Open Source Software Developer


8 months ago

06/25/2019 10:21:23

Job type: Full-time

Category: Software Development

We are always looking for passionate and talented software developers to join our geographically-distributed engineering team. If you do not think your profile can fit any of the other targeted job openings on our web site, as we are eager to learn more about you, just apply to this one and we will definitely look into your application.

Key Responsibilities

  • Discussing technology with clients and represent Collabora at conferences and trade shows to demonstrate and promote our leadership in the open source arena

  • Analysing client problems and designing solutions leveraging open source technologies and Collabora's technical expertise

  • Defining and scoping client projects in collaboration with the delivery team

  • Contributing publicly to open source projects to ensure Collabora's continuing technical leadership

  • Gain working knowledge of customers’ products, applications, technical and business strengths and target markets

  • Understanding client needs and reconciling time constraints, available technologies and resources, and open source best practices

Desired Skills

  • Track record of experience in software development is essential

  • Knowledge of open source development methodologies and good standing in the open source community

  • Good English language skills (both verbal and written)

  • Ability to work and communicate in an online distributed environment

  • Existing familiarity with one or more of Collabora's market verticals is preferable

  • BS/BA or experience in the role of Engineer

  • Demonstrable contributions to components in open source projects

  • Preferable experience with direct development on one (or more) of WebKit, Blink, GStreamer, FFMPEG, libav, X11, wayland/weston, Jenkins, OBS, lava, Linux kernel/device drivers, distribution integration, porting

  • Self learning skills to get sufficient knowledge of Collabora's services, business model, project delivery life cycle and other related technical domains

Collabora is a software consultancy specializing in bringing companies and the Open Source community together. We combine years of Open Source software leadership with an understanding of the challenges that businesses, non-profits, and governments face. Collabora brings deep technical expertise in system integration & architecture, graphics, multimedia, web engines and communications to a number of market verticals, including mobile, IVI / automotive, set top box / smart TV, and a range of other specialized embedded applications.

Collabora has the unique business model of enabling enterprises to leverage Open Source software in their solutions. Having worked with notable industry leading companies in the automotive, aerospace and handset mobile verticals amonst many others, Collabora has established a broad customer portfolio.

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similar jobs

  • The company:

    We're on a mission to build the best platform in the world for engineers to understand and scale their systems, applications, and teams. We build highly scalable systems that process trillions of data points every day to provide real time alerts, visualizations, log aggregations, and application traces for tens of thousands of companies. Our engineering culture values pragmatism, honesty, and simplicity to solve hard problems the right way. 

    The team:

    The APM Team at Datadog provides mission critical application health and performance monitoring for customers of all sizes and industries. We’re taking a new approach to APM with distributed tracing and seamless integration with Datadog’s Infrastructure and Logs products.

    The opportunity:

    We are looking for an expert Ruby engineer experienced with Ruby language internals who can help push our tracing tools to the next level. Come and join us to build amazing open source software! 

    You will:

    • Write code that instruments thousands of Ruby applications around the world. 
    • You’ll help drive our open source Ruby projects and engage with the community to find and address the most important challenges.
    • Join a great team building software the right way 


    • You’re a master Ruby programmer. You think in blocks, faced the GIL limitations many times and you know there is more to Ruby than Rails. You’ve written piles of clean, correct, well-tested, performant, idiomatic Ruby code.
    • You are a great community ambassador and can drive hard technical conversations towards a good solution.
    • You have solid experience with widely used frameworks and libraries like Rails, Sinatra, Grape, Sidekiq or ActiveRecord.
    • You want to work in a fast, high growth startup environment.
    • You have a BS/MS/PhD in a STEM field or equivalent experience.

    Bonus points:

    • You have experience with JRuby and how it works in the JVM.
    • You’ve played with eventmachine.
    • You have significant experience with Python, Go, Java, JavaScript or Ruby.
    • You have have experience with code telemetry and introspection.
  • Last Call Media
    1 week ago

    Last Call Media is looking for a well rounded PHP developer to join our team!

    The Role

    Last Call Media is looking for someone who understands just how flexible the PHP programming language can be, and enjoys, neh, is proud that the majority of the internet uses the PHP language.

    The ideal candidate will have experience in PHP frameworks such as WordPress, Symfony, Drupal, CodeIgniter but also has been involved with big single PHP files with inline CSS/HTML/(My)SQL/PHP. Last Call Media is looking for an advocate of best practices and someone who is willing to be opinionated about what they believe in when it comes to building successful programming projects.

    Last Call Media is a fully distributed company so you can work from anywhere, but we ask that you be able to commit to at least 5 hours of overlap with New York time (ET), Monday through Friday.

    What you’ll do:

    • Review and analyze existing PHP sites for ways to improve and/or provide advice on how to migrate off antiquated monolith systems. Implement analyses from start to finish.

    • Work with clients to communicate how and why existing PHP code works or doesn’t.

    • Create and maintain product roadmaps, feature backlogs and product documentation, and user stories.

    • Understand who the end user of a project is and how to build and/or suggest front-end interfaces to help them accomplish their tasks as simply and practically as possible.

    • Participate in team and company retrospectives to help define and refine working agreements and processes to help us work more effectively together as a team.

    What you’ll bring:

    • A proven track record of leading the delivery of digital products and services that delight customers.

    • 3+ years of similar experience in a digital agency, consultancy, or equivalent setting where you were accountable to several client engagements.

    • An obvious drive to grow and learn from the highly-skilled team around you

    • Experience with large-scale open source web technologies (such as Drupal, WordPress, and React).

    • Experience and/or a desire to work remotely.

    • Ability to work efficiently, sometimes under tight deadlines

    It’d be nice if you also had:

    • Front-end framework experience like ReactJS/AngularJS/VueJS

    • Relational database experience and understanding of how to improve DB performance

    • Server administration and/or setups like Apache/NodeJS/Nginx and a general comfortability in the Linux environment

    • Familiarity with Atlassian tools, such as Jira and Confluence.

    All of us at LCM pride ourselves on being:

    • Able to empathize, which helps us understand the need of the client, the customer, the product, and the team at LCM.

    • Highly communicative

    • Able to work independently

    • Comfortable asking for help

    • Experienced with communicating directly with clients

    • Eager and motivated to learn new concepts

    • A team player in a collaborative environment

    • A fast learner

    Application Process

    Applicants should submit through the careers section a current resume and cover letter that includes links to a few digital products you completed recently and an answer to the following question: In 3-5 sentences please share a little about what, in your opinion, the biggest challenges are working at an all remote company. If you haven’t worked for an all remote company, please try and answer the question anyway! Lastly, while resumes and interviews are a great way to learn more about you, all candidates should be prepared to complete a brief hypothetical virtual recruitment exercise and submit reference(s) upon request.

    To apply visit:

    This position is compensated at a salary commensurate with skill and experience, with comprehensive benefits including an annual professional development budget, and varied, engaging work for enterprise-level clients. If this position already sounds like you or sounds like where you're headed, please reach out! Applicants should submit a current resume and cover letter through the careers section and should be prepared to submit a code sample(s) and reference(s) upon request.

  • 2 weeks ago

    Are you looking for a new adventure with a positive impact?

    At Learnlife we are on the mission to build an open ecosystem for a new lifelong learning paradigm to positively change education worldwide. We empower learners, educators, schools, and governments through a new learner-centered paradigm that focuses on purpose-inspired and personal learning.

    A little bit about us

    Learnlife is based in Barcelona, where we also have opened our first Learning HUB (1200m2 @ Enrique Granados 7). We are an educational startup in the early phase with a team of thirty people in total and with six people working full-time on the digital part of the ecosystem we are building.

    Last year, we had our first seed investment round, which we secured during the June 2019 when we raised €3,1m in partnership with 19 entrepreneurial supporters from 11 countries. The funding round was led by BPO Capital, a vehicle of Benjamin Otto (Germany), an active shareholder of the Otto Group and co-founder of About You.

    We believe in empowered and autonomous teams, positive relationships, empathetic collaboration, growth through adventure, fair communities, and a culture of constructive transparency and honesty.

    Who we are looking for

    We’re looking for a senior software engineer to join our growing team. As someone coming into such a pivotal role in the company, you will influence how our products look, work, behave and feel over the coming years.

    You should send us an application if you:

    • Are searching for a startup-like environment with solid funding.

    • Have experience working on remote and in the ideal case also in the startup environment. 

    • Are looking for a full-stack senior software engineering role, and you’ve spent in the role already several years.

    • Have strong skills in Javascript and another backend programming language (Ruby & Ruby on Rails is a big plus).

    • Are able to step outside your role description and do what is needed in order to help the team succeed. 

    • Love technology and are hungry to learn.

    • Love to collaborate in a cross-functional team.

    • Are a great communicator (English).

    • Could solve problems independently. 

    • Are based in Europe or Brazil.

    • Having an active profile on Github with several open-source contributions under your belt isn’t required, but it is a big plus.

    Our tech stack:

    • Ruby on Rails, Javascript

    • PostgreSQL, MongoDB

    • Nginx, Unicorn, AWS

    How will your working day look like

    You will start your day when you want in the morning and decide for yourself where you’re going to work. The whole team usually work remotely, but there are certain periods when we gladly go to our office in Ostrava, Czech Republic or Barcelona, Spain. 

    First thing in the morning, we have an asynchronous stand-up via Basecamp.

    We usually summarize the previous day’s issues as well as tasks for the current day at the stand-up. 

    Everyone then works on their assignments during the day, and any other potential communication is carried on via Basecamp/Github/Calls. Nobody checks anybody as for when and how they work – only the results are important. 

    During the day and at the end of it, we commit the work in a standard way to Github where another developer always performs code review for you after you have completed a task.

    Currently, we have 4-weeks long development cycles. The first week of the cycle is from a big part focused on planning and is, therefore, more meeting heavy than other weeks.

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