Full Stack Developer


2 months ago

08/21/2019 10:21:23

Job type: Full-time

Hiring from: Canada

Category: Software Dev

Pelcro leverages modern technologies and cloud infrastructures to build the most advanced platform to build the most advanced tools. Our platform handles more than 10 million requests a day, million of dollars worth of transactions and we expect this to 10x by next year. We are looking for a full stack developer capable of constantly learning to adapt to different tasks across our stack.

Pelcro's Technical Stack: 

  • Laravel 

  • ReactJS 

  • API's 

  • Memcached 

  • Cloud Stack on AWS 

  • AWS: S3 Cloud Storage 

  • AWS: Kenesis

Skills needed

  • Full stack development - capable of working front-end & back-end 

  • Solid object-oriented PHP experience 

  • Experience using Laravel and (preferably) JS (ReactJS) as well 

  • Strong REST API development experience 

  • Good Javascript & AJAX skills 

  • Ability to solve complex problems and juggle multiple projects 

  • Experience with cross-browser testing and performance optimization 

  • Sound knowledge of responsive coding techniques 

  • Experience using GIT

Benefits for this role 

  • Flexible working hours + a great team environment 

  • Remote working flexibility 

  • Compensation based on experience 

  • Flexible vacation

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  • Eat Like A VIP (UTC -1 to UTC +2)

    Full-Stack Developer

    Come help us modernize the $500B+ full-service restaurant industry in the US and Europe.

    As a founding team member, you'll have the ability to lay the foundations of what the company will become. We are looking for generalists as your contributions will lie beyond the scope of your specified responsibilities. Apply here: [email protected]

    About Elav:

    Our mission is to eliminate the frictions of ordering in full-service restaurants.

    We believe that by making the “front of the house” more efficient, we can unlock more value for the restaurant in terms of savings and increase in revenue, as well as for the customer in terms of quality of service and convenience.

    The Eat Like A VIP app will allow restaurant customers to order their meals directly from their phones, without requiring the assistance of a waiter.


    • Implementing and building the MVP (minimum viable product) independently.
    • Participate in all aspects of the software development lifecycle, from design and implementation of new features through testing and response to customer feedback
    • Contribute ideas for new features and identify areas for improvement proactively
    • Communicate and collaborate effectively on a small team.
    • Make a positive impact on our company culture.
    • You will take a design/proposal and carry it through to a thoughtful and polished end result with good test coverage
    • Help recruit talented engineers

    About you:

    • #1: you're not an asshole
    • +3 years software development experience
    • Understand that technology is a means to an end and not an end in itself. So you can come up with solutions that do not involve coding
    • Capable of designing, implementing, and building an MVP (minimum viable product) independently, if necessary
    • Previous remote work experience
    • Previous experience working in a cross-functional team
    • Critical knowledge: JavaScript (React) and Python
    • Knowledgeable about modern web technologies and excited to learn new ones
    • Passionate about technology in every way
    • Easy to talk to, always open for feedback and eager to learn
    • Ability to think at a high level about product strategy
    • Self-motivated attitude with the ability to work in a fast-paced, sometimes ambiguous work environment
    • Loves dining with friends and family!
    • [BONUS]: experience with MERN Stack
    • [BONUS]: Computer Science Degree
    • [BONUS]: have written or contributed to tech articles 
    • [BONUS]: Previous startup experience


    • The ability to work from anywhere in the world. Our team works from Amsterdam, Porto, Lisbon, and Luanda. As long as you can get the work done, we don't care where you are! However, to facilitate team communication and collaboration we would prefer you to be located in a European time zone (between UTC-1 and UTC+2)
    • Generous stock options
    • Growth and leadership opportunities
    • Opportunity to help build and lead the engineering team
    • Encouraged to work on side projects, as long as they don't compete directly with ELAV

    Working at ELAV

    • You will work whenever you feel you are the most productive. The exception to this is when you have set up a time to work or meet with other teammates
    • Our group meetings are generally in the afternoon around 4 pm (UTC +1), depending on your geographical location after the itis (postprandial somnolence) has passed. We meet on Mondays to set up the goals for the upcoming week, and Wednesdays to give a status update on the progress of the week's goals
    • One-on-Ones happen at least bi-weekly, but they can happen as often as you find them necessary. These meetings are for you. It’s for us to make sure you are hitting your personal/academic/professional goals. We want to help you develop as a person, and for you to help us develop as people as well
    • You will submit daily EOD (End of Day) reports summarizing the day’s issues, achievements, any needs you might have concerning the work, as well as tasks for the next day
    • Nobody checks anybody as for when and how they work – only the results are important
    • Don't work if you are sick. It's way better to rest and recover quicker than work at half power for a long time
    • If you feel you are stuck with a task don't hesitate to ask for help. There are no stupid questions, nobody expects you to know everything
    • You build the culture

    Interview Process:

    • CV review
    • Links to previous projects you built or helped build will be helpful
    • If you're a good fit, we'll reach out to set up a video call to tell you more about ELAV. If you're interested, we'll work quickly to identify if this will be the best role for you:
      • 30m - 1h video interview, where we'll just ask some basic questions to understand whether you are a fit for this role within ELAV
      • Online technical assessment
      • 1-2 weeks paid trial project, this gives us an opportunity to get to know each other prior to pursuing a full-time offer. It’s also a chance for candidates to get to know the ELAV team and make sure that it’s a good fit for them


    Gross annual salary: €36k

    Apply to this job: [email protected]

  • 1 month ago

     We are hiring Entry Level, Mid-Level and Senior developers. Please share your level of experience in the appropriate field as you apply. 

    About the position

    We are growing and looking to recruit for our remote team an experienced PHP Developer with Laravel experience who will write quality code and deliver results within reasonable timelines. Specifically, from this role, we expect someone capable of taking a technical brief, make architecture recommendations and follow high quality standards while coding the backend of applications in PHP, using the Laravel framework. 

    You'll work alongside other (remote) PHP Developers, sometimes in the same projects, so a clear ability to work in teams is much desired. You'll build the backend services, most of the times through REST APIs, contribute to technical considerations and decisions and deliver exciting new products to the world. 

    Position's responsibilities are:

    • Produce “clean” and well-structured code, with detailed specifications. This means that your code is commented, well structure, readable and comes with documentation (e.g. for APIs); 

    • Work on creating basic and advanced database architectures with MySQL or Postgres;

    • Collaborate with others on translating needs into a database architecture; 

    • Create code that has great test coverage to avoid unnecessary issues in the future; 

    • Collaborate with the team in all phases of the development lifecycle, including the strategy and the architecture of the systems you will eventually build; 

    • Troubleshoot, test and maintain the core product software and databases to ensure strong optimization and functionality;

    • Stay informed about industry best practices;

    • Troubleshoot and debug applications.

    • Provide on-time delivery of projects; 

    • Follow Agile and SCRUM methodologies (where appropriate) to deliver projects;

    • Communicate with others, including project managers, on struggles and progress of each of the projects; 

    PHP Developer requirements are:

    • 3+ years' experience of working on a PHP Developer position;

    • Professional experience (hands-on) with Laravel Framework for 2+ years; 

    • Professional experience (hands-on) with postgres or mysql for 2+ years; 

    • Solid experience with of other web technologies including HTML, CSS, Javascript, AJAX and so on

    • Excellent knowledge of relational databases, version control tools and of developing web services;

    • Strong SQL development skills writing fine-tuned queries, stored procedures, triggers etc. and design skills (data normalization, foreign key constraints, indexes, etc.)

    • Knowledge in designing, building and using APIs using REST / SOAP.

    • Experience with micro-services is desired by not mandatory; 

    • Desire to develop new bold ideas, while constantly following best design and coding practices

    • BS or MS degree in Computer Science, Engineering or other related area is NOT needed;

    • Write clean, optimized, bug free code and ensure coding quality meets industry standards.

    • Highly motivated and works with minimum supervision and remote location.

    • All of these things people ask for: motivated, focused, hard-worker that likes to grow and learn more, that works well with others and has a positive attitude; 

    Our Offer

    • Work from anywhere with our remote policy. We know sometimes the best work is done in the beach (or mountain, or... ) :-) 

    • Competitive Salary for position and location

    • Health Plan and/or Deductions

    • Flexible vacation/days off policy

    • Training / Self-Development Yearly Package

    • Yearly Bonuses Program

    • Paid parental leave / Flexible conditions on return

    • Continuous Training (both on site and online)

    • Attend Annual Company retreat abroad

    • Ability to work in complex projects of Fortune500 as well as small companies.

    • Plenty of Growth Opportunities

    • A lot of ownership on projects working in key areas or full projects; 

    • Support of a Project Manager in all work developed;

    • The opportunity to join an unique and growing company with a 200% growth record for the past 3 years;

    • Contribute with your suggestions and see your feedback and opinion impact products used by millions worldwide

    • A growing team full of talent; 

  • What is this job position about?

    What we're looking for

    A talented and passionate fullstack engineer to work on the Spreaker platform. You'll work with our team of engineers to build, improve and maintain the web application, the API, and other applications built using web technologies.

    Why this job is important

    Spreaker's web application and API are the core of the product, used by millions of people all around the world. You will join the web development team and iteratively introduce new features and improvements, optimize performances, fix bugs and security issues.

    What you'll learn

    You will learn how to build and deploy a distributed system, both composed by large and micro services. You will continuously learn new technologies and keep with the high pace of our industry, without feeling like you're stuck on old and boring stuff.

    What you'll do

    You'll build new features both on the web application and the API, with a high impact on customers and the company business. You'll be asked to organize your time, plan your work, respect deadlines.

    Which are the requisites to apply for this position?

    We're looking for a passionate engineer with experience in both frontend and backend development (no graphic designer skills required).

    You should be willing to work with some old-school yet rock-solid technologies, without feeling the need to rewrite everything from scratch.

    You must have production experience with:

    • PHP

    • Node.js

    • HTML5, CSS3, JS (ES6+)

    • SQL databases

    • Cross-browser compatibility (on both mobile and desktop)

    • Creating and consuming REST API

    • Automatic testing

    Moreover, we do have a couple of strict requirements:

    • Fluency in English (both verbal and written)

    • European-centric timezone (CET-2/CET+2). We'll not accept candidates living outside Europe stretching their work hours to match the timezone

    Finally, you'll get some bonus points if you have any production experience with:

    • Symfony

    • PostgreSQL

    • Web performance optimization

    • Docker

    • Serverless architecture

    What we offer

    Voxnest is a cool place to work thanks to the company's flexibility: we are positive, relaxed, and easygoing. We try to maintain a friendly yet professional environment by communicating with each other on a daily basis and constantly updating everyone on our work progress or the company's success. It's important to us that every employee feels like an essential part of the company.

    In addition, our key benefits are:

    • Remote working environment

    • Work-life balance

    • Flexible hours according to work deliverables and commitments

    • Yearly Company retreat in cool places around the world

    • Great opportunities to develop and grow your professional skill set in a dynamic working environment

    • Yearly training budget to buy books, attend conferences and improve your skills

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