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    2 months ago
    The web engineering team is responsible for all things
    We use modern and well-supported tools to build the best possible version of our product in collaboration with the API and design teams.
    At a high level, the web architecture consists of a Node server (TypeScript), with React for rendering on both the server and client.
    Over the years, we’ve taken Unsplash from a humble Tumblr blog to a fully-fledged web app supporting tens of millions of users and tons of useful features. At the same time, we’ve improved its performance by leveraging modern techniques like SSR, dynamic chunk-splitting, CDN HTML caching, complex state management using memoization and Observables, etc. We’ve done all that with a lean team of just 2 web developers: frequent code releases and in-depth code reviews help us share knowledge and identify problems early. But there’s still so much more to learn and do, and that’s why we need you!
    We designed our company in a way to get as much of the stuff that’s not the creative work out of your way, so you can do your best work. We don’t believe in a top-down, shoulder-tapping, 9–5 type culture. You have the autonomy to manage yourself. We don’t work set hours. We respect flow. We believe you should be able to structure your days for what makes you feel the most energized and creative.
    A glance at some of our blog posts and open source work can give you an idea on how we approach and solve our problems:
    Recently open sourced libraries:
    Recent blog posts:
    If you tick (most of) these boxes, you should get in touch with us:
    • You’re comfortable being part of a small, autonomous and distributed team.
    • Being a small team, we dive into everything. You are comfortable working across the full stack, from writing CSS to fine tuning a CDN—although we don’t expect you to know these skills upfront, but you should be willing to learn them when they become necessary.
    • You’re a quick learner who’s able to pick up new concepts whenever necessary.
    • You’re able to adequately prioritize between improving UX, optimizing performance, and building new features.
    • You’re comfortable with React.
    • You care about the end-product beyond just writing the code that makes it work.
    It’s a bonus if you have experience with:
    • TypeScript, Redux, Reselect, Observables.
    • front-end performance (e.g. optimising page load, page layout, and React rendering).
    • building a large-scale app
    Our team is made up of people who enjoy making things people love. We care about details and we care about quality.
    • Generous vacation: 3 weeks MINIMUM vacation.
    • Work from home: We’re a remote first company.
    • Workshops/conferences: Conferences & Learning budget.
    • Company retreats: Team retreats 1-2 times a year.
    • Relocation: If you’d like to relocate to Montreal, we provide $8,000 lump sum to cover out-of-pocket costs associated with relocation
    • Flexible hours: You manage your time. You set your working hours.
    • Maternal/Paternal leave: If you have a baby, you’re paid for any time you need to take off. The time you take off will be your judgment. This is an important time and we don’t want to be deciding which days you should be taking off or not. We’ll be there for you. If we feel the balance is not quite right or if you have any questions, we’ll chat.
    • Pet friendly: Obviously if you work from home, but also if you relocate to Montreal. Our office is pet friendly.
    If you want to work with us, all we want to see is a message from you. Please don’t send a resume. Instead, tell us who you are. Show us relevant things you’ve done that you’re excited about.
  • Who are we?

    Plato is a new type of design agency. We empower people to do what they love from anywhere in the world. Our vision is to blend the best of human creativity with the power of Machine Learning to reimagine collaboration with each other, and partnership with our clients.

    We believe that if you hire talented folks, lead with trust, and give people the tools they need to succeed, then creativity will come. Our team is completely distributed, but we’re building new modes of operation together.

    Our team leverages technology to collaborate because we want to, dives into deep work when we need to, and (every so often) connects in real life because we like to. With us, you get the opportunity to be curious and collaborate with passionate peers, without sacrificing autonomy or career ownership.

    Plato is proud to be backed by Y Combinator and some of Silicon Valley’s best investors. Join us on our untraditional, inspiring journey.

    What We're Building

    Plato’s engineering team focuses on managing the complex flow of tasks, assets, and data between clients, creatives, and Plato agency staff, leveraging a workflow system to encode the processes for each types of design projects.

    We strive to:

    • enable our clients to request new design projects and provide feedback
    • let creatives in our network submit work and iterate
    • empower our agency team to oversee many projects with minimal coordination overhead

    Roles & Responsibilities

    • designing and building our core workflow engine
    • integrating or replacing the software tools used for managing agency processes
    • instrumenting and measuring efficiency metrics to help understand agency capacity
    • discovering and proposing optimizations to the agency team’s workflows

    Your Working Style

    • Strong Written Communication Skills: Plato is a remote-first team. In order to work effectively as a distributed team, it’s important to capture our thinking in a way that’s useful for asynchronous collaborators. - note about cover letters being required?
    • Productive Laziness: Plato’s goal is to scale beyond what other agencies have been able to accomplish. This involves relentlessly chasing down mundane tasks that can be automated, in order to free up creative thinkers to do what they do best. Successful Plato engineers will have found ways to automate their personal tasks or engineering workflows and enjoy analyzing existing processes and looking for optimizations.
    • Empathy for Users and Colleagues: We believe that engineers who genuinely care about their colleagues and users will be more effective in spotting potential improvements and in prioritizing tactical fixes that help users alongside the team’s core engineering work.

    Your Background

    • >= 5 years Web Development Experience: We are looking for engineers who can take ownership of large parts of our architecture. This requires thoughtful tradeoffs such as when to incur technical debt vs when to engineer something more robustly. We believe this kind of skill is earned through a track record of building and owning substantial systems. 
    • JS/React and Python: Though we use a Python/Django API backend with a React frontend, we believe that candidates with the right attitude and a willingness to learn are more likely to succeed than those with resumes that happen to contain the exact list of technologies we work with. This was our policy at the last company we founded (URX YC S’13), and lifelong learning is a core part of our engineering culture.
    • System Architecture: Independent of the tech stack, it’s important to understand various options for integrating a multi-component system through queues, databases, micro services, etc.
  • 1 month ago
    At Doist, our mission is to inspire the workplace of the future by creating simple yet powerful productivity tools that promote a more fulfilling way to work and live. We're a multidisciplinary, fully remote team that's passionate about creating products, like Todoist and Twist, that improve people's lives. We thrive on innovating new solutions to old productivity challenges and we seek to rethink how productivity tools are made. When you become a Doister, you’re not only joining a global, remote-first company, but a team of 60+ people who value:
    • Feeling empowered to achieve their ambitions
    • Inclusivity, open-mindedness, and diversity
    • The wellbeing of their teammates and the people around them
    • Making long-term, high-impact decisions, even if they’re harder
    We invite you to visit our blog to learn more about us, our values, and how we work. Your role As a web developer at Doist, you'll be the technical lead on some of the company's key projects, working closely with the marketing, design, front-end and back-end development teams every step of the way from strategy, planning, and design to implementation, testing, and optimization. This role is for a self-starter who's excited to build and maintain internal projects from end to end, optimize existing channels and explore new possibilities for engaging and growing our different communities.


    About you:
    • You have 3+ years of experience in web development.
    • You have a solid foundation of front-end development fundamentals (HTML5/CSS3/ES6) and enjoy turning design specs into pixel perfect UIs.
    • You're proficient in responsive design, smooth web animations, and email development.
    • You have experience working with back-end stacks and database systems. You're comfortable building simple web services from scratch.
    • You have experience with analytics and A/B testing tools and workflows. You're able to analyze data as part of your process to inform further optimization.
    • You sweat the details, but also know when to move on. You have a knack for developing reusable processes and frameworks that shorten implementation time and ensure quality.
    • You don't wait around for someone to tell you what to do, and you wouldn't want to anyway. You have ideas for how to improve and expand efforts and are proactive enough to see those ideas through to implementation.
    • Bonus points if you have technical SEO experience.


    We're bootstrapped, profitable, and committed to building a sustainable company that will grow for decades to come. We've built a benefits package that invests in our employee's long-term personal and professional growth and well-being. Here's a sample of what that includes:
    • Work-Life balance. That means 8 hours of work, 5 days each week (for a total of 40 hours) because the time you spend outside of work is just as important as the time you spend working.
    • Flexible schedule and location. This is a fully remote position, so you can work from wherever you please and on a schedule that works best for you. All you need is a computer and access to a stable internet connection (which we sponsor!).
    • Generous paid vacation. 40 days of paid time off to use however you like (vacation, national holidays, etc.).  
    • Paid parental leave. 18 weeks of paid maternity leave and 5 weeks of paid paternity/adoption leave.
    • Education stipend. You'll have a monthly budget to buy books, courses, and other resources you need to continue learning and developing.
    • Competitive compensation.
    • And much more!
  • 2 months ago
    Bear Group is a leading web development firm based in Seattle looking for an experienced backend web developer to join our team. You will have the opportunity to work with leading companies and marketing teams to develop complex sites and integrations between systems.
    We are a fully distributed team that primarily builds in PHP on the Magento and Drupal platforms for ecommerce and content management sites. Since we are fully remote, you can work from anywhere! We do require at least 4 hours of working time overlap with the Pacific time zone work day where most of our clients are located. As a highly client focused organization, you will occasionally need to meet according to their schedule. This typically falls between 10 and 5 Pacific time, and we strive to give you plenty of time to focus on development.
    Working with a variety of clients, we fluidly form groups including a Technical Project Manager, a Quality Analyst, and one or more developers to complete sprints of work. The type of work depends on the client, but often includes:
    • Developing client web sites using Drupal and Magento Commerce
    • Focus on front-end development: HTML/CSS/Javascript coding, with Twig and PHP at template level
    • Balancing workload across many projects simultaneously
    • Quality assurance and testing across projects
    • Collaborating cross-functionally and with a diverse group of clients
    • Working with business development to assess and price new client projects
    You will need to be self-motivating and able to work independently most of the time, but we have a friendly and capable team to collaborate with when you encounter obstacles. You’ll need to have a minimum of 3-5 years of related work experience, a BA/BS degree, and experience with Drupal, Magento or similar open source frameworks. You’ll also need to be visually oriented with experience in Sketch or Photoshop and a good understanding of content organization and concepts within information architecture. Experience in client-service environments is a must and you’ll need to be professional and client service oriented; positive and proactive; able to react swiftly to meet client expectations.
    Since the technology world is constantly evolving, you’ll be expected to keep up with the current technologies and practices. To help with this, we provide an annual education stipend that can be used for attending relevant conferences or continued education courses.
    During your first week you will work closely with one or our senior developers to set up your new system and familiarize with our processes and tools. The system will be either Mac, Linux, or Windows to your preference, and we use Docker containers for a consistent development server stack. Other tools you will use include:
    • Git for source control
    • Bitbucket for Git repositories
    • Jira for project management
    • Confluence for documentation
    • Slack for communication.
    As you get your feet under you we will introduce some project work, again in collaboration with a senior developer on a sprint they are currently working on. Ultimately our developers work independently on your own tickets and sprints.
    In addition to competitive pay, a new computer, insurance, and 401k match, you’ll also receive:
    • 3 Weeks PTO plus approximately 10 vacation days annually
    • $1500 annual education stipend
    • Software stipend for the tools that you prefer to do the job
    To learn more about the company, visit
    We are an equal opportunity employer and value diversity at our company. We do not discriminate on the basis of race, religion, color, national origin, gender, sexual orientation, age, marital status, veteran status, or disability status.
  • 2 days ago

    We’re looking for talented individuals interested in joining a new and growing global company. At Slang, you’ll be an early team member of a well-funded startup spun out from MIT. We’re building a world-class team to revolutionize language learning with cutting-edge technology and beautiful design.

    What we’re working on at Slang

    Slang started at MIT as a research project on using AI and NLP to make learning a new language as efficient as possible. Our technology powers a highly adaptive e-learning platform that offers an unprecedented variety of specialized English courses and proficiency tests for career development in over fifty fields like Sales, Finance, Logistics, Medicine, and Law. With just a small team, we’ve already created the largest professional English offering in the world. Now, we’re scaling up to release 1,000 more courses over the next three years.

    Learn more about our unique approach at We’d love to field any questions you have about our product and vision!

    What this role is about

    In this role, you’ll be involved in both product development and company strategy and execution — you’ll own the research, design, and development of the back ends of new features and you’ll help us refine our product roadmap. We have tens of thousands of active users and many subproblems in language learning to tackle.

    Our codebase is built with best practices in mind and our product is designed with proper user and developer experience at the forefront of development. The work we’re facing encompasses interesting infrastructural hurdles and data-heavy modeling and algorithmic tasks.

    Some of our technology comes from the open-source community, so be prepared to contribute back!

    Some interesting problems we’re tackling

    How can we determine what parts of a language a user already knows from a small sample of test exercises? How should we decide which parts of a language a user should learn next?

    How should we architect our database to support the growing number of activities our users submit every week (currently at more than a million per week)?

    How can we aggregate and communicate the learning statistics of a company’s employees for display to their managers?

    How can we analyze and leverage the massive amount of learner and content data we have to improve our learners’ experience?

    Skills and technologies

    Two or more years of experience in modern back-end web development, including…

    … Experience with modern web API stacks and related technologies, with a preference for Ruby on Rails experience.

    … Experience with database technologies, data structures, and related optimization. We currently deal with large amounts of data in PostgreSQL and Redis.

    A strong desire to maintain a clean, reliable, maintainable, and efficient codebase.

    Excellent discipline and focus, especially in autonomous environments, and strong English communication skills. We’re a small team and we’re moving quick!

    A plus: interest or experience with computational linguistics, natural-language processing (NLP), language-learning, speech recognition, data science, or machine learning.

    What Slang can offer you

    Our compensation package includes a competitive salary, company equity, and unique benefits.

    Most importantly, we offer the special experience of being part of a fast-moving and quickly growing international company within the entrepreneurial ecosystems of Boston and MIT.

    For more information about Slang and our ecosystem, check out our El Tiempo interview from our beta launch; the portfolio of Social Capital, our lead investor and investor in companies like Slack and Intercom; our Crunchbase profile; and the profiles of our founders, Diego Villegas and Kamran Khan.

    Where we’re located

    Our team is currently split between Boston and Bogotá, and we are recruiting great people in these locations and around the world who are able to work remotely. This role provides an opportunity to travel to our current offices in Boston and Bogotá and the new offices we’ll be opening this year!

    Our US headquarters is located in the Cambridge Innovation Center in the heart of downtown Boston, easily accessible by public transportation and alongside other innovative companies. Our Colombia office is located in the Rosales neighborhood of Bogotá.


    We'd love to hear from you — apply below!

    Slang is an equal-opportunity employer. We celebrate diversity and are excited about creating an inclusive and healthy environment for all employees.

  • 5 days ago

    We're looking for a Senior Web Developer, who is self-starter, can think on his/her feet, play well with others, and do great work in a fast paced, agency environment and has experience developing for content management platforms such as Kentico, Sitecore and/or Sitefinity.

    By bringing together like-minded people, who share common passions, who enjoy each other's company and respect each other's skills, BlueModus has created a culture where people work hard, have each other’s backs, and love what they do. Come join a team with a clear mandate to deliver high value to their clients. If you’re up for a challenge, then we’d love to hear from you.


    • Work at a company that was a Finalist for 2018 Best Places to Work by Denver Business Journal and ranked #50 on 2019 Best Places to Work by Built in Colorado

    • Competitive salary

    • Recharge your batteries with ample paid time off that includes 9 holidays, 10 vacation, 2 personal and 5 sick days

    • Get that dental checkup with full benefits - health, dental, vision and disability

    • Plan for your future with our 401(k) plan + employer match

    • Stay fit and healthy with our gym membership reimbursement

    • Awesome office in the heart of downtown Denver right off the iconic 16th Street Mall

    • Fully stocked kitchen and snack dispensers

    • Catered team lunches 4 days a week, plus breakfast on Fridays

    • Keg for Thirsty Thursdays

    • Team building “fun” days and other company sponsored activities through the year

    • Dog friendly office

    • Commute in style with our RTD reimbursements or don’t commute at all with our remote work options

    • Whether you’re an early riser or a snooze master, pick a schedule that works for you with flexible working hours

    What You Will Be Doing:

    • Responsible for billable client consulting

    • Maintenance and continued enhancement of the back end of our clients' web sites and web applications

    • Understanding and applying applicable development and coding standards

    • Building packages and deploying software to integration environments

    • Fielding technical questions from clients, other developers, project management, quality assurance, and other colleagues

    • Providing development estimates for enhancement requests

    • Participating actively in agile teams while learning from software architects and / or solution leads

    • Investigating and resolving bugs and deficiencies in the project codebase

    • Building and maintaining internal tools to streamline the software development process and enhance productivity

    • Researching new software development concepts and making suggestions for improvements

    • Creating and integrating features for our client solutions using the latest C#/ .NET technologies

    • Writing web services, business objects, and other middle-tier framework using the .NET framework

    • Actively participating in code reviews

    • Championing testing and QA initiatives

    Must Haves:

    • 5+ years of .NET/ASP.NET development experience using C# like Microsoft MVC, WCF, Web API, and WebForms

    • 5+ years of experience with object-oriented design, software patterns, multi-threaded, debugging and refactoring

    • 3+ years of JavaScript experience

    • Experience developing websites and microsites in a Content Management System (CMS) like Kentico, Sitecore, or Sitefinity

    • Experience troubleshooting of CSS and HTML issues

    • Experience resolving cross-browser compatibility issues

    • Experience with MSSQL Server + T-SQL, creating tables, stored procedures, and data views

    • Understanding of code versioning tools, such as Git, Mercurial or SVN

    • Experience with Continuous Integration and Automated Build products like Team City, Azure DevOps, or Jenkins

    • Experience with responsive and mobile site development

    • Understanding of DevOps principles: sites, certs, automation, and networking

    • Strong testing and QA ethic


    • Experience working at in an agency environment

    • Experience with agile/lean development

    • Understand SEO principles

    • Bachelor’s degree in computer science, computer or electronics engineering, information technology or related

  • US citizen or ability to work in the United States without sponsorship

    TL;DR: Why Consider This Position?

    * We have a commitment to transparency and offer a "no surprises experience" throughout the interview and hiring process.
    * We practice and preach sound development practices. You are likely to learn and grow as a developer while working here.
    * Our pay and benefits will be somewhere between good and great, depending on what you are used to and where you live (see below for specifics).
    * You will have the option of working from home or our office, whatever suits you best. Let's make the most of our time and minimize commuting when not necessary.
    * We have a no-drama office policy. We value and cultivate enjoyable working relationships among team members.
    * We emphasize work/life balance and adopt policies that make sure our people don't get burnt out. For instance, our PTO/Vacation policies are designed so that you actually use them.
    * A commitment to Agile Principles while not being enslaved to any particular methodology.
    * You like building full stack web applications with technologies like Python, React, SQL, etc.
    * You are committed to automated testing of all the software you write (our apps typically have 92%+ test coverage).
    * You recognize that there is a lot of idealism in the software development community and are not disenchanted with the the day-to-day realities of programming.
    * You like working independently but can contribute to a team as needed
    * If you apply, we will give you a yay or nay response. No black holes here!

    The position we have open is for a Senior Developer.  Senior Developers usually have 6-10 years relevant experience and meet the following requirements:
    1. Technical Skills
        * Are able to write modular, well-tested, and maintainable code
        * Know at least two software development domains (SQL, Front-End, Back-End) really well and are capable of radiating that knowledge to our team and beyond
        * Are able to work on multiple projects as needed
    2. Leadership
        * Leads the design for customer projects with feedback from other engineers
        * Proposes new ideas for improving the development team, customer projects, and/or our tech stack
        * Adheres to and promotes our development culture and mission
        * For Team Leads (see below): invests in other team members to see that they are growing as individuals and to facilitate productivity within our team.
    3. Code quality
        * Leaves code in substantially better shape than before
        * Fixes bugs/regressions quickly
        * Monitors overall code quality/build failures
        * Creates tests religiously and makes sure the rest of the team is doing the same
        * Proactively identifies and reduces technical debt
        * Proactively defines and solves important architectural issues that may hinder development
    4. Communication
        * Provides thorough and timely code feedback for peers
        * Able to communicate clearly on technical topics
        * Keeps issues up-to-date with progress
        * Helps guide other merge requests to completion
        * Helps with recruiting and interviewing
        * Is able to manage conversations directly with customer contacts when needed.
    5. Performance & Scalability
        * Excellent at writing production-ready code with little assistance
        * Able to write complex code that can scale with a significant number of users
        * Avoids premature optimization


    In addition to the leadership expectations noted above, some of our senior developers will also be involved in leading other developers and interacting with customers. We realize not every senior developer is as good with people as they are with code and that’s ok. We need and value individual contributors. But if you like and are good at interacting with people, we will have opportunities for you to lead teams and/or projects 

    US citizen or ability to work in the United States without sponsorship

  • 4 weeks ago
    As a Platform Engineer at Serverless, you will be building large scale micro-service architectures and distributed data pipelines to support the backend needs of compelling user facing products. These needs go beyond functionality and encompass performance, reliability and cost-effectiveness at web scale. You will be responsible for maintaining and nurturing a cohesive architecture on a rapidly expanding and evolving project. In addition, you will be managing and operating infrastructure and services running on multiple data centers worldwide. Most importantly, you will have end to end engineering ownership - Ideation, Development, Release, Production support and Enhancements.

    Our ideal person is someone who has extensive experience building high throughput, low latency APIs and has operated distributed systems to offer stringent SLAs at scale. Someone who can quickly prototype functionality but also knows how to make services production-ready. You have the ability to adopt new technologies with ease and are comfortable being on-call as needed to support what you build.

    To excel in this role, you MUST be good at

    - Presenting complex ideas and approaches in simple communicable terms across engineering and management levels
    - Proposing solution alternatives, analyzing tradeoffs and making high impact product and engineering decisions
    - Independently solving complex problems as well as collaborating with other engineers on team initiatives
    - Evaluating and incorporating open source software into Serverless’ technical architecture
    - Rapidly Iterating on solutions and continuously delivering software with automated unit/integration tests
    - Collaborating to fellow engineers and embodying development best practices
    - Demonstrating flexibility and efficiency working with remote teams
    - Working with multiple programming languages in a polyglot environment


    * Minimum 4-6 years experience developing production-grade backends, APIs and data pipelines
    * Expertise in designing and architecting distributed systems that operate at web-scale
    * Background in cloud-centric technical architectures involving load balancers, distributed caches and eventually consistent databases
    * Ops automation experience with multi-region public cloud deployments, preferably AWS
    * Strong grasp of horizontal and vertical concerns of micro services such as discovery, rate limiting and monitoring
    * Experience being on-call to support live production software
    * Working knowledge of shell scripting, Continuous integration and delivery
    * Good understanding of foundational networking concepts, protocols and security (TCP/IP, DNS, TLS etc)
    * Strong programming fundamentals and ability to produce high quality, tested code
    * Mastery with one or more general purpose programming languages (Javascript, Python, Scala etc.)
    * Working knowledge of Go is a plus
    * Comfort with dynamic startup environments where change is constant and there is a need to be largely self-guided
    * BS or MS in Computer Science or related technical field

    If you are excited by the aforementioned responsibilities and meet the above qualifications, send us your resume and LinkedIn profile along with a note on why you think you are a good fit for this role. We are committed to providing all applicants a timely response.

    We are proud to be an equal opportunity workplace committed to building a team culture that celebrates diversity and inclusion. 
  • Lambda School is a combination of a school and an investment fund. Lambda School's mission is to find untapped or underutilized talent, and to train that talent for the most in-demand jobs in the world. Lambda School is pioneering a new model of higher education in which the school invests in the students, instead of the other way around.

    Lambda has just successfully completed its Series B fund raising round with premier tier venture investors. We are operating in 40+ states across the US today and eyeing international expansion opportunities. 

    This is a highly visible, student-facing role on the Instruction team, reporting directly to the Lambda Labs Development Program Manager.

    As the Engineering Team Leader, you’ll be responsible for assisting 8-12 teams of students (5-8 developers) to architect, build, and deploy real software products. Your core role will be to help set and create an exciting and engaging products development environment.

    Your responsibilities will include frequent check-ins with teams and working with project managers and section leads to assure consistent progress and impressive project outcomes. The goal of Labs is to prepare students for real world experience in a development career.

    Additionally, you’ll be expected to actively contribute to and improve upon the existing curriculum for the Labs portion of the students learning. This includes lessons on topics like: weekly planning, git workflow, technical planning, working with others, project scoping, quality assurance and bug testing, pair programming, and more.

    You must be comfortable suggesting and implementing new ideas that improve the quality and integrity of the school. You understand that there are always new opportunities for improvement and ways to elevate our standards.

    Duties and Responsibilities

    Guide and train teams to create impressive and successful software products for their portfolios.

    Attend check-in meetings with teams to give feedback and guidance regularly.

    Collaborate with other Labs Team Leaders, other program instructors, student success associates and leadership to help create an exciting and engaging culture for students.

    Build, implement, deliver, and continue to improve upon Labs Experience course curriculum that produces job market ready graduates

    Report on student progress and success throughout the Labs experience

    Coordinate efforts with the course section leads (SL) and project managers (PMs) to ensure PMs understand the nuances of project development and reporting mechanisms so the PMs can effectively support students’ development outcomes

    Accountable for project completion rates

    Accountable for student culture scores

    Education, Skills, and Experience

    Minimum 3+ years of experience in the industry

    Experience in engineering management or team development training/instruction

    Excellent written and verbal communication skills; comfortable and compelling in public speaking situations

    Ability to work with a diverse group of individuals

    Self-starting with the ability to effectively work autonomously with little oversightIntelligent, dedicated, flexible with a willingness to experiment

    Big plus, if you...

    Have worked in an engineering organization with 1000+ engineers

    Have experience with test driven development and testing by QA engineering teams

    are familiar with Zoom, Slack, and Airtable

    Have an interest in keeping up with the latest in Web Development technology

    Have previous experience at a growth stage internet/software company

    Lambda School is an equal opportunity employer, and acts in this capacity without regard to race, color, religion, sex, national origin, age, or disability.

  • 1 month ago

    Massdrop Engineering is a small, fast-moving team dedicated to fundamentally changing the way enthusiast communities buy and interact online. We’re looking to grow our engineering team with a seasoned web developer who ideally has experience with React and Node.

    As a Principal Software Engineer you will be a key contributor to technology at Massdrop. You’ll have direct impact on the company by leading development of some big and exciting projects. You’ll work closely with Engineering, Product, Design and Data teams deliver amazing experiences to our enthusiast communities as we grow and scale.

    Who You Are

    The ideal candidate should be strong in a majority of the bullet points below:

    • Able to turn business objectives into researched, working technical solutions.
    • Have a history of strong technical ownership on past web development projects - were you the “go to” person to get something built/investigated/fixed?
    • Have knowledge of professional software engineering practices & best practices for the full software development life cycle, including coding standards, code reviews, source control management, build processes, testing, and operations.
    • Feel comfortable in lead position - able to guide a small team to success on a large project.
    • Understand the value of team processes and are able to help others abide by them.
    • Are comfortable providing development time estimates, both rough and detailed.
    • Have experience with “ops” work - able to resolve production breakages or emergencies while maintaining a cool head.
    • Have strong written and verbal communication - especially when interacting with other disciplines such as Product Management and Design.
    • Enjoy mentoring others.

    And proficient with most of:

    • React.js
    • Node.js
    • Redis
    • MySQL or other relational db
    • AWS or other cloud environment

    Who We Are

    Massdrop is community-driven commerce. We design products with input from our members and give them a place to connect, learn, and shop with people who share their interests.

    The engineering team contains of a number of seasoned developers who have scaled web apps beyond 10M daily active users. With our combined experiences we’ve distilled good practices and processes to ensure a healthy, sane, and efficient work environment. We’re all about quality engineering, not big egos; the best ideas win here.

    If this sounds like the right environment for you to continue your software engineering career, then please submit an application. We’d love to talk with you!

  • Toptal (GMT+01:00) Central European Time - Prague +/- 4 hours)
    2 months ago
    Ruby on Rails powers a lot of our infrastructure, and we’re always looking for talented Rails developers to help us reach the next level. By joining our team, you’ll get the opportunity to work on many of our various Rails projects with a team of highly skilled Rails experts from around the world. At Toptal, we push the boundaries on what’s possible with Rails every single day, and we’d love for you to help us get even further. The bulk of the work we do on a daily basis is pure back-end development, but occasionally some new UI has to be wired up, so some front-end skills on your part certainly won’t hurt. We don’t cut corners, and we don’t make compromises—we create beautifully architected Rails apps that are polished, fast, well-tested, and a joy to use. This is a remote position that can be done from anywhere. Responsibilities:
    • Design, build, and maintain efficient, reusable, and reliable Ruby code.
    • Integrate user-facing elements developed by front-end developers with server-side logic.
    • Identify bottlenecks and bugs and devise elegant solutions.
    • Make strategic technical decisions related to new products and functionality.
    • Help maintain code quality.
    • Onboard and mentor new team members.
    • You must have 3+ years of web development experience—preference given to candidates who have experience with large applications of some scale.
    • You must have a solid grasp of object-oriented programming, automated software testing, databases, development, and testing methodologies.
    • You must have experience developing a web framework—with Ruby on Rails a plus.
    • Be interested in working across the software stack (Ruby on Rails, JavaScript/CoffeeScript, PostgreSQL, Elasticsearch).
    • Be excited about deploying to production multiple times a day and collaborating daily with your team and other groups while working via a distributed model.
    • Take smart risks and champion new ideas.
    • Be comfortable with iterative and incremental development.
    • Be willing to help your teammates, share your knowledge with them, and learn from them.
    • Be open to receiving feedback.
    • You must be a world-class individual contributor to thrive at Toptal. You will not be here just to tell other people what to do.
  • We look for people who are:

    • As passionate about helping customers succeed as they are about working with new technologies.
    • Confident, and value freedom (we work almost exclusively from home), but humble enough to ask questions when they are stuck.
    • Want to build new things, but don’t mind rolling up their sleeves and doing what needs to get done.
    • Love to work directly with customers to solve their business problems.
    • Want to work hard, but balance that with the rest of their life.

    We are looking for a passionate developer to be the next member of our growing developer-owned company. The ideal candidate would have extensive experience with one of the following languages: Ruby, Python, PHP, JavaScript, etc…. We are looking for someone who has experience building production web applications and is as passionate about helping customers as they are about working with new technologies. We need a candidate that is confident and values freedom (we work almost exclusively from home), but is humble enough to ask questions when they are stuck. We need a candidate who wants to build new things, but doesn’t mind rolling up their sleeves and doing some maintenance work. We know this is a hard mix to find, but if you feel like you’re up for the challenge, please get in touch!

  • Daylytes is building a company that brings people together through sports. We believe sports coverage lags behind the rest of the social and mobile apps we use, and we plan to build a solution. We aim to bring our customers relevant, unique, and engaging daily highlights (daylytes) that surpasses current sports media options. We’re starting methodically by delivering a superior product in a few local niches, then will expand outward to cover an increasing number of cities and regions with a scalable solution.

    We are developer-centric, led by a technical founder with startup experience, venture backed, and aim to provide our developers with a distraction free environment where they can solve scalable problems, thrive, and grow. You will be one of the first five to join the company, and will get to play a critical role in the direction of the business. You will help define the platform, have responsibilities that are not redundant, and be held accountable by our small team of less than five


    • Development of web-app and backend that will serve the Daylytes mobile apps (our stack is Rails, with React Native on mobile, and PostgreSQL db's.)

    • Managing data gathering scripts, scrapers, and data cleansing programs used in our content aggregation and tagging.

    • Administration of a database of sports content and metadata that will be used by web and mobile front ends.

    • Working directly with mobile developers and being involved in technical decisions that will impact our core mobile app.

    Technical Requirements

    • Experience with Ruby or/and Javascript as well as exposure to a variety of general programming languages

    • Experience with web development

    • Experience with database-driven applications and creating an API (we use PostgreSQL, with some legacy MySQL databases in use)

    Nice to Have's

    • History working in a small startup environment

    • Prior work creating a consumer app and maintaining it in the App Store

    • Any portfolio of work that you can share, public repos, open-source contributions, etc.


    • A bachelors or graduate degree in computer science, engineering, or equivalent

    • More than 3 years experience