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12/06/2019 19:05:25

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Athena is looking to hire a world-class delegator, systems thinker and operator to be Athena’s Chief Delegator. You’ll be building the world’s most powerful library of delegation superpowers, enabling Founders and CEOs around the world to delegate 10x more. If you like creating leverage, this is the ultimate job for you. You’ll report directly to Athena’s founder (last company built is a unicorn, learn more Twitter / LinkedIn).

The role

You will design and operationalize Athena’s “delegation playbooks”. These playbooks unlock our clients’ ability to delegate expected things like inbox management, calendaring, and travel. But even more, they unlock creative and unusual delegations like having their parents receive “handwritten” notes from them every week, organizing entrepreneur dinners in every city they visit, planning surprise parties for their friends, tracking their daily goals, sourcing candidates for their business, tracking their diet, receiving bios every morning for the people they’ll meet that day, monitoring their online privacy, etc. We have a small number of playbooks we have already developed, but we have ideas for 100+ playbooks that will help our clients live better, work better and be better. These playbooks will help our clients delegate 10x more and, in the future, many of the playbooks will be turned into stand alone products under the Athena umbrella.

Your profile

You read The Four Hour Work Week and obsessed over how to build the same life for yourself. You’ve hired virtual assistants all over the world for various projects. You’ve built powerful and creative systems that help automate your life. You love building and optimizing processes and human machines.  You’ve started your own companies or consulting firms to generate cash flow. Your friends think you are crazy because you obsess over delegation, leverage, and process so much. In other words, you've lived on the client side of our business and you have experience delegating and coaching others to delegate.

We are looking for a world-class delegator, so please apply if you are top 1% (you don't just emulate Tim Ferriss, you're on his level—or are even better). 

What you’ll lead

  • Playbook Genesis: We have a lot of ideas for delegation playbooks, but we’re also looking for someone who is such a strong delegation/system-builder that they contribute ideas for new playbooks.

  • Playbook Prioritization: We can’t build all 100+ playbooks in the first month, so we’ll need a thoughtful system for prioritizing which playbooks to build first.

  • Playbook Creation: This will be the bulk of your work, turning an idea (“wouldn’t it be cool if your EA could setup entrepreneur dinners everywhere you travel?”) into reality (a playbook that describes in step-by-step detail exactly how a new EA can learn this skill set and roll it out to their client). You’ll partner with our existing playbook writer to help bring these ideas to life.

  • Playbook Certification: We need a method to test that an EA has mastered the skills in a new playbook. Rather than just reading a word doc and setting the EA off to try the skill in the wild, we want a set of certifications that allow them to practice the skill in a real-world setting and ensure they are A+ before implementing it with their client.

  • Playbook Organization: As you create the world’s ultimate delegation playbook library, you’ll need to design a system to keep playbooks accessible, organized, updated and systematically linked.

  • Playbook Communication: You’ll need to create a system for introducing playbooks to clients that is compelling and gets them excited.

  • Your team: We already have a great playbook writer on our team who has designed, written, and edited our first playbooks; you’ll team up with this person to lead playbook strategy, architecture and set the bar for quality. You can also pull in other people from the team and hire other contractors (e.g. copywriter) as necessary.  

Key Metrics 

  • Quality: Our delegation playbooks are the secret sauce at Athena so each playbook needs to be A+ quality. Whenever an EA introduces a new playbook to their client, the client should be blown away by how well the EA is trained and how easy it is to implement the playbook in their life.

  • Quantity: While quality is most important, we have dozens and dozens of playbooks we want to launch in the year ahead. We’re looking for someone who can both spend lots of time getting the first playbooks to A+ quality and who can create an efficient machine to continually launch new playbooks every month.

  • Utilization: Our ultimate goal at Athena is to train clients to delegate 10x more. Ultimately, your playbooks are successful if EAs can easily learn new playbooks and if clients continue to leverage the playbook. We’ll measure this by tracking the average number of playbooks that are active per client each month. 

  • Hours: Related to playbook utilization, the more hours a client leverages their EA, the more time we are saving them. We’ll also measure your success by tracking the average number of hours per week clients leverage their EA.

Who you are

  • Location: Flexible. We are a completely remote team, so you can work anywhere in the world. Not Mars though, that’s too far away. ;)

  • Commitment: We’re flexible on working hours (part-time vs full-time) but we do want someone who is excited to partner with us for the long-term. There will be a big ramp-up period at the beginning as we align on the optimal format for playbooks, the best way to certify EAs on playbooks, produce the first few playbooks, etc. But over time we’d expect your role to evolve (from more hands-on to more high-level) as you build out a machine for continually creating and upgrading our playbooks.

  • 10x delegator: In order to create delegation playbooks, you must be a delegator yourself! Whether it’s at work or in your personal life, you always find ways to get leverage and build human teams.

  • Systems builder: Delegation playbooks are effectively systems for training EAs and clients how to delegate more. You must be a systems thinker and know how to operationalize that thinking.

  • Highly organized: Building the world’s largest delegation library requires someone who is organized at both a strategic and practical level

  • Process-oriented: Playbooks are processes for learning a new way to delegate. You should always be thinking of ways to make the process cleaner, tighter, more robust.

  • Hospitality mindset: Our clients are founders, CEOs, investors, and other time-scarce people. Our delegation playbooks must be designed with high-end, Four Seasons luxury hospitality built-in.

  • Highly experimental: We’re going to test lots of crazy ideas and lots won’t work and some will only work after multiple tests :)

  • High standards: You understand that we need to strive for perfection always, but can balance that impulse against the ol’ 80/20 rule to ensure we keep shipping quickly.

  • Excellent writer/editor: You’ll need to be able to distill complex delegation ideas into simple, easy-to-read instructions. Our EAs should find reading the playbooks to be a breeze and hopefully fun as well, and when our clients read about how each playbook works they should be inspired and excited to learn a new delegation superpower.

  • Great collaborator: The creation of great playbooks entails gathering feedback and testing the playbook before publishing it. You should easily be able to work openly and comfortably with both EAs as well as experts in their field.

Benefits (why you should join us)

  • Huge impact: You’ll help CEOs and Founders delegate 10x more – which means you’ll directly empower hundreds of startups to build more technology, cure more diseases, and generally help more people. Your work will also directly lead to us hiring thousands of team members at Athena. In other words, you’ll have the ultimate leverage.

  • Flexible location: Work very hard but anywhere in the world, like us 

  • Flexible schedule: Work very hard but anytime you want, like us 

  • Supportive environment: Fun and encouraging work environment

  • Access: We’ll open up our network and connections for you to meet with anyone you want (which will come in handy for many playbooks)

  • 10x delegation: In order to make every playbook A+ you’ll need to test/experiment the playbook yourself. That means you’ll be able to leverage an Athena EA yourself – for free – so you’ll be getting more and more leverage in your own life as you build out playbooks for Athena clients. You’ll also be able to leverage the entire Athena core team as you need.

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