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8 months ago

05/31/2019 11:52:19

Job type: Full-time

Category: Software Development

Help build the future of outdoor mapping at Gaia GPS.

We're hiring an engineer who wants to work with a strong team and learn a lot. You'll join a 5-person dev team whose past experience includes Google, Facebook, Mapbox, and the founding of Gaia GPS.

This position starts with a base salary of $65K, and is the company's first explicitly junior hire. You'll be focused on iOS or web front-end development at first. We heavily favor candidates who do a lot outdoors.

Lifestyle and Benefits

The company is all remote, currently distributed across North America.

We have the most flexible work environment, which lets all of us balance family and other interests, with work.

We offer 4 weeks of vacation, and another 12 paid holidays that can be shuffled around. We provide 2 months of paid maternity, 1 month of paid paternity, and additional unpaid leave.

Non-salary financial benefits include bonuses based on company performance (you'll learn the formula while interviewing), health insurance, and 401K matching.

We provide the best computers, monitors, tablets, and other home office equipment. We reimburse home internet and mobile phone bills. We comp expenses for any sort of books or other materials for learning.

We have a retreat every 9 months, alternating with and without families (past ones include Tahoe, Zion, Rocky Mountain NP, camping, backcountry skiing, etc), to hang-out and mingle the remote team.

Apply by Email

Please format your application like this:

Introduce yourself in the email, don't attach a cover letter. In your cover email:

say what you want to work on at Gaia GPS

say why you are a good candidate

include what you do outdoors, and if you use GPS apps, devices, and/or maps

Attach your resume to the email (not an external link)

Please mention that you come from Remotive when applying for this job.

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  • What is eyeo?

    eyeo creates a sustainable, fair ecosystem by building, monetizing and distributing ad-blocking technology for everyone and everything online. By leveraging distribution partnerships, we bring ad-blocking technology everywhere, giving users control while providing user-friendly monetization. This is supported by our own desktop and mobile products, such as Adblock Plus, Adblock Browser and Flattr. In combining our reach based on distribution partnerships and our own products, our technology runs on over 150 million devices.

    What does it mean to be a Core Development Lead at eyeo?

    You will be responsible for making sure that the unit’s teams have all the support, autonomy and focus that’s needed to be successful. You will report directly to the CTO. 

    What is a unit?

    • Units are our means to scale and focus eyeo. They provide a framework for aligning teams towards a shared goal.

    • The unit is comprised of approx. 25 people:

    • Approximately half will report indirectly to you (they will be managed by Section Leads—your right-hand people)

    • Approximately a quarter (such as section leads, data scientists, machine learning experts and QA engineers) will report directly to you

    The unit is made up of teams covering these topics:

    • Desktop browser extension core development

    • Android SDK development

    • iOS SDK development

    • Ad-blocking quality

    • Industry relations

    • Within our teams, we have cross-functional groups of peers working together to build our products.

    How you can help us (with people)

    • Create the unit’s strategy, goals and initiatives, along with the teams

    • Ensure the unit has clear KPIs

    • Report KPIs regularly, and continuously work to improve them

    • Ensure the flow of information with product owners in order for them to be able to prioritize and maintain their backlogs autonomously, and to make the best product-related decisions

    • Align across the company and with other units on strategic and tactical topics

    • Continuously support the unit with goal alignment, proper tooling, facilitation and community-ship

    • People management and cross-company knowledge sharing and culture

    • Administrative work (budget, spending, hiring, evaluation, salaries, etc.)

    How you can help us (with tech)

    • Maintain and improve the high quality of our core technologies (code and filter lists)

    • Security and maintainability of the tech stack and legal compliance of our filter lists

    • Create comprehensive documentation and specs

    • Establish our core technologies as products, ensuring proper product and release management

    • Improve our ad-blocking quality in the face of circumvention techniques

    • Close collaboration with industry-related representatives (e.g. browser companies, other ad-block companies)

    • Constantly improve our ways of working, tech stack and development processes (e.g. by applying automation and machine learning technologies)

    What you bring to the table

    • Deep, customer-centric understanding of our partners’ and own products’ technology needs

    • Knowledgeable and passionate about developing both software and people

    • Continuously stay up-to-date on technology developments relevant to your work

    • You think in a systematic and analytical manner

    • You show a high degree of self-organization, initiative and motivation

    • Great communicator who can build bridges between people from different fields and backgrounds, and help them learn how to build those bridges themselves

    • Pragmatic, flexible and humble. You listen to your reports and support them rather than directing them.

    • Fluent in both written and spoken English

    • Well-versed with agile values and methodologies. We do not require specific methodologies or certifications, but we want you to have a strong understanding, and the ability to teach.

    It’s awesome, but not required, if you have...

    • Experience collaborating in open-source communities (either as a hobby or as part of your past work)

    • Been involved in web standardization (W3C and similar)

    • Good understanding of online advertising and other types of publisher monetization

    • Experience with browser development

    • Experience in B2B and B2C product development

    • Experience in machine learning

    • You are an active member of the development community (writing, meetups, talks, OSS contributions, etc.)

    Helpful links

    • Monetization:

    • Eyeo in the news:

    • Blog updates:

    • Life at eyeo:

    • Meet the Team:

    • Open Source repository:, 

  • Mobile Engineers (Android & iOS)

    We want you to help us take WordPress, Simplenote, and other native apps for Android and iOS to the next level. We want people to be able to blog and manage their site or shop wherever they are, taking advantage of the things that make our mobile devices our most important ones, such as media and notifications. We work closely with multi-functional product teams to improve the WordPress experience on phones and tablets — both the apps and their underlying APIs and systems.

    About you:
    • You are highly collaborative and you love participating in code reviews and discussions about architecture or design.
    • You are passionate about and accomplished in Android or iOS software development; in particular, Kotlin and Swift experience are a definite plus.
    • You are knowledgeable about design patterns and testability; experience with Espresso, performance testing and unit testing is very welcome.
    • You are thoughtful about product design, with good user experience instincts.
    Extra credit:
    • Experience with React Native development.
    • UI design skills and knowledge of platform design specifications.
    • PHP, WordPress, and REST API backend programming experience.
    • Data analysis experience, and understanding of how analytics can influence product decisions.
    • Knowledge of tooling and build systems.
    • Open source contributions, particularly involvement in open source (or other) communities.

    Diversity & Inclusion at Automattic

    We’re improving diversity in the tech industry. At Automattic, we want people to love their work and show respect and empathy to all. We welcome differences and strive to increase participation from traditionally underrepresented groups. Our D&I committee involves Automatticians across the company and drives grassroots change. For example, this group has helped facilitate private online spaces for affiliated Automatticians to gather and helps run a monthly D&I People Lab series for further learning. Diversity and Inclusion is a priority at Automattic, though our dedication influences far more than just Automatticians: We make our products freely available and translate our products into and offer customer support in numerous languages. We require unconscious bias training for our hiring teams and ensure our products are accessible across different bandwidths and devices. Read more about our dedication to diversity and inclusion.

    Curious who works in engineering at Automattic? Meet our Mobile Engineers – Thuy, Elisa, Cate and Aaron!

    How to Apply

    Does this sound interesting? If yes, please send a short email to jobs @ this domain telling us about yourself and attach a résumé as a PDF. Let us know what you can contribute to the team. Include the title of the position you’re applying for and your name in the subject.

    Proofread! Make sure you spell and capitalize WordPress and Automattic correctly. We are lucky to receive hundreds of applications for every position, so try to make your application stand out. If you apply for multiple positions or send multiple emails there will be one reply.

    If you’re reading this on a site other than please ensure you visit for the latest details on applying.

    Please answer the following questions in your cover letter. Applications without these questions answered will not be considered:

    • Tell us about an interesting app you’ve worked on. What made it interesting?
    • How do you use our products, or their competitors? How would you improve one of them?
    • What questions do you have for us?

    ← Work With Us

    All Jobs Require
    • Great communication skills. We’re a distributed team, so frequent and clear written communication is a must.
    • Self-driven work ethic. You need to be a self-starter who loves taking initiative and seeing things through to completion.
    • Curiosity and the desire to learn. Our business is changing and growing fast, who knows what will be the skills of tomorrow? Flexibility is key.
    • Ability to Travel. We value those rare occasions when we meet our colleagues in person, and require 2–3 non-consecutive weeks of travel per year, usually by plane.
  • 1 month ago

    We're currently extending our tribe and are looking for an experienced front end developer that loves crafting beautiful web and mobile apps. If you're looking for a position where you can work in a friendly but highly effective team, contribute directly to product development and really make a difference in the business (and be rewarded for it) we should talk!


    Your background:

    • You have a Bsc/MsC in computer Science, mathematics or any other degree or experience that demonstrates highly analytical skills

    • You've got a successful experience working for a startup

    • You've helped your team build a great B2B/SaaS (rather complex) product and can demonstrate your direct contribution in achieving this

    Your skills:

    • 4-6 years experience designing and developing web and mobile apps with at least 2 years experience working with our technology stack (e.g. html5/CSS3, Angular JS, React JS)

    • You can demonstrate very strong design skills applied to SaaS products

    • You’re very good at understand business customers problems and you're pretty creative at finding solutions to solve them.

    • You own your features from A to Z and can ship the features expected with clean code, quickly.

    • You understand the importance of customer analytics and are familiar with the tools and techniques to analyse customer behaviour and improve product UI.

    • You're very comfortable with customer facing interactions (e.g. customer feedback or ideation sessions, demos)

    Personality traits we’ll be looking for:

    • You've got tons of curiosity

    • You learn insanely fast and adapt to change easily

    • You've demonstrated grit, tenacity to achieve challenging goals (personal and/or at work)

    • High EQ: you communicate well and can get along with all our team members (rather they're in product or growth parts of the business)

    • You have strong work ethic and are autonomous


    • Experience with finance/accounting, CRM or other B2B data-rich apps

    • You speak another foreign language (e.g. French, German, Spanish, Italian)


    We believe a small team of rock stars can accomplish at least 10x more than an average team so we recruit very selectively and for the right candidate our salary/compensation package can be pretty competitive. We also offer flexible/remote working conditions however team get-togethers are required from time to time, especially during your onboarding (expect somewhere fun in South Europe, but that's a surprise!), so you need to be opened to travel on a regular basis.

    PLEASE NOTE: We currently accept remote work only from the UK and Europe.

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