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“Efficient asynchronous work with high-quality relationships.“

“Having everyone in the team looking forward to joining Slack every morning.“

“A cohesive team that trusts one another working in the space that works best for them.“

“Getting the job done as effectively as if we were all in the same office.“

“A healthy, inclusive work environment where employees can strive and delivery while all working remotely.“

“Sharing and learning from other smart professionals in the Remotive Leadership group is key to evolving my remote work practices."

- Morgan Legge, Director of Operations at

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  • Access our private Discourse Forum
  • Get our monthly newsletter on "Leading Remotely"
  • Network with fellow remote leaders!

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We value leaders who have a shared commitment to becoming better - those who come from a place of humility and honesty.

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What Members are saying

Remotive Leadership is a great place to chat with other Remote Founders. It really helps me in my daily business and in strategy!

- Henning Emmrich, COO at

It’s a great place to discuss with fellow remote leaders – about the easy & fun stuff but also for harder topics that are specific to remote teams.

- Martin Laporte, Vice President R&D at Coveo

Running an office optional company is fantastic. But it’s also challenging. We are charting our own path. And there are so many options for how we structure our culture and processes. Having access to a community of leaders in similar situations who share their ideas and experiences has been really helpful.

- Tim Burgess, CEO at ShieldGeo

Remotive Leadership has been a super helpful resource for founders and leaders running remote teams. The community is an invaluable resource to ask/share advice on every aspect of building a remote company. Whether related to hiring globally, ensuring employee happiness, and best tools to use that every remote team faces. The makeup of the community of short and long term remoters has helped ensure there’s a lot of knowledge and experience to share at every stage of a company; from founding to scale.

- Scott Markovitz, Head of Support at InVision

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