Experienced Javascript Engineer


3 weeks ago

07/25/2019 10:21:23

Job type: Contract

Hiring from: US only

Category: Software Dev


  • Experience in full-stack engineering crafting amazing web and mobile experiences using Node and React

  • Communication over documentation

  • Communicate highly-technical concepts to non-technical people

  • Test Driven Development and Pair Programming

  • Story lifecycle, breaking down projects into bite size chunks that anyone on the team can deliver

  • Confidence in developing software with a functional approach

  • Experience with NoSQL databases

  • Experience with GraphQL 

  • Git version control

  • Implementation of a graphic design in HTML and SCSS


  • Experience in full stack development with Ruby on Rails and other JS front-ends

  • Experience delivering React Native solutions

  • UI/UX design ability

  • Dev-Ops and experience with any cloud platform


  • Multi-month contracts

  • Focus on pair programming

  • 36 billable hours per week consistently

  • Working with clients to ensure time-zone alignment

  • Very competitive rates

Although this is a contractor position, you will be fully integrated with the Zeal team and will participate in the complete team experience. Our work style is highly collaborative. We recognize that it doesn't work for everyone. If you know you are not comfortable with frequent pairing and more communication over less, we might not be the best fit, and that's okay. If this sounds amazing, please apply!

We apologize in advance that we currently are not able to accept international contractors not residing in the United States.

Please mention that you come from Remotive when applying for this job.

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  • TruMedia Networks (US only)

    We’re looking for experienced software engineers to help us maintain and grow our core sports analytics research platform. Your primary role will be full-stack web application development, including working with product stakeholders to improve existing features and create new ones. You’ll participate in architecture and design discussions with other engineering team members. You may interface with engineers from our partners or clients regarding integrations or buildout of custom functionality. 

    If you are interested, please submit your resume and brief answers to the following questions to [email protected]

    • Why do you want to work at TruMedia?

    • Why do you feel you would be a fit for this role?

    • What perspectives can you bring to the role that will make us better?

    • Is there anything else we should know about you?

    TruMedia Networks is an equal opportunity employer and does not discriminate on the basis of an individual's sex, age, race, color, creed, national origin, alienage, religion, marital status, pregnancy, sexual orientation or affectional preference, gender identity and expression, disability, genetic trait or predisposition, carrier status, citizenship, veteran or military status and other personal characteristics protected by law. We are committed to a diverse and inclusive workforce and encourage applications from candidates from groups traditionally underrepresented in the technology industry.


    • You have 2+ years experience in software engineering.

    • You have production experience building full-stack web applications, preferably with Node.js

    • You are self-motivated. You can take a feature request or goal and run with it with minimal oversight.

    • You have experience with software version control, preferably Git.

    • You are a knowledgeable sports fan and want to work in the sports industry.


    • Ideally, you have experience and interest in one or more of the following:

    • Modern web application front-end technology, such as JavaScript single-page application frameworks (e.g., React, Vue), Web Components (e.g., Polymer, LitElement), ES6, responsive web design.

    • Improving software development infrastructure and workflow using technologies like cloud computing (AWS), GitHub, Slack, Docker, Webpack

    • Scaling Node.js applications

    • Automated software testing using continuous integration

    • Experience working in a remote environment


    • Flexible remote work environment. Remote work is part of TruMedia’s DNA. We currently have team members located across the United States.

    • Make meaningful contributions to a highly-regarded product used by professional sports teams and major media companies.

    • Competitive health, dental, and vision insurance

    • 401(k) with a company match

    • Annual company gathering. Previous gatherings have been in Boston and Las Vegas.

    • Opportunities to attend related conferences such as the Sloan Sports Analytics Conference

  • The Role

    Voltus is looking for a Full Stack Engineer to build applications and services that leverage our growing stash of energy data. You’re very comfortable writing a React app and implementing the API that serves it. You’re also happy writing the backend service that feeds the API. You can implement beautiful customer-facing product and ugly-functional internal tools and have the judgment to know which to build when. You are bright, gritty, and good, and you want to work with others like you.

    Key Responsibilities

    • Build web applications with a focus on the client side

    • Create reusable frontend components for our growing design system

    • Work on the application and API layers for customer-facing and internal tools to process and understand our ever-growing pile of electricity demand data and market intelligence

    • Implement and follow engineering best practices, including unit tests and continuous integration

    • Work independently and thoughtfully allocate time among projects

    Technologies you’re an expert in:

    • React, Javascript, ES2015+, SCSS/LESS, Webpack

    Technologies you’re familiar with:

    • Flask/Django, Python

    Some technologies we use:

    • Python, Javascript, Go, Rust

    • Postgres, Redis, S3, Kafka, InfluxDB

    • AWS, Docker, Nomad, Terraform

    • React, Flask, Scrapy

  • 1 week ago

    We’re looking for a full stack developer to join our team working on PSPDFKit for Web. We are building a modern PDF SDK with technologies like Elixir, React, PostgreSQL, Docker, and WebAssembly. Your role will be to implement new features in both our Elixir-powered backend and our React frontend and to improve the reliability of our product.

    You Will:

    • Work as part of a small, driven team that builds new features and fixes existing issues on a steady schedule.

    • Make architectural decisions that will impact thousands of products for years.

    • Write readable and well-documented code with meaningful tests so that we can ship new releases often and without fear.

    • Take the time to do things correctly instead of coming up with quick fixes.

    • Collaborate with the entire company (Android, iOS, Windows, Core, Support, Design, Marketing, and Sales) using Slack, GitHub, and Zoom.

    You Should:

    • Be located somewhere that's 6 hours +/- of the UTC timezone.

    • Be familiar with or have an interest in learning Elixir and JavaScript (we’re using Flow type annotations) as well as their ecosystems of tools and packages.

    • Have a high-level understanding of the web technology stack (e.g. HTTP, WebSockets, cookies).

    • Be eager to learn new technologies (e.g. Service Workers, WebAssembly, Phoenix).

    • Have a strong interest in building full stack web applications, including a scalable and consistent backend and a fast, responsive, and accessible user interface.

    • Have good communication skills and enjoy working on a passionate team.

    • Be eager to learn more about systems design, highly concurrent applications, immutable data, and functional programming models.

    • Have a pragmatic approach to problem solving.

    • Have a good command of English for writing documentation and occasional blog posts.

    • Understand the challenges of working on a distributed team.

    • Please note that you can be a perfect fit even if not everything we’ve outlined above applies to you. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask.

    We Offer:

    • The ability to work remotely and set your own schedule.

    • A family-friendly work environment.

    • Room for personal and professional development by encouraging learning and experimenting.

    • Two planned company events during the year (for example, in Croatia, Italy, Spain, Greece, and Vienna).

    • A motivated team that enables you to do your best work.

    • A generous vacation policy of five weeks, plus an additional allowance for conferences.

    An Application Should Include:

    • A writeup explaining who you are as a programmer. We are especially interested in knowing how you started, what projects you have loved (or not loved) working on, what motivates you, and what surprising things you’ve learned since you began programming.

    • A piece of code (it doesn’t have to be your own) that does something you find interesting, and an explanation as to why.

    • Links to online profiles you use (e.g. GitHub, Twitter).

    • A description of your work history (such as a resume, LinkedIn profile, or prose).

    Your Day at PSPDFKit

    Your day at PSPDFKit starts with an asynchronous today message in our team’s Slack channel, where you outline your goals for the day so that everyone on the team knows what everyone else is working on. All our regular company meetings occur on the same day each week, so most of the time you’ll be able to focus on your assigned tasks without interruptions. You’ll work on both adding features to our Elixir and React applications and improving the stability of our existing applications together with our customers. We strongly believe in code quality over quantity, which is why new changes undergo a proposal phase where everyone on the team is invited to collaborate. We write unit, integration, and end-to-end tests and do peer reviews for every change.

    Beyond working on features and bug fixes, we also take time to help you improve upon your personal goals (through regular 1on1s and mentoring). Our remote-first focus allows you to set up working hours that best fit your daily routine. You can read more about our onboarding period here.

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