DevOps Engineer, Team Lead


2 weeks ago

09/03/2019 10:21:23

Job type: Full-time

Hiring from: US only

Category: Software Dev


We believe that privacy is a fundamental human right, and that businesses, governments, and other institutions have a responsibility to protect sensitive content. Our award-winning privacy products make it easy for organizations to fulfill this obligation and share their data with confidence.

Virtru Co-Founder, Will Ackerly, developed the Trusted Data Format (TDF) – the open source standard that underpins all Virtru products – so that federal agencies could securely share top secret information.

At Virtru, we’ve taken this powerful data protection standard and integrated it with everyday applications, such as Gmail and Microsoft Outlook, to make it easy to protect sensitive information.

Today, millions of individuals and more than 5,000 organizations trust Virtru to secure the information that they create, share, and store. From hospitals to media giants to government organizations, Virtru makes personal and business privacy a reality. Read the full Virtru story featured in Fortune.


Automation, orchestration, disaster recovery, extreme high availability… These are the problems that fuel your curiosity. You want to make beautiful software that continuously delivers and deploys other beautiful software. This is where you want to be. We are looking for leaders to build a team.

Here at Virtru you’ll help build a cutting edge security software platform made for actual humans, whilst getting your hands on some of today’s most important tools and tech like Docker, Kubernetes, AWS, Terraform, Ansible, Elasticsearch and a plethora of other tools and services. We put a high value on input from everyone on our team, your voice will immediately have a significant impact. With a constantly growing customer base, there is no shortage of challenging and exciting scaling/optimization work to ensure that we can provide the most secure and performant service.

Get in touch if you are excited to help us grow our infrastructure into a world-class service.


  • Design, build and maintain AWS infrastructure

  • Manage highly available services in a hybrid VM and microservice environment

  • Participate in architecting and building our next generation infrastructure, using kubernetes

  • Work with other engineers to build and improve CI/CD pipelines for service management

  • Participate in incident response, including on call duties

  • Add operational insights into service and system design, during planning phases

  • Identify weaknesses and areas for improvement in existing systems, to increase operational maturity

  • Participate in on-call rotation for debugging and addressing any production issues which might arise.


  • A passion for mentoring and developing engineers along their personal development path

  • Experience leading at least a 3 person team for 1+ years

  • Experience developing tools with a dynamic language (Javascript, Python, Ruby, etc.).

  • Minimum 3 years demonstrable experience designing and maintaining large deployments in a public cloud environment.

  • Minimum 3 years experience using configuration management software such as Ansible, Salt, Puppet, or Chef.

  • Experience working with RESTful APIs.

  • Strong understanding of software design patterns.

  • Strong understanding/experience with Linux system administration.

  • Good communication skills.


  • Experience designing, managing, and deploying immutable infrastructure using Docker.

  • We are actively moving our entire application infrastructure to Kubernetes and could use someone with experience to guide the team without fighting a learning curve at the same time.

  • Experience managing CI/CD systems.

  • Strong Ansible experience.

  • Experience with Terraform to manage AWS resources.

  • Security focused.

  • Strong analytical and creative abilities.

  • We are looking for teammates who can problem solve and suggest solutions as opposed to just implementing a plan they are given.

  • Comfortable working in a fast-paced, constantly evolving environment.

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  • What would I do at Voxnest?

    You will join a small and talented team who are responsible for managing and continuously evolving the infrastructure, powering the entire Voxnest's podcast hosting and delivery platform.

    You would

    • Manage a multi-regional infrastructure running fully on AWS

    • Work with a diverse set of technologies, using a mix of serverless solutions and containerized applications running on Kubernetes

    • Automate all the things

    • Continuously improve observability

    • Run deep root cause analysis on failures

    • Contribute to designing the next-generation of Voxnest's services

    What we're looking for

    We're looking for a passionate engineer with some experience in both development and SRE / infrastructure.

    You should have some production experience with:

    • AWS services, in particular: EC2, VPC networking, S3, CloudFront, Lambda

    • Linux

    • Docker and a containers orchestrator (ie. Kubernetes)

    Plus, there are a couple of strict requirements:

    • Fluency in English (both verbal and written)

    • European-centric timezone (CET-2/CET+2): we will not consider candidates living outside Europe who stretch their working hours to match the timezone

    Finally, you'll get some bonus points if you have any production experience with at least a few of the following technologies:

    • Prometheus

    • Ansible

    • Python

    Why should I choose Voxnest?

    Voxnest has a very talented engineering team. Working at Voxnest, you will be in constant contact with the other engineers, and be able to discuss every technological aspect of the product and contribute to designing architectural changes and improvements.

    You will continuously learn and work in production with cutting edge technologies (including Docker, Kubernetes, Prometheus, AWS serverless solutions), keeping up with the high pace of our industry.

    In addition, our key benefits are:

    • Remote working environment

    • Work-life balance

    • Flexible hours according to work deliverables and commitments

    • Yearly Company retreat in cool places around the world

    • Great opportunities to develop and grow your professional skill set in a dynamic working environment

    • Yearly training budget to buy books, attend conferences and improve your skills

  • 3 weeks ago

    The Opportunity

    Modern Tribe is looking to add a seasoned DevOps engineer to our team for a 10 to 15 hour per week contract through January. The opportunity is a chance to jump in with both the services and products teams at Modern Tribe to work across client projects and our WordPress plugin products. You will work to plan, tune, and maintain our online systems so that we delight our users with fast websites, and we delight our developers with clean, stable, and predictable environments to work in.

    Who We Are

    Modern Tribe, Inc. is a rapidly growing software & design company. We develop custom solutions for some of the world’s largest companies, government institutions and smaller growing organizations. We pride ourselves on our ability to bridge people and technology and to bring the passion and dedication of an entrepreneur to every project. Our team is composed of talented employees and freelancers around North & South America (and a smattering across the globe).

    Modern Tribe is committed to a culture that embraces diversity and inclusion. We foster an environment of collaboration, open engagement, fairness and respect regardless of differences in age, race, disability, national origin, gender identity, religion, sexual orientation or veteran status. As a hybrid workspace ranging from distributed contractors to traditional employees, we value the unique perspectives and experiences of our global team.

    We come from all walks of life. We are small business owners. We are tattoo aficionados and 80’s movie buffs and ex-pats. We are homeschool teachers. We are single parents. We are musicians, college drop-outs, and entrepreneurs. We are travelers, feminists, runners, volunteers, and makers. We are a Modern Tribe.

    Everyday we strive to fulfill our motto: live well and do good work. We hope you will consider joining us.

    Who You Are

    We love working with each other because we have built a culture that suits us well. We work primarily with freelancers and coordinate their talents for large projects. To be on our team, you must be:

    • HAPPY

    Where there is a will, there is a way. Having a positive disposition allows us to achieve great things and to support each other.


    Always looking for ways that you can help others.


    It is essential that you have a passion for learning. Technology changes daily, and life has a way of constantly raising the bar.


    Our clients expect us to get the right thing done on budget and on time. Communicating expectations and meeting them is the cornerstone of success.


    This means that if you live within the USA, you will also maintain your own personal client list and that Modern Tribe will only comprise a proportion of your total income. Regardless of where you live, you need to be already freelancing.

    Personal Competencies

    • Strong communication and/or experience working as part of a remote team

    • Self-motivated, detail-oriented, strong organizational skills, with a methodical approach to all tasks

    • Ability to prioritize workloads and meet deadlines

    • Ability to work independently with minimal oversight

    • Fluent English speaker

    Knowledge & Experience

    • Full time 100% freelancers only!

    • Experience deploying and scaling PHP based applications

    • Proficiency using AWS services and tools

    • Good knowledge of Docker and Containerization

    • Ansible experience

    • Experience with Jenkins and other orchestration tools

    • Experience creating monitoring strategies for infrastructure

    • Some experience doing web development. At the very least, be able to read code and understand what’s going on, and specifically what it means to make code perform well (caching, etc).

    • Ability to use a wide variety of open source technologies and tools

    Bonus Points

    • Big plus if you’re experienced with high scale WordPress instances

    • Big plus if you can write good modern PHP or JavaScript

    • Experience with ElasticSearch, Redis, or Memcache

    • Experience with Kubernetes

    • Strong grasp of automation tools and how they can make our teams work with stability and speed


    The DevOps engineer is a hugely important person that helps keep everything running smoothly – our production systems, and our developers. As a remote DevOps Engineer at Modern Tribe, some of your key responsibilities will be:

    • Architect and maintain multi-site, high-availability, production solutions

    • Help streamlining deployment process and CI

    • Diagnose and resolve production system issues

    • Manage, monitor, and scale infrastructure

    • Stay up to date on emerging technologies, investigate new technologies to see if there are improvements that can be made

  • 1 month ago

    As a DevOps engineer, you'll be responsible for managing the deployment of auxiliary value added services for that we deploy for the Lightning Network such as Lightning Loop[1]. Existing knowledge of Bitcoin, and particularly key management is desired. As our systems deal with live funds, security is of the utmost importance. Our current stack includes tools such as: etcd, Kubernetes, Prometheus, Docker, Grafana, and Traefik. 

    As part of your role, you'll be working with a globally distributed team in order to develop and maintain secure and robust infrastructure that supports the Lightning Network. Additionally, you'll also be working to make it easier to deploy, monitor, and secure deployments of our open source software that comprises the decentralized Lightning Network.  

    An ideal candidate would have a strong passion for Bitcoin and a desire to make using Bitcoin cheap, fast, and simple for everyone.


    • Design and deploy secure key management systems for Bitcoin that incorporate both hot and cold wallets 

    • Refine our software lifecycle, deployment and management practices

    • Build tools and processes to improve development practices

    • Design fault tolerant and highly available service architectures 

    • Design and maintain passive monitoring and alert systems for our services

    • Ensure our infrastructure is secure, recoverable (disaster, data), and maintained (security patches, tool upgrades, etc)

    • Improve the state of the art for deploying+monitoring decentralized infrastructure such as lnd


    • Proficiency with Linux and a scripting language such as Python

    • Deep understanding of AWS services and experience maintaining a cloud deployment

    • Understanding of networking concepts (TCP/IP, DNS, routing, subnets). 

    • Familiarity orchestration and management infrastructure such as Kubernetes or Terraform 

    • Experience with standard web stack technologies (eg. http services, caches, proxies, load balancers)

    • Strong grasp of modern security practices and prior experience with key/secret management technologies 


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