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    2 months ago
    Reporting to the Manager of Engineering, the Front End Software Engineer is responsible for providing the user interface technology for our customers.  This role will work with other UI/UX engineers, product, design teams, as well as back-end engineers to deliver a seamless and elegant user experience.

    Essential Duties/Responsibilities

    • Focus on development of an engaging user experience using modern and appropriate approaches to web development.
    • Help establish, reinforce, and periodically evaluate coding standards and code quality.
    • Engage in constant knowledge sharing with others on the team, across teams, across communities of practice, and across products.
    • Help with planning efforts and assess technical feasibility of solutions and design proposals.
    • As an effective communicator, work collaboratively and constructively with others in the team and broader organization.
    • Coordinate with back-end platform and API teams to integrate with existing and future APIs.
    • Other duties as assigned.
    The above statements are neither intended to be an all-inclusive list of the duties and responsibilities of the job described, nor are they intended to be a listing of all of the skills and abilities required to do the job. Rather, they are intended only to describe the general nature of the job. This job description is not a contract of employment, either express or implied. Employment with Cofense will be voluntarily entered into and your employment is considered at will. Cofense reserves the right to alter the job description at any time without notice.

    Knowledge, Skills and Abilities Required

    • Excellent understanding of JavaScript as a language and its ecosystem, especially as it relates to front-end development.
    • Proficient in HTML and CSS with knowledge of web standards, advanced layouts, accessibility, and responsive design.
    • Comfortable with build tools, template languages, and pre-processors.
    • An understanding of HTTP and RESTful API design.
    • Ability to maintain a test-centric approach to development to ensure code quality and ease of maintenance.
    • Excellent understanding of browser security and performance.
    • Comfortable at the command line and with utilizing Git commands.
    • Longstanding familiarity with the JavaScript community -- you stay on top of current news and changes to the language and framework landscape.
    • Passionate about user experience, building modern interfaces, and collaborating closely with Product Designers.
    • Constant desire and eagerness to further develop your skillset.
    Education and/or Experience:
    • Bachelor’s degree preferred.
    • At least 5 years of professional experience in software engineering preferred.
    • Recent production experience building, maintaining, and deploying client-side JavaScript applications using one or more frameworks (e.g. Vue.js, React, or Ember.js).
    • Experience with Vue.js preferred.
    • Experience in another language beyond JavaScript, preferably Java.
    • Experience writing and maintaining clear, consistent documentation to support your code design.
    • Experience with cross-browser compatibility and relevant shims, fallbacks, and polyfills.
    • Competitive salary
    • 401k plan with company match
    • Health, vision, dental, disability, and life insurance
    • Telecom bonus
    Location: Remote, United States Only 
  • Simple Thread (USA)
    1 month ago

    We are looking for a thoughtful, detail-oriented developer to be the next member of our growing developer-owned, remote-friendly, people-first, hyphen-loving company. 

    The ideal candidate would have several years of experience working in open source web frameworks. They would also be eager to learn, grow, and foster healthy working relationships. 

    If you have experience building production web applications and are as passionate about helping customers as you are about working with new technologies, then we want to talk! 


    Skills & Requirements

    Do you love to work directly with customers to solve business problems?

    We believe great software is discovered by understanding the core problems our clients are facing – and that is best achieved through frequent and direct communication with the subject matter experts. We provide leadership to support and guide interactions, but we need you to be comfortable talking with clients, discussing problems, and proposing solutions, which may not always be more software. 

    Do you have experience writing production web applications?


    We strive to support our team’s growth, learning, and taking on new roles at the edge of our comfort zones. At the same time, our clients expect us to bring a certain level of expertise. If you have never worked on a production web application, it is unlikely you will succeed here, even if you have other types of engineering experience.

    Are you able to work remotely, within +/- 2 hours of US Eastern time zone?

    We all mostly work from home. This requires the ability to self-direct and communicate well in writing. It also offers tremendous freedom and power, which comes with, uh, tremendous responsibility. We currently require our team to be within a 2hr time zone difference of Richmond, VA and physically based in the United States.

     Bonus Points

    Being within easy driving distance of Richmond or Charlottesville is a huge plus!

    Experience with:

    Open source web development platforms (Rails, Django, Node.js)

    Writing tests and using automated testing frameworks

    Modern HTML/CSS (nothing crazy, we have a design team)

    JavaScript and front-end JavaScript frameworks


    AWS/cloud architectures

    Mobile-first development, iOS/Android, React Native, etc.


    A Great Team – Our team of engineers and designers is the best part of working here. We only hire people who are fantastic teammates – competent and smart, sure, but also humble, positive, and generous.

    Great Clients – We work with mostly small and medium clients, for whom our projects make a huge impact. We prioritize clients who are pleasant and good to work with, people who share our values of transparency and empathy.

    Work From Home – We are a distributed company. Everyone works from home, though the leadership team all live in central Virginia.

    Negligible Travel – In general, we don’t travel routinely for projects. If this is a specific concern, we’re happy to discuss.

    Flexible Work Schedule – We require a certain amount of overlap with the rest of the team, but if you have a predictable schedule, we can probably support it, e.g., ending at 3:30 every day or being out every Friday morning.

    Good Work Life Balance (really) – We ask our team to work 40 hours a week*. That’s all: a good, productive 40 hours. And then we try our best to leave you alone off the clock. We do this in part because that’s how we want to live but also because we want our team to be recharged and ready to do their best when working. *If you need to work fewer than 40 hours, that might be possible too; let’s talk.

    Competitive Compensation – We offer highly competitive salary and benefits, including generous time off, 401k, FSA, medical and dental insurance.