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Job type: Full-time

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Category: Marketing

You’re in high demand. We get it, the best people always are. So out of all the companies also competing for your talents, why us? Why this opportunity?

We could tell you how you’d be on the ground floor of one of the hottest new startups in Silicon Valley. We could share how we’re commercializing a collaborative data experience like no other, inspired by our prior industry-leading work at companies including Netflix, Apple, & Amazon. Or we could even tell you we’re building something new and exciting, which will help millions of people around the world work with data more easily and collaboratively. (Yes, millions. Seriously.)

Most people might find this pretty compelling. But you’re not most people. You want more. So why us? Why this opportunity?

Because this is everything you’ve ever wanted in a job:

It’s the team you’ve always wanted.

It’s working alongside some of the best & brightest. Talented colleagues who, despite being leaders in their fields, remain humble and helpful. Accomplished coworkers who can communicate clearly and effectively, and embrace your contributions with an open mind and no ego. It’s exploring the unknown with a team of dependable, emotionally mature colleagues who thrive in collaborative environments and are excited by what they’re doing. It’s working with people you truly enjoy working with.

It’s the work environment you’ve only dreamed of.

No, that doesn’t mean pinball machines and beer on tap. It means being treated like the experienced, well-rounded, capable adult you are. It’s the freedom to explore groundbreaking new ideas without first asking permission. It’s the ability to boldly experiment with the unknown, without fear of failure, because we know every failure uncovers new insights. It’s the opportunity to learn more, grow faster, and have more impact than you ever thought possible.

It’s the company culture you’ve been longing for.

It’s being proud of where you work, knowing you are part of a company with moral leaders, strong principles, and unshakeable ethics. It’s fostering a genuinely inclusive workplace, where everyone is treated with respect--and brilliant jerks are not tolerated. It’s a culture of transparency and trust, where you have access to everything and are encouraged to pursue your boundless curiosity. It’s being trusted to make good decisions and being unafraid to take smart risks. It’s about having fun and finding meaning in what you do. It’s working at the most sensible, pragmatic place you’ve ever heard of.

So again, why us?

Because it’s hard to find a meaningful and challenging role with a team you genuinely enjoy. It’s rare to also find that role at a company with an extraordinary work environment and company culture. But finding all of that at an early-stage well-funded startup that’s poised for explosive growth? Growth you directly help create?

That’s exceedingly rare.

Like, once-in-a-lifetime rare.

And that’s got to be worth a conversation at least. :)

How will you spend your days?

  • Strategizing. As our first marketing hire, you’ll establish our marketing roadmap and lead our early marketing efforts, with an initial focus on branding, positioning, & go-to-market (GTM).
  • Launching. As a pre-launch startup, you’ll spend the first 6 months working closely with the Leadership team on a world-class GTM strategy, then executing on it from cradle to grave.
  • Storytelling. You’ll work closely with Product & Leadership teams to gain deep industry context, then craft a compelling story with effective & cohesive messaging for multiple personas.
  • Coordinating. You’ll manage external partners, consultants, influencers, and freelancers as needed to deliver on company objectives, such as content creation and community engagement.
  • Team Building. You’ll expand your team by attracting and recruiting diverse talent who push our creative boundaries and help establish us as the #1 market leader for Deep Data Collaboration.

Who are you?

  • You’re an exceptional communicator. You can communicate well both verbally and in writing, and can translate complex concepts into easy-to-understand language for anyone and everyone.
  • You’re a doer. You can strategize with the best, but you’re also willing to get your hands dirty, building from the ground up and leading from the front.
  • You promote thoughtful leadership. You encourage an inclusive environment, where all points of view are welcomed and supported, and you create a safe space for exploring new ideas.
  • You’re audaciously ambitious & unshakably principled. You want to accomplish big things in your life and leave a lasting mark on the world, but you won’t compromise your integrity to get there.
  • You’re biased toward action. You deliver results quickly with iteration, instead of waiting for perfection, and you actively seek out diversity of thought when soliciting feedback.
  • You never stop learning. You’re constantly honing your craft to stay current on latest trends and emerging best practices, and you enjoy sharing your knowledge with others.
  • You make us better. You have a strong business acumen and an interest in contributing ideas outside of your primary responsibilities, and you don’t mind challenging the status quo.

What do you know?

  • You’re an experienced marketer with ~10 years marketing experience in enterprise software, SaaS, data, or cloud technologies, with ~5 years of that time in a senior marketing leadership role.
  • You’re an analytically-driven leader who knows how to define new KPIs and use data to make informed decisions. You leverage experimentation to refine your marketing strategies and tactics.
  • You have a proven track record of product marketing capabilities. You know how to craft a compelling story and effectively communicate product positioning, messaging, and awareness.
  • You’ve successfully executed on go-to-market strategies and technical product launches, and you’ve consistently met or exceeded your goals in doing so.
  • You have a deep understanding of branding, bottoms-up marketing strategies, and how to build a prominent technical brand.
  • You know how to build high-performing marketing teams, and you understand how to leverage external resources when necessary.
  • You possess a persistently positive attitude, an insatiable hunger for growth, and a tireless drive to succeed.

It’s a nice bonus if you’re familiar with any of the following, but it’s in no way a deal breaker if you don’t.

  • data-related industry knowledge (e.g. data analytics, data engineering, data governance, data management, data science, data visualization, or machine learning)
  • notebook-related vendors & products (e.g. Databricks, Deepnote, Google Colab, Jupyter, Mode Analytics, ObservableHQ, Streamlit, or Zeppelin)
  • data-related vendors & products (e.g. AWS, Azure, Cloudera, Dataiku, Domino, Hortonworks, Looker, Qlik, Snowflake, or Tableau, Fivetran, Segment)
  • launching products built upon open source projects

We understand that sometimes the best people aren’t the ones who ‘check all the boxes.’

We value individual growth, which means not knowing something isn’t as important as your ability and willingness to learn it. We understand that not all experiences are created equal, so the number of years isn't as important as what you did with them. If you answer “yes” to a majority of the skills & traits above, then you’re someone we’d love to talk with!

Want to learn more? You can also reach us at [email protected]

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This job has a geo-restriction in place: USA Only.

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