Senior Product Manager, Dogfood Coach


3 weeks ago

05/04/2019 11:52:03

Job type: Full-time

Hiring from: Americas/EMEA

Category: Product

Remote, Americas/EMEA
This position is remote based.
We're looking for a product manager to make GitLab for GitLab; focusing on internal customers and features they need to better do their job. At GitLab, our goal is to dogfood everything. Communicating and coordinating these efforts can be difficult, especially with our product team organized around DevOps lifecycle stages. This role cuts across all the stages to focus on the needs of the internal customers.
We work in quite a unique way at GitLab, where lots of flexibility and independence is mixed with a high paced, pragmatic way of working. And everything we do is in the open.

We recommend looking at our company page and the product handbook to get started.


  • Drive the product in the right direction
    • Build an effective dogfood roadmap to prioritize features and user experiences that will positively impact usage of the product internally
    • Take high-level feature proposals and internal customer problems and break them into small iterations that engineering can work on
    • Balance new features, improvements, and bugfixes to ensure a high velocity and a stable product
    • Consider the business impact, ROI, and other implications when taking important decisions
  • Take an active role in defining the future
  • Manage the product lifecycle end-to-end
    • Follow feature development end-to-end; provide guidance and feedback to engineers and designers; ensure everyone is aligned
    • Rapidly execute dogfooding opportunities by working with engineering to increase internal product usage
    • Contribute to documentation, blog posts, demos, and marketing materials for product features
    • Collaborate with other Product Managers, UX, and engineers in cross-area features to build a single application
    • Manage the uncertainty in an efficient way, adjusting plans to new working conditions
  • Engage with stakeholders in two-way communication
    • Ruthlessly prioritize the needs of internal users
    • Talk to internal customers and engage with them regularly - identify areas of dogfooding opportunity that can also benefit the community
    • Work with the entire Product team to share improvements and best practices
    • Have a strong presence in customer advisory boards and other customer feedback forums to fully understand customer pain points and how these can be solved in the future for internal users
    • Ability to work with and present to C-level executives internally at GitLab

You are not (solely) responsible for:

  • A team of engineers: you will take the lead in decisions about the product, but not manage the people implementing it
  • Capacity planning: you will define priorities, but the Engineering Manager evaluates the amount of work possible
  • Shipping in time: you will work in a group, but the group is responsible for shipping in time, not you


  • 5+ years product management and data analysis experience
  • Excellent written and oral communication skills
  • Ability to think like a CEO to drive success of your product area
  • Fantastic problem solving skills and attention to detail
  • Strong understanding of Git and Git workflows
  • Knowledge of the developer tool space
  • Strong technically: you understand how software is built, packaged, and deployed
  • Passion for design and usability
  • Highly independent and pragmatic
  • Excellent proficiency in English
  • You are living wherever you want
  • You share our values, and work in accordance with those values
  • Strong understanding of DevOps and cloud-native application development
  • Understanding of A/B testing and platforms for doing this testing such as Optimizely
  • Understanding of data analysis and statistics
  • Understanding of data analysis platforms and applications such as Snowplow, Jupyter Notebooks and Looker 
  • Bonus points: understanding of Meltano
  • Bonus points: experience with GitLab
  • Bonus points: experience in working with open source projects 

Hiring Process

    • Selected candidates will be invited to schedule a screening call with our Global Recruiters
    • Next, candidates will be invited to schedule a first interview with a Product Manager
    • Candidates will then be invited to schedule an interview with our Director of Product
    • Candidates will then be invited to schedule an interview with the an Engineering Manager
    • Candidates will be invited to schedule an interview with our Head of Product
    • Candidates may be asked to schedule a deep dive interview
    • Candidates may be asked to meet with additional team members at the manager's discretion
    • Finally, candidates may interview with our CEO

The compensation calculator for this role can be found here.


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    Hi, I’m Brian, Director of Product at,

    I’m looking for a Product Manager to join our team who gets excited about how product experiences continue beyond a company's web or mobile app. Every message, delivery, notification, and ad is part of a customer's product experience. I need you to come help us build the platform that enables those connected experiences.

    Our product development is done by squads: small groups of engineers, designers, and a product manager like you, focused on solving a customer problem. You’ll lead one of these squads and own major parts of our roadmap. From conception to far past delivery you'll stay close with our customers to understand the impact of your work.

    We will be accepting applications until June 2nd. There is no advantage to applying early, so take the time to put your best foot forward. Including a product portfolio is encouraged.


    At we believe that businesses who create strong relationships with their customers will outperform the ones that don’t.

    We’re working to make the default choice for any internet business to deliver great, automated customer experiences at scale. is used by over 1200 businesses to create continuity after a person leaves a website or mobile app. Every message (receipts, win-backs, and onboarding) across every channel (email, push, sms and more) can be managed and measured in

    The work you do here will raise the bar for the everyday communications we all receive. It drives us crazy when we get useless emails and notifications that feel like spam from companies we admire. Our customers are marketers, growth hackers, and engineers who are dreaming up ideas for how to be genuine and personal in their messages to customers.

    What will you be doing?

    Collecting and analyzing tons of feedback from a variety of sources and identifying underlying user problems

    Pitching solutions to those user problems in close collaboration with designers and engineers

    Driving those solutions to production while keeping scope in check and validating progress with customers

    Partnering with marketing, sales, and support to implement anything needed (docs, blogs, presentations, etc) to ensure customers get value from features we ship

    Defining success metrics for features, reporting results after shipping, and proposing future iterations

    You’ll join a team of 6, including:

    Brian (that's me!), our Director of Product, to define a roadmap that balances customer problems, our strengths, and our market position.

    Kate and Brendan: your Product Management crew. You'll learn from them, teach them, and push each other to do the best work you've ever done.

    Ivana, Madeline, and Richard: 3 exceptional Product Designers. We set a high standard for the user experiences we create and the way they affect our customer's lives.

    An engineering team who is passionate about the product. They’ll help you get the details right and ensure it’s going to scale flawlessly.

    Colleagues in data, marketing, sales, and customer support. We’re a tight-knit company where you’ll get a stream of customer insight from a team who genuinely cares about giving our customers messaging superpowers.

    What will you bring to the table?

    You’ve seen what happens when a team gets aligned around the customer’s experience and are on a mission to help every team you work with achieve that understanding.

    Your north star is creating moments where customers hire your feature for their job to be done. Thousands of little things must to go right to produce those moments. To some it feels miraculous that everything lined up, but you know it’s no accident.

    You’re hungry to learn, and you love to ask “Why?” one more time. Whether it’s uncovering the true motivation of a customer or the root cause of a disagreement about priorities, you’re always curious and seeking to identify the piece that completes the puzzle.

    You’re an exceptionally organized and motivated person. You know what pieces need to come together to successfully run a software development process and make it your mission to help everyone around you keep focused and excited about the end goal.

    You take ownership of problems even when the next steps and solutions aren't yet clear. You’re looking to work with a startup where you’ll have a lot of freedom and be responsible for the impact you make. Working with folks in different timezones will be standard issue for you around here, so being able to stay determined, even when the answers aren’t in front of you, is essential.

    You are a proactive communicator. You strive to be articulate and empathetic in your interactions and believe in “working out loud” to share work early and helpfully. You’re an excellent written communicator who values clarity and brevity while avoiding jargon.

    Bonus! Not a requirement, but shout about it if you have experience with...

    Experience working on Marketing Tech or Ad Tech SaaS produts

    Using or other marketing automation services in a previous role

    Why should you work with

    We're in a special moment as a company: small enough where you'll have a big impact as an individual, big enough to have resources to conquer ambitious goals as a team, yet calm about how we set growth goals.

    We are offering a starting salary between $90,000 - 110,000 USD depending on experience. Check out our career's page for more information on our great benefits and why you should come work with us!

    Diversity statement

    We want to build and maintain a diverse, inclusive, and equitable environment where everyone has the opportunity to learn, mentor, and grow. We know that diverse teams make better products, and especially encourage applicants from underrepresented groups to apply — if you have any questions, please let us know via Twitter. We don’t want “culture fit”, but “culture add.” We want people with different backgrounds from the team we have today to bring their perspective and thoughtfulness to the work that we do and the culture we’re always working to build.

    Come join us!

    Apply below and be sure to add a prominent reference to a pigeon to your cover letter or portfolio. You'll just have to trust me: this is important, yet not serious at all.

    Aside from letting you know we received your application, we won't be in touch till after the June 2nd deadline. After that, we'll be in touch regularly to keep you informed about our progress.

  • 2 weeks ago

    As a Product Marketing Manager, Monitoring, you will work closely with our marketing, engineering, business development and sales team, and partners to help them understand how GitLab monitoring capabilities solve customer problems as well as educate them about market competitors.  You will also be responsible for crafting, testing, creating and rolling out messaging and positioning of GitLab’s monitoring capabilities.


    • 5-7 years of experience in product marketing with desired experience in the specialty.
    • Outstanding written and verbal communications skills with the ability to explain and translate complex technology concepts into simple and intuitive communications.
    • Able to coordinate across many teams and perform in fast-moving startup environment.
    • Excellent spoken and written English.
    • Proven ability to be self-directed and work with minimal supervision.
    • Experience with Software-as-a-Service offerings and open core software a plus.
    • Technical background or good understanding of developer and IT operations products; familiarity with Git, Continuous Integration, Containers, and Kubernetes a plus.
    • Use data to measure results and inform decision making and strategy development.
    • You share our values, and work in accordance with those values.

    Senior Requirements

    • At least 6 years enterprise software marketing experience, including 4 directly in product marketing
    • In-depth industry experience and working knowledge using or building software products, particularly cloud software, collaboration software, or developer tools
    • Highly technical to be able to independently develop demos, webinars, videos, technical collateral, ROI/value oriented assessments, etc.
    • Experience designing sales collateral from scratch based on sales conversations, sales calls, product interviews, user interviews, market research, and your own experience
    • Experience in building sales enablement collateral and the corresponding training to ensure that salespeople can confidently and accurately deliver GitLab's enterprise value proposition.
    • Experience with sales enablement in a partner & alliances context
    • Experience managing sales and marketing requirements & expectations in a fast-growing environment
    • Obsessive about iteration, quality, clarity, details, & execution
    • Market research and competitive intelligence experience
    • Stay on top of trends in the space via conferences, publications, social media, etc

    Monitoring Specialist


    • At least 2-3 years of product marketing experience marketing IT operations monitoring products and services such as tracing, logging, application performance monitoring, incident management, and related metrics.
    • Understand market dynamics, the competition, and customer needs of the enterprise IT operations space.
    • Develop product marketing collateral such as website pages focused on monitoring capabilities of GitLab, demos, webinars, videos, white papers, customer and partner facing decks, and data sheets.
    • Train and enable sales and partner teams to understand GitLab monitoring features and capabilities of the product.

    Senior Responsibilities

    • At least 5-7 years of product marketing experience marketing IT operations monitoring products and services such as tracing, logging, application performance monitoring, incident management, and related metrics.
    • Deep understanding of Agile and DevOps methodologies across the entire Software Development Lifecycle, especially in large enterprise environments.
    • Understand enterprise buyer and user personas tasked with enterprise IT operations and monitoring challenges and pain points and how to market monitoring solutions to them.
    • Deliver technical insight about GitLab products and competitor products in the monitoring space to product management to assist in product direction.
    • Experience with cloud native, datacenter, and hybrid infrastructure and applications desirable.

    Hiring Process

    • Qualified applicants will be invited to schedule a screening call with one of our Global Recruiters.
    • Candidates then will be invited to schedule a 45 minute interview with a Product Marketing Manager.
    • Candidates then will be invited to schedule a 45 minute interview with a Sales Manager.
    • Candidates then will be invited to schedule a 45 minute interview with a Product Manager.
    • Candidates will then be invited to schedule a 45 minute interview with our Director of Product Marketing.
    • Candidates will then be invited to schedule a 45 minute interview with our Chief Marketing Officer.
    • Finally, our CEO may choose to conduct a final interview.
    • Successful candidates will subsequently be made an offer via email.


    To view the full job description and its compensation calculator, view our handbook. The compensation calculator can be found towards the bottom of the page.

    Additional details about our process can be found on our hiring page.

  • 1 month ago

    This role is remote.


    Build a powerhouse technical evangelism program at GitLab that encompasses teammates and the wider community. Create a program to increase GitLab’s awareness in the wider community.

    As part of this role you will have the opportunity to work closely with deeply technical leaders and marketing experts. You will be coached to develop your own technical thought leadership platform and also have the opportunity to grow your career as a technical marketer.


    • Develop speaker’s bureau database that includes speakers and thought leadership platforms
    • Manage the conferences' Call For Proposals (CFP) process, working hand-in-hand with internal and external thought leaders on their talk submissions
    • Review slide decks and develop a speaker training program
    • Develop slide deck formats for speaker’s that include slides of interest to GitLab campaigns
    • Support technical evangelism content development in line with thought leadership platforms
    • Liaison with PR and content to execute on evangelism campaigns, as well as extend the effort of recorded talks at various events
    • Work hand-in-hand with the community relations team to extend the evangelism program’s reach.
    • Define metrics of measurement with the Tech Evangelism Director
    • Instrument for metrics of measurement and report on them regularly
    • Build thought leadership in GitLab product areas over time


    • Excellent written and verbal communication skills
    • Background in or deep curiosity about the cloud computing and devops ecosystem
    • Track record of success in a software company
    • At least 3-5 years work experience in a fast paced working environment
    • Exceptional organizational skills
    • Technical skills are a plus
    • Relationships in the software DevSecOps space are a plus
    • Time zone: +/- 3 hours PST


    To view the full job description and its compensation calculator, view our handbook. The compensation calculator can be found towards the bottom of the page.
    Additional details about our process can be found on our hiring page.



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