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Living the Bear life 🐻

  • Fully remote company with a diverse team that's scattered around the globe
  • Flexible work hours and a team that values work-life balance
  • Friendly and creative work culture
  • Benefits that encourage healthy habits and support growth


Bearer helps fast-growing tech companies automate data security across their stack 🛡

Data leaks, data breaches, and new privacy laws are now commonplace. As a result, data security and privacy have never been so important.

Yet security teams struggle to keep up with the pace of product and engineering changes. Assessing where data is, how it is protected, and if an organization's security and privacy policies are well implemented is an increasingly difficult challenge.

Bearer helps security teams build an inventory of services and data flows automatically, by scanning the codebase, so they can easily assess and mitigate risks.

By taking a DevSecOps approach, Bearer empowers developers and integrates risk assessment into the software development lifecycle.


Malaga Offsite 2021

Our team wasn't able to meet throughout 2020 and most of 2021, as we would have liked to, due to the pandemic - and all the travel restrictions and health concerns that came along with it. As soon as we had the opportunity, though, we planned a 4-day offsite in Malaga, Spain, to enjoy one another's company and get important things done. Check out our favorite pictures from that week above ☝.


Remote Workspaces

At Bearer, working remotely means you can choose a place in which you are comfortable, and set that up whichever way you want (with our help!). Here's what some of our remote offices look like:





We have a mission to accomplish, and nothing will distract us from that goal.



We trust each other the same way we hope you will trust us: through honesty and transparency.



We give our team freedom so that they can give you their best.



With great freedom comes great responsibility, to each other and to you!

Perks & Benefits

Remote work culture

Bearer has been a remote first company since it was launched in 2018, and we are concerned with adjusting ourselves to any new technology that might make this process easier and ensure great team bonding experiences. You can work from anywhere you'd like!


Flexible work hours

We understand, respect and encourage work-life balance. Our team is responsible for their own work hours, which they can adjust according to necessity. When we're afk, we leave a note for one another on Slack, and you will often see us taking breaks to walk our dogs, pick our kids up from school or have a snack.


Office Space Budget

We have a budget of 1000€ for our Bears to create or upgrade their workspace in a way that they have everything they need in order to be comfortable and productive.


Stock Options

We are dedicated to the satisfaction of Bearers' customers and the achievement of our goals, and getting to own company stocks is a reflection of that. It's a nice perk that adds to our motivation and strengthens our bond as a team.


Wellness Plan

We encourage a healthy lifestyle by offering to reimburse up to 40€/month for the wellness service of our team members' choice. They can choose among mobile apps, gym subscriptions, sports classes, and any other activity or platform that supports them in this journey.


Co-working Space Budget

In addition to helping our team members set up their work space at home, we also offer the opportunity to work in shared spaces if they so wish. We reimburse up to 300€/month of their expenses when renting a co-working space, and they're free to choose one that is best suited to their needs.

Tech Stack

The stack is in Ruby on Rails. We are using Stimulus.js, Hotwire, TailwindCSS, Turbo.js, ViewComponent, and ERB for the frontend. Our Stack also involves PostgreSQL, Docker, AWS Fargate, Sidekiq, Redis, Devise, GitHub Actions (CI/CD) to name a few.


We also use Abstract Syntax Tree (AST) parsers when they exist, otherwise, we build them. We use Tree Sitter for this. All of that feeds a Machine Learning model that is embedded via Rust into a Go binary.


We like to contribute as much as possible to the Open Source. One example is