Digital Delivery Office

Forward Action

2 weeks ago

08/07/2019 10:21:23

Job type: Full-time

Hiring from: UK only

Category: Marketing / Sales

Forward Action is looking for a Digital Delivery Officer to join our fast-moving team. You’ll become our go-to expert for setting up mass email sends and Facebook ads, building the promotion campaigns that help our progressive clients hit their goals. You’ll also play a central role in our testing and optimising programme, reporting and analysing A/B test data and taking ownership of our test results library. If you’re passionate about making the world a better place, are excited at the prospect of working on the cutting edge of digital fundraising and campaigning and have excellent attention to detail and an analytical mind, this job is for you.

This is a permanent role, with the freedom to work both in our London office and remotely from anywhere in the UK. You can work either four or five days per week. Applications close Sunday 1 September.

Who we are

Forward Action is a digital movement building agency for progressive causes. We have been in the engine room of some of the most successful election and charity digital campaigns of the last few years, helping our clients add millions of new supporters to their email lists, raise more money online (from more donors) and create campaigns that have led to real-world change.

Our clients are some of the most exciting and impactful organisations in campaigning, including Greenpeace, The Labour Party, Centrepoint, WaterAid, and SumOfUs.

What you’ll do as part of our team

  • Build emails, set up Facebook adverts, and use Typeform to build surveys and prototypes of the engagement tools Forward Action is well known for (like this one)

  • Learn how to use a variety of tools for setting up and analysing digital adverts and email campaigns, including Facebook Ads Manager, Google Adwords, Mailchimp and Engaging Networks

  • Learn how to use tools to report on data from A/B tests, including Google Analytics, Google Data Studio, and Google Spreadsheets

  • Use these tools to gather data on ad campaigns, email campaigns and A/B test results (N.B. you won’t be expected to build tests, just report on their results)

  • Work with our Strategy team to analyse these results, then write up reports for clients and the rest of the Forward Action team

  • Take ownership of our test results library, keeping it up to date with new test results and working out a system for categorising results to make them easy to look up

  • Help other team members out with ad hoc organisational and administrative tasks to support their work (for example, helping out with application admin when we hire for new roles)

  • Liaise with clients via email, Trello and video calls

Benefits and location

  • Pro Rata Salary: £24,839 if you live inside London, £22,177 if you live outside London (with an additional £3,000 per year expense allowance for travel into/accommodation in London for meetings). This is a permanent contract.

  • Location: In our Hoxton London office, with the option to work remotely. Ensuring our team is open to people who live outside London and enabling staff to work flexibly are important values to us, so you’ll have the freedom to work from home regularly. Most of our meetings are done via video conferencing, but you may occasionally need to attend meetings with clients in London – once a month or so, on average.

  • This will be a full time role by default, although we’re happy to discuss four-day-per-week working as part of the interview process.

  • Holiday: 25 days/year, plus bank holidays and the week between Christmas and New Year

Why work at Forward Action?

  • Our values are critical to us: we will only work with causes that make the world a better place. You will get to work with some of the most inspiring and impactful organisations in the sector, and spend your days helping win progress on everything from climate change to clean water.

  • You will be working at the cutting edge of digital campaigning. We recognise that what we do can always be tested and improved, so we constantly pursue innovation. We are an agile, fast-moving team, and you will have the opportunity to rapidly develop and expand your skills and experience.

  • We are an equal opportunity employer and will use an anonymised application procedure to ensure the hiring process for this role is as fair as possible. Our team is open, inclusive, friendly, respectful and kind.

Abilities and experience you’ll need to have

  • Excellent organisation and attention to detail

  • An aptitude for maths and working with numbers

  • Basic HTML knowledge

  • An enquiring and analytical mind, enthusiastic about using data to challenge assumptions

  • Good written and verbal communications skills

  • Comfortable working in a fast-paced environment

  • Enthusiasm for using the internet to help build a fairer, more progressive world

  • Fluency in spoken and written English

  • Above all, we’re looking for a quick learner. We don’t expect you to know or have done everything when you start – instead, we’ll be looking for you to pick up new skills and knowledge quickly, then run with them.

Abilities and experience that are nice to have

We know it’s not possible for any applicants to have all these skills – it’s likely you’ll be able to bring two or three of the following to our team:

  • Intermediate-level Excel/Google Sheets skills

  • Experience setting up Facebook adverts

  • More-than-basic web coding skills

  • Experience building email marketing campaigns

  • A qualification in or experience with statistical analysis

  • Experience working in the charity sector or at an agency

  • Experience of working towards measurable goals as part of a team

  • Experience running or analysing A/B tests or experiments

  • Experience using Google Analytics

Please mention that you come from Remotive when applying for this job.

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    Align our messaging and content

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    • We didn’t really invest in SEO so far. If you have strong experience there, it’s all yours and ready to go in order to increase our organic traffic.

    Lead people

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    • Manage the implementation and iteration for solutions you come up with. Write and specify tickets and approve the implementations for release.

    • Help to find and onboard new people so they can do their best work and support them when they need orientation.

    We know you can’t perform at your best from day one because everything is new and there is a lot of information to absorb first. That’s why you’ll get assigned an onboarding buddy right after joining Timeular to assist you while getting started with your new challenges and all the questions you might have along the way.

    About you and our culture

    • As we work remotely, we communicate a lot in written form. To help you demonstrate the strong writing skills you’ll need for this role, we’ve made the first part of this application process a written task.

    • We believe that the most time efficient communication style, whether it’s client-facing or with your team members, is to be direct but respectful. We’re honest and transparent to each other and we support each other. So should you.

    • We work in cycles. We prioritize our top challenges and pitch solutions in a two week pre-cycle and then focus on getting the most promising solutions out within 6 weeks in mixed teams that change at every cycle.

    • We are a virtual team, meaning there is physically no-one around you and you should feel comfortable working like this most of the time. While we do a lot to bring people together it’s unavoidable that loneliness and de-motivation might hit you here and there. We have all been through this and have learned a few things.

    • We respect time because time is the most valuable thing we have: we show up, deliver and communicate in time. We respect everyone’s private time unless there is a real urgency.

    • We say no to distractions and focus on the important things. We seek the minimal path with the highest possible output. We single task our way along that path. We keep meetings efficient. Basically, we focus on focus.

    About the pay and benefits

    • We’re still at the beginning of our journey and therefore can’t afford to pay huge salaries; however we manage that with other benefits, which are mostly about helping you to live a healthy life outside of work.

    • The transparent salary for this role at hiring ranges between $40,000 and $80,000, depending on several factors like the country you’re in (taxes, living costs etc…) and your experience. After one year of working full-time at Timeular you can participate in the employee stock option pool.

    The benefits we offer are:

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    • 50 days of paid holidays (including national holidays) because we’ve learned that time off is the best source for great ideas.

    • Three paid team retreats per year to spend an incredible time together discovering unique locations and amazing food. All costs covered.

    • Paid parental leave and a couple more benefits

  • We're looking for a Growth Marketer who is hands-on, social, and thrives in a data-informed, vision-driven environment. You will help us bridge the community and developers with Aragon's products and brand. Our Growth Marketer should have a passion for connecting and networking with the open source community.


    • Grow the scale of the Aragon brand through different online and offline channels.

    • Plan, test, track, and optimize growth tactics and metrics for user acquisition and retention.

    • Prepare and coordinate press releases, announcements, and other news with media and third-party partners.

    • Propose and translate creative ideas to boost community engagement and attract product demand and find product-market-fit.

    • Brainstorm, test and implement viral marketing tactics with experimental or template DAOs and other concepts to attract product demand and find product-market-fit.


    • Deep understanding of digital marketing analytics, creative and media tactics and best practices.

    • Strategic mindset and ability to execute quickly.

    • Very good written and spoken communication skills in English.

    • Being highly organized, analytical, and detail oriented.

    • Being passionate about open source and decentralization.

    • Being an autonomous individual with a proactive attitude and a love for time self-management. We work focus-driven, not hours-driven.

    Nice to have

    • Previous experience contributing or managing open source projects.

    • Previous experience working remotely.

    How to apply

    • Write an email with the following attachments plus any information you consider important to [email protected], with the subjectGrowth Marketing opening application.

    • Send along your LinkedIn, CV, Twitter and/or Medium profiles.

  • What your day will look like

    You’ll be working closely with me (Head of Operations), Anthony (PM), and our engineering team to debug, test, and implement new internal features.

    Things you might do on any given Tuesday at Blanket:

    • Implement and maintain our operational stack (e.g. Periscope, HubSpot, Salesforce,, Segment, Zapier, and more) and other relevant integrations between them.

    • Research, select, implement and integrate new best-of-breed tools covering different areas.

    • Set up and maintain reliable tracking throughout the lead lifecycle.

    • Build, enrich and maintain a highly accurate lead database and manage the processes and tools integrated to it.

    • Provide reliable dashboards and reports to track sales qualified leads performance as they move through the funnel

    • Design and measure segmented nurturing journeys and scoring workflows.

    • In short: manage marketing stack, database, and analytics.


    2+ years of working with a data-informed Sales, Growth or Marketing team

    There are other requirements that I could list here, but the reality is that they'll differ depending on your specific background (Growth, Sales, Marketing). We expect you to lean into your strong suits and effectively communicate what skills you lack as you simultaneously get better at them.

    Please point out what you consider your strengths are and why you think they're required for this position when you reach out.


    • Experience working remotely

    • Experience setting up integrations with Zapier

    • Experience in working with Segment and data visualization tools like Periscope

    • Experience setting up tracking and attribution for a B2B company

    What we value

    • We’re building a teammate centric and remote-first company that recruits the best talent regardless of location, background, or gender.

    • We consider our work to be our craft. We're driven by progress, getting a little bit better at what we do every single day. We value working openly and transparently because it helps maintain and scale our culture.

    The best way to feel what we value is to check out culture guide.

    We're likely not a good fit if you

    • Seek comfort

    • Feel best around teams with a clear hierarchy

    • Find that teams work best when people stick to their job descriptions ("I probably shouldn't do that, that's not my job")

    • Think hustle and hard work are overrated

    • Feel that you're at a skill level that you're complacent with

    • Think that remote teams don't work as well as having everyone in the same office

    • Are any combination of ninja, rockstar, or guru

    • Enjoy big-reveal moments after working siloed on a project

    • Consider joining if you

    • Value a teammate approach to company building

    • Enjoy working in flat-ish hierarchies

    • Think that there's still a ton for you to learn

    • Believe in openly sharing progress as you work

    • Believe in giving and receiving candid and transparent feedback

    • Are capable of having robust debates

    • Embrace a Disagree and commit culture, because it leads to better products than consensus-driven ones

    • Are an entrepreneur at heart

    • Believe in being deliberate about how you spend time

    • Are high on self-awareness and introspectiveness

    Perks and benefits

    Our four biggest perks and benefits:

    • Work environment freedom and flexibility

    • Everything you do or say matters

    • Everything you do or say has a tangible impact

    • Results are valued over egos on all interactions

    Since we believe those benefits are vital to long-term sustainable happiness, it means that our monetary and lifestyle benefits will always use them as a Northstar:

    • Work wherever you want

    • We cover 90% of your health insurance premium

    • We cover 75% of your dental and vision insurance premiums

    • Workspace stipend (up to $500 a month)

    • Book stipend (up to $30 a month)

    • Learning and development credit per year to invest in your craft

    • Three paid weeks and five paid holidays per year

    • 12 weeks of paid family leave (for primary and secondary caregivers)

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