Remote Connection: Start Living Your Best Remote Life

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Remote Connection is a 3-month program where we invite you alongside a team of 15 successful remote workers to come together to find out how to live your best remote life, break the loneliness spiral we can get into sometimes and build community and connection with other remote workers.

This program is for you if:

  • You currently work remotely.
  • You are interested in deeper fulfillment and creativity in your job, work relationships and life overall.
  • Want to transform the blockages that are holding you back from daily creativity.
  • Care about a more authentic level of connection that can be lacking with remote work.

With Leo Widrich, Co-founder of Buffer, you can rely on the skilled guidance and expert care of someone who has been there and done the work. You’re invited to learn how to guide yourself and others in a way that will help you to open up and overcome your deepest fears and other emotional blocks that may be limiting you from living into the freedom that’s possible with remote work.

Our experience has been that true connection that makes us feel alive and creates belonging is only possible in kind and reassuring company of other humans that get us. After working remotely for over 6 years and running Remotive as one of the largest remote communities in the world we learned that despite the amazing benefits of remote work, true heart to heart connection can be lacking. We want to change that.

Here is our plan and 6 promises that Remote Connection will restore true community for remote workers like you and us:

  • Deep Sessions: Twice a month we meet for 2 hours to go deep together. We meditate, share our biggest challenges in an environment of safety, develop gratitude for the life we have and make friends that last.
  • Ongoing connection & accountability: In between sessions every group has their own private slack channel with your facilitator present to continue to explore and connect with each other.
  • Small groups that build intimacy in connection: Groups will be no more than 16 people. We start with 2 cohorts, one for current remote workers, one for remote job seekers.
  • Invest in yourself: To make it clear that this is valuable to you and us, every member pays $400/mo to be a part of the group.
  • Commitment & Authenticity: Every member commits to 3 months of their time for the program. We invite you to bring your deepest fears and desires and to hold nothing back. It’s the only way we know lasting connection can happen.
  • Professional guidance: We have some of the best facilitators from the remote and business world on board to create the safety and container for people to become vulnerable and open.

The Remote Connection program starts June 11th, 10am EST.

(Application Deadline is June 7th)

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Your facilitator for this program: Leo Widrich

Co-founder of Buffer, Coach to founders & execs

Leo co-founded one of the best known all-remote companies in the world called Buffer. He was a pioneer in developing a remote-first culture and knows the many benefits and challenges remote work brings.

Since leaving Buffer he spent 2.5 years off the grid, living in Buddhist monasteries, undergoing a body-based psychotherapy training and becoming a coach to high profile founders and execs.

With Remote Connection, Leo’s commitment is to help you live into your dream remote life and find more purpose and belonging.

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