Principal Product Manager


1 month ago

01/22/2020 10:22:57

Job type: Full-time

Category: Product

About the Company:

Clarifai is an artificial intelligence company that excels at visual recognition. We do not sell an abstract, futuristic technology - we sell a solution that people can use today to solve real-world problems. We believe that the same AI technology that gives big tech companies a competitive edge should be available to developers and businesses. That’s why we build products to make it easy, quick, and inexpensive for them to innovate with AI, go to market faster, and build better customer experiences. We make “teaching” AI just as accessible as we make using AI, which is why our technology is the most personalized, unbiased, accurate solution in the market.

We are backed by Menlo Ventures, Google Ventures, USV, NVIDIA, Qualcomm, Osage, Lux Capital, LDV Capital, and Corazon Capital. To continue to succeed, we need people like you to join the team!

Clarifai is proud to be an equal opportunity workplace dedicated to pursuing and hiring a diverse workforce.

The Opportunity:

As the first Principal Product Manager at Clarifai, you will build products that will make artificial intelligence accessible to every developer and enterprise in the world. You will be an advocate for users and strive to provide the most intuitive user experience possible. You will develop platform strategy and execute by collaborating with relevant stakeholders.

  • As the senior member of our Product Team, you represent our users' voices today and envision what the next 100 million users would want.
  • You make the connection between where we want to be as a company and what we need to build from a product standpoint to get there.
  • You collaborate with the Customer Team to capture actionable feedback from clients and users to prioritize what features and products we need to build next and inform the team of our new products coming to market.
  • You lead the Engineering Team to define the product requirements and bring the product to market.
  • You continually iterate on your process, directly contribute to iterations on the product roadmap, and successfully execute on your team's projects.
  • You formulate plans for what projects we can realistically complete based on each team's capabilities and bandwidth.
  • You will develop a go-to-market strategy that will include software and hardware partners and work with the entire product team on its execution.
Experience you bring:
  • Bachelor's or masters, preferably in computer science, data science, engineering or equivalent.
  • 7+ years of experience as a Sr. Product Manager in the tech industry.
  • Deeply data-driven, you can easily combine data from multiple sources and turn data into insights that illuminate new perspectives on how our business operates or should operate.
  • Some previous experience in engineering, research, or high level ability to code and perform data analysis through SQL is highly valued. 
  • Working experience with video management solutions and network video recorders is highly valued.
  • Experience working with products that use machine learning, AI - ideally computer vision.
  • A track record of success and growth owning the full life-cycle of products, and demonstrably improving financial, engagement and quality metrics. 
  • Experience and success with high-tech products targeting B2B markets.
  • A bias towards action and comfort in turning ambiguity into strategic execution plans.
  • A strong design sense and ability to work with designers to build products and user experiences that greatly simplify complex tasks.
  • A natural ability to be an advocate for developers, both within our company, but also advocating for developers as our users. 
  • Ability to prioritize a portfolio of strategic initiatives based on financial value and opportunity.
  • Strong partnership with marketing to develop website collateral around products and how they are marketed.

In your first month, you will start off by learning the ropes. You will:

  • Get familiar with our product, as well as the Customer and Engineering Teams. We would like you to take this time to get comfortable working with what we’ve built and who has helped build it so far, and give us the feedback only a fresh perspective can bring.
  • Learn about the distinctive challenges that we are currently facing as we make progress towards our product roadmap.

In 2 months, you start putting yourself out there. You will:

  • Take ownership of a major product on the roadmap. You'll work with engineering and design to develop a document that details specific product and feature requirements.
  • Join customer calls and start interviewing users directly to help better understand their experiences and identify areas of potential product improvement.

3 months down the road, you will:

  • Lead user testing efforts both internally and externally, with a focus on user experience and accessibility.
  • Work with the Marketing, Sales, and Customer Experience Teams to prepare for the launch of your first product.
  • Evangelize the products and features that you have worked on to ensure that everyone understands the value they provide to our users.

6 months later, you will have completed your first major release to the general public. You will:

  • Provide a significant contribution to Clarifai's ongoing product strategy.
  • Drive growth and adoption of Clarifai's products through creative and innovative experiments.
  • Help build the product team by interviewing new product managers. When they join us, you'll coach and mentor them, so that they can learn and grow.

In the future, you will strive to have Clarifai's products used all over the world.

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    We have big ambitions for our products here at BeBanjo, and we are looking for a talented Product Manager to help make them a reality.

    About you

    You should be empathetic and curious, never settling for the answers that leave you wondering.

    You must be supportive and trusting of others. Through collaboration, you will come to decisions on the challenges that are worth solving and to do that, you will rely on the input and hard-work of Sales, Design, Technical Account Management, and Development. You should be prepared to communicate your decisions clearly, convincingly and where possible - with data.

    You have a solid background working with digital products and have worked with, or in product teams for at least two years. You should have experience with web technologies and modern web products. You understand how digital products are made and you have some experience with modern software development practices like Continuous Integration/Delivery, Kanban, etc.

    You are a smart individual, who enjoys framing and tackling complex conceptual problems. You will be great at thinking on your feet, and inspire confidence in your stakeholders (both internal and external). You can anticipate implementation challenges, call on the expertise of the product development team at the appropriate times, and support them during the implementation. When people ask why their work matters to our customers and our business, you will have the answers.

    Our customers are based primarily in Western Europe and the US. You will work from where you want, but you should have enough overlap with business hours in Europe and be prepared to travel to meet and speak with our customers on a semi-regular basis.

    About us

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    We work fully remotely using Slack, GitHub, Zoom and our homemade tools. But if we feel like going to an office, we have one in London, one in Madrid and another in LA. We host get-togethers in sunny Madrid from time to time because it’s not always easy to bond with your colleagues over a video-chat!

    BeBanjo is not a VC-funded startup. Don’t expect parties, video-games or a gym at the office. We were bootstrapped ten years ago, and we’re proud to have built a growing and sustainable business. We value honest, long-term relationships with our staff and our customers.

    We care about nurturing an environment where our best work can happen. We’re kind to each other, encourage each other and look after each other. We’re open and collaborative, we listen to everyone and aim for understanding when making decisions.

    We don’t work with impossible deadlines. We do not micro-manage people. We treat all staff like grown-ups, and we trust each person to work when and from where they wish. We don’t value long working hours. We believe in using our time efficiently and enjoying a good work-life balance.

    We firmly believe in equal opportunities and continuously foster a workplace that is safe and inclusive for everyone. A diverse team makes better decisions, is more creative and adapts better to change. Our motivation, though, is more profound than that: we think the lack of diversity in our industry is the symptom of some severe flaws in our society, and we’re committed to doing our part in the ongoing global effort to fix them.

    About the Job

    • You will manage a part of our existing products. Your ownership will ramp up significantly as you learn.

    • Initially, you will manage the feature backlog and use that as an opportunity to draw conclusions about our customers, their problems, our products and our processes. This will also be your opportunity to form relationships with the people integral to our products’ success (Design, Development and Technical Account Management).

    • You are the voice of the customer and will take every opportunity to meet with customer stakeholders so that you have the insights required to make good product decisions. You will work closely with Technical Account Managers to communicate and coordinate these interactions properly.

    • You will document your analyses (even in cases where it is simple, small and self-evident) so that the right context is available for design and development to do their work. You will perform detailed quality assessments for features that are implemented, to make sure that we consistently provide a good user experience.

    • You will provide suggestions on ways that we can improve the processes for Product Discovery and Product Delivery and at some point, you will take responsibility for driving some of those improvements with the support of your fellow BeBanjers.

    What we offer

    • Work from anywhere with flexible schedules so that you can be there for the people you love, avoid commuting every day, be a nomad, find the environment where you’re most productive, and plan your day exactly how you like it.

    • A competitive salary. We appreciate our team, and we pay accordingly.

    • An indefinite contract. We value long-term relationships with our staff.

    • Great flexibility to enjoy however you prefer your 23 days of annual holidays (in addition to the regular bank holidays).

    • Any hardware and software you need to do your work comfortably.

    • Support for your continuing education and professional growth: books, workshops, conferences…

    • An inclusive, supportive and stable environment where your best work can happen, and you can grow as a product manager. We focus on results, not long hours, so that you can have a life and don’t burn out.

    How to apply

    We know applying for a job can be time-consuming and stressful. It usually is, so we won’t pretend it is not. What we can do, though, is our best to make you feel as comfortable as possible during the process. We’ve revisited our recruiting process with this specific goal mind.

    We want you to succeed, and so, we made our recruiting process more like it is working at BeBanjo in reality: remote (you can do the whole process from home), flexible (you’ll have options in some steps of the process, and we’ll adapt to your schedules), asynchronous (we’ll minimise calls and interviews), and certain (you’ll know what to expect about each step of the process).

    Still here? Good! Drop us an email that speaks to us. Tell us a bit about yourself and your background, why you are interested in the position, what your expectations for the job are, and what you will bring to our team. We value good writing and attention to detail, so please take your time with the cover letter. Tell us about previous projects that you helped shape and how you made teams run smoothly.

    We are accepting applications for this position until the end of 28 February. We’ll let you know that we received your application but, to give everyone a fair chance to apply, we’ll probably not get back to you again until after the deadline passes.

  • 1 month ago

    As you get started:

    - Work with our customers & customer facing teams to identify with a mix of data & intuition the right features to drive adoption, increase usage, renewals, and upsells. 

    - Work with engineering to design & implement customer facing features in an iterative fashion. As part of this, you’ll need to run the sprint cadence end to end -- from planning meetings, standups, retros, etc

    - Deliver features to internal teams and the customer base with the proper documentation, training, support, etc and use analytics to measure performance which will be funneled back into the product development cycle. 

    Longer term:

    - Own the business objective and the achieving the outcome by executing product

    - Deliver against the product roadmap and communicate tie features into our message, go to market strategy, and product strategy.

    - Come up with innovative solutions that continue to drive outcomes for our customers.

    Who you are

    • You have 5-8 years of Product Management experience, preferably with experience building & selling B2B products that target a technical buyer.

    • You can think strategically about a market and craft the right strategy to go after it. You are a strong critical thinker who feels comfortable pouring over analytics to make data-driven decisions, yet you don’t lose sight of the big picture. 

    • You are a communication-pro, you can articulate your vision and message to customers and internal partners alike. You are a great story-teller and wow audiences with your story telling.

    • You have been doing this a while and can teach us a thing or two about product management. You are organized and sweat the details. Most importantly, you have a growth mindset, and are willing to get your hands dirty, coach others and learn along the way.

    Our values

    We are intentional about culture, and these are the highest level ways we have come up with to describe how we work and interact. 

    😇 No BS, No Ego We are radically candid with each other in every interaction. This means a lack of politics, a lack of showboating, a lack of BS. This also means brevity, clarity of thought, and clarity of communication. We give and take feedback without ego, with the knowledge that we all are operating with good intent. No ego is the check system to balance no BS and keep it kind. No ad-hominem attacks.

    🐢 1% better every day Continuous improvement is what motivates us. We design our product, our organization and our careers to be continually improving. Mistakes are only bad if they are repeated. Experiments are only wasted if they are not learned from.

    🛠 Own the journey We are all owners. We demand that of each other. The journey we own is threefold: our customers’ journey, our tribal journey and our personal journey. Our reason for existence is to nail our customer journey, so that we can scale our tribe’s success.

  • SecurityScorecard (US only)
    2 months ago

    Why SecurityScorecard

    SecurityScorecard's SaaS based platform enables enterprises to instantly rate and understand the security risk of companies, non-intrusively and from an outside-in perspective. We use an A-F rating scale. Companies with a C, D or F rating are 5 times more likely to be breached or face compliance penalties than companies with an A or B rating. Our platform is used by nearly 1,000 customers for use-cases including self monitoring, vendor risk management, cyber insurance, board reporting, and M&A.

    Headquartered in New York City, we are funded by top investors such as Sequoia Capital, Google Ventures, NGP, Moody’s, Intel, and others. Our vision is to create a new language for companies and their partners to communicate, understand, and improve each other’s security posture.

    About the Role:

    Do you love being a customer-centric and data-driven Product Manager? Do you seek and drive excellence in yourself and others? As Product Manager for the APIs and Integrations squad, you will work closely with the Senior Product Management and the entire organization at SecurityScorecard to enable integrations that leverage Scorecard data in everyday workflows in alignment with key metrics and KPIs. You will be a key leader in our mission to help the world instantly and non-intrusively measure, collaborate and reduce the risk of any company in the world.

    This role will report to a Senior Product Manager and will be critical in enabling us to develop key partnerships with industry leaders of all markets and verticals. To be successful, you should be proactive and able to effectively translate technical specifications to business and performance metrics, while simultaneously wearing hats that may include interfacing with customers, writing and monitoring technical documentation, and any other challenges that may arise on our way to scale.

    If you are a technical product manager who is excited by cybersecurity and it's impact on business risk, this role might be for you!

    Key Responsibilities:

    • Work closely with the Senior PM to successfully triage and prioritize client requests according to business value and KPIs
    • Research and empathize with different customer types to translate their feedback into high-value partnerships and features
    • Understand complex technical requirements and translate the customer / business value of adapting to market needs
    • Prioritize bugs and regressions, and equip Product Marketing and Revenue teams with collateral around how to communicate this to brand customers
    • Competitor and market analysis for emerging development and technology trends

    Experience and Skills:

    • 3-6+ years of technical PM experience; can include product management, technical project management
    • Understanding of and strong interest in B2B software products and services
    • Ability to work well with cross-functional teams on areas like infrastructure, search quality, and machine learning in an Agile environment 
    • Collaborative and team-oriented, with an ability to build strong working relationships across levels and departments
    • Metrics-driven: experience developing product management OKRs/KPIs and hitting business performance metrics
    • Experience with cybersecurity concepts and practices
    • Experience or exposure to data science and machine learning concepts

    SecurityScorecard embraces diversity. We believe that our team is strengthened through hiring and retaining employees with diverse backgrounds, skillsets, ideas, and perspectives. We make hiring decisions based upon merit and do not discriminate based on race, religion, national origin, gender identity or expression, sexual orientation, age, or marital, veteran, or disability status.

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