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Software Engineer: Cloud

Arista Networks

1 month ago

Job type: Full-time

Remote (USA Only)

Hiring from: USA Only

Category: DevOps / Sysadmin

Job Description

Arista recently acquired the Awake Security NDR (Network Detection and Response) platform and is excited to expand the platform's presence through new cybersecurity partnerships. These partnerships are instrumental in closing large deals and expanding our product's market share and we are hiring a senior software engineer to join our remote team to build out new integrations for these key partners. Our team is currently based in the US; we will consider non-US applicants with a strong background but we will prefer US candidates if all other things are equal.

Our small and nascent team is changing Awake’s product and developer operations from a purely on-premises model to a SaaS offering in Amazon AWS while continuing to support the on-premises deployment model. Our team is responsible for scaling the software we deploy in the cloud, improving the customer onboarding experience of the SaaS offering, and working closely with the operations team to improve our software and systems for monitoring and managing on-premises and SaaS deployed systems.



  • This position is for a mid-level software engineer

We consider a mid-level to have about 2-4 years of experience writing software professionally, preferably on a team.

  • Proficiency in Haskell is required

    Awake Security uses Haskell extensively and you will be authoring and maintaining API endpoints and related tools written in Haskell, so you should have proficiency in writing Haskell code. As a rough guideline, you are proficient if you feel comfortable authoring a simple API server in Haskell.

  • Experience with AWS or another cloud vendor and DevOps tooling is a plus, but not required

You will do a lot of work with AWS and you will deploy a lot of software to AWS. We’ll train you on the job if you do not have experience.

  • Proficiency in Nix and NixOS is a plus, but not required

    Our company's build system uses Nix/NixOS extensively so knowing them helps, but they will not play a large role in your initial responsibilities (see below).  We'll train you on the job if you've never used Nix before.

  • You must have an interest in functional programming (Haskell, OCaml, Clojure, Erlang, Scala, PureScript, etc.)


Initial Responsibilities

  • Build and contribute to Cloud/SaaS components that transition our product to a SaaS architecture.

Awake’s product was first built for on-premises deployments, as that was how our customers wanted to deploy the product; however since Awake owns all the hardware to deploy the product and most customers intermittently saturate the compute resources, we want to offer a SaaS solution that will help make our costs more efficient. Potential customers want the reduced friction and lower operational overhead of a SaaS deployment.

  • Help to iteratively replace existing, ad hoc and manually deployed infrastructure on AWS with declaratively specified infrastructure.

Awake has an unhappy mixture of ad hoc, manually instantiated infrastructure and infrastructure described and deployed using both NixOps and Terraform. We will need to migrate, iteratively, manually instantiated infrastructure to declaratively specified infrastructure to reduce cowboy-mistakes and introduce a review cycle into AWS infrastructure changes.

  • Learn and grow
    Our team is fluid and we regularly redistribute roles and mentor each other.  That's why this section is titled "Initial Responsibilities": if you want to grow as an engineer we would enjoy training you to assume a broader and more autonomous role at our company.

  • We value humility

Humility matters to everyone on the engineering team at Awake and we accept the sobering reality that we as humans make mistakes, forget things easily, and have over-inflated confidence in our grasp of complexity. We value humility because we think it leads to better solutions (social or technological) and better understanding.

  • We value reliability

We believe that software (any form of automation, really), should free people to do their most creative work. Therefore, we value low maintenance software and technology (Haskell, Nix, Dhall, TLA+) that empowers us to write it.

Additional Information

All your information will be kept confidential according to EEO guidelines.

Before you apply, please check if any restrictions apply in terms of time zone or country.

This job has a geo-restriction in place: USA Only.

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