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    • 2 months ago
      Work remotely or from their office in San Jose, CA! 
      • Company: SketchDeck
      • Industry: Graphic Design / Software
      • Title: Senior Full Stack Engineer
      • Base salary range: $100k to $150k depending on experience and location
      • Location: Remote or San Jose, CA
      • Reports to: Head of Engineering
      • Direct reports: None
      • Type: Full-time. W-2 or 1099
      • Equity plans for the right candidates!

      • Plan, implement, test, and ship new features
      • Troubleshoot and resolve bugs
      • Architect and deploy new infrastructure
      • Investigate performance issues and execute optimizations
      • Keep abreast of latest technologies that may be useful
      • Collaboratively analyze new technology proposals

      • 5-10% 

      • 5+ years of experience building complex web applications
      • Strong proficiency in JavaScript, JavaScript Frameworks, CSS/SCSS, HTML, and SQL
      • Solid understanding of object-oriented programming
      • Familiarity with concepts of MVC, Mocking, ORM, and RESTful
      • Understanding of design principles behind a scalable application
      • A desire to reduce operational overhead wherever possible
      • Implementation of automated testing platforms and unit tests
      • Proficiency in Git and GitHub
      • Familiarity with AWS and its various tools
      • Familiarity with continuous integration

      • Experience with document store database  
      • Experience with Node.js 
      • Experience with Angular 
      • Experience with Coffeescript, Google Firebase, Amazon SQS, Algolia, Periscope Data
      • Prior startup / small company experience
      • Prior experience working for a Marketing or Graphic Design company
      • MBA
      • 8+ years of experience

      • Competitive startup salary
      • Generous Benefits Package and Healthcare Coverage
      • Computer hardware of your choice
      • Annual retreat
      • Supportive, egoless culture
    • Clevertech is a leading consultancy that is on a mission to build transformational digital solutions for the world’s most innovative organizations. Enterprise companies turn to Clevertech to help them launch innovative digital products that interact with hundreds of millions of customers, transactions and data points. By partnering with Clevertech these companies are propelling forward and changing their industries, business models and more.

      Based in New York City with fully remote development teams, Clevertech has built core product offerings for clients whose value was revealed in transactions valued in excess of $100 million. 

      The problems we solve everyday are real and require creativity, grit and determination. We are building a culture that challenges norms while fostering experimentation and personal growth. We are hiring team members who are passionate and energized by the vision of empowering our customers in a complex industry through technology, data and a deep understanding of client concerns. In order to grasp the scale of problems we face, ideally you have some exposure to Logistics, FinTech, Transportation, Insurance, Media or other complex multifactor industries.

      What you’ll do:

      • Collaborate with our team in every stage of a product's lifecycle; from planning to delivery
      • Create clean, modern, testable, well-documented code
      • Work within an Agile team in CI/CD environment with modern JavaScript technologies to develop complex web applications
      • Confidently communicate daily with clients to understand and deliver technical requirements
      • Manage your own workflow to meet the deadlines which you will have set with your team to ensure success

      What is Required:

      • B.S. in Computer Science or equivalent experience followed by 5+ years experience in a senior developer or architect role; ideally, you have delivered business critical software to large enterprises
      • Hands-on coding experience and expertise in front end Javascript frameworks like React and Angular (preferably mobile-first)
      • Hands-on coding experience and expertise in back end Javascript frameworks and related technologies, like Node / NPM, Express, Nginx, etc.
      • Database skills – You understand the use cases for relational and non-relational data, you’ve implemented code against several different database platforms. (Postgres, MongoDB, MySQL)
      • Strong communicator and fluent in English with excellent written and verbal communication skills.
      • Willingness to establish comfort with unit, integration and acceptance testing (Jest, TestCafe)
      • Excited by pioneering and managing fast changes common in early-stage product development

      Our Benefits We know that people do their best work when they’re taken care of. So we make sure to offer great benefits.

      • Competitive Vacation Package
      • Annual Financial Allowance for YOUR development
      • Flexible Family Leave
      • Clevertech Gives Back Program
      • Clevertech U (Leadership Program, Habit Building, New Skills Training)
      • Clevertech Swag
      • Strong Clevertech Community

      How We Work Why do people join Clevertech? To make an impact. To grow themselves. To be surrounded by developers who they can learn from. We are truly excited to be creating waves in an industry under transformation. True innovation comes from an exchange of knowledge across all of our teams. To put people on the path for success, we nurture a culture built on trust, collaboration, and personal growth. You will work in small feature-based cross-functional teams and be empowered to take ownership. We make a point of constantly evolving our experience and skills. We value diverse perspectives and fostering personal growth by challenging everyone to push beyond our comfort level and try something new. The result? We produce meaningful work

      Getting Hired We hire people from a variety of backgrounds who are respectful, collaborative, and introspective. Members of the tech team, for example, come from diverse backgrounds having worked as copy editors, graphic designers, and photographers prior to joining Clevertech. Our hiring process focuses not only on your skills but also on your professional and personal ambitions. We want to get to know you. We put a lot of thought into the interview process in order to get a holistic understanding of you while being mindful of your time. You will solve problems derived from the work we do on a daily basis followed by thoughtful discussions around potential fit. Whatever the outcome, we want you to have a great candidate experience.

      Craving more info? We’ve created a blog specifically about our Interview Process for the sake of transparency - we want to set you up to be as successful as possible when interviewing for a role with the ever-expanding Clevertech family!

      Want to learn more about Clevertech and the team? Check out and our video highlighting Clevertech's Culture.

    • 2 months ago

      We look for people who are:

      • As passionate about helping customers succeed as they are about working with new technologies.
      • Confident, and value freedom (we work almost exclusively from home), but humble enough to ask questions when they are stuck.
      • Want to build new things, but don’t mind rolling up their sleeves and doing what needs to get done.
      • Love to work directly with customers to solve their business problems.
      • Want to work hard, but balance that with the rest of their life.

      We are looking for a passionate engineer to be the next member of our growing developer-owned company. We care far less about what particular technologies you’re working with than we do about your experience and passion for building useful software. We are looking for an individual who has experience building production web applications and is as passionate about helping customers succeed as they are about working with new technologies. We need a person that is confident and values freedom (we work almost exclusively from home), but is humble enough to ask questions when they are stuck. We need a person who wants to build new things, but doesn’t mind rolling up their sleeves and doing some maintenance work. We are looking for someone who wants to work hard, but balances that with the rest of their life. We know this is a hard mix to find, but if you feel like you’re up for the challenge, please get in touch!


      Loves to work directly with customers to solve business problems

      Being within < 2 hours driving distance of Richmond or Charlottesville is a HUGE plus!

      Linux/infrastructure experience a plus

      Experience writing modern/production web applications using any of ASP.NET MVC, Rails, Django, Node.js, etc…

      Experience with HTML/CSS

      Experience with JavaScript

      Experience with writing tests and using automated testing frameworks

      Experience with AWS/Azure/Google Cloud a plus

      iOS/Android experience a plus

    • Akasha (Euro timezone preferred)
      1 month ago

      Project Overview

      Are you passionate about innovative technologies and enjoy thinking creatively?

      Excellent! You’ll be in great company! 

      If you're seeking an exciting career opportunity or an authentic chance to learn new technologies and feel that you are up to the challenge please get in touch – you have a place in this team and project.

      We are a distributed team exploring the applications and implications of blockchain technology in the context of freedom of expression, collective memory and privacy for a better Web.

      We recommend you to apply to this opening if you will wholeheartedly enjoy:

      Facing the epic challenge(s) of crafting blockchain-based products;

      The open source mindset, community and software;

      Finding your way in a complex environment. Pushing beyond your comfort zone(s);

      Getting stuff done and demonstrating results through metrics;

      Always learning. Flexibility is key;

      You can learn more about our adventure so far and our plans moving forward here.

      Job Description

      By combining blockchain technologies such as Ethereum and the Inter Planetary File System (IPFS), AKASHA has the potential to change the way ideas, thoughts and experiences are shared and stored on the Internet.

      With this in mind, we are searching for motivated people passionate about going beyond the scope of a narrow job position and happy to help on multiple fronts.

      As part of our team you will work with some of the brightest minds in the blockchain tech space on unique and challenging ideas. You will also be in direct contact with the development and user community at large, actively participating in open discussions and brainstorming sessions.

      If you are tired of working in traditional corporations crippled by office politics and bureaucracy this will be a breath of fresh air. Good ideas are valued higher than ranks here.


      3+ years JavaScript development experience

      Experience designing modular, robust, reusable, and efficient libraries using Node.js

      Experience building for both Node and browser environments

      Willingness to learn and use new technologies

      Ability to work as a teammate in a fast-paced team

      Experience with software testing and continuous integration

      Eye for detail

      Good English skills, written and spoken (the team is decentralized around the world)

      Knowledge of

      > Software design patterns

      > Performance optimization (data structures and aglorithms)

      > ES6

      > RESTful architecture

      > Blockchain technologies such as Ethereum, IPFS, etc. (the more the better)

      > Webpack

      > Immutable JS

      > Version control (Git)

      Nice to have

      > 5+ years JavaScript experience

      > Front-end experience using ReactJS / Redux/Flux

      > Experience as well as passion for open source projects

      > A university degree in information technology

      What We Offer

      > The opportunity to make a positive impact in the world

      > A meaningful job in a young, dynamic and friendly team

      > A work environment inspiring excellence and creativity

      > Competitive compensation based on experience and performance

      > The chance to play with ideas that could reshape entire industries

      > Continuous learning opportunities and unique challenges to take on

      > Traveling opportunities to various blockchain events and conferences

      > Flexible schedule

      The Company

      Together with a group of independent thinkers hacking under the Swiss AKASHA Foundation umbrella, we are bravely experimenting with new technologies in the search for solutions that can transform the Web into an ecosystem in service of humanity.

      On this note, we are an equal opportunity employer and value diversity at our company. We do not discriminate on the basis of race, religion, color, national origin, gender, sexual orientation, age, marital status, veteran status, or disability status.

      What's meaningful to us is being a friendly, passionate person resonating with our purpose and genuinely interested in doing a phenomenal job towards a better world through technology, while also having fun along the way :)

      We look forward to hearing from you! o/

    • We are looking for an expert Javascript developer to help us build frontend apps for our products and services. You will be working with the Vue.js framework primarily, bringing UX to life and developing all the frontend interface and interactions. Experience of working with Vue.js is obviously a plus, but more generally you will need to be a strong all-round Javascript developer with a solid grasp of HTML/CSS as well. If you're also proficient in working with backend Node.js as well, that would be a bonus.

      You will need to be a creative problem solver, as much of the work requires creative approaches to unique technical challenges which often don't have much - if any - coverage on sites such as Stack Overflow.

      The complexity of the software is also a key component. Much of what we are building is concerned with complex data structures (including SVGs) as well as the inevitable complexities of scaling an app out into large organisations. As such, you will need to have a strong engineering mindset with the ability to think through problems in a structured way. Or to put it another way, you should be able to produce robust, tested code that will stand up in production.


      • Building robust frontend apps with the Vue.js framework, including unit tests
      • Creating custom single-file components for use in the interfaces
      • Developing applications for parsing and working with XML structures including SVG data
      • Writing clean, well-documented and well-tested code with strong adherence to modern ECMAscript standards
      • Optimising applications for maximum speed and scalability
      • Working with the team to solve complex challenges and contributing ideas and solutions regularly

      Skills and qualifications

      • Strong understanding of vanilla Javascript and latest ECMAscript standards
      • Basic understanding of web markup, including HTML5 and CSS3
      • Minimum 2 years experience of working with the Vue.js framework
      • Experience of working with state management systems, preferably Vuex
      • Experience of writing unit tests in tools such as Jest or Mocha (or component snapshots)
      • Familiarity with frontend build tools, particularly Webpack
      • Proficient understanding of code versioning tools including Git
      • Good understanding of browser rendering behavior and performance
      • Bachelors degree in computer science
      • Excellent communication skills
    • Mothership engineering team is working towards Exchange product release. You have an excellent opportunity to jump on-board and join us on this exciting journey. Here is the portrait of a person we’re looking for.

      You agree that JavaScript has won the war, at least for now. It’s your favorite tool, and you mastered it while making apps and web servers for years. Your favorite front-end framework is React.js. You can use it in different variations depending on a task and a project size. You are an expert in node.js. You know it’s architecture, and you don’t hesitate to use a profiler to improve the performance of a service. You’re following best development practices. Your code is nice and clean, and you can be on the same page with your teammates about this.

      You passed through times of manual deployments and now enjoy the era of Docker containers. However, you prefer to be serverless. Although you can spin up any services and self-manage them, you're more happy with using managed cloud solutions. You love Firebase. You can tell us at least a couple of stories how did it help you to solve a business problem in hours instead of days and weeks. You’re not trying to dump QA responsibility on someone else. You agree that testing is a developer’s responsibility. You are proud of your typical above 95% test coverage. You can organize CI/CD flow and push a constant stream of features and patches to a staging environment, then to the production.

      We are all constantly learning, but that’s not your first reason for joining us. You come here, first and foremost, to add another solid mark in your track record of successful projects. You listen to business needs and can evaluate priorities. You don’t want to be micromanaged. You are feature and delivery oriented. You are keen to make a great product. If all the above is about you, please double check the requirements and responsibilities below, add your cover letter and apply.


      * Five years of production experience in apps and web servers development;
      * Expert knowledge in node.js and react.js;
      * Confident UI development with HTML and CSS;
      * A track record of projects built with Firebase and other serverless tools;
      * Experience building scalable APIs which is able to handle high-volume traffic;
      * Experience working in a startup environment;
      * A strong team player with excellent communication skills;
      * Ability to hack things together quickly;


      * Improve, add new features and build new software solutions for Mothership;
      * Design and implement APIs to integrate Mothership’s products with internal and external services;
      * Optimize development process by bringing best practices and improving CI/CD pipeline;

      * Own and deliver maintainable, well-tested code. 
    • Join us if you want to work on the next generation web publishing platform. Work on our CMS, use powerful technology like GraphQL, node.js, and OpenResty on our robust AWS infrastructure. Monitor, build, and scale a node.js, MongoDB, and redis stack on a resilient AWS deployment all coordinated by Rancher, Terraform, and running on Docker. Architect and implement a performant web publishing platform for people of all backgrounds. We are working on some incredible products and we need your expertise to do it.

      This is a full-time, salaried position. In addition to a competitive salary and equity package, we include: awesome medical, dental, and vision plans, employer-funded HRA plan, 4+ weeks of paid vacation, catered lunches and stocked kitchen, new apple gear, commuter benefits, $100 monthly Lyft credit, paid parental leave programs, in-office bicycle storage, and fun team-building events.
      Learn more about our engineering culture on our KeyValues profile:


      * Write scalable services in node.js, AWS Lambda, and OpenResty (Lua)
      * Architect and build scalable infrastructure using Terraform, Kubernates (EKS), and Docker
      * Write new APIs and rewrite old ones using GraphQL and Apollo
      * Contribute to our codebase and add your own features
      * Work on our high-performance web hosting infrastructure in Lua
      * Write high-performance, concurrent node.js code that powers all of our APIs
      * Use your experience running highly scalable systems to improve our development and deployment processes
      * Collaborate with our team of top designers and engineers
      * Work on a highly technical platform that empowers hundreds of thousands of people, and serves millions of page views an hour


      * You have significant experience (4+ years) in engineering scalable, multi-tenant environments
      * Previous experience in either Kubernates, Docker, Terraform, Chef, Puppet, or Ansible
      * Exceptional JavaScript/node.js skills
      * Experience in React.js/GraphQL is a plus
      * Deep understanding of data design and modeling
      * You have built and worked on complex web applications
      * You have a deep understanding of design patterns — and an even better knowledge of when to apply them
      * You are very comfortable behind a linux terminal 
    • Yesterday

      CloudApp ( is a customer experience led company focused on improving business workflows with our video messaging productivity apps. It's free apps help businesses communicate faster and get more done.

      Now, we’re looking for a remote Full-Stack Developer to join our growing team. In this role, you’ll be working with our engineering team in all aspects of our CloudApp solution, from its front-end down to the infrastructure.

      Relevant Experience

      Strong Ruby, Node, JS, and/or Python experience

      Testing and scaling up APIs

      Modifying a large ruby on rails project

      Designing and implementing ancillary microservice  API endpoints

      Going into older code bases to update and tweak new features

      Strong dev-ops skills, comfortably hopping into AWS server to debug and tweak settings if needed

      Full stack engineering experience, with strong system fundamentals

      Experience with service-oriented architecture

      Exposure to architectural patterns of large, high-scale web applications

      Strong industry experience in architecture and development of scalable production quality backend systems

      Good understanding of distributed systems, data stores, data modeling, indexing and associated trade-offs

      Experience developing APIs and SDKs a plus

      Ability to work in a cross-functional team that touches many parts of the core systems at CloudApp


      Work at all levels of the stack, (AWS, ruby, Node.JS, SQL, React, HTML, CSS), to build and maintain new CloudApp features

      Take full ownership and responsibility for building, shipping, and maintaining core CloudApp features, end to end

      Design and architect complex, reusable, and maintainable new systems, real-time interfaces, and visualizations, focusing not only on performance and scalability, but also on crafting a beautiful user experience

      Build user interfaces that are crisp, consistent, and fast, that thrive under heavy customization and varying use cases, that encourage exploration, and that earn the trust of our customers through predictable, reliable, and thoughtful interactions


      5+ years of professional ruby engineering experience

      Ability to work from a permanent location (e.g. your home), and easily overlap with PST

      Excellent knowledge of JavaScript and ruby

      Experience architecting, deploying and operating asynchronous distributed work queues, high-volume storage systems, and high-throughput systems

  • Product (2)

    • Simple Thread (USA)
      1 month ago

      We are looking for a thoughtful, detail-oriented developer to be the next member of our growing developer-owned, remote-friendly, people-first, hyphen-loving company. 

      The ideal candidate would have several years of experience working in open source web frameworks. They would also be eager to learn, grow, and foster healthy working relationships. 

      If you have experience building production web applications and are as passionate about helping customers as you are about working with new technologies, then we want to talk! 


      Skills & Requirements

      Do you love to work directly with customers to solve business problems?

      We believe great software is discovered by understanding the core problems our clients are facing – and that is best achieved through frequent and direct communication with the subject matter experts. We provide leadership to support and guide interactions, but we need you to be comfortable talking with clients, discussing problems, and proposing solutions, which may not always be more software. 

      Do you have experience writing production web applications?


      We strive to support our team’s growth, learning, and taking on new roles at the edge of our comfort zones. At the same time, our clients expect us to bring a certain level of expertise. If you have never worked on a production web application, it is unlikely you will succeed here, even if you have other types of engineering experience.

      Are you able to work remotely, within +/- 2 hours of US Eastern time zone?

      We all mostly work from home. This requires the ability to self-direct and communicate well in writing. It also offers tremendous freedom and power, which comes with, uh, tremendous responsibility. We currently require our team to be within a 2hr time zone difference of Richmond, VA and physically based in the United States.

       Bonus Points

      Being within easy driving distance of Richmond or Charlottesville is a huge plus!

      Experience with:

      Open source web development platforms (Rails, Django, Node.js)

      Writing tests and using automated testing frameworks

      Modern HTML/CSS (nothing crazy, we have a design team)

      JavaScript and front-end JavaScript frameworks


      AWS/cloud architectures

      Mobile-first development, iOS/Android, React Native, etc.


      A Great Team – Our team of engineers and designers is the best part of working here. We only hire people who are fantastic teammates – competent and smart, sure, but also humble, positive, and generous.

      Great Clients – We work with mostly small and medium clients, for whom our projects make a huge impact. We prioritize clients who are pleasant and good to work with, people who share our values of transparency and empathy.

      Work From Home – We are a distributed company. Everyone works from home, though the leadership team all live in central Virginia.

      Negligible Travel – In general, we don’t travel routinely for projects. If this is a specific concern, we’re happy to discuss.

      Flexible Work Schedule – We require a certain amount of overlap with the rest of the team, but if you have a predictable schedule, we can probably support it, e.g., ending at 3:30 every day or being out every Friday morning.

      Good Work Life Balance (really) – We ask our team to work 40 hours a week*. That’s all: a good, productive 40 hours. And then we try our best to leave you alone off the clock. We do this in part because that’s how we want to live but also because we want our team to be recharged and ready to do their best when working. *If you need to work fewer than 40 hours, that might be possible too; let’s talk.

      Competitive Compensation – We offer highly competitive salary and benefits, including generous time off, 401k, FSA, medical and dental insurance.

    • 2 weeks ago

      Senior SharePoint Consultant at ShortPoint will be responsible for: 

      Playing a key role in developing and maintaining new and existing products

      Providing architecture, design and development strategy for SharePoint solutions.

      Writing and maintaining code for solutions for ShortPoint 2013, 2016, 2019 and SharePoint Online

      Working extensively on SharePoint front-end user interface and user experience

      Providing stakeholders and customers assistance for SharePoint and other related products

      Debugging and troubleshooting existing SharePoint Farm Solutions, Add-Ins and Extensions

      Developing an understanding of customer requirements and transform them into new features in ShortPoint products

      Supporting Quality Assurance Team for developing automated test cases for SharePoint and related solutions

      Supporting DevOps for automating the development, deployment and testing of SharePoint and related solutions

      To work closely with clients and support them in their SharePoint and ShortPoint installations.


      Should be expert in

      Microsoft SharePoint Online

      Microsoft SharePoint 2016

      Microsoft SharePoint 2013

      SharePoint Framework

      Javascript and Javascript Frameworks

      HTML and CSS


      Good to have experience in

      SPFx Development

      node.js, gulp and Knockout framworks

      SharePoint App Development

      Microsoft SharePoint 2019

      Microsoft Flow

      Microsoft Power BI

      Microsoft Azure

      Amazon AWS

      Should Have

      Core Development Background and Experience

      An inquisitive mind with focus on attention to details

      Analytics and numerical problem solving skills

      Strong English communication skills

      Ability to work under pressure with strict deadlines

      Ability to deal effectively with uncertainties

      Recommended (But Not Required)

      Bachelors Degree in Computer Science or Information Systems

      SharePoint and other Microsoft Certifications