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Inbound Sales Director

Metabolic Living

1 week ago

Job type: Full-time

Remote (USA Only)

Hiring from: USA Only

Category: Sales

Hi! My name is Therese Santomarco, I am the Director of Talent Acquisition at Metabolic Living and I need your help!!

We’re looking for a world-class INBOUND PHONE SALES DIRECTOR who combines the best of customer service, fitness knowledge and direct phone sales management and training experience to help us scale our brand… all from the comfort of your own home.

You will ENJOY managing our incredible staff of Inbound Sales Reps. This team is in place to receive inbound calls from our customers that need to place a new order of our supplements or programs to help them accomplish their health and fitness goals.

This is your opportunity to join the high-performance sales team we’ve been building to lead our charge into the rapidly exploding $250+ billion health and wellness field. We’re building the first billion-dollar brand that’s 100% virtual… and we need your help. We are already on pace for over $100MM+ this year alone.


If you thrive in a performance-based, customer-driven environment and…

  • You consider managing and leading a HIGH-PERFORMANCE Sales Team your #1 SKILL…
  • You’re addicted to the rush you get when you see the results your work generates
  • You know how to balance customer service and direct sales with ethical persuasion to drive results…
  • You’re a hands-on grinder and love rolling up your sleeves to perfect your work…
  • You can EFFECTIVELY Train and manage inbound sales reps using a proven successful sales script...
  • You personally follow a fitness routine to keep yourself healthy...
  • You are knowledgeable and enthusiastic about health and fitness...
  • You read at least one new personal development book every month...
  • You are obsessed with personal growth...
  • You are obsessed with becoming the best possible version of yourself...

Then please read on as you’re the needle in the haystack we’re looking for.


To summarize the key points:

  • Compensation: $100k + quarterly bonus
  • Location: 100% Remote (we have virtual team of 100+)
  • Flexible Hours: 8:00 AM EST – 8:00 PM EST
  • Culture: High-Performance but Humble (no jerks)
  • Daily Sales Training: Our team trains every single morning with role play and positive coaching
  • Health Insurance and 401K


Why Are We Adding to this Position Now?

Because we’re scaling rapidly (1,000+ new customers a day) we are looking for skilled and disciplined players who enjoy the rush of helping customers achieve their health and fitness goals while boosting the bottom line for the company and maximizing their personal income potential.

We believe that our best path towards our ‘beloved billion-dollar brand’ goal is to build a world-class team of fitness phone sales CLOSERS who GET our mission and can execute at the pace and quality we need to hit our goal.

This team allows us to maximize customer LTV, create a strong brand connection, and assist them to ensure they have all the right products to achieve the best results.

You’ll be right in the center of the action.

You will hit the ground running without being slowed down due to lack of resources as we’ve carefully curated a passionate training team that can help you sprint from day 1.

We deeply appreciate the talent needed to sell in a customer first way.

We deeply appreciate the unique skillset needed to understand and listen to the customer and execute on world-class, ethical sales skills. And we deeply appreciate the discipline needed to get it done, day-after-day.

You’ll be constantly challenged with exciting opportunities that will make you stretch and grow.


Who is This Opportunity Perfect for?

A health and fitness enthusiast and experienced INBOUND SALES DIRECTOR who is ready for their next growth opportunity who might relate to any of these:

If you’re tired of the commute, sick of burning the midnight oil and stress is dominating your life, this is your opportunity to take back control, live life under your own terms and design a lifestyle that brings you joy, happiness and satisfaction.

Or, if you’re drowning in sales work, frenetically jumping from one account to the next, putting out fires, and getting eaten up with too much on your plate, this is your opportunity to simplify, focus and go deep – to pour your heart and soul into ONE big opportunity… and scale it like never before.

Or, if you’ve always wanted to be a part of the thrill of a rapidly growing company, but didn’t want to move to an expensive big city with all the madness, stress and high cost that brings, this is your opportunity to stay where you are (or move to where you always wanted to go) to design your ideal life.

Or, if you’re buried in a big, slow-moving company that doesn’t appreciate the value that a true high-performing, sales trainer can bring, this is your opportunity to step into the spotlight, to completely own something that has the full support of the entire organization from top to bottom.

Or, you have been super successful at selling something that you are not necessarily personally passionate about, and you have always wanted to find a way to be involved in the fitness and supplement industry in a sales management role.

Regardless of your situation, whether you prefer to work in the quiet of your own home sipping a delicious cup of coffee, or outside enjoying the sunshine on a bright, beautiful day… AND you are a humble, high-performing individual who would THRIVE in this type of environment, then please KEEP reading as we can’t wait to meet you.


Who Are We and What’s the Company’s Background?

Our mission is to spread our metabolism-first way of living we’ve been busy perfecting for 9 years to a worldwide audience. It’s a lifestyle that’s 100% focused on getting you the results that matter: looking your best, feeling your best and doing your best. In the shortest time possible. And in a way that sticks.

That’s why our tag line is “Life’s Short. Make it Count.” It puts you back in control. It empowers you to fix your own problems. And it makes you want to tell the world about it.

Our vision is to do this by becoming a beloved billion-dollar multi-channel brand that’s distributed via online, mobile and physical retail. We’ve been painstakingly building the products, services, framework and high-performance culture to make this happen. And now we’re scaling into our goal of becoming a BELOVED billion-dollar brand.

We’ve built a full ecosystem of products and services that allow someone to live a metabolism-first lifestyle. This includes exercise and nutrition programs, nutraceuticals, functional foods and membership programs. We’re launching a mobile app this year, then will push into offline retail, extend into home-delivered meals and more. But ONE thing at a time, just like we’ve done for 9 years.


So why is a metabolism-first lifestyle needed?

Because there are record amounts of sick, overweight, tired and depressed people piling up in virtually every country. Why is that? Because we’re over-worked, over-stressed, over-fed and toxic. And we’re deprived of the sleep, nutrition, exercise, movement and relaxation we need to thrive. That’s a recipe for disaster. And we’re seeing it.

Unfortunately, the typical solution of extreme dieting and exercise trap people into a 1-step-forward-2-steps back vicious cycle that makes them worse off. They bounce around from one latest flavor-of-the-month program to the next, never making any progress… staying trapped in a downward spiral.

Rigid philosophies like Paleo or Vegan, while extremely healthy for some, create an us-vs-them tribal mentality that’s self-limiting. Neither of those philosophies work for all people all the time… or even the same person all the time. People differ. People change. If that’s not respected, things will backfire.

We, on the other hand, present a framework that allows you to customize your life in a way that works best for you, so you can reach your fullest metabolic potential. Because we’ve found through working with millions of people that a fully optimized metabolism is what delivers the results you want.

Instead of fighting against your body or your life, we teach you to work with your body and life to create the perfect program for you. One that’s practical. One that’s sustainable. One that’s enjoyable. And, most importantly, one that delivers the results you want at any stage of life. And fast.

And we practice what we preach: our company is designed so everyone on our team both enjoys their work challenges while having plenty of time to do what they love most in their life. We recruit only high-performing, humble people who produce in fast cycles, hold themselves accountable and have fun. And we invest a TON into our team, mentoring, coaching, teaching high performance habits and more.


What Will You Be Responsible for?

  • Lead, Train, and Manage a team of 40-50 Inbound Sales Reps
  • Track and Monitor KPIs every minute of the day
  • Report KPIs daily to Executive Team
  • Dedicate a portion of your day to personally taking inbound sales calls
  • Close HIGH TICKET sales for our 1 on 1 Coaching Program
  • Work with our Head of Support to balance our call volume between inbound sales and support
  • Prepare your team’s payroll for our HR payroll admin


How We Set You Up to Succeed

Our current sales team has a proven track record of impressive success. You will be starting from a proven baseline with a focus on improvement, attention to detail, and building towards perfection.

Our current system has been affective up to this point, but this is time to SCALE and SCALE PROFITABLY. You will not be creating everything from scratch, but you will be constantly improving and revising something that already works!


Applicant Qualities We are Looking For:

  • 5+ Years of Sales Management and Sales Training Excellence - Need to be able to provide 3 professional references to prove that you are a top-level sales trainer
  • Experience Managing an Inbound Sales Team
  • Health and Fitness Enthusiast - You will need lots of personal experience to draw from in order to be able to help new sales coaches on your first day.
  • Honest & Reliable – We love our team and many stay with us for years. We are looking for someone who prides themselves on their integrity and work ethic.
  • Available at 8AM EST-8PM EST – The majority of our customers are in the US, so you will be leading assigned shifts in the morning or early evening hours based on Eastern Standard Time.


Technology Requirements

  • Fast Internet Connection
  • Quiet Space to Work, Free from Household Noise
  • High Quality Computer with High Quality Camera, Video and Audio for daily sales team huddles and one-on-one meetings with trainees and sales management
  • Professional Workspace because you will be on daily video conferences


Experience Requirements

  • 5+ years of Inbound Phone Sales Management and Sales Training Excellence
  • 3 Professional References to prove that you are THE sales training manager that we are looking for
  • Experience working in the Fitness and Nutrition Industry is a plus
  • Fitness and Nutrition is a personal hobby or interest is a must
  • Microsoft Office
  • Salesforce
  • Leadership Experience is a MUST

If this sounds like a good fit, if you’re excited to do something challenging and meaningful that preserves your ability to enjoy life to the fullest, then please apply ASAP as we can’t wait to meet you!


Before you apply, please check if any restrictions apply in terms of time zone or country.

This job has a geo-restriction in place: USA Only.

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