expertise and troubleshooting skills for large-scale distributed computing systems and software

  • Solid understanding of conceptual, logical and physical data modeling with tools and database design in complex, enterprise-level data environments proficiency in XML, JSON, and design of binary formats using NoSQL, NAS and object stores

  • Strong understanding of Networking Protocols and Standards

  • Strong understanding and experience with various security protocols for web and cloud technologies

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                              > You have experience in measuring, analyzing and fixing performance problems.
                              > You're able to use and customize tools (e.g. webpack) to streamline our development and build processes.
                              > You're able to work autonomously and stay self-motivated. Previous experience working in remote team is a bonus.
                              > You are fluent in written and spoken English.


                                            We’re bootstrapped, profitable, and committed to building a sustainable company that will grow for decades to come. We’ve built a benefits package that invests in our employee’s long-term personal and professional growth and well-being. Here’s a sample of what that includes:

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                                            > Paid parental leave. 18 weeks of paid maternity leave and 5 weeks of paid paternity/adoption leave.
                                            > Health & well-being stipend. You’ll have a monthly budget to spend on the things that keep you happy and healthy like a gym membership, books, snacks, internet, and health insurance.
                                            > Amazing people. Being a part of the Doist team means you get to work with incredibly diverse, talented people who also enjoy having fun!
                                            > Annual company retreats. Although we work remotely, we still enjoy bringing the whole team together to get to know each other, bond, and have face-to-face discussions in places like Spain (2015), Iceland (2016), Greece (2017), Chile (2018), and the Azores (2019) .
                                            > Meaningful work. Working at Doist isn’t just about getting a job done; it’s about working together to positively influence people and teams all over the world.
                                            > So much more!


                                            All information collected through this application is stored in Workable, Doist’s Applicant Tracking System, where it will be used for recruitment purposes only. For more information on how we handle candidate data at Doist, we invite you to review our recruitment privacy notice. For questions, please contact us at [email protected]

                                          • 2 days ago

                                            What You’ll Do:

                                            • Collaborate in every stage of a product's lifecycle; from planning to delivery
                                            • Create clean, modern, testable, well-documented code
                                            • Agile process with CI/CD environment to develop scalable web applications
                                            • Communicate daily with clients to understand and deliver technical requirements

                                            What is Required:

                                            • 7+ years professional development experience

                                            • 5+ years professional experience in a senior developer role with Java

                                            • Preferred: critical software development in large enterprises

                                            • Experience with Java 1.8 or later

                                            • Strong understanding of Java multithreading, concurrency and memory management

                                            • Excellent coding practices including a solid understanding of design patterns and object-oriented programming

                                            • Experience with Spring (Framework, Security, MVC, Boot)

                                            • Experience building maintainable and efficient tests using tools such as MyBatis, JUnit, TestNG, Mockito etc.

                                            • Coding standards to include unit, integration and acceptance testing

                                            • Experience with Cloud services (AWS, Azure, OpenShift etc.)

                                            • Experience with SQL and NoSQL

                                            • Experience with Git/GitHub

                                            • Experience with Containers

                                            • Knowledge of micro-services networking, load balancing, service discovery concepts and technologies

                                            • Strong understanding of the agile software development process

                                            • Superior communication skills in English

                                            How We Work

                                            Why do people join Clevertech? To make an impact. To grow themselves. To be surrounded by developers who they can learn from. We are truly excited to be creating waves in an industry under transformation.

                                            True innovation comes from an exchange of knowledge across all of our teams. To put people on the path for success, we nurture a culture built on trust, collaboration, and personal growth. You will work in small feature-based cross-functional teams and be empowered to take ownership.

                                            We make a point of constantly evolving our experience and skills. We value diverse perspectives and fostering personal growth by challenging everyone to push beyond our comfort level and try something new.

                                            The result? We produce meaningful work

                                            Getting Hired

                                            We hire people from a variety of backgrounds who are respectful, collaborative, and introspective. Members of the tech team, for example, come from diverse backgrounds having worked as copy editors, graphic designers, and photographers prior to joining Clevertech.

                                            Our hiring process focuses not only on your skills but also on your professional and personal ambitions. We want to get to know you. We put a lot of thought into the interview process in order to get a holistic understanding of you while being mindful of your time. You will solve problems derived from the work we do on a daily basis followed by thoughtful discussions around potential fit. Whatever the outcome, we want you to have a great candidate experience.

                                            Want to learn more about Clevertech and the team? Check out and our video highlighting Clevertech's Career Growth Video

                                          • Railroad19 (US only)
                                            1 week ago

                                            At Railroad19, Inc., we build custom solutions and provide our clients with top tier development services. We’re a specialized team of developers and architects, which means, we only bring an “A” team to the table. Our culture is built on hard work and a desire to be thought leaders in the industry, this is what sets Railroad19 apart.

                                            Due to continuous growth, we are currently seeking a few Cloud-Native Java Developers that are fluent in both Java 8 and Spring Boot. In addition to contributing code and tangible deliverables, you will be expected to work as an advisor to help identify, educate, and foster best-in-class solutions. Creating these relationships requires strong communication skills and a passion for solving complex challenges.

                                            When you join Railroad19 you are part of a company that values your work and gives you the tools you need to succeed, while offering you a work/life balance. We are headquartered in Saratoga Springs, New York, but we are a distributed team of remote developers across the US.

                                            This is a full-time position with comprehensive benefits, vacation, 401k and more. Railroad19 provides competitive compensation with excellent benefits and a great corporate culture.

                                            The role is remote - U.S. located, only full time (NO- contractors, Corp-to-Corp or 1099).
                                            Core responsibilities:

                                            • Understand our client's fast-moving business requirements

                                            • Negotiate appropriate solutions with multiple stake-holders

                                            • Write and maintain scalable enterprise quality software

                                            • Build web applications using Spring Boot

                                            • Build Microservices that connect to Oracle and NoSQL databases

                                            • Build software components that integrate with a workflow engine and/or ESB to execute asynchronous business processes

                                            • Manage the complete software development life cycle

                                            • Writing functional and unit tests in order to maintain code quality

                                            • Work with Jenkins to perform Continuous Integration

                                            • Collaborate with other teams in order to deliver a high-performance application that contains little or no defects

                                            • Identify new opportunities, tools, and services to enhance the custom software platform

                                            • Support and troubleshoot issues (process & system), identify root cause, and proactively recommend sustainable corrective actions

                                            Skills & Experience:

                                            • Advanced Java development experience

                                            • Hands-on experience with Java 8 (especially streaming collections and functional interfaces)

                                            • Hands-on experience with NoSQL technologies is a plus

                                            • Hands-on experience with Spring Boot, Spring Cloud, and Netflix OSS is a plus

                                            • Hands-on experience with Oracle, MySQL, ETL

                                            • Hands-on experience with AngularJS and/or similar JavaScript frameworks is a plus

                                            • Demonstrates a willingness to learn new technologies and takes pride in delivering working software

                                            • Excellent oral and written communication skills

                                            • Experience participating on an agile team

                                            • Is self-directed and can effectively contribute with little supervision

                                            • Bachelor's or master's degree in computer science, computer engineering, or another technical discipline; or equivalent work experience

                                            Working at Railroad19, Inc.:

                                            • Competitive salaries

                                            • Excellent Health Care, Dental and Vision benefits

                                            • 3 weeks’ vacation, 401K match eligibility, work-life balance

                                             No Agencies***
                                            This is a non-management position
                                            This is a full-time position

                                            We are committed to equal employment opportunity regardless of race, color, ancestry, religion, sex, national origin, sexual orientation, age, citizenship, marital status, disability, gender, gender identity or expression, or veteran status. We are proud to be an equal opportunity workplace.

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