Director of Product, Growth


1 month ago

09/16/2019 10:21:23

Job type: Full-time

Category: Product

As the Director of Product, you will be responsible for managing and building the team that focuses on the product growth of GitLab. The Director of Product, Growth leads the Growth teams and reports to the Head of Product.


Specifically, the Growth department at GitLab is responsible for the following growth areas:

  1. Activation

  2. Adoption

  3. Upsell

  4. Retention

Additionally, the Growth director is responsible for the product management functions of Telemetry and Fulfillment, which are areas focused on product usage data and licensing/billing, respectively.

We work in quite a unique way at GitLab, where lots of flexibility and independence is mixed with a high paced, pragmatic way of working. And everything we do is in the open.

We recommend looking at our company page and the product handbook to get started.

Individual responsibility

  • Make sure you have a great product team (recruit and hire, sense of progress, promote proactively, identify underperformance)

  • Work on the growth vision and success metrics with the Head of Product, and CEO; and communicate this vision internally and externally

  • Distill the growth vision into a compelling roadmap, with the overall goal of growing GitLab usage

  • Make sure the growth success metrics are advanced over time and communicate this

  • Communicate product growth though regular updates to the executive team

  • Work closely with Product Marketing, Sales, Engineering, etc.

Team responsibility

  • Drive product growth in the four areas mentioned above

  • Ensure product growth baselines are set and understood

  • Rapidly execute controlled growth experiments by working with engineering to increase product usage

  • Work with customers, users, and other teams to make feature proposals enticing, actionable, and small

  • Keep /direction up to date as our high level roadmap and vision for GitLab product growth

  • Regularly join customer and partner visits that can lead to new features and understanding on the user journey through the application

  • Ensure that we understand why users are leaving the application and translate these reasons into features that can be added to make the experience easier and more seamless

  • Make sure the release announcements are attractive and cover everything

  • Be present on social media (hacker news, twitter, stack overflow, mailing list), especially around releases


  • 3-5 years experience in managing product managers

  • 8-10 years of experience in product management

  • Technical background and clear understanding of developer products; familiarity with Git, Continuous Integration, and Project Management software a plus

  • Experience with DevOps and/or developer tooling

  • Experience with hiring and scaling product management teams

  • Demonstrated results of scaling a software application using product growth principles

  • You share our values, and work in accordance with those values 

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    Job description

    Are you excited about building a product that helps engineers ship better code?

    Airbrake is used by thousands of engineering teams all over the world. We help Developers, PMs and QA find and organize bugs so they can identify and fix problems quickly.

    We care deeply about our users, the Airbrake service, and especially our team. Backed by a great vision, we strive to make Airbrake a place where each of us is empowered to learn, grow and produce our best work. We’re growing fast, and looking to add top-notch developers to the team.

    Our team works remotely, and we look for the very best people, regardless of location. You can work where you live (or travel, or wherever), but of course we like to get everyone together in-person a couple times a year to build relationships and have some fun.

    We are looking for an experienced and passionate product owner who can help us continue to delight our customers. A creative thinker who can understand our customer needs and be accountable for the delivery of a great product.


    Who are we looking for?

    • You have at least 5 years experience of building software products

    • You have wonderful empathy with the ability to deeply understand the current and future needs of our customers

    • You have a strong understanding of SaaS developer tools, in particular Application Monitoring

    • You own problems and have the ability to drive a product forwards

    • You are innovative and aware of industry and competitor trends

    • You are a team-player with an excellent reputation from previous work

    • You have excellent communication skills in both written and verbal English

    • You understand customers, design, engineering and business, and have a the ability to balance these different needs and constraints to deliver excellent value to our customers and the business

    • You are an excellent team player with a strong empathy for your coworkers

    • You are adaptable, driven and have a desire to make great things happen

    • You love to learn, & to teach others

    What will you do?

    • You will own the product vision and ensure it aligns with the customer and business needs

    • You will develop a deep understanding of our customer needs, present and future

    • You will work with the CTO, CEO, design and development teams to help define the overall strategy and goals for our Product

    • You will collaborate closely with your team of developers and designers to to deliver these goals

    • You will take accountability for the delivery of a great product for our customers

    • You will use data and analytics to inform and justify product decisions

    • You have the confidence and experience to make clear and considered recommendations to influence decisions

    • You will teach others on the team what you know

    • Be an important part in the success of Airbrake

    What we offer

    • 100% remote work, unless you wish to work from our San Francisco headquarters

    • A competitive salary

    • Flexible working hours and a generous vacation policy

  • Datawire (US only)
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    Datawire’s Head of Product will strategically position the company’s products (Ambassador OSS/Pro/Code, Telepresence) as a pioneering, high-performance, and beloved product to accelerate Datawire’s mission to help organizations, big and small, embrace the cloud-native culture.

    Primary Responsibilities

    • Spearhead the rapid and sustainable growth and development of a world class product organization while continuing to enhance and improve Datawire’s value to companies

    • In conjunction with the leadership and engineering team, define and participate in the development of the product strategy and roadmap, including business requirements, features, functionality, resource planning, timelines, and lead the team through development and implementation

    • Solve real world enterprise needs, as well as a demonstrated ability to quickly respond to changes in demand and technology to deliver best in class products.

    • Deliver both new products and key features that will increase engagement and overall business growth

    • Facilitate communication throughout the entire development process, by working with internal teams and external stakeholders, to ensure organizational support and buy-in

    • Define and track metrics for success, ensuring the team is clear on their objectives every step of the way


    • A product evangelist, the ideal candidate will be organized, analytical, and embrace a disciplined and rigorous product development process

    • Strong personal initiative, highly motivated and self-starter mentality with the ability to thrive in a rapidly changing, fast-paced entrepreneurial environment

    • Grow and adapt as the business changes and demand new thinking and levels of performance

    • Keen business judgment, focus, ability to see the “big picture”

    • Dedicated to keeping the customer at the center of all product and design decisions that are made to improve the overall experience

    • Solid understanding of engineering and technical depth that lets you understand and earn the respect of extraordinary engineers

  • About Us

    MetaRouter is a customer-data streaming platform for large, security-conscious enterprises. The MetaRouter platform dramatically reduces latency and bloat by providing server-side integration with third-party marketing, analytics, and data storage/transport tools. By enabling customers to access our SaaS tool, access a private PaaS architecture, or deploy fully within their own private cloud, customers can dramatically simplify and centralize their customer-data pipelines and maintain full control over security and compliance.

    The MetaRouter platform, serving as a full-spectrum customer data collection, modification, and delivery platform, and is a collection of many, varied microservices. Our client and server-side ingestion and identity libraries, ETL applications, and configuration and monitoring UIs serve to give data teams control over the shape and substance of their customer-behavior data, all while powering the flexibility and freedom to be creative with their architecture.

    The Role: Senior Product Engineer

    A key value of the MetaRouter Enterprise platform is the control and flexibility it provides data teams over the shape and substance of their customer-behavior data as it streams through the data routing system. MetaRouter is looking to expand and improve its toolbox of product features offered to Enterprise customers that expand on this flexibility.

    In this role, you will serve primarily as a product engineer on the Enterprise platform, helping the team architect, plan, develop, deploy, and maintain new and existing data-engineering-related features. As features are shipped and adopted by customers, you will also be expected to provide implementation support.

    You will be primarily operating on Dockerized Golang projects within Kubernetes environments running on GCP services, but some services may require knowledge of Node, Python, and SQL. Our platform deals in unbounded data sets, and strong experience with common tools in the streaming and micro-batching context is important, particularly common transport layers and message queues.


    • Engage in technical leadership and strategy to improve the whole lifecycle of the Enterprise product.

    • Serve as a primary product developer and data-engineer on architecture and ETL-related features.

    • Maintain live features by measuring and monitoring availability, latency, scalability, and health.

    • Participate in Agile development activities such as system design consultation, sprint planning, requirements gathering, capacity planning, and launch reviews.

    • Write and maintain excellent documentation, both internal and client-facing.

    Required Background & Skills

    • A friendly attitude and strong motivation to see this product succeed and mature.

    • 3+ years of experience building and maintaining large-scale data systems with open-source tooling.

    • 2+ years experience with Golang and Python.

    • 2+ years experience with using Kuberentes and containerization.

    • 2+ years experience with one or more data transport layers or message queues (Kafka, Kinesis, Pub/Sub)

    • Experience with the GCP ecosystem.

    • Experience working with unbounded data sets (streaming data), inserting data from multiple schemas into a centralized system, and connecting, cleaning, and maintaining complex data sets in transit/at rest.

    • Experience with high-performance SQL reading and writing.

    Bonus Round!

    • Experience with AWS, Azure, and other cloud providers, as well as Helm, and Terraform.

    • Experience working with data scientists/engineers in order to create data applications.

    • Experience with Javascript web application and Node.js.

    • Experience creating CLIs and APIs.

    • Experience working on applications with interactions between a user and backend systems/architectures.

    • Experience with ETL tools such as Spark, Beam, DataFlow, Flink, & Hadoop.

    • Experience working with Analytics.js or similar client-side user-behavior-tracking systems.

    • Experience crafting, maintaining and scaling machine learning algorithms. If not practical experience, at least a strong understanding of the industry.

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