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Growth Marketing Manager


2 months ago

Job type: Full-time

Remote (USA Only)

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Category: Marketing

About Apollo
Apollo's mission is to help every business to fulfill their full market potential by connecting companies with amazing solutions with those who need them most. We've built an integrated platform for predictive prospecting, sales engagement, and actionable analytics. The platform learns from your client data and uses our database of 200M contacts and 10M companies to recommend the next best action for sales and marketing individuals to take in order to close more business.
We're a profitable and growing Series A company headquartered in San Francisco, CA with a strong worldwide remote team with over 6,000 signups per week on our free platform, and over $10 million raised from investors such as Y Combinator, Nexus Venture Partners, SV Angel, and Social Capital.
Your Role & Mission
As a Growth Marketing Manager, you will own our existing acquisition funnels and build compounding growth loops at Apollo by generating hypothesis, prioritising for impact, and running experiments across multiple new and existing channels. You will report to our Head of Growth and partner intimately with the Product, Marketing, Design, and Sales organisations as well as a low-cost outsourced team on certain experiments.
What You'll Do
1) Build, Prioritize, and Run Experiments to Drive Traffic, Signups, Virality, and Revenue
You will have the liberty to run experiments across any of the following areas; however, prioritization must be based on impact to key business outcomes - Virality, Email, Paid Acquisition, Product, SEO, Content Marketing, Conversion Rate Optimization, Social Media, Community, Partnerships, PR, Events / Online Events.
2) Learning, Research & Documentation
•  Perform competitive research and best practice research before running experiments in new areas.
•  Document hypothesis, rationale behind decisions being made, metrics impacted, tracking required, and best practices learned.
•  Document learnings from the experiment, not just as a Win/Loss, but learnings about what the experiment tells us about our market/product/competitors/content/etc.
3) Maintain Sufficient Pipeline for Sales Team
•  Manage pipeline for new sales reps coming on board.
•  Ensure optimal distribution of leads.
•  Maintain sufficient pipeline for the sales team.
•  Maintain and improve our automated demand generation system.
Who You Are
•  Comfortable owning and running experiments across multiple areas including Virality, Email, Paid Acquisition, SEO, Product, and CRO.
•  Voracious learner, constantly trying to learn best practices & growth strategies via research, learn about the largest opportunities to impact core business metrics, and learn how to constantly become more efficient and effective in your work.
•  Strong analytical skills with the ability to establish key metrics, perform basic analysis, and tell compelling stories through data interpretation.
•  Organizational skills and diligence to manage multiple experiments, write specs, document learnings, and document best practices.
•  Excellent communication & storytelling skills.
•  High bar for excellence, and willing to go above and beyond to get results.
•  Customer-obsessed, constantly trying to make sure that we understand and properly connect with our users.
•  Being tech-savvy is important in this role. Although it's ok to have gaps to begin, you will eventually need to use all of these tools: Google Analytics, Amplitude, Salesforce, Google Ads, Facebook Ads, LinkedIn Ads, SEMRush, Ahrefs, Chilipiper, Google Sheets, Notion,
•  Highly interested in Growth / Growth Marketing - we like to push each other to stay at the cutting edge of our field.
•  Relevant Growth or Demand Generation experience at a SaaS company.
•  Experience marketing towards Sales/Marketing is a plus, but not a must.
Your Key Outcomes
•  Achieve a virality coefficient of 1 by the end of year 1
•  Increase # Qualified Signups / week by 200% within first 6 months
•  Maintain our automated pipeline generation system as needed
•  Run high-velocity experiments across multiple channels to rapidly generate learnings
•  Own our customer journey email notifications to improve Activation, Engagement, Retention, Monetization, and Expansion.
Your Key Metrics
•  Qualified Signups
•  Virality Coefficient
•  Self-Serve Revenue
•  Sales-Driven Revenue
•  MQLs
•  CAC (for any Paid Acquisition)
Our Growth Team Values
1) Be a Voracious Learner
Learning is embedded into the DNA of our Growth team. The core of what we do is to continuously run experiments to learn more about how to move the metrics that drive the highest impact to the company. Additionally, as individuals we are curious and naturally driven to constantly learn and share best practices and research about product, marketing, sales, our users, our market, our competitors, etc.
2) Don't Ship to Ship, Ship to Maximize Impact on Key Metrics
Every experiment that we run on the Growth team is calculated, and we must make sure that we are intentional with our decisions by proposing, prioritizing, and delivering Product initiatives by working backwards from the metrics that have the highest potential to impact the business given the resources that we have.
3) Push the Envelope
Be a curious, bold, and aggressive. We're a team of owners, and we're eager to share and hear ideas and opinions on how to improve things.
4) Raise the Bar, Together
Our team members are constantly striving to improve not only themselves, but each other. We know that if we help each other become better in our roles, we will continuously up-level the caliber of the Growth team and inevitably be wildly successful.
5) Optimize for Learning Velocity
When working on new initiatives, optimize for gathering the most learnings as quickly as possible.
6) Relationships Matter
Everyone that you work with is human. Understand them, their goals/desires, and how they like to work with others if you want to excel at collaboration.
7) Be Open, Honest, and Constructive
Stay open-minded to the thoughts and opinions of others. Only communicate with honesty to increase trust and minimize confusion. When feedback is given, try to be constructive so that we can all build each other up rather than just pointing out generalized negative/positive things about each other.
What Else?
We offer a competitive salary and benefits, informal, fun, and remote working environment, and access to all Reforge programs to help ensure that our Growth team is constantly learning and following best practices as they advance in their careers. We're a company that believes in hiring A-Players and giving them the guidance, coaching and autonomy to maximise impact and work towards their career goals.
Our work environment is highly diverse with a global remote team, and we are intentional in building an inclusive culture where everyone is able to be the best version of themselves and where ideas are encouraged from everyone and egos are left at the door. We're building a long-term company, and we want you to be a part of it! If this type of work sounds interesting to you - please apply and we hope to talk to you soon! :)

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