Ruby DevOps Engineer

SignWell is an eSignature tool used by thousands of businesses to get their documents signed. We're a small team of 5 people working remotely in a fast-growing SaaS company.

Many companies mention why you should apply, but I think this is a unique opportunity.

Here's why…

You'll be part of a team that:

  • Is quickly growing an early-stage product (right as momentum is building)

  • Truly works together in a positive team environment

  • Spends time learning and experimenting with new and better ways of doing things

Basically, this is an opportunity where you’ll work with a small team to directly contribute to a product’s success. In the process, you'll develop valuable skills that will be useful throughout your entire career.

You'll be working directly with the founder, so there won’t be several layers of management to deal with. We’re a team with friendly and motivated people that loves to work with others.

Job description

We’re looking for a Ruby Developer with Ops experience (or the other way around) to help us deliver a great product that customers love. 

We’ve outsourced Ops in the past, but now we’re looking for someone that can take ownership of Ops for SignWell.

This will be a full-time job open to people in North or South America and Europe. We’re a small (and friendly!) team of 5 people that works remotely.

We have a pretty standard stack

  • AWS infrastructure on ECS

  • Containerized Rails on Phusion Passenger

  • Background workers with Sidekiq

  • Infrastructure as Code using CDK (Python and Node)

  • Github actions for the deployment pipeline

  • Postgres

  • React and Webpacker on the front end (relevant to deployments)

  • Self-hosted VPN EC2 instance

We have a few unusual things

  • Peered VPC with EC2 instance hosting marketing site

  • Self-hosted Github Actions to handle Rails migrations

  • Feel comfortable and at home with AWS (EC2, RDS, IAM, ELB, etc.)

  • Are experienced with our stack

  • Have extensive Ops experience in production AWS environments

  • Have set up and managed architecture that provides high availability in AWS

  • Have experience scaling infrastructure for web applications

  • Have written Ruby code in production applications

  • Know the difference between foresight and future-proofing

  • Take the time to clearly document your work

  • Are proud of your work, but humble enough to take feedback

  • Make your own work, but are totally cohesive with a team

The job
  • Consistently plan, implement, and deliver highly scalable and secure infrastructure solutions on AWS

    • New services + tasks to ECS, auto-scaling, splitting business logic into independent services, etc.

  • Ensure SOC 2 and HIPAA compliance requirements are being met (we’re already certified)

  • Be in charge of security, SOC 2, and HIPAA policies 

  • Regularly test backups, maintain and improve disaster recovery across our infrastructure

  • Write scripts and automate tasks to improve our development workflows

  • Manage and improve the application deployment process

  • Infrastructure monitoring (Cloudwatch logs/graphs, uptime, and more)

  • Be available to respond if any downtime events occur 

  • Build supporting server-side code using Ruby on Rails as needed

  • Plan and complete the scope of your own work each week

  • Craft code consistent with our code style guidelines

  • Manage, improve, and maintain development, staging, and production environments as needed

We will support this role in the following ways

  • Pay considerations for specialized knowledge

  • Operations training

    • We pay your subscription

    • We pay to attain certifications

  • Required AWS Certification Path

    • Developer Associate and DevOps certs must be attained within the first 6 months

    • If these certs are already attained, signing bonus for the cert cost ($150 per certificate)

  • Consulting retainer paid to 3rd party Ops contractor to help support you during your onboarding

About SignWell

Make it so easy to sign your documents that it cuts turnaround time in half.

SignWell is an electronic signature tool for legally binding esignatures and faster document signing.

Before you apply, please check if any restrictions apply in terms of time zone or country.

This job has a geo-restriction in place:  EU, NA, or SA.


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Category DevOps / Sysadmin
Job type Full-time
Hiring from EU, NA, or SA
Salary $50-80K /year
Date Posted 2wks ago

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