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(Senior) Data Scientist

Nextail Labs

1 month ago

Job type: Full-time

Remote (Spain)

Hiring from: Spain

Category: Data

We are looking for an experienced Data Scientist, a generalist, with excellent technical skills and business oriented. Capable of leading and developing data science solutions from the idea to maturity.

DS at Nextail

The DS Team is part of the Product Team, our goal is to multiply the impact of our product on the business. Data Science Techniques, AI, ML, Optimisation, Simulation, Visualization, are the tools we always have at hand when we face a problem, but we will never use them in vain. We work together with Product Managers, Developers, Data Engineers and Business Experts to solve the end to end problem.

We are business focused, we get into the skin of our customers, we learn to talk their language, we feel their pain and their joy.

We believe in Data Ops, and Agile Data Science methodologies, in adding value fast, keeping things simple, and iterating to improve while the effort is worth it. Life is short, our time is gold, we automate, we prioritize, we ensure focus, we carefully choose our objectives to be sure to achieve them.

Our job is not finished when the model and the end to end solution is in production, or after the change management and operational details are closed, not even when we have strong evidence that the solution is solving the user problem and she is satisfied, because after that we continue monitoring our models.

We are scientists, empiricists, we measure the impact in the business, we progress with small steps, one at a time validating hypotheses at the lowest cost.

We are humble, we never know enough, we embrace uncertainty, we are all the time learning from the wise and the data.

We listen carefully to the business experts, and to our DS pairs and make sure we understand each other, we validate every assumption and hypothesis both with them and with the data, we are always thirsty for feedback and validation.

The discussion between pairs, working together, challenging each other, is the fastest way to solve a problem and to grow as a Data Scientist. We have a culture of sharing, transparency, of meritocracy, of caring and trusting each other.


You are

  • Curious
  • Analytical
  • Business Oriented
  • Pragmatic
  • Methodical
  • Proactive
  • Committed
  • Autonomous (but you also like to ask for help)
  • Humble (but ambitious...)
  • Both team player and leader


You bring

  • Strong Mathematical Background: statistics, probability, operations research, simulations
  • Understanding and modelling business problems by talking to customers and business experts with no math background.
  • Mathematical modeling and solving business problems
  • Building the metrics and KPIs that will guide our progress
  • Designing and making experiments to validate hypothesis.
  • Analysing, understanding, and cleaning the data, extracting Insights.
  • Communicating complex things in a simple way. Talking the business language.
  • True interest and good skills in programming
  • Good understanding of DS development processes and risks
  • You are passionate about data science and a reference to your mates
  • You are up to date with the methodologies and good practices for doing Data Science at scale
  • Ability to deep dive and do research to find the state of the art for applied math problems



  • More than 5 years experience working as a Data Scientist designing and building solutions for business problems.
  • Relevant experience building, delivering and maintaining data science products from analysis to production both as individual contributor and as a team lead.
  • Experience with the methodologies, practices, tools and frameworks a data science team needs to achieve a good performance and scale up.
  • Experience applying machine learning techniques to business problems.
  • Experience with time series forecasting
  • Object oriented programming with Python/Java
  • Programming with python
  • Working with Databases, SQL
  • Experience building data pipelines
  • Knowledge of version control tools like git.


We Value

  • Retail specific business knowledge.
  • Operations Research knowledge and experience solving business problems through the use of optimization.
  • Experience applying simulation techniques to solve business problems.
  • Having played a similar role in a high performing data science team, in a fast-paced technological environment.
  • Having a PHD in a related field or experience in research.


We offer

  • A highly innovative and fast-paced environment. As in any startup, expect to find a team with an interesting mix of business profiles, IT geeks, and data scientists. And as a fashion tech startup, a few fashion victims.
  • The satisfaction of building a top team and contributing to the development of a cutting-edge product that will build the next generation of enterprise software.
  • The opportunity to work with international people from diverse backgrounds with extensive experience in technology, retail, consulting and entrepreneurship.
  • Total flexibility in remote work and office hours, using some of the most advanced collaborative tools.
  • Periodic company get-togethers to meet the rest of the team.
  • Flexible compensation plan that includes a fixed + variable salary as well as company equity as we progress towards our Series B fundraising rounds.
  • Salary depends on the candidate experience and skills.

Before you apply, please check if any restrictions apply in terms of time zone or country.

This job has a geo-restriction in place: Spain.

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