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Head of Marketing


2 weeks ago

Job type: Full-time

Hiring from: USA Only

Category: Marketing

You’re a gifted marketer.

Brilliant, even.

You’ve studied Dan Kennedy, Seth Godin, Eugene Schwartz, David Ogilvy, Steve Jobs, and maybe also folks like Perry Belcher, John Carlton, and Russell Brunson.

You understand human nature. You breathe persuasion. You know the conversation going on in a prospect’s mind, and you know exactly how to tell them a story that matches their world view and spurs them into action.

And you’re tired.

Tired of wasting your talents on things that don’t really matter.

Tired of trying to drum up excitement for something that you’re not all that excited about yourself.

Tired of wasting your talents and creativity on a company that doesn’t care about their customers and their product the way you do.

You’re longing to put your gifts to meaningful use.

To pay homage to all of the hard work you’ve put into mastering your craft

If this is you, then, boy, do I have the opportunity for you.

Let me tell you a bit about myself.

I’m the founder of Simplero, an integrated software platform for coaches to transform lives at scale.

I created that because I wanted to teach spirituality to entrepreneurs.



Because entrepreneurs are the key to solving all the challenges we face in this world. Whether it’s poverty or health or climate change or anything else, entrepreneurs are the ones that are going to bring the solutions.

Especially if those entrepreneurs are self-aware and living their life purpose.

And coaches are the ones that help the entrepreneurs (and other people) be self-aware and find and live their life purpose.

I realized this in 2008 when I found my life purpose: To integrate spirituality and entrepreneurship. I’ve been pursuing this every day since.


If you want to be part of this journey, then I want to hear from you.

We’ve got an amazing product, a passionate team, and incredible value waiting to be unlocked.

We need you to help us craft, test, and implement offers around new and existing products. We need to you to be able to take an idea and run with it.

We’ll give you all the support you need—strategy, brainstorm, training, copywriters, designers, media buyers, project managers, and anything else you need.

What we need you to be is humble, hungry, and smart.

You don’t need to have a ton of experience. We can easily train you on any specific skill you need.

But you do need to be a fast learner, be able to run with things on your own, and show some track record.

If this is you, get in touch!



Working with Calvin and Simplero will accelerate your career and allow you to work with world-class talent. We’re a team that loves what we do and thrive on our ability to make an impact. Some benefits that come with working with us are flexible work hours, coaching by our team coach, and lots of opportunities for training and skills development. After all, our business is about personal and spiritual growth!

PLEASE NOTE: Please refrain from contacting our CEO or team members in regards to your application. We get a ton of applicants, and unsolicited contact just slows down the process. Contacting Simplero members who have not reached out to you will result in disqualification. Thank you for understanding!

Before you apply, please check if any restrictions apply in terms of time zone or country.

This job has a geo-restriction in place: USA Only.

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