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    • Location: San Francisco / Madrid / Fully remote

    • Seniority: Senior/Expert

    • Compensation: competitive market salary + 0.1% stock options

    At source{d} we are building the data platform that enables engineering leaders & teams to use source code as data for getting insights on their people, processes and technology—as well as feeding sophisticated Machine Learning on code algorithms which power the next generation of developer tooling, as assisted code review. We are an open-core company built around our Open Source projects. We have raised over eight million USD so far and as we develop our products and expand our business we are looking to grow our team.

    About the Role:


    • You will own and drive the life cycle of new features and mature the emerging source{d} Community Edition and source{d} Enterprise Edition offerings—from high-level concept to delivery and end-of-life.

    • You will help shape product vision & strategy along stakeholders and turn them it into roadmaps with themes, features and priorities.

    • You will interact with enterprise clients, community members and team members to map use cases, needs and pains, which will be turned into tangible backlog stories that others can act upon.

    • You will make decisions on what & when (not) to build by refining requirements and deriving insights from a mix of hard data, market/user research, technical feasibility and stakeholder needs.

    • You will collaborate with designers, engineers, data scientist & others to validate acceptance, ensure delivery and measure adoption and satisfaction over new features.

    • You will partner with other teams to promote product adoption. minimizing friction and maximizing loyalty via better UX, new features, improved documentation and/or communication.

    • You will be prototyping and exploring uses of our technology to solve problems that benefit the developer community and enterprise customers.

    • You will in partnership with others to communicate internally and externally about use cases, product benefits, technical features via product collateral, presentations.

    • You will develop a deep understanding of the competitive landscape and identify key areas of competitive differentiation, as well as identify key disruptive opportunities.


    • Over 3 years of experience in product management and closely related areas.

    • You are empathetic and a flexible thinker able to look at problems from different perspectives.

    • You are a team player able to negotiate and build consensus around objectives.

    • You are organized and have a strong sense of ownership and accountability.

    • You have experience in defining and delivering products with large impact for a technical audience.

    • You have built enterprise products and know how to turn client needs into features in a timeline.

    • You are comfortable learning and working with deep technical concepts.

    • You are comfortable communicating concepts from business leaders (zoom out) to developers in our community or team (zoom in).• You can collaborate efficiently with remote teams.

    • You can communicate in English effectively (both spoken and written).

    Preferred Requirements

    • Over 5 years of experience in product management, software development and related areas.

    • Over 2 years of experience around big data, analytics, BI, developer tooling or SaaS products.

    • Over 2 years of experience around products aimed at (large) enterprises.

    • You have solid technical background from previous work experience, studies or personal interest.

    • You have a good grasp of user experience.

    • You program and have skills in SQL, data science and/or machine learning.

    • You are familiar with modern methodologies and frameworks as Agile/Scrum/Kanban.

    • You are familiar with technologies as Git, databases, containers, analytics tools.

    • You are familiar with open source and care about it.

    • You are familiar with open core business models.

    Teams at source{d}

    Product at source{d} is a growing team composed by product management, design & data intelligence. We all have a knack for collaboration, open source, hard data, and machine learning.

    We favor modern methodologies, frameworks and tools. Most of our workflow happens over Github. We adopt Agile methods with user stories, kanbans and adopt a periodic product release cycle.

    The team collaborates very closely with the whole leadership, developer relations, marketing, sales and engineering teams.

    Engineering consists of five different teams that represent the architecture of our product:Applications, Machine Learning, Data Processing, Language Analysis, Data Retrieval & Infrastructure.

    We care about Open Source. Everything we develop is available for anyone to read, modify, and contribute (under Apache 2.0 or GPL3 license). Some examples of our projects are:

    • src-d/community edition: a library for running scalable data retrieval pipelines that process any number of Git repositories for source code analysis.

    • src-d/ml: a library to build and apply Machine Learning models on top of Universal Abstract Syntax Trees.

    • src-d/gitbase: a SQL interface to Git repositories, written in Go.

    • bblfsh/bblfshd: Babelfish server, turning code into Universal Abstract Syntax Trees (UASTs).

    • src-d/go-git: a highly extensible Git implementation in pure Go.

    If you are interested in understanding how we do code reviews, please take a look at the PRs on any of these projects. You can also learn more about our methodology here.


    source{d} is a company for developers by developers. We firmly believe in always doing what's best for developers in the community. Our team consists of members who are passionate about programming. To understand our culture better, read more about it here.

    Of course, if you’re applying for one of our non-developer roles, we’re happy to have you on board and give you support and training to get into the mindset and up to speed in a few skills you through our by developers training.

    • At the moment, we are 35+ people from 10+ different countries working remotely or closely together from our offices in Madrid, San Francisco and Seattle.

    • We are more than happy to sponsor you a visa and guide you and your family through the whole process if you decide to come to work from our offices.

    • At source{d} all of the projects we work on are public on GitHub and the vast majority are open-source under licenses such as Apache 2.0 or GPL3.

    • We don't just believe in open-source, we also believe in radical transparency as an organization, there we publish everything about the company at


    • We often go to conferences and other developer events!

    • Open Source Days: you are encouraged to work on any OSS project you choose 10% of your time, every second Monday.

    • Paid holidays and paternity leave.

    • Flexible hours, set your own schedule that fits you.

    • Free books. We will buy any books that help you learn & grow.

    • Company-sponsored language classes.

    • If you choose to work from one of our offices, you will enjoy a comfortable and spacious environment, with foods, drinks & hardware.

    • Monthly get-togethers, annual summer and winter Christmas parties and a hackathon retreat are held in Madrid and all team members are flown over for it.

    • We also have our own, Open Source craft beers.

  • As the Director of Product, you will be responsible for managing and building the team that focuses on the product growth of GitLab. The Director of Product, Growth leads the Growth teams and reports to the Head of Product.


    Specifically, the Growth department at GitLab is responsible for the following growth areas:

    1. Activation

    2. Adoption

    3. Upsell

    4. Retention

    Additionally, the Growth director is responsible for the product management functions of Telemetry and Fulfillment, which are areas focused on product usage data and licensing/billing, respectively.

    We work in quite a unique way at GitLab, where lots of flexibility and independence is mixed with a high paced, pragmatic way of working. And everything we do is in the open.

    We recommend looking at our company page and the product handbook to get started.

    Individual responsibility

    • Make sure you have a great product team (recruit and hire, sense of progress, promote proactively, identify underperformance)

    • Work on the growth vision and success metrics with the Head of Product, and CEO; and communicate this vision internally and externally

    • Distill the growth vision into a compelling roadmap, with the overall goal of growing GitLab usage

    • Make sure the growth success metrics are advanced over time and communicate this

    • Communicate product growth though regular updates to the executive team

    • Work closely with Product Marketing, Sales, Engineering, etc.

    Team responsibility

    • Drive product growth in the four areas mentioned above

    • Ensure product growth baselines are set and understood

    • Rapidly execute controlled growth experiments by working with engineering to increase product usage

    • Work with customers, users, and other teams to make feature proposals enticing, actionable, and small

    • Keep /direction up to date as our high level roadmap and vision for GitLab product growth

    • Regularly join customer and partner visits that can lead to new features and understanding on the user journey through the application

    • Ensure that we understand why users are leaving the application and translate these reasons into features that can be added to make the experience easier and more seamless

    • Make sure the release announcements are attractive and cover everything

    • Be present on social media (hacker news, twitter, stack overflow, mailing list), especially around releases


    • 3-5 years experience in managing product managers

    • 8-10 years of experience in product management

    • Technical background and clear understanding of developer products; familiarity with Git, Continuous Integration, and Project Management software a plus

    • Experience with DevOps and/or developer tooling

    • Experience with hiring and scaling product management teams

    • Demonstrated results of scaling a software application using product growth principles

    • You share our values, and work in accordance with those values 

  • Brilliant (US only)
    2 days ago


    We are looking for a passionate and creative Product Manager to join the product team at Brilliant. The Product Manager will be responsible for working with other product managers, designers and engineers to research, understand, design, implement, and test key features for both the Brilliant Control and Mobile Apps.

    The Brilliant Control is a unique product due to its ability to interact with consumers in many ways (touch, voice, motion sensing, mobile, etc.), while also controlling a wide range of smart home products (lights, music, climate, etc.).

    This role is designed for a Product Manager with at least 3 years of work experience. You should be comfortable with wireframing and design platforms such as Balsamiq, Sketch, Abstract, and InVision, and have a track record of bringing great user experiences to life. As we are an early-stage company, successful candidates will demonstrate the ability to work quickly and collaboratively, infusing their work with creativity and compassion for our customers. Being able to test, adjust, and launch in a high-growth environment will be a critical skill.


    • Partner with multiple stakeholders, including product managers, engineers, and other designers in drafting & brainstorming initial concepts and bringing them to fruition across both mobile and embedded systems.

    • Participate, create, and utilize both quantitative and qualitative methods in understanding usage trends - including usability testing and analytics platforms.

    • Manage goals, priorities, and deliverables for the UX and product functions that align with project milestones.

    • Determine requirements and prioritization leveraging user research, partner needs, and product insight. Meet regularly with customers and channel partners to build intuition and user personas that reflect the unique usage and value patterns of our existing and target customers.

    • Create iterative sketches, wireframes, user flows, and designs that meet project objectives, and respond to feedback from internal teams and user testing. 

    • Work across a wide range of projects, technologies and devices (including mobile, web, and smart home/IOT devices)


    • 3+ years of experience working in the field of product management.

    • Bachelor's degree required from a strong university, preferably in an analytical field (e.g. Natural Sciences, Engineering, Computer Science, Economics, or Finance).

    • Experience with product, design, and strategy that meet user needs, product requirements, and business goals

    • Experience multi-tasking and managing multiple projects with various timelines

    • Experience creating user experiences for the web, desktop applications and/or mobile and hand-held devices; small-screen UX on mobile or embedded systems a plus.

    • Strong communication, interpersonal and organizational skills. Strong team player.

  • 3 days ago

    About This Role

    Hello prospective pickle! Design Pickle is currently seeking a Product Manager to join the ranks of our product team to bring the vision of Design Pickle to life through the development of new products as well as the improvement of our existing platform. If this sounds like what you’re looking for, read on!

    Who We Are Looking For

    • First, Design Pickle isn’t your average VC funded, grow-at-all-costs-for-the-TechCrunch-feature type of company. We’re self-funded, hard-working, creative-loving, and a beautifully diverse group of people from around the world.

    • Do we love pickles too? Most of us – but don’t stress. If PIckles aren’t your thing, it is not a deal-breaker. We do look for a passion and interest in something though. Your unique self helps make us the great company we are today.

    • We stand by our vision, purpose and values, and these are mission-critical to how you show up every single day.

    Specific to your role, we’re looking for individuals who…

    • Have a love for developing product for around 4 years and continuously strive to expand the reach of what software can do for the customer lifecycle

    • Possess a proven track record of getting things done, you’re organized as hell and completely goal and project-oriented

    • Are customer-centric when brainstorming more ways to elevate product that operates similar to a SaaS

    • Can turn data into action while staying 3 steps ahead of where our product needs to go with well thought out, actionable tests

    • Have a breadth of technical knowledge which you use to contribute to the direction of other professional environments and developmental processes

    • Clearly communicate the ‘why’ behind complex ideas across departments and to executive management

    • Are familiar with tools like Bots, AI, Javascript, HTML/CSS, Git, and PostgreSQL

    Key Objectives and Responsibilities

    As a fast-growing company, roles always evolve. However, we want you to know exactly what you’re walking into. In the first 90-days here is a preview of what’s expected:

    • Fully immerse yourself in the customer experience to identify areas for improvement in the product, boost user experience, and aid in the growth of Design Pickle

    • Manage product team and oversee project and feature updates to match Design Pickle’s vision

    • Maintain and improve our current systems while rapidly expanding iterations of our product to aid in cross-departmental initiatives

    • Deliver campaigns on time, on scope, and on budget

    • Communicating with our sales, marketing, & customer success teams to listen to the pain points of customers, hear ideas for improvements, and creatively problem solve

    • Guide the team to work on priorities that will help Design Pickle reach the ultimate product vision. Take ownership of initiatives to help team and other departments understand how they can move us towards the visions.

    • Maintain and execute on an up-to-date roadmap that balances short term priorities with long term business needs

    • Increase NPS score of customers in their first 30 days, improve 30-day engagement of new customers by encouraging product utilization

    Benefits, Compensation & Perks

    • Compensation is always paid at above market rate for your role. Specifics will be discussed with qualified applicants.

    • Additionally we offer:

    • 3 weeks PTO

    • Remote-work flexibility

    • World-class creative office

    • In-office gym

    • Paid training & personal development

    • Health insurance

    • Pet insurance

    • New parent leave

    • Team retreats, social events & adventures

  • Close (Euro or American timezone.)
    4 days ago

    About Us

    At Close, we're building the sales communication and collaboration platform of the future. With our roots as the very first sales CRM to include built-in calling, we're leading the industry in sales automation—helping companies to close more deals, faster than ever. Since our founding in 2013, we've grown to become a fully profitable, 100% globally distributed team of 34 high-performing, happy people that are dedicated to building a product our customers love.

    We are seeking a Product Marketing Manager that will be instrumental in defining our product and market positioning and will take ownership of growing our customer base and platform adoption through a wide range of marketing efforts. 

    This position requires a highly motivated individual with previous experience leading product marketing and GTM strategy, and who is comfortable in a fast-moving  environment. The successful candidate will be customer-oriented, self-motivated and results-driven.

    About You

    You have a knack for understanding people. You ask a lot of questions. You’re decisive.

    As Product Marketing Manager at Close, your primary job is to understand our customer— what motivates them, what makes their job difficult, and what simply delights them. You will take these constant and ongoing learnings and deftly apply them to the way we position our brand and product to the world. After all, product marketing is at its very core, “people marketing”. 

    Your previous experience creating successful go-to-market plans (from high-level strategy down to tactical execution) will enable you to oversee the rollout of all new products and feature updates.  

    Sometimes you’ll be looking at our product marketing from a high level view—say, determining our key objectives for the quarter or the year. Other days, you may be down in the weeds yourself, writing landing page copy or working with others on the marketing team to run A/B conversion tests on site. You’re comfortable—and happy—doing both.

    What you don’t know, you’ll openly admit, but then you’ll get to work figuring it out (asking others for help and/or digging deep on your own). Your self-motivation and a relentless drive to learn/do more are appreciated by all. You pride yourself on being a “clever thinker”.  You’re comfortable talking with and working alongside our product, sales, development, and customer success teams. You understand your critical part in the overall machine, graciously accepting thoughts and feedback from others while offering your own expertise where you can. You pride yourself on being “overly communicative” -- keeping everyone up to date with the latest product marketing wins, losses, and initiatives.

    You are comfortable working remotely as part of a small team, with a high level of autonomy. You can devise your own schedule and effectively manage your workload based on the biggest opportunities and company objectives.

    When you’re in the wrong or make a mistake you can admit it. You can articulate why it happened and how you’ve learned from the experience. 

    You are in a European or American timezone.

    Above all, you understand that your success—and our success—hinges on the satisfaction and loyalty of our customers. 

    About The Role

    You will be responsible for championing the features and benefits of the Close sales platform through our marketing messaging and market positioning. You’ll work closely with Danny (Director of Marketing) and our motley crew of marketing crushers. 

    Just some of the things that will come across your [metaphorical] desk…

    Main KPIs

    > Product marketing impact on new trial signups (On-site testing and website updates, email marketing campaigns, increase inquiries from software review and industry sites)

    > Product adoption (free to paid + user activation within app)

    > Product launch/update success metrics (per launch)

    “Product superstar, that is what you are…”

    > Develop messaging, positioning, and competitive differentiation of our products in the SaaS/sales market. Own all on-site messaging. Devise the go-to-market strategy for all product launches and feature updates. Oversee the tactical execution of each GTM strategy.

    > Stay on top of the latest trends and tech advancements in the sales and CRM space. Communicate these learnings across the organization, including to our Product, Customer Success, and Development teams.

    > Identify new verticals and areas for business and product expansion. Champion all marketing efforts that relate to these growth initiatives.

    Corner the market[ing]

    > Own the product messaging in all of our marketing campaigns and corresponding collateral, which may include, but is not limited to, email, social media, blog posts, sales enablement content, and landing pages.

    > Dive deep into our customer acquisition strategy and execution, driving new trial sign-ups via smart, empathetic product/feature messaging and content. Must be comfortable devising and executing tactics to bring customers down the sales funnel.

    > Work closely with the marketing team to ensure that these brand and product value propositions are communicated consistently across everything we do.

    > Work alongside Product and Customer Success teams to identify key verticals, customer personas/roles, and geos for nuture/expansion. Define and produce the content for SEO-optimized industry-specific landing pages, CRM comparison pages, paid/display ads, other marketing materials, to effectively reach these cohorts.

    > Identify marketing website tests and updates to increase visitor conversion rate (visitor to trial signup). This includes, but is not limited to, A/B testing via copy and messaging, videos/images, and modifications to page designs.

    > Work alongside the marketing content team to identify middle and bottom of the funnel content opportunities such as product-focused white papers, blog posts, videos, and more.

    > Develop, nurture, and execute on partnerships with other vendors in the B2B SaaS and product space (online co-promotions, co-branded content, event sponsorship, etc).

    > Champion our customers via the collection and production of testimonials, case studies, and customer profiles (determining the best way to showcase them -- images, video, etc).

    > Generate verified product reviews from our customers for product comparison and online community websites like Capterra, G2Crowd, and Quora. Monitor and ensure our visibility on these, and other, SaaS review/comparison sites.


    > 4+ years experience working within a tech or SaaS organization (extra points if B2B, extra extra points if you can show a correlation between your work and company growth during your time there)

    > 2+ years in a product marketing role, with a track record of successfully taking products to market (devising and executing a GTM strategy)

    > Strong passion for product and ability to ‘speak the same language’ as Product and Development teams (“Scrum, Agile, Javascript, APIs, sprints”, etc, etc)

    > Project management expertise—can coordinate and juggle a variety of projects from conception through production and ensure alignment with other internal teams (Product, Customer Success, Sales, etc).

    > EXPERT command of the English language (written and verbal), with the ability to write in a wide variety of styles. Must be a copywriting pro—masterfully creating short, value-packed, relatable content to drive new conversions.

    > Foundational knowledge of common marketing analytics and campaign management platforms (analytics, popular ESPs, ad networks, social platforms, etc)

    Bonus points for the following skill sets:

    > Front-end coding (HTML/CSS/JS, GitHub)

    > Design and video (editing, Photoshop, graphics creation, etc)

    > Familiarity with SaaS finance and reporting 

    Why Close?

    > 100% Remote (we believe in trust and autonomy)

    > 2 x Annual Team Retreats ✈️ (Lisbon Retreat Video)

    > Competitive salary

    > Medical, Dental with HSA option - 99% premiums paid (US residents)

    > 5 Weeks PTO + 6 Government Holidays + Dec 24 - Jan 1 Company Holiday

    > Parental Leave (10 wks primary caregiver / 4 wks secondary caregiver)

    > 401k matching at 4% (US residents)

    > 1 month paid sabbatical after 5 years

    > Our story and team 🚀

    > Glassdoor Reviews 

    At Close, everyone has a voice. We encourage transparency and practicing a mature approach to the work-place. In general, we don’t have strict policies, we have guidelines. Work/Life harmony is an important part of our organization - we believe you bring your best to work when you practice self-care (whatever that looks like for you).

    We come from 12 countries and 14 states; a collection of talented humans rich in diverse backgrounds, lifestyles, and cultures. Twice a year we meet up somewhere around the world to spend time with one another. We see these retreats as an opportunity to strengthen the social fiber of our community.

    This team is growing in more ways than one - we’ve recently launched 8 babies (and counting!). Unanimously, our favorite and most impactful value is “Build a house you want to live in.” We strive to make decisions that are authentic for our organization. At Close, we have a high care factor for one another, in making an awesome product and championing the success of our customers.  

  • At Draftbit, we believe that software should be a democratizing agent that makes it possible for anyone to turn their app ideas into reality.

    Draftbit is a collaborative product development tool, focused on mobile apps. Our platform allows technical and non-technical teams to work together to build native mobile apps. Apps built in Draftbit produce high quality React Native code that can be exported at any time so you can build inside and outside our platform.

    Backed by world-class investors (including Y Combinator), we have aggressive growth goals and are looking for a Product Manager to help us achieve our vision.

    About The Position:

    We’re looking for the first Product Manager to join our small but fast-growing team. Since you know the PM role differs greatly across companies, here’s how we’re thinking about this opportunity:

    • This isn’t a product leadership position, at least for the foreseeable future. Our co-founding team will continue to guide our product vision and set our priorities.

    • As a result, the PM’s core responsibility will be to turn those priorities into features by collaborating with design, engineering and the org as a whole to ensure we’re accountable to product goals and commitments

    • The PM won’t own the roadmap, but they will own the execution of that roadmap. We know that successfully shipping great products involves many micro decisions after the macro priorities have been set - the PM will be tasked with owning these micro decisions to ensure our team stays unblocked and focused

    • Over time, we expect this PM to assume more leadership of the product as we grow

    About You:

    Our ideal Product Manager has experience with technical products, has an extreme attention to detail, concisely communicates complex concepts, and is an exceptional collaborator.

    You’re probably a great fit if:

    • You’ve been a software engineer on a product team or managed a technical product

    • You have a high EQ who others would describe as the best collaborator on your team

    • You've likely been the go-to person on a team that everyone counts on to ensure things get done

    • You value self-management, execution (over perfection), speed, and personal reliability

    • You’re able to take an idea and run with it, rather than just following instructions

    • You're comfortable working in a startup environment, probably because you've worked at one (bonus points if you’ve ever started/run a business before)

    • You're excited about Draftbit and our mission. We want people who bring new ideas to the table and care about what they are building.

    Additional Details:

    • This is a full-time position that can be based at our Chicago HQ, San Francisco office or remote.

    • Note: You'll need valid U.S. work authorization to join us.

    Some of our perks are:

    • Full health, medical, dental, and vision coverage - we pay 99.9% of your premiums and 50% of dependents’ premiums.

    • Unlimited sick, personal, and vacation days. And we can flex on hours or accommodate special considerations.

    • Standing desks for all and the equipment of your choice

    • Chance to work with decent, fair, and flexible people

    We believe in fair pay and transparency, and we anticipate this position's compensation to be between $75k to $135k in cash and .25% to .75% in equity, depending on experience.

  • Jobbatical (Europe or India)
    5 days ago

    Jobbatical ( is looking to change the way immigration works across the World. We are based in Tallinn, Estonia (one of the most advanced digital societies of the world today and one of the fastest growing startup community).

    We are looking for a Product Manager who can help us build the world’s leading Immigration platform that can tame the monster of Immigration and make the whole process simple for our clients and their employees.

    About the Job 

    We need you to provide Product finesse to help build the Immigration products. 

    You will be pivotal in both thinking about where to take our products next and also planning and executing a path for it.   

    We want you to:

    • Define irresistible experiences to meet customer success and revenue goals

    • Gather and prioritize product and customer requirements

    • Execute the Product roadmap throughout the development lifecycle

    • Take ownership of your part of the product

    • Define metrics that measure product performance

    • Make decisions based on data and experience of our customers and users

    • Work closely with engineering, sales, marketing and support

    About you 

    We would love to have a detailed chat with you if

    • You love finding innovative solutions in crunch situations and getting things done !

    • You have at least 4+ years of experience as a Product Manager, Product Owner, preferably B2B products/platform products

    • You understand the difference between developing features and solving problems

    • You care about agile software processes, data-driven development, and responsible experimentation

    • You have a proven record of taking ownership of multiple parts of products

    • You have great attention to detail while staying focused on the long term goal

    • You have experience with web analytics tools

    • Have worked with data science models in your past products

    Where will you work from

    • We are ok if you have remote experience and would like to work remote.

    • We prefer however that you are based out of our HQ Tallinn(Estonia), where our Engineering team works out of or out of India, where our Head of Product, is based.

    About the pay and benefits

    • Love, care and a lot of attention (we are looking forward to a superstar who can lead our Immigration platform)

    • Great compensation. A good salary, equity options, and (if you need it) all the help with the relocation. Obviously. 

    • Self-care budget. A budget for books, gym, and Uber rides for when you want to treat yourself to a night out.

    • Setup of your choice - Laptop, peripherals, headphones and other needed hardware. 

    • Time for yourself. 28 days of paid vacation, 3 mental health days a year, and generous parental leave.

    • Flexible Work. Work from home or in our spacious office in the coolest part of town.

    • Annual offsite in Tallinn. Karaoke included.

    • Working with a kick-ass team that is passionate about making our Immigration simpler !

  • Please read carefully before applying. This position is 100% remote 🌍Your timezone must have a minimum of 2 hours overlap with London (GMT)


    SmarterQueue is a ground-breaking social media tool.

    On average, our platform saves customers over 8 hours per week, and increases the effectiveness of their social media content up to 10x.

    We are a small fully-remote team, spanning the UK, Canada, America and Europe, building a tool which adds real value to the lives of 3000 influencers and marketers.

    2020 promises to be a huge year at SmarterQueue and we want you to help continue our fantastic growth.


    • Perform UX research through analytics, screen-recordings, surveys, and interviews, to understand our customer personas, their needs, and their customer journey

    • Review and optimise our customers’ experience, from first visit, through signup, onboarding, upgrade, product usage, and communication touch-points

    • Create product requirements from a variety of internal and external resources - by creating effective user stories, functional requirements, and storyboarding user flows; ensuring every detail is considered

    • Identify new features we should build and how it would technically look and work through consumer insights and research

    • Work out how to structure our pricing tiers to align as closely as possible with user needs and their price sensitivity

    • Be the ‘voice of our current & future customer’, researching customer needs and experience

    • Own our strategic value proposition.

    • Understand the competitor landscape, and where our unique value proposition fits within the landscape.

    • Work cross-functionally with customer success, design, marketing, and development, to coordinate product deliverables.

    • Own and implement all growth-related features from end to end, including QAing the feature and analytics.

    • Oversee the product roadmaps within an Agile environment.

    • Drive the development and release process, and implement continuous improvements.

    • Communicate releases, schedules and changes to users and product owners.

    • QA all product functionality, and ensure robustness and accuracy

    • Develop robust and well-documented processes.

    • Have end-to-end responsibility for projects of increasing complexity and scale.

    • Set the product culture in the Team.

    • Plan and execute A/B testing, and analysis

    • Track and monitor features’ performances and functionality to iterate and improve them.

    • Own growth-related features, including QA.


    • Full time.

    • You will work 100% remotely and report directly to the CEO.

    • You must have your own computer/equipment with a solid connection to the internet.

    • Be ready to get hands-on with all aspects of the daily needs. The buck stops with you.



    • 3+ years experience in SaaS product management and/or UX.

    • Startup grit.

    • Proven ability and track record of product development and strategy.

    • Hands-on experience with web technologies.

    • Exceptionally data-driven, with strong analytical skills.

    • Solid experience in the user journey for SaaS subscriptions.

    • Wide familiarity with lots of SaaS products, their journeys, updates, and best examples

    • User-centric mentality and ability to extract qualitative insights from user interactions.

    • Incredible attention to detail. We mean it.

    • A team player and a positive, motivating person to be around.

    • Outstanding verbal and written English communication skills.

    • Passionate about social media, especially social media tools

    • Bonus: Experience with Amplitude, Hotjar, Figma, Asana

    Critical Competencies For Success:


    • You are incredibly self-motivated and driven to be the best version of yourself.

    • You thrive working remotely.

    • Credibility is earned at SmarterQueue through high-quality and efficient execution

    • You get into the details and deliver results under highest expectations on time and quality.

    • You thrive in a fast-paced, ever-evolving environment.

    • You’re able to assimilate lots of information and noise, and create an organised plan


    • A go-getter. Must be self-motivated and assertive.

    • Can work independently without close supervision or day-to-day direction.

    • You have the flexibility to think outside the box.

    • You have the ability to foresee and identify the needs before they arise.

    • You take a creative and calm approach to challenges and issues.

    • You pay attention to the fine detail, with a focus on quality.

    • You love crystal clear communication.

    People person:

    • You are genuinely interested in others and love being part of a Team!

    • You consider the wider team before yourself.

    • You are open to new and innovative solutions.

    • You must present well and communicate clearly and effectively to upper management and other functions.

    • You are able to distil complex concepts into plain English, and vice-versa to people at all levels of understanding.

    • You’re willing to adjust course when appropriate new ideas or objections are raised.


    • Salary range £40,000 - £60,000


    • Fully-remote role (No commute! Work wherever you want, work around family commitments)

    • Flexible hours, work when you want

    • Scalable hours (20+/week), though we prefer full-time

    • 20 paid vacation days + national holidays

    • Customers LOVE the product

  • 1 week ago


    Our rapidly scaling medical education technology company is seeking a Product Manager to join our Product Team. In this role, you will additionally be working with the Growth, Marketing, Content and Customer success teams to deliver the best user learning experience to our learners.

    This is a hands-on position in a unique remote, start-up environment, so we are looking for a candidate who is not afraid to roll up their sleeves to do the work and to collaborate with team members across the organization.

    About Osmosis

    Our mission is to “Empower the world’s clinicians & caregivers with the best learning experience possible.” To this end, we have an audience of more than a million current & future clinicians as well as patients and family members. Our members of the Osmosis learning platform and video library use the product to learn efficiently & excel in classes, board exams, and in the clinic. 

    We are a team of creative, approachable, and driven entrepreneurs, researchers, and clinicians who are passionate about improving healthcare and education. At Osmosis, we collaborate remotely and value highly-motivated problem solvers who manage their time efficiently, communicate earnestly, work effectively, and understand the importance of life-work balance.  We do everything we can to make sure our teammates are successful personally and professionally.

    About the Role

    As a Product Manager, you will work closely with our technology, design, and marketing teams to ensure that we continue to build our learning platform with our users in mind.  You will help guide day-to-day and strategic projects leveraging key product metrics for the business to make just-in-time decisions and guide the evolution of the platform.  You will work closely with our growth teams to incorporate user and customer experiences into the product direction, aiming to create an experience that will ensure that medical students will tell their friends about how Osmosis is the best way to prepare for exams and succeed. Our active marketing team will seek your help with translating campaigns to the product and engineering teams. 

    Key Responsibilities 

    The responsibilities for this role include, but are not limited to: 

    • Develop and implement product strategies consistent with company vision

    • Coordinate cross-functional teams to create product plans and roadmaps and communicate delivery for the product

    • Collect and analyze feedback from customers, stakeholders and other teams to shape requirements, features and end products. This may include both qualitative and quantitative research around feature utilization, user engagement, and customer satisfaction.

    • Write user stories, and review deliverables from feature development teams to ensure products and releases are launched correctly and on schedule

    • Collecting, monitoring, and reporting on key product metrics to support company revenue growth goals and tracking

    • This position is full time and remote. Must be authorized to work in the US


    • Bachelor's degree, ideally in computer science, engineering, instructional design, human computer interaction, or a related field

    • 5+ years experience as a product manager or a similar role working with the planning, design, and development of consumer-targeted online products

    • Demonstrable experience working with user experience teams and guiding efforts in visual design, and user experience to contribute new ideas to a roadmap

    • Demonstrable experience working in an Agile or lean product development environment. You are flexible and versatile with projects, goals, and strategies. You move quickly with change and stay open-minded

    • Demonstrable experience using analytics platforms/tools (Tableau, Google Data Studio, MixPanel, Google Analytics, Piwiq, etc.) to inform product decisions that you owned

    • Entrepreneurial. You are a proven executor and work with urgency to produce excellent results with limited time and resources

    • Studious. A keen interest in and deep understanding of web and mobile technology, particularly pertaining to an understanding of designing for learning  experiences. 

    • Proactive. You anticipate problems before they arise and actively seek out effective ways to problem-solve and improve processes with your team members.

    • Lifelong learner. You are actively consuming content (podcasts, blogs, books, etc) and applying these learnings in your work to make sure you are as effective as possible. 

    • Value-oriented. A passion for Osmosis’s mission, vision, and values as well as your daily work at Osmosis

    Preferred attributes

    • Knowledge of SaaS or subscriber based platforms

    • Experience in education, health care, or related fields

    • Experience scaling distributed teams with high growth products

    Osmosis is an equal opportunity and affirmative action employer. All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, sex, national origin, disability, protected veteran status or other status protected by law.

    Must be authorized to work in the US

  • 1 week ago

    We are looking for a product manager to join the Saagie’s product team.

    Close to the development teams, you’ll be in charge of the core product of Saagie, the “Orchestrator for DataOps”.

    Your main missions will be :

    • prepare & write epics backlog for the development teams,
    • follow up, discussion & story validation on new features,
    • organize internal communication on roadmap and releases,
    • organize user groups & manage users feedbacks.
    Your secondary missions will be :
    • market intelligence,
    • close work with product marketing to define new line of product, train internal team & help to build the communication strategy.
    • contribute and share roadmap vision with the CTO,
    • close work with product marketing for external communication on roadmap and releases,

    The whole team is in agile way. We are using a flow/kanban approach. We are releasing in production several stories by week. The whole team commit to improve continuously their process.

    People management is important for us, we use practices for manager tools as regular 1 to 1, feedback & coaching. We are now introducing Management 3.0 practice. If you are interested by people management, it can happen.

    The whole product team is remote first in term of management and organization. By product team we mean : product management, UX Designer, developers and testers.

    As a product manager you’ll visit customers for user groups and gather feedbacks.

    The main key qualities are :

    • You have a 4/5 years minimum in term of data & analytics projects (can be BI, DataScience, Data Mining, Data Streaming, Data engineering…). This is the main point. You need to feel the pain of analytic team and willing to provide them solution.
    • You are interested or already have an experience as a Product Manager or Product Owner.
    • You have good communication skill.

    And :

    • You are excited by the world data & AI.
    • You are interested or already have an experience in agile way of working.
    • Knowing SQL is a plus.
    • You speak French & English.

  • 1 week ago

    We are a closely-held web and mobile application development firm looking for a driven Product Owner.  Are you experienced in product management, Lean and Agile development methods?  Passionate about building products that customers love?  Looking for a no-politics zone to do your best work?  Mercury is the place for you!

    The Work

    The Product Owner will product own and help ship of a range of web and native applications including:

    • Custom business applications utilizing rich HTML5/CSS3/JavaScript-driven front ends

    • Progress Web Applications

    • Business intelligence and collaboration systems

    • iOS and Android business applications

    • Large-scale website development based on innovative creative design, highly usable custom widgets and CMSes

    Skills & Requirements

    The position requires proven work experience in product management with a technical background and understanding of (perhaps even hands-on experience) software development and web technologies.

    The Product Owner will work within multidisciplinary Scrum teams, so strong problem-solving skills and a willingness to roll up one’s sleeves will go a long way.  The ability to research, reason and communicate recommendations to clients and executive management is crucial.

    Specific requirements include the following:

    • Bachelor’s Degree favored, preferably in Business, Computer Science and/or Engineering

    • 5+ years of hands-on experience with Agile-driven software development

    • 5+ years in a professional work environment analyzing business problems, collaborating and leading teams preferred

    • Excellent written and verbal communication skills are pretty darn important, too.

    • An affinity for caffeinated beverages and a strong meme stash won’t hurt your chances.

    Some Specifics

    At Mercury you will:

    • Translate product strategy into detailed user stories and prototypes

    • Collaborate with interface designers and software architects to define product vision

    • Create and prioritize product backlogs

    • Apply exact standards to ensure that high quality applications and sites are delivered

    • Represent the company with customers and guide company resources to meet their needs

    What Kind of Products Will You Work On?

    • Web, mobile and collaboration applications for the Southeast's fastest growing commercial real estate firms

    • Progressive web application for one of the nation’s leading furniture retailers

    • Ecommerce, operational management and transactional reporting system for a funded late-stage startup

    • iOS, Android and PWA applications for Fortune 50 consumer products field workforce

    • Data dashboards, drill down business intelligence reports and mobile reporting for global professional services firms

    How to Know If You're A Fit

    If any of the following excites you, we definitely want to talk to you!

    • A Product Manager's Job

    • Mind the Product Blog

    • CRAFT

    • Someone who can explain Scrum in 10 minutes

    About MercuryWorks

    We are a Florida-based group of talented designers and developers devoid of heavy corporate structures, approval processes and tight boundaries.  Noted by our clients as giving that little extra that truly sets us apart, we seek to build sustained, successful relationships, ship customized solutions and deliver strategic counsel and zealous service. 

    This Is A Remote-Friendly Position

    Mercury is a distributed workforce with developers and designers located throughout the United States.  We are open to applicants located anywhere in the continental United States (we find all team members being within 3 time zones of each other best for collaboration) and also Tampa Bay-based professionals.

    About H1B Visas and Recruiters

    At this time we are not considering the sponsorship of H1B candidates.  Also, no recruiters.  Definitely; please no recruiters.  None.  No matter how good you think your candidate is.

  • Hotjar (European timezones)
    1 week ago

    Job description

    Note: Although this is a remote position, we are only looking for candidates in European timezones between UTC-1 and UTC+3.

    We are looking for an enthusiastic and motivated Product Designer who is passionate about creating practical, simple and human solutions to complex problems which will help design the future of Hotjar – a product used by thousands of users worldwide. Product designers serve an important role here by creating simple, engaging experiences, iteratively improving the user journey, and crafting every product detail. Your success will be defined not only by the quality of your design work, but by the success of the product.

    Hotjar is a flourishing startup which gives thousands of website owners, teams and professionals the tools needed to discover how their visitors are really using their sites. This is an excellent remote career opportunity within the product team, playing a part in delivering the next wins for Hotjar.

    You will:

    • Create thoughtful and appropriate solutions to design challenges of all sizes by generating research insights and translating them into simple and engaging user interfaces which satisfy user needs, company requirements and technical constraints.

    • Form part of the product and engineering team by collaborating with product managers and engineers - from discovery to delivery, on to monitoring after release.

    • Design engaging experiences in an iterative manner, using flow diagrams, sketches and prototypes, taking care to validate your concepts with customers along the way.

    • Translate validated concepts into experiences, by means of interaction design and high-fidelity visual composites.

    • Follow internal style and brand guidelines for UI/UX, whilst contributing to the maintenance and improvement of such guidelines.


    • A minimum of 4 years experience designing and shipping digital products and systems.

    • Ability in the entire product development process, from discovery through to delivery and monitoring of the solution.

    • Natural inclination to always thinks MVP first.

    • Sound grasp of technical constraints and their impact, and ability adjust the design approach taken accordingly.

    • Experience leading user testing sessions and validating design efforts.

    • Can prototype ideas quickly and iterate as many times as needed using tools such as InVision, Sketch, UXPin, HTML/CSS/JS, etc.

    • HTML / CSS development considered an asset.

    • Desire to work in a respectful, transparent, and collaborative work environment, following Hotjar’s company values, culture and ways of working.

    • Must submit to a background check confidentially processed by our third-party.

    What we offer

    • A remote and accomplished diverse and international team.

    • An opportunity to positively impact people’s experience online and make the web a better place.

    • Annual learning and development budget.

    • Several perks designed for your well-being and a healthy work-life balance. (Holiday Budget, Wellbeing Allowance, Working Together Budget, 16 weeks paid parental leave, and much more).

    Compensation Range

    The budgeted compensation range for this role is €55,000 to €90,000 annually. Ranges are based on market research and are equitable to other roles within Hotjar. The actual compensation offered will be based on relative experience. At this time we are only able to provide official employment status to those located in Malta, and Germany (for candidates who don’t require visa sponsorship). All other team members will join as full-time consultants and will be responsible for paying any taxes or applicable fees where they reside.

  • 1 week ago

    We are seeking a dynamic product leader for LabOS, the Protocol Labs team focused on providing products, services and support across our organization and ecosystem.

    We're looking for an amazing teammate who can help build tools to enable our teams to do great work, coordinate with each other, and make the best possible decisions as we build the next generation of the web. We are a distributed organization of nearly 100 collaborators (worldwide), split across 15 countries and with no regular offices -- so we have some unique needs.  We will open source many of these projects, so you will be building products to help drive the future of work.

    Product Management at Protocol Labs

    This isn’t an ordinary Product Management position. Our team is responsible for establishing company-wide tools that contribute to a unique culture underlying our organization’s innovation, collaboration, and performance. You will improve the way our teams collaborate, self-organize, maintain focus, and utilize highly specialized talent.

    You’re action oriented and are able to guide and support an engineering team of 5-15 people in a very fast-paced environment, yet can step back and see how an individual project or goal fits into our larger mission. You take immense pride and responsibility in your work and aren’t afraid to stand up for what you think is right.

    We’re looking for someone that operates at the intersection of new ideas, design thinking, technical possibility, user needs, and organizational priorities. Taking information from those reference points, you must iteratively design product narratives and product requirements documents while also steering release cycles and communicating with stakeholders.

    As a Product Manager at Protocol Labs, you will…

    • Engage stakeholders -- leadership, colleagues, and collaborators -- to focus ideas, energy and resources towards shared goals and developing the products to deliver them

    • Collaborate internally and cross-functionally to turn team requirements into next-generation productivity tools

    • Set the vision for these tools, translate that into Product Requirements Documents and iteratively refine both vision and documents throughout the development process

    • Work closely with Engineering teams to determine the best technical implementation methods and set achievable yet ambitious short and long-term goals

    • Be responsible for shipping product to users and managing release cycles

    • Inspire and facilitate meaningful contributions from internal (and ultimately external) stakeholders

    You may be a fit for this role if you...

    • Have a history leading successful products at dynamic organizations

    • Are an innovative product thinker excited about building high-impact internal tools

    • Can clearly articulate user needs and product requirements

    • Get a kick out of digging deep into the data, thinking from first principles, shipping the best product, and working on continuous product improvement 

    • Understand what makes a great product and can advocate for new features based on qualitative and quantitative reasoning 

    • Enjoy working with people coming from a wide range of backgrounds

    • Have strong written, problem solving and internal communication skills

    Bonus points...

    • Experience with fully remote, distributed organizations

    • Familiarity and passion for distributed technologies and team tooling

    What’s it like to work at Protocol Labs?

    Protocol Labs mission is to improve humanity’s most important technology, the Internet. We build protocols, systems, and tools to improve how it works. Today, we are focused on how we store, locate, and move information. Our projects include IPFS, Filecoin, libp2p, and more.

    As a distributed team, we hire anywhere in the world, and at various levels of experience (entry, senior, staff). We look for people with unique perspectives and diverse backgrounds.

    We have a great benefits package, including parental leave, contributions to your retirement, competitive pay, and unlimited time off. For U.S.-based employees, we also provide platinum-level health, dental, and vision coverage for you and your family.

  • Solana (US only)
    1 week ago

    Solana is a high performant blockchain that can enable growing decentralized applications and systems to scale without sacrificing security. Our team is highly specialized, so we’re looking for talented people who are willing to jump right in and use their expertise to help us find product market fit as we build out the Solana ecosystem. If you’re looking to join a fast paced, problem solving environment in the center of blockchain infrastructure, cryptocurrency and decentralized applications, then read on. 


    • Define problems and pain points and translate them into solutions and product improvements 

    • Can distill complex ideas to make them universally understandable, have attention to detail, and are willing to explain things to others

    • Identify market opportunities and risks to help inform product strategy and help our team execute better

    • Work with external and internal stakeholders to define problems, eventual reqs and specs for product improvements

    • Work on short term and long term roadmaps that keep the team focused on high ROI efforts with measurable outcomes

    • Work cross-functionally to problem solve and deliver improvements

    • Work with design tools to support problem definition, prototypes and req/spec building as well as analytics tools to measure the success of certain improvements

    • Be the domain expert for your product with a complete understanding of how customer feedback, competitive drivers, and market dynamics shape your product’s direction.

    • Drive process improvements that benefit the product management team at large.

    • Prioritize feature execution against strategic goals, business value creation, and expected outcomes from across the larger business


    • At least 3+ years in product management, ideally working in the blockchain space or in distributed systems or infrastructure related products

    • Strong product design skills, from both a technical API and user interface design perspective.

    • Experience transforming product strategy into well-articulated design specs, as well as using both quantitative and qualitative data to inform product direction and priorities.

    • Extraordinary written and oral communication skills, with an ability to handle both executive-level discussions and functional deep dives with engineering.

    • Experienced working in an agile environment

    • Strong analytical skills evidenced by a proven ability to quantitatively and qualitatively analyze product concepts, strategic opportunities and competitive threats

    • Experience advocating and driving product adoption and usage

    Perks & Benefits 

    • Free coffee, snacks, lunch and drinks at the choice of your homebase office either in the SOMA neighborhood in San Francisco, downtown Boulder, or La Jolla neighborhood in San Diego

    • Very competitive salary and benefits

    • Unlimited vacation policy

    • Generous wellness benefits and equipment/workspace budget

    • Yearly, all expenses paid offsites (sometimes for the whole family!)

    We're also accepting applications for remote employees as well (at the moment, we don't sponsor US work visas).

  • 1 week ago

    The job's mission is to empower our customers to build great search that drives growth by anticipating users’ needs. Our product managers are charged with empathizing with our customers in order to help to shape the future of

    We are seeking an exceptional Product Manager who can represent the voice of customer with empathy and passion while they dive deep with engineering to understand technical challenges and constraints; work with sales to shape new feature go-to-market; and coordinate ideal messaging with marketing.

    This person will be as talented at communication as they are at analysis and user discovery. The ideal candidate should be just as comfortable discussing search internally as they are with external partners and current or prospective customers.

    Day-to-day you will

    • Work with engineering to define the product roadmap and execute backlog while balancing efficient delivery with high-quality work.

    • Orchestrate go-to-market activities with sales and marketing.

    • Conduct customer and user interviews to inform product priorities.

    • Ensure coordination between teams (front-end, back-end, devops, data science) to deliver customer value.

    • Work to support major new customer onboarding where necessary.

    • Research market trends, and make sure we're planning for where the market will be in a few years, not just today

    You would be a good fit if:

    • You have exceptional technical understanding - bonus points if you have previous experience with search solutions.

    • You seek an entrepreneurial environment and have a track-record of delivering results in a high-growth environment.

    • You have excellent analytical abilities and can effectively use data to drive decisions.

    • You have demonstrated success working with teams including a significant number of remote members, particularly in engineering roles.

    • You are motivated to deliver value in production and aren't satisfied with works-in-theory solutions.

    • You are collaborative, value learning and want to accomplish great things.

    About us is a search-as-a-service company that differentiates itself by taking on the hard problem of ranking and behavioral optimization of search results on our customers' behalf. We believe that search is -- at its core -- a data science problem and are using machine learning to provide our customers with the best possible experience. Customers of note include Safeway/Albertsons,, Expensify and

    Promoting a diverse and inclusive culture of learning is core to's values. is an equal opportunity employer and we welcome people of different backgrounds, experiences and perspectives.

  • 1 week ago

    About Abstract

    Abstract is a design workflow platform for teams to version, manage, and collaborate on Sketch files. Since launching in July 2017, over 5,000 design teams across 75 countries have adopted Abstract, including teams from Shopify, Cisco, Intuit, Spotify, Salesforce, Instacart, OpenTable, and more.

    At Abstract, we are actively working to build a diverse and inclusive organization. Here, diversity includes age, economic class, educational background, ethnic variance, familial status, gender, gender expression, gender identity, marital status, national origin, religious affiliation, sex, sexual orientation, transgender status, or veteran status.

    Abstract is headquartered in San Francisco but many of our teams and roles are remote-first (US-based only at this time). If you have a passion for rolling up your sleeves, building new programs, and have a strong, team-player mentality, we’d love to hear from you!

    About the Role

    As a Senior Product Manager at Abstract, you will have a unique opportunity to shape how thousands of companies work together, including our own. You’ll make an impact on our Files Squad by leading product development for new design tool integrations (Adobe XD) and expanding the Abstract platform to support a diverse set of designers and workflows.

    What you’ll do

    • Collaborate with cross-functional teams to plan, build, and ship high quality solutions to our customers.

    • Define the Roadmap for your Squad and prioritize projects based on strategic goals and customer impact. Propose objectives and KPIs that focus your team’s efforts and align vision with company goals.

    • Clarify the problem to solve, project objectives, decision-making roles, and document expectations from stakeholders to frame effective kick-off meetings.

    • Generate hypotheses for solving problems and validate the approaches with customers by interviewing, analyzing data, and offering early access to features in development.

    • Partner with Engineering and Design to scope out solutions and plan development milestones. Proactively identify the dependencies, constraints, and risks to the plan and be willing to adapt and guide your team through change based on new information.

    • Identify gaps or ambiguous workflows and frame them as opportunities for process improvements that make the broader Product organization more efficient. Drive progress pragmatically and create bridges for people to get from here to there without disruptions.

    • Partner with Marketing, Sales, and Support to identify product opportunities, craft impactful narratives, and bring products to market effectively.

    • Continually evaluate whether or not our shipped solutions have solved the problem through quantitative and qualitative analysis. Summarize the results using approachable language and a framework for evaluating success.

    What you’ll bring

    • You have a growth mindset. You realize you don’t have all the answers and enjoy pushing through moments of uncertainty on the path to discovery.

    • You are an active, empathetic listener.  You seek to understand the problems people face, how they feel, and the goals they want to achieve.

    • You can synthesize a myriad of possibilities, considerations, and questions into a series of productive decisions-to-be-made and facilitate answering them collaboratively.

    • You are an excellent written and oral communicator that strives for clarity.

    • You are fulfilled by mentoring your teammates and encouraging them to work together deliberately, especially in moments of ambiguity or tension.

    • You define what success looks like and prioritize solutions based on customer impact.

    • You have significant experience with design systems and tools like Sketch and Adobe XD. You can describe how design workflows weave through the ecosystem today and are excited to collaborate and shape what’s on the horizon.

    • You conduct user research and design experiments to discover opportunities, explore solutions, and make the best decisions for the customer experience.

    • You have experience developing software in a complex web/native application environment and have experience integrating systems and tools.

    • You learn new concepts quickly and can switch between creative and analytical thinking.

    • You have experience working within a variety of product development methodologies (Agile, SCRUM, Lean, etc.),  environments, and industries.


    At Abstract, we offer resources that emphasize personal and familial wellbeing. We provide 99% healthcare coverage, including dental, vision, and life insurance. We offer 10 weeks parental leave, unlimited paid-time off, and flexible working arrangements. Additional perks include dependent care and health care FSA as well as commuter benefits for SF office employees.

    To help employees plan for the future, we're able to offer competitive pay and a 401k. 

    We are a distributed team and we are able to offer US-based remote employment for most roles. We offer travel opportunities for company meetings, team meet-ups, and the occasional conference.


    Though we're a distributed team, we're currently only able to hire US-based candidates.

    As part of our security protocols, offers are contingent on successful completion of a background check. 

  • 1 week ago

    At Ad Hoc we build government digital services that are fast, efficient, and usable by everyone

    Ad Hoc brings small teams of highly skilled professionals from the private sector to build government software right the first time.

    Solving government technology problems is about attacking big problems with design, engineering, and compassion. We’re committed to continually improving what we build and staying focused on user needs for the long haul.

    Job Summary and Responsibilities

    Ad Hoc delivers effective and user-centered digital services for government. Our Product Managers work closely with partners and cross-functional teams to build the right things, in the right way at all stages of the product life cycle. 

    Product managers help define business goals, identify opportunities, develop roadmaps, and manage the iterative delivery of new features and products. They are skilled at working with stakeholders to shape solutions and leverage agile/lean principles to ensure that what is delivered is both desirable to end users and reliable at scale.


    • Our Federal contracts require that you must be a U.S. Citizen to be eligible for employment

    • All work must be conducted within the U.S.

    • We will be accepting applications until  September 15, 2019

    Required skills & experience

    • At least 1-2 years experience serving as a Product Manager of a cross-functional team, ideally within an agile environment.

    • Experience shipping consumer-facing features or products.

    • Skilled at breaking down problems, building consensus, and setting direction in the face of uncertainty.

    • Proven ability translating qualitative and quantitative feedback into product requirements and actionable insights.

    • Experienced at managing priorities and tradeoffs to deliver the highest value solutions for clients and end users.

    • Superior product judgement - understands when to pivot and how to experiment in order to reduce uncertainty and inform next steps.

    • Strong written and verbal communicator; can build trust with partners and influence decision-making towards the highest value outcomes.


    • Company-Subsidized Health, Dental, and Vision Insurance

    • Vanguard 401K Plan

    • Unlimited Vacation

    • Continuing Education/Annual Conference Attendance

     Ad Hoc LLC is an Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action Employer. All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, national origin, ancestry, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, religion, age, pregnancy, disability, work-related injury, covered veteran status, political ideology, marital status, or any other factor that the law protects from employment discrimination.

  • This position is remote, based in North America.

    We have an exciting opportunity for an experienced professional services and training solutions professional to join a fun, high-growth software organization. Reporting to the Director of Sales and Customer Enablement and working closely with the Vice President of Customer Success, you will be responsible for building and managing world-class educational services portfolio for GitLab's customers, partners, and professional services team members and have the opportunity to make a huge impact. 


    • Define, scope, and prioritize training and enablement requirements to help GitLab customers, partners, and Professional Services professionals for their respective needs

    • Develop educational services strategy and create educational offerings, including offering, training content, pricing, persona and market segmentation, and sales collateral

    • Develop assessment and certification program, including tiers, targeted personas, learning paths, objectives and supporting content

    • Construct a short, medium, and long-term enablement vision for these audiences that embraces and facilitates a culture of continuous learning 

    • Collaborate with subject matter experts in the field, Product Management & Marketing, and instructional designers to develop and deliver prioritized global learning and development offerings and content (customized regionally as needed)

    • Develop and maintain training partner certification and global ecosystem

    • Collaborate with enablement colleagues to define cross-functional technology platform requirements to support current and future training and enablement delivery efforts 

    • Build business case for additional training and enablement resources as needed

    • Measure and report on the effectiveness of customer & professional services enablement investments and programs

    • Identify and act on opportunities to improve customers’ learning experience and identify innovative techniques for enablement/training delivery

    • Collaborate with enablement colleagues to define cross-functional technology platform requirements to support current and future training and enablement delivery efforts


    • 7+ years professional services experience and/or developing customer and partner education and certification programs

    • Knowledge and familiarity with the Software Development Life Cycle and DevOps required (open source software knowledge and familiarity considered a plus)

    • Working knowledge of customer training technology and methodologies; demonstrable experience with customer training concepts, practices, and procedures

    • Relevant experience preparing, developing, and executing customer training and enablement strategies, tactics and action plans

    • Ability to quickly understand technical concepts and explain them to customer and professional services audiences (mostly technical)

    • Experience growing within a small start-up; strong ability to interact and influence effectively with senior executives and team members

    • Exceptional written/verbal communication and presentation skills

    • Team player with strong interpersonal skills, skilled at project management and cross-functional collaboration

    • Ability to thrive in a fast-paced, unpredictable environment

    • Share and work in accordance with GitLab's values


    • To view the full job description and its compensation calculator, view our handbook. The compensation calculator can be found towards the bottom of the page. Additional details about our process can be found on our hiring page.

  • Company Overview

    Founded in 2007, Theorem (formerly Citrusbyte) is a Remote first technology consulting company with a focus on how we do the work as a means to achieve great results.

    Our customers, F1000's and startups alike, come to us because they need to change how something is done in order to succeed and they're looking for a solution that isn’t just about technology — but also people, process and leadership. We consult, form a diverse team of experts, and deliver strategy and execution all under one roof.

    Our services range from new product development, pure R&D, legacy modernization, pricing strategy development, revenue generation, process optimization, to organizational transformation and cultural design.

    Working at Theorem

    At Theorem, we believe that creating an environment where great people can flourish is the best strategy for our business and the best way to solve our client's problems and deliver the greatest value.

    Our focus on culture is supported by our shared vision to build a company where we want to work for the long-term. We avoid egos and embrace distributed leadership. We grow from constantly being challenged and seek to understand when presented with ideas we don't understand. We respect each other, default to trust and treat each other like adults and we also hold each other accountable for commitments. There is a lot about our culture that makes us great and we're continually looking to improve it. Read what we've published about our culture.

    Job Summary

    We’re looking for an experienced product manager to join the team at Theorem. It is expected that you have lived the full product lifecycle, having brought multiple products to market.

    In this role, you will lead teams of 1-2 designers and 2-3 engineers and work directly with customers to build complex custom software applications. 

    Responsibilities and Duties

    As a product manager, you are responsible for overall product guidance, vision, prioritization, planning, and stakeholder communication. You’ve got to be a quick study and become a domain expert in the areas required for your products: You need to know the business opportunities, competitors, customer pain points and technical details about each product. The Product Manager is also a guide. Clients look to you to chart out the approach that will get them results within their time and budget. 

    You will work closely with our designers who actually do the design & wireframing but you should be able to roll up your sleeves to create and make changes to wireframes yourself.

    • Strategy: Collecting research, running project kickoffs, and defining business goals 

    • Consulting: Guiding clients and project teams through the right steps to get a world-class product 

    • Design: Converting ideas and goals into wireframes with a UX/UI designer, often developing the first set of sketches yourself or collaboratively 

    • Engineering: Overseeing the delivery of each project milestone by managing/collaborating with the project team

    We are looking for smart, driven & talented people who want to work in a consultative environment, help our clients have great projects and also contribute to the growth of a great company. Tell us more about you!

    Qualifications and Skills

    Prior to an interview, we will want to review wireframes and product positioning that you worked on ( alone or in a team ) and we are only proceeding with candidates who have strong product sensibilities. 

    Benefits and Perks

    • 100% REMOTE

    • TEAM RETREAT - Once a year the entire Theorem team gets together at an inspiring location to meet, work and play.

    • HEALTHY BODY, HEALTHY MIND - HAPPY TEAM - We offer paid vacation and support healthy lifestyles through our physical fitness benefits program.

    • HEALTHCARE & FINANCE - We have comprehensive medical, dental, vision, and life insurance plans, plus we have a 401k plan.

  • This position is remote based.

    We're looking for product managers that can help us work on the future of developer tools. This post is our general inquiry post and will result in a resume review and if appropriate a follow up conversation to help target your application to a specific role. If you already have an identified preferred vacancy please apply to that position only.

    We believe developers deserve an intuitive, single application that covers the entire DevOps lifecycle. We believe running tests is just the beginning of automation. We believe deploying your code should be automated and repeatable, and most of all, easy. We believe in pushing the boundaries of best-practices, and bringing these to every developer, so that doing the right thing is also the easy, default way of working.

    We know there are a million things we can and want to improve about GitLab's support for DevOps workflows. It'll be your job to work out what we are going to do and how.

    We work in quite a unique way at GitLab, where lots of flexibility and independence is mixed with a high paced, pragmatic way of working. And everything we do is in the open.

    We recommend looking at our company page the product handbook and our product categories to get started.


    • Drive the product in the right direction

    • Build an effective roadmap to prioritize important features properly

    • Take high-level feature proposals and customer problems and break them into small iterations that engineering can work on

    • Balance new features, improvements, and bugfixes to ensure a high velocity and a stable product

    • Consider the business impact, ROI, and other implications when taking important decisions

    • Take an active role in defining the future

    • Contribute to the product vision, together with the Head of Product and VP of Product

    • Create and maintain a vision for your product area

    • Create and maintain the vision for each product category

    • Innovate within your product area by proposing ambitious features

    • Follow innovation in your product area

    • Communicate and evangelize your product vision internally and among the wider community

    • Manage the product lifecycle end-to-end

    • Follow feature development end-to-end; provide guidance and feedback to engineers and designers; ensure everyone is aligned

    • Be the voice of the customer and the subject-matter expert for your group

    • Contribute to documentation, blog posts, demos, and marketing materials for product features

    • Collaborate with other Product Managers, UX, and engineers in cross-area features to build a single application

    • Manage the uncertainty in an efficient way, adjusting plans to new working conditions

    • Engage with stakeholders in two-way communication

    • Assist Sales, Support, Customer Success, and Marketing as the subject-matter expert for your area

    • Talk to customers and engage with the community regularly

    • Engage with analysts on briefings and product evaluations

    • Work with the entire Product team to share improvements and best practices

    You are not (solely) responsible for:

    • A team of engineers: you will take the lead in decisions about the product, but not manage the people implementing it

    • Capacity planning: you will define priorities, but the Engineering Manager evaluates the amount of work possible

    • Shipping in time: you will work in a group, but the group is responsible for shipping in time, not you


    • Experience in product management

    • Strong understanding of Git and Git workflows

    • Knowledge of the devops tool market

    • Strong technically: you understand how software is built, packaged, deployed and operated

    • Passion for design and usability

    • Highly independent and pragmatic

    • Excellent proficiency in English

    • You are living wherever you want

    • You share our values, and work in accordance with those values

    • Strong understanding of DevOps and cloud-native application architectures, deployment and operations

    • Bonus points: Significant experience building successful devops tools

    • Bonus points: experience with GitLab

    • Bonus points: experience in working with open source projects 

    Hiring Process

    • Selected candidates will be invited to schedule a screening call with our Global Recruiters

    • Selected candidates will be scheduled with a Director of Product to determine fit for specific vacancies

  • Bridge US (US only)
    2 weeks ago

    Bridge is seeking a Product Manager to join us in our next phase of growth. We are looking for driven Product Managers who share our vision for frictionless global mobility and commit themselves to building outstanding, industry-leading products.

    Bridge is still a small, scrappy team, which means you need to work quickly at a high level and dive into detail when it matters. You should be able to quickly scope and assess the impact of high level ideas before deciding whether to invest more resources.

    You’ll be joining a passionate team that cares deeply about our mission. We get daily feedback from our internal teams, partner firms, and clients, all of whom are regular users of our product. Your ability to communicate quickly and clearly with these stakeholders is critical to our success, and to accomplishing our long term goals. By nurturing these relationships, you will identify new ideas to drive our business to unprecedented scale, transparency, and efficiency.

    A successful first year with Bridge will include the launch of new products and using analytics to drive user adoption across our platform. While some initiatives may fail, your success will be based on how quickly you seize upon new opportunities. Most importantly, you’ll contribute to improving our product development process and lay the foundations for growing our Product Management team.

    As a Product Manager you will:

    • Uncover new opportunities to expand the number of global citizens on our platform

    • Collaborate with external participants and stakeholders to test and validate our assumptions

    • Groom the product roadmap and contribute to overall strategy

    • Develop products and features from inception through launch and iteration

    • Manage the sprint process for your team to enable high-quality, timely execution of product launches in a fast-paced environment

    • Define and analyze metrics to measure the success of products released

    What we’re looking for:

    • 5+ years of product management experience 

    • Technical background and experience in HR tech, legal tech, or enterprise SaaS

    • Analytical mindset and experience using complex data sets to derive valuable business insights

    • Experience with agile product process from the Product Manager point of view

  • 2 weeks ago

    About Loom

    Loom is a new kind of work communication tool, already helping over a million people get their message across through instantly shareable videos. Our users work at companies like HubSpot, Square, Uber, GrubHub and LinkedIn. Our mission is to be the global leader in human workplace communication.

    Founded in 2016, Loom has raised $15 million from top-tier investors including Kleiner Perkins, General Catalyst and Slack Fund.

    The Role

    Loom is looking for our first product manager to oversee our core platform including our PC, Mac, and Chrome Extension recorders as well as our web platform. We're changing behavior in the workplace by introducing a new medium of communication. That does not happen often. You will be reporting directly to the founder and CEO who currently fills the role.

    This is an exciting time here at Loom. We’re introducing Team and Enterprise offerings over the next 6 months, rolling out our first mobile experience, and looking to tap into the innovation afforded to us via the meta data captured in video. You will be responsible for working with the leadership team to make sure we’re having the most impact for the people and companies who use Loom and aligning that with strategic business value.

    Your Responsibilities

    • Talk with customers to help define the roadmap and ensure we are building the right stuff

    • Clearly define and communicate product requirements

    • Drive prioritization for new feature development

    • Work cross functionally with Loom's design, engineering, growth, and sales teams to develop concepts and troubleshoot issues

    • Help the team define and track key success metrics

    • Collaborate with marketing on messaging, positioning and GTM plans


    • You love video and believe in its magic to make working more efficient and expressive

    • 3+ years of product management experience

    • You track record for building successful products alongside world class designers and engineers

    • You know when to use data to guide you and when to rely on your great product instincts

    • You're an excellent communicator, natural bridge-builder and unhealthy conflict defuser

    • You're a positive influence and a leader

    • You have an ability to thrive in an ambiguous environment with a high degree of autonomy

    Not Required, but a Plus

    • Technical background or technical fluency

    • Experience with subscription software and freemium products, additional plus if horizontal SaaS

    • Experience working in a start-up or similar fast-paced, scrappy environment

    • Comfortable presenting to large groups of people

    • MBA

    Perks at Loom

    • Competitive compensation and equity package

    • Medical, dental, and vision coverage (US-based team), healthcare reimbursement (non-US based team)

    • 401K with 5% company matching

    • Unlimited PTO

    • Remote-first team

    • Paid parental leave

    • Yearly off-site retreats (this year we went to Costa Rica for a week!)

    • Learning & Development reimbursement

    • Wellness reimbursement

    SF office perks

    • Remote weeks every other month

    • Daily in-office lunch, unlimited snacks & drinks

    Remote-specific perks

    • Home office & technology stipends

    • New Hire Onboarding in SF

  • We're looking for an experienced, talented Product Manager to join our growing Product Team and help us shape our SaaS products. You’ll join an energetic, fast-paced team and work closely with Engineering, Marketing, Operations and Sales to map the direction of the product and roll-out features that drive business goals.


    We're looking for an experienced, talented Product Manager to join our growing Product Team and help us shape our SaaS products. You’ll join an energetic, fast-paced team and work closely with Engineering, Marketing, Operations and Sales to map the direction of the product and roll-out features that drive business goals. 

    In this role you will have ownership over our core digital experiences. As a product manager you care deeply about our customers, taking a user-centered approach to products. You are comfortable working across the entire product development cycle – customer research, UX discovery, hypothesis definition, wireframing, sprint planning and project management. You have experience defining the MVP for a product or feature, and you are able to ruthlessly prioritize to ensure that we’re always working on the right things. You are analytical and empathetic, using data as an essential part of prioritization and communicating directly with our customers and partners around the world.


    • Define the strategy for your products, and contribute to the overall product strategy

    • Drive the vision and delivery of new features to keep the business relevant and competitive

    • Conduct market and customer research to identify potential features

    • Define and communicate product and feature strategy

    • Manage the roadmap, prioritize opportunities, refine feature ideas and maintain existing features to drive business goals.

    • Define and manage to goals and product metrics

    • Produce product requirements, iterate with design and engineering team

    • Develop functional specifications for assigned product features to include effective product and user interface design, rapid prototyping, product validation testing, and usability testing

    • Ensure that the product strategy is adhered to throughout the product life cycle

    • Manage and groom a product backlog

    • Work closely with the engineering team to maintain focus and delivery

    • Engage stakeholders in leadership, support, revenue and partners, and coordinate across teams to maintain product and strategy alignment

    • Coordinate go-to-market strategies when launching a new product or feature


    • 5+ years of experience in software product management

    • A proven track record of working with designers, engineers, and various stakeholders to coordinate, plan, execute, and track product releases from beginning to end.

    • Excellent written and verbal communication skills

    • Strong interpersonal skills, innovative attitude, flexible, proactive, service-minded and a strong team player

    • Outstanding organizational skills including prioritizing, scheduling, time management, and meeting deadlines

    • Strong problem solving skills and willingness to think outside the box and roll up one’s sleeves to get the job done

    • Prior experience managing an enterprise or B2B SaaS product.

    • Flexibility to collaborate with teams and partners in time zones around the world

    • Experience with a virtual role

    • Familiarity with agile software development methodologies; familiarity and experience with Jira and Confluence for stories and documentation is also a plus.

    • Proficient in Microsoft Office/Google Docs Suite and web-based SaaS customer platforms

    • Experience in design and technical writing is a plus

    • You don’t need to be a senior software engineer, but a technical background is a plus

    • Experience in assessments, certification, or learning and development a plus


    • Bachelor’s degree or greater in related field (e.g., legal, organizational development or business/management)

    • Comfort working in a remote environment with stakeholders across different time zones

    • Experience and knowledge of SaaS business model

  • 3 weeks ago

    We're building a LinkedIn Marketing Automation tool that will give professionals and corporate brands the ability to automatically schedule, send, and resend mass messages to their LinkedIn contacts and followers, both profile and company page.

    We're actively looking for a Product Manager, who will work with our remote team members, to build, market, sell, and support a product that will save professionals and corporate brands from being victims of email marketing.

    No worries, whether you'd be moving to the next stage or not, our application process is pretty fast. You should expect to hear from us within 5 to 10 business days.


    A LinkedIn Marketing Automation platform, built and used by professionals and corporate brands with millions of LinkedIn contacts and followers.

  • 3 weeks ago

    The opportunity

    Join the Product team as the first UX designer and solve complex customer problems.

    What you will do

    • Work closely with the product manager to understand how our customers use Pubstack and what they need to succeed,

    • Build the Pubstack UX from scratch: turn insights from user research into ideas, sketch and prototype to bring them to life, and ship products and features that make Pubstack better,

    • Work with the engineering team to make sure they understand the reason behind each feature and what they have to build to reach the next release.

    Who you are

    • You have experience in digital product design

    • You are an excellent visual and written communicator, able to clearly communicate what we are building and why we are building it,

    • You have experience with prototyping tools (e.g. Zeplin, Sketch, InVision),

    • You understand design systems and component-based design patterns,

    • You want to work in a rapidly changing, high-growth startup environment,

    • You strongly believe that written and async communication are the keys to success in a remote team.

  • 3 weeks ago

    Millions of people experience real-life adventures with our apps. We help people all over the world discover the best hiking and biking routes, empowering our users to explore more of the great outdoors. And we’re good at it: Google and Apple have listed us as one of their Apps of the Year numerous times—and we are consistently ranked amongst the highest-grossing apps in both Google Play and the App Store. To help us further establish komoot as the world’s best outdoor guide, we’re looking for an ambitious product manager to join our world-class team.

    Your key responsibilities

    • Build the most comprehensive and personal outdoor guides for every location on this planet with us.

    • Work hands-on with designers, copywriters and engineers to help implement new features that will further facilitate user-generated content creation.

    • Working with both our community of users and an editorial team, to create and shape outstanding content that will inspire millions all over the world to get out and explore.

    • Run tests, get feedback from users and colleagues, crunch the numbers, and optimize new and existing product features.

    • Be an advocate for both our users and our business, and drive product development that meets award-winning quality standards.

    Why you will love it

    • You’ll take over responsibility and ownership of your projects from day one.

    • You’ll develop products that will inspire millions all over the world to get out and explore.

    • We let you work from wherever you want, be it a beach, the mountains, our headquarters in Potsdam or anywhere that lies between the time zones UTC-1 and UTC+3.

    • You’ll work in a fast-paced startup with strongly motivated and talented co-workers.

    • You’ll enjoy the freedom to organize yourself the way you want and work with whichever tools you love.

    • You’ll join us for team gatherings in locations like Mallorca or the Bavarian Alps several times a year.

    You will be successful in this position if you

    • Have 3+ years of experience as a product manager for a digital product

    • Have proven knowledge of the cycling and outdoor market and their respective customer segments.

    • Have solid experience in working with user-generated content and understand how to lever technical solutions to increase quality and quantity.

    • Know how to manage a vast portfolio of content that caters to diverse target groups.

    • Have an excellent sense of product, design and copy.

    • Can turn complex problems into simple experiences, taking care of every little detail in a product.

    • Have a structured and methodical way of working and leading complex cross-functional projects.

    • Are hungry to learn and challenge yourself.

    Sounds like you?

    Send us the following

    • Your CV.

    • A little note on why are you interested in working at komoot.

    • Work examples: Show us a little about the projects you’ve worked on in the past.

    • Feel free to send us something that shows us a little more about what you’re interested in, be it your Twitter/Instagram account or your blog.

    • You’ll get bonus points for doing something creative with komoot — we love it when people go the extra mile.

  • 3 weeks ago
    • You’ll be part of something amazing. BrewBroker is breaking new ground and helping to drive innovation and sustainability in the industry 

    • Mentorship is a given so you'll actually learn something through hands-on experience

    • We will listen to your ideas and empower you to make an impact on the direction of the BrewBroker platform 

    • We offer a competitive salary which is scaled depending upon experience 

    • All of our full-time team will be offered in shares as part of their package in the next round of investment 

    • We offer generous holiday and company pension 

    • Satisfaction is guaranteed if you work as hard as your CV says you do 

    • We offer flexible hours either from home or from our Birmingham office. 

    • You will get to travel to breweries, attend beer festivals and be exposed to some amazing people in a vibrant and dynamic industry 

    • We are a hard-working, friendly bunch - passionate about our mission!

    Job Description

    • Managing a team of exceedingly good developers to ensure the delivery of the BrewBroker tech roadmap 

    • Immersing yourself in the beer and tech industry to bring learnings and insight to the rest of the team 

    • Define quantitative and qualitative success metrics and constantly evaluate if your solutions have solved the problem through these measures, both before and after it's released 

    • Liaising with the CPO, UX designers and the development team so they are fully informed on all decisions you are making 

    • Craft and evaluate future product opportunities with our customers; create and maintain a consistent and measurable roadmap spanning both smaller features and more ambitious, market-shaping bets. Translate big-picture product strategy into detailed requirements and hypothesis-driven proofs of concept 

    • Writing user stories through conventional techniques such as behaviour driven development

  • 4 weeks ago

    We’re building a team that’s passionate about cryptography, bitcoin, decentralization, security, and privacy. We’re looking for a Technical Product Manager who embodies those values and who’s passionate about bringing Bitcoin and Lightning to the masses. An ideal candidate would have experience solving complex technical problems and a strong understanding of the software development process. Further, they should have knowledge and/or experience with network and routing concepts, along with an understanding of their applicability to Lightning payments.


    • Define product vision, strategy, and roadmap for Lightning Labs’ infrastructure products 

    • Drive product launches including working with cross-functional teams on messaging and goals 

    • Strong written communication skills and ability to convey information about technical concepts to both internal and external audiences 

    • Work closely with engineering teams to iterate on early-stage products 

    • Work with users to define and iterate on UX and UI 

    • Work with external third parties to assess partnership opportunities

    Minimum qualifications:

    • Experience creating strategic product roadmaps from conception to launch and working with cross-functional teams 

    • Strong understanding of the software development process, experience with a variety of methodologies, and an appreciation of the tradeoffs involved with different approaches 

    • Experience driving product vision, go-to-market strategy, and design discussions 

    • Ability to influence multiple stakeholders without direct authority 

    • Passion for Bitcoin and Lightning and an understanding of the technology, community, and ecosystem

    Preferred qualifications: 

    • Bachelors or advanced degree in a technical field or equivalent experience 

    • Experience in a Product Management, Engineering or Technology Strategy role 

    • Knowledge of multiple functional areas such as Product Management, Engineering, UX/UI, Sales, Customer Support, Finance or Marketing 

    • Experience building Bitcoin or Lightning products or services

  • Crave Retail (US only)
    4 weeks ago

    Hello Product Manager,

    Crave Retail is bringing the most meaningful digital experiences to physical retail and we need you to help us get there. Our mission is to create the most seamless and innovative try-on journey for the modern shopper in every store. We leverage existing retail systems to provide our retail partners with turn-key, interactive, digital experiences that make finding, trying, and buying products in a store easy and fun.

    If we’ve piqued your interest so far, keep reading…

    In a nutshell, we are looking for a Product guru who is ready to jump into the grind with our executive team that shoppers and retailers will love. You would be someone who loves building software solutions with a customer-centric approach to innovation and execution. You have been in a product management leadership role at a startup or retail corporate environment and now you’re ready to develop a product strategy and roadmap of your own. In addition to building products, you love retail and the challenges that come along with it. You have a keen sense of what shoppers expect in today's modern world and know how to measure the value of those experiences. You also enjoy the idea of being on a small but mighty team that works remotely serving the biggest and best retailers around the world.

    Most importantly, you love rolling up your sleeves and getting into the details of emerging technology and business growth.

    What you will do:

    • Develop and ensure the execution of your product strategy and roadmap for all of our retail applications. 

    • Work directly with the CEO and CTO to define the future of Crave’s product technologies. 

    • Find the intersection between emerging and core technologies with customer pain points and develop exciting, customer-centric, and value-driving experiences 

    • Work closely with our engineering/UX team and friends at Apple to ensure we are creating the most engaging and seamless iOS experiences. Android development is fast following. 

    • Work with our UX designer to conduct customer & market research, customer and user feedback, customer usage and competitive analysis to identify new product opportunities and enhancements 

    • Provide clear direction on what needs to get done so we can get the best things done right and done rapidly.

    Strongly Preferred:

    • You’ve worked at a retail startup or for a retailer, for at least 2 years, within the last 5 years. 

    • 5+ years of Product Management experience 

    • Comfort working with a remote development team 

    • Comfort working remotely 

    • Comfortable traveling and flying (international travel is likely)

    If you have any of the following, be sure to let us know:

    • Familiarity with iOS and Android application guidelines and development 

    • Experience working on kiosks 

    • Code in Swift 

    • Comfortable being one of the first Crave employees 

    • Public speaking

    Compensation: Salary + Equity

    Note: We are a startup and growing. You likely aren’t joining our team for a huge salary to start with, even though we do still pay well for a startup. You are joining because you believe in the mission and want to help be a member of the founding team that created an amazing product that leads to massive customer growth and a salary one could never achieve at corporate America.

  • At Enhancv, we build the world’s best resume-editing platform. Each month we help thousands of customers worldwide get the job they love. We are a small 11-person team spread across Europe 🌍, Asia 🌏 and North America 🌎 whose goal is to put an Enhancv resume on every recruiter’s desk!

    We’re looking for a passionate and experienced product person who will help us build and shape a solution that touches thousands of job seekers every single day. Your job will be to help people land the job they want, all while making their experience more personal and enjoyable.

    The market is huge and the question is – are you up for the challenge and ready to roll-up your sleeves?

    Well, here’s what you’ll be doing

    🎯 You’ll seek out open questions and non-obvious problems. You’ll turn the unknowns into formal research ideas that will lead to meaningful customer and market insights

    🤹‍♀️ You’ll feed and manage the product roadmap yourself. You’ll drive tactical and strategic product decisions, addressing both user behavior and market perceptions

    🔮 You will design, build and analyze data pipelines, funnels, and customer journey maps. You’ll constantly assess if we satisfied the user needs through quantitative and qualitative measures

    🚀 You’ll help us shape the future vision of Enhancv and the strategy to make it happen

    Ideally, you’re no stranger to these

    🐴 This isn't your first product research rodeo - you have been in a product role in a company with thousands of users. Bonus points for experiences with commercial B2B, B2C or SaaS products

    📊 You have worked with both qualitative customer insights and quantitative customer data to inform decisions – contextual inquiry, clickstream analysis, A/B tests, and flow models are not just bookmarked terms in your browser.

    💾 You’re tech-savvy - you’ve dabbed into HTML/CSS, SQL, Python or Javascript. You’re eager to set up your own analytics dashboard, A/B/C and D tests or a complex logic of a survey. It’s ok if you’re not coding anymore, but you should still be looking for a solution of the boolean satisfiability problem

    🛑 As an experienced researcher you know how to ask “why”, but you also know when to ask “why not”. You’re also comfortable with saying “no” and ruthless on prioritization and ROI

    🍦 You read between the lines – you don’t always trust the data, our customers or successful competitors (speaking of this - mention your favorite ice-cream flavor in the typical day question of the application to let us know you saw this)

    Where you'll work

    Enhancv started in 2014 and today it's a profitable B2C startup. Most of us are working from Bulgaria and we have four remote members from India, UK, Bulgaria and Canada. They fly ✈️ and work from Bulgaria a few times a year, plus we organize a team-wide retreat once a year. We have ambitious growth plans 🚀🚀🚀 and that's why we are expanding. Our engineering team is based in Sofiа 🏢and so we’re looking for a person in Europe or someone who is willing to relocate.

    You will have the freedom to experiment and build things your way -- we believe that's how we'll win. And while the sky's the limit, remember you'll also positively change people's lives! Check out the story of Sam from Spotify.

    Salary, Benefits & Perks

    🗺 Work remotely.

    💰 Market salary based on location and results you produce.

    🧘‍♂️ 22 days of paid leave.

    👩‍⚕️ Healthcare: Company-wide insurance policy or a budget for remote team members.

    🏋️‍♂️ Sports allowance.

    💻 Equipment: Get a MacBook and other equipment to do your best work.

    🚇 Transport allowance.

    ✈️ Travel: We cover work-related travel and retreats.

    📚 Courses and learning: We invest in your professional growth.

  • 1 month ago

    Blockstack is a decentralized computing platform. It’s the easiest way to build decentralized apps that can scale. More info here.

    Blockstack PBC, a public benefit corp, has a mission to enable an open, decentralized internet which will benefit all internet users by giving them more control over information and computation. Blockstack PBC has raised $50M+ in capital to develop core protocols and developer tools for the ecosystem. Being a Public Benefit Corp also means we have goals beyond profit, and that allows us to focus on universal human rights and sharing the value created in our ecosystem.

    Blockstack PBC is headquartered in New York City, with a globally distributed team located across Hong Kong, Gambia, Barcelona, Toronto, and Seattle.

    First: What Is App Mining?

    App Mining is a novel economic system created by the Blockstack community that rewards teams that build apps people want. Each month up to $1,000,000 is paid out across every Blockstack app team enrolled in the program, based on their app’s impact on the ecosystem. We believe that this economic system can grow well beyond where it is today.

    As App Growth Lead, you will be responsible for the growth and development of App Mining. This role requires creative thinking across varied disciplines: governance design, automation, product management, product design, marketplace design, incentive design, and game theory. The ideal candidate has a hybrid experience of growth and product management. 

    In this role, you’ll: 

    • Collaborate with leadership, growth, and engineering teams to set strategies and build a product roadmap. 

    • Establish and measure KPIs for App Mining success. This may include work on groundbreaking, privacy-preserving analytics tools. 

    • Engage with our developer community to improve the App Mining program.

    • Define and execute growth strategies for both app quantity and quality through the App Mining mechanism.

    • Forge partnerships with new App Mining review partners and distribution partners. 

    • Improve App Mining registration funnel, developer tools, admin tools, and marketing automation. 

    • Help build a long-term dedicated design, engineering, growth, and operations team.

    You have: 

    • 5-10 years of experience building and leading products: Consumer app ecosystems or marketplaces preferred. 

    • A proven track record of leveraging product improvement to drive marketplace growth. 

    • Strong understanding of the decentralized app ecosystem and protocols including technology, competitors, and adoption challenges. 

    • Experience with marketplace metrics, relevant instrumentation, and making data-driven decisions.

    • Experience and interest in game-theory and economics. 

    Working At Blockstack

    Blockstack PBC is proud to be an equal opportunity employer and deeply cares about building a diverse team. Benefits include remote work options, token grants in addition to equity compensation, and a budget for learning and education. We also offer 100% paid gold health benefits, daily lunch, and our spacious NYC HQ is centrally located in Flatiron.

    Blockstack PBC is proud to be an equal opportunity employer and deeply cares about building a diverse team. Benefits include remote work options, token grants in addition to equity compensation, and a budget for learning and education. We also offer 100% paid gold health benefits, daily lunch, and our spacious NYC HQ is centrally located in Flatiron.

  • We are: Shogun, a powerful page builder platform for eCommerce stores, and we're on a mission to empower anyone to easily create high converting eCommerce pages, through a delightful product experience.

    We were in the Winter 2018 batch of Y-Combinator, we’re backed by Initialized Capital, and we have over 10,000 active paying clients.

    We are looking for: A Senior Product Manager to join our team and help drive the design of our product.

    We need someone that is comfortable being hands on with the entire design product development process, identifying problems and championing them through the design and development process. You will work closely with our Director of Design on conceptualizing and implementing changes to our product that will drive an increase in trial conversion, and customer success.


    - Understand our business strategy and deliver features/products that Shogun clients love. 

    - Deeply understand the product problems that you are tackling through user research and speaking with clients. Define and re-frame user problems for the team. 

    - Manage the roadmap—understand and prioritize potential projects from various inputs (user research, client support data, competitive analysis) so the team is always working on the most impactful projects. 

    - Collaborate with the founders, designers, and engineers to imagine the future and define solutions to big problems. 

    - Define a product scope that is focused on the most important use cases with a focus on getting it into users hands as quickly as possible. 

    - Define quantitative and qualitative success metrics and constantly evaluate if your solutions have solved the problem through these measures, both before and after it’s released. 

    - Deliver world-class software—maintain the quality of the product that your team is responsible for. 

    - Motivate a group of committed, smart people to do the best work of their careers.


    - Have experience in a Product Manager role. 

    - Have a strong design background, be able to think deeply about product design decisions and have an understanding of how to create simple user interfaces. 

    - Be a clear communicator of product decisions and the rationale behind them. 

    - You have experience working with both qualitative customer insights, and quantitative customer data to inform decisions. You’ve conducted user research, a/b tests and have worked closely with design researchers and analysts (or have analyzed data yourself). 

    - You’re entrepreneurial—you're self-driven and you default to action. 

    - You’re organized, not ad hoc. 

    - Be able to easily switch between thinking creatively and analytically.

    We offer: 

    - Competitive salary 

    - Competitive equity 

    - Benefits (Health and PTO) 

    - A highly skilled and dedicated team that is fun to work with. 

    - Remote work – We are a fully distributed team that works from anywhere with good internet.

    - Examples of your product work that impacted real results. 

    - A short note explaining why you're a good fit for this role.

    Please Note: 

    - Our team is fully distributed and global (check out our team page). We have no office. You should be comfortable with remote work. 

    - Sometimes we hire on a full time contractor basis to begin with. Team members enjoy the same opportunities for great compensation, full time positions, equity, and consideration, regardless of location.

  • D2iQ (US or Germany)
    1 month ago

    D2iQ (formerly Mesosphere) is looking for an experienced Product Manager that can lead some of the strategic initiatives around Kubernetes and data services, as well as own the core of D2iQ's DC/OS platform. You will collaborate with customers, the open-source community, partners, engineering, marketing and other functions to build a great product and make it successful in the market. If you’re passionate about product, can identify patterns from customer needs, and create well-defined requirements and user stories to help engineers deliver fantastic software solutions, come join us!

    Our headquarters is in San Francisco, CA but we're open to remote candidates in the United States or Germany.


    • Define strategy and drive execution of cloud operations capabilities for D2iQ's strategic Kubernetes initiatives and existing product.

    • Own and prioritize the backlog; participate with engineering in sprint planning to represent customer requirements to ensure we build the right solution

    • Work closely with customers to understand their needs and validate product direction

    • Define features, user stories, requirements and acceptance criteria

    • Deploy, use and test your own product to accept and provide early feedback within the development lifecycle

    • Work with all other functions to enable, market and advocate your product.


    • Experience working with two or more of the following open-source technologies: Kafka, Cassandra, Spark, HDFS, Elasticsearch, Tensorflow, Jupyter, Kubernetes

    • Knowledge of the datacenter infrastructure market and current trends

    • Strong understanding of Distributed Systems: Install, Upgrade, Backup / Restore, Compatibility Matrix, OS Support, Logging, Metrics, UI, CLI, Telemetry, etc...

    • Strong understanding of the Cloud Service Provider and marketplace offering integration: AWS, Azure, GCP

    • Technical understanding in one or more of: containerization, virtualization, networking, storage, security, operating systems

    • Proven track record of shipping successful enterprise software products is a must

    • Master of lean product development methods and worked with Jira before

    • Data-driven decision maker

    • Detail oriented and passionate about a great user experience combined with the ability to back proposed decisions by data

    • Superb communication and presentation skills

    • Minimum 3-5 years of experience as a Product Manager

    • Preference for candidates based in the San Francisco Bay Area but remote applications in the US will be considered

    D2iQ - Your Partner in the Cloud Native Journey

    On your journey to the cloud, you need to make numerous choices—from the technologies you select, to the frameworks you decide on, to the management tools you’ll use. What you need is a trusted guide that’s been down this path before. That’s where D2iQ can help.

    D2iQ eases these decisions and operational efforts. Rather than inhibiting your choices, we guide you with opinionated technologies, services, training, and support, so you can work smarter, not harder. No matter where you are in your journey, we’ll make sure you’re well equipped for the road ahead.

    Backed by T. Rowe Price, Andreessen Horowitz, Khosla Ventures, Microsoft, HPE, Data Collective, and Fuel Capital, D2iQ is headquartered in San Francisco with offices in Hamburg, London, New York, and Beijing.

  • Noom has been a thought leader in mobile health technology for over 6 years. We have over 33M users using our products, and our solutions span three continents and five languages. We believe that the best way to attract people to a healthier lifestyle is to develop products that make that lifestyle more enjoyable...and we are growing very fast.

    With a growing international community, all Noom employees have the option to work remotely. Whether this means staying in your PJs all day or working from a remote island in the Carribean, as long as you have WiFi and get the job done, we won't ask questions! Our state of the art technology and industrious IT team supports our remote employees.

    We are aggressively expanding our product suite, and are looking for a highly technical Product Manager to join us we continue developing Noom Coach, and our other products. Some things to expect:

    • You will be joining an existing team of 4 product managers as we maneuver head-on through an emerging space.

    • You will be curating app and web experiences that yield long-lasting and life-saving outcomes, leading the fight against some of the biggest and baddest killers of our generation (obesity, type-1 and -2 diabetes, heart disease, to name a few), using a mixture of psychology, technology, physiology, design, and just a touch of magic.

    • Expect to hear from thousands of people whose lives you changed, and use that information to push our products forward

    • Expect to use your gut, confirm it with data, and convince our passionate team members about why they should follow a certain product direction.

    These are challenging goals, but ones that we feel are attainable and can make great impact in an industry historically bound by legacy technology and philosophy.

    So we’re looking for an experienced product manager leader to join our team. You’ve got a strong technical foundation, with ideally an engineering or CS degree. You already have a few successful software products with a large (1M+) user base under your belt, and know how to remain focused (and thrive!) in the hustle-bustle of a startup environment. You love understanding users, using both qualitative and quantitative means. You are super smart and savvy, and don’t need to show it. 

    So be ready to do some of the most impactful and challenging work of your career. With an on-site chef that cooks some of the healthiest and trendiest foods out there, on-site yoga, martial arts, and a solid wellness budget for each employee, we make sure our employees get the attention they deserve to do their best and live their best (check out our company blog!). With solid funding from domestic and international VCs, and a team of psychological and medical experts to guide us through the complex ropes of the healthcare industry, we are poised and ready to make a billion people healthy

    If this entices you, apply! Look forward to hearing from you.

  • Who are we?

    We’re Sandbox VR, and we’re the most advanced virtual reality experience in the world. Inside our rooms, we take you on thrilling adventures and transform you into new characters. Our experience is like the movies, except you’re actually with your friends inside the movie.

    Our team is comprised of successful start-up veterans with deep experience in VR, gaming, technology and hospitality. We're funded by leading global tech investors including Andreessen Horowitz and Alibaba.

    Since we launched in 2017, we’re now live in 6 locations and 4 countries around the world (4.5 stars on Yelp, and the #1 Activity in Hong Kong and Singapore on TripAdvisor), and we’re quickly expanding.

    What will you be doing?

    We're looking for someone to help manage our digital products that stretch beyond our VR content teams. The Online team owns our cloud platform which serves our global customers and retail locations. This is a consumer focused team that obsesses about the customer journey before and after the customer's VR experience.

    If you consider yourself an end-to-end consumer-focused Product Manager, someone who thinks about every element of the customer journey, we want to hear from you. If you love building incredibly well designed and forward thinking products, and possibly have a passion for entertainment, gaming or VR, you'll have a ton of opportunity and ownership in building Sandbox VR into a global product. In this role, you’ll be responsible for:

    • Online Platform Product Management: You'll be responsible for researching, prioritizing, and executing on our Online Platform, which includes web, mobile, and in-store devices such as interactive touchscreens and connected displays. You will manage every digital customer touchpoint; we are responsible for how our guests interact with Sandbox VR before and after they complete in our VR experience.

    • Customer & Design Focused: Sandbox VR stands apart in every aspect, from our brand to our VR content. Our VR experiences are mind blowing, unlike any other VR out there. We work hard to find ways to surprise and delight our guests in all of our digital experiences.

    • Cross Team Alignment: You won't work alone - you'll have to lead through influence rather than authority with our engineering leads and senior leadership to make sure everyone is aligned and our plan is on schedule and derisked. Strong communication and organization skills are a must in this role.

    Who are we looking for?

    • We're looking for someone who has at least 4+ years of experience in product management. You should be an excellent writer and communicator, and have a strong bias towards customer research.

    • You should have a technical / engineering background. All of our current product team have engineering and technical backgrounds, so this is close to a hard requirement.

    • You should have a solid sense of data-driven product management and prioritization, along with a strong design sense and good taste. You will need to combine both of these skills to be effective at building out our holodeck platform.

    How can you really impress us?

    • If you've been a founder in the past, we'd love to hear about it, especially if you've failed. Our team is highly entrepreneurial and the majority of us have been founders before (and most of us have failed).

    • If you're super passionate about VR, we'd love to hear about it. How'd you get into it? What disappointed you? VR is not in a good spot today, but we're all true believers and we believe we will help make it happen.

    • A huge bonus for this role in particular would be sending us a sample spec you're proud for either 1) something you'd like to work on at Sandbox VR, or 2) a previous feature you've spec'd out before.

  • 1 month ago

    At AngelList, we fundamentally believe in startups.

    We’re building the definitive platform for startups — where they raise money (, build teams ( &, and launch their products (

    The Talent Team is a small group focused on fundamentally improving how startups form and grow their teams. We work with startups and candidates to build the best team-building and job-seeking experiences possible. We also do this at scale — AngelList Talent is the world’s foremost startup jobs marketplace.

    We have an entrepreneurial product culture where cross-functional product teams define and ship products together. Product teams are small and built on mutual respect, high trust, and low management.

    We're looking for an experienced Product Manager to either build out a new product team or join an existing one. You'll work with a strong, entrepreneurial, and product focused group of engineers and designers. This is AngelList's first external product manager hire, so you'll have the opportunity to shape what product looks like at AngelList.

    You will  

    • Work with your team and leadership to set product strategy 

    • Speed up decision making for your team by ensuring projects start with the right data, research, and analysis 

    • Translate research and ambiguous ideas into tightly scoped, actionable plans 

    • Talk to users to reveal their core problems and needs and translate these into product 

    • Write SQL to dig into data to identify new opportunities and analyze existing products. 

    • Do whatever it takes to make your team and product successful. You'll never say, “That's not my job.”

    You have 

    • 5+ years experience building and shipping web applications as a designer, engineer, or product manager. 

    • 2+ years experience shipping complex SaaS or marketplace products in startup environments as a product manager. 

    • Deep intuition and passion for product 

    • The ability to formulate a long-term business strategy and the short-term steps to achieve it. 

    • Excellent data analysis and SQL skills. 

    • Empathy for users and a desire to talk to them about their problems. 

    • Excellent verbal and written communication skills. 

    • The ability to manage uncertainty and ambiguity well. You can make decisive calls without enough information. 

    • Entrepreneurship or small startup experience.

  • Overview

    • With over 10,000 online merchants launching subscriptions and over 1,000,000 subscribers powered by ReCharge we're processing tens of millions of dollars in sales every week. Our mission ‘making repeat orders easier for everyone' began four years ago as a bootstrapped startup and today we're at the forefront of recurring billing software with over 100 remote-first employees around the globe.

    • As Product Manager you will be the key strategic and tactical link to ensure your cross functional feature focused engineering team delivers a world-class e-commerce product. Your focus will be delivering products to streamline the ability for merchants to sell and manage subscriptions along with making it easier for customers to manage their subscriptions.

    • We’re looking for teammates who are resourceful, dedicated, and passionate about solving challenging problems. This role is for someone who loves diving into the details while also keeping the big picture in mind.  We need a creative and resourceful integrator who will actively listen for problems and then accelerate the team towards solving.

    • Our stack includes: Python, Flask, JavaScript, Vue.js

    What You’ll Do

    • Live by and champion our values: #ownership, #empathy, #simple-solutions.

    • Create new products and features for merchants to sell and manage subscriptions along with making it easier for customers to manage their subscriptions

    • Work on a product feature team consisting of 8-10 Engineers, QA, and Design

    • Write epics and detailed user stories for the Engineering, QA, and Design teams to fully understand the scope of functionality and business drivers, so they can estimate and deliver in a timely manner with high quality

    • Facilitate and work in 2 week sprints with daily stand-ups, bi-weekly grooming and planning sessions.

    • Prioritize features and define requirements for successful delivery

    • Dive into the technical details to understand what is happening

    • Dig into details and figure things out from detailed business logic to a high level technical perspective

    • Turn high level ideas and requirements into technical specifications

    • Effectively communicate and collaborate with all groups in the organization over the entire product development lifecycle­ from requirements gathering to release to rollout training

    • We're an agile, fast growing company and this job description isn't meant to be a complete list of your qualifications or all of the things you'll do

    What You'll Bring

    • Typically, 5+ years of product management experience (preferably in SaaS)

    • Track record of launching products rapidly on a SaaS platform with a large number of customers

    • Experience working directly with software engineering teams

    • Experience owning and delivering high-impact software products

    • Ability to work autonomously with a balance of collaboration: You don't need to wait for directions, but know when buy-in is critical

    • Some light programming experience

    • Ability to read if else statements, JSON, and basic API documentation

    • Motivated by finding ways to produce results

    • Use process to produce results not as an end unto itself

    • Love problem solving, and you are a great problem solver

    • Ability to work remotely and desire to make an impact at a boot-strapped start-up

    • Bachelor’s degree 

  • 1 month ago

    Experience the next generation of hospitality through Barsala. Feel like a local by being in the most walkable neighborhoods, enjoy the convenience of having automated and secure property access, and be at ease knowing you have a 24/7 concierge to help at any time during your stay. We have a wide variety of properties across six different US cities and are going to continue expanding rapidly over the coming years.

    In this position, you will play a key role in our product roadmap and it’s execution for both internal and external facing products. You will work closely with the CEO and CTO to communicate business requirements and develop a plan.

    This is a great match for you if you are comfortable working in a fast-paced work environment, and are an experienced product leader with exceptional instinct. You make data-driven decisions, talk to users, deliver products and features in a timely manner, all while working with teams across the entire company (engineering, operations, etc.) You display great leadership qualities and can eventually grow a team of product managers.


    • Be directly involved with managing and prioritizing projects that help streamline our hospitality processes 

    • Join as one of the earliest members of our engineering and product team and get the unique opportunity to design, build and scale our platform 

    • Evaluate business needs and be directly involved with our product roadmap to support our rapid growth 

    • Opportunity to grow into a leadership position as we continue to grow


    • Experience prioritizing, managing and evaluating the impact of projects 

    • Ability to deliver results and manage engineers to solve difficult problems 

    • Strong product instinct, and can identify potential problems and opportunities given a feature request 

    • Focused on making data-driven decisions 

    • Previous experience in a Product Manager role, can provide references 

    • Excellent team player with strong communication skills. Ability to follow and adopt processes to make workflows run smoothly. 

    • Comfortable collaborating with stakeholders (non-technical) to understand requirements 

    • Has successfully worked in a remote position previously (either full time or contracting)

    We also have great benefits to make your life easier so you can focus on what you're best at.

    • Remote Position Available 

    • WeWork membership 

    • Generous stock option plan 

    • Competitive Salary 

    • Heavily discounted rates at our properties 

    • Currently operate in Seattle, Portland, Los Angeles, San Diego, Chicago, Boston 

    • Awesome work environment at a company that’s taking advantage of a huge market opportunity

    Barsala is committed to equal treatment and opportunity in all aspects of recruitment, selection, and employment without regard to gender, race, religion, national origin, ethnicity, disability, gender identity/expression, sexual orientation, veteran or military status, or any other category protected under the law. Barsala is an equal opportunity employer; committed to a community of inclusion, and an environment free from discrimination, harassment, and retaliation.

  • 1 month ago is dedicated to giving an uncensored voice to online communities all around the world. We've been doing this for the last 12+ years, and we're here for decades more to come. Inc. is ideal for job-seekers looking for both stability, and the startup culture, together at the same time. Some other unique benefits are:

    • We are distributed. Geographic boundaries won't limit you from participating.

    • All our work is open source and liberally licensed for derivatives.

    • No BS. Our job listings and processes are straightforward. We don't need a resume. Just send us your LinkedIn profile and/or a link to your portfolio, and we'll evaluate. A cover letter is a huge plus.

    Product Manager

    We need entrepreneurial, well-educated generalists to lead and grow our products such as, Internal Tools, GraphJS Mobile etc.

    General Requirements:

    • Entrepreneurial experience, and/or MBA

    • Motivated to work in a startup environment

    • Immense curiosity and desire to grow and learn

    • Ability to transform customer needs into software

    • Understanding of software development processes

  • Job Description

    We are looking for an experienced Product Manager who will be responsible for creating the best experience for our users.

    As a member of our team, you will work collaboratively with software engineers, artists and cross-functional teams to build, launch, and analyze our products.

    Here’s what you’ll be doing

    • Create fun and engaging features and other game contents.

    • Testing ongoing tasks and ensuring that everything is on schedule.

    • Analyzing and interpreting data and making meaningful conclusions to provide insights on game features.

    • Helping to set the strategic direction for the games, develop and execute on the product roadmap.

    • Managing the entire game development cycle, from creative concepts to publish.

    • Brainstorm new ideas together with your team to create the best games.

    Desired Skills and Experience

    • University Degree

    • 2+ years of experience on products with your fingerprints all over them.

    • Never-ending desire to grow and learn.

    • Collaborative, team-player with experience working with cross-functional teams.

    • Ability to make data-driven decisions from large amounts of information.

  • 1 month ago

    Job Description

    We are looking for a talented Product Specialist who will be responsible for creating the best experience for our users. 

    As a member of our team, you will work collaboratively with software engineers, artists and cross-functional teams to build, launch, and analyze our products.

    Here’s what you’ll be doing

    • Understanding user needs and defining product requirements.

    • Testing ongoing tasks and ensuring that everything is on schedule.

    • Analyzing and interpreting data and making meaningful conclusions to provide insights on product features.

    • Helping to set the strategic direction for the products, develop and execute on the product roadmap.

    Desired Skills and Experience

    • University Degree

    • There’s no need to have prior experience. If you are eager to engage in the iterative processes of developing a mobile product, we'd like to hear from you.

    Areas in which you'll continue to grow

    • Managing the entire production cycle, from creative concepts to publish.

    • Ability to make data-driven decisions from large amounts of information.

  • OnceHub ( is an innovative and thriving software-as-a-service company that provides a feature-rich scheduling platform to businesses. At OnceHub we’re all about powering organizations with smart scheduling solutions that shorten time-to-engagement in all phases of the customer lifecycle.

    We are a remote company, where everyone works from home. We work hard together to build a product we can be proud of and we see no reason to constrain ourselves to a physical office. We're a team of passionate and driven individuals living and working remotely across seven countries and five continents. Right now, we are hiring in the UK, India, Ireland, Israel, New Zealand, South Africa, and the USA. 

    This role is a fully remote position and is open to candidates based anywhere in England.

    OnceHub is looking for a Product Manager to lead the design and development of our new mobile apps for Android and iOS. You will act as an Agile Product Owner and as an Outbound Product Manager. Your responsibilities would include defining market and product requirements as well as working with the development and QA teams to bring our products to market.


    • Perform market research and usage analysis to understand competitive landscape and define common use cases.

    • Write detailed product requirement documents for features planned in the next Sprint and Program Increment (PI) planning sessions.

    • Review progress of completed User stories and/or requirement definition prior to development with the Director of Product for consistency and overall development needs (Text, UI etc).

    • Work closely with UX/UI graphic design teams, R&D, and customer-facing groups on requirements, design, development, and review.

    • Work closely with marketing for positioning and core messaging.

    • Conduct product-focused customer meetings and internal support training.

    • Responsible for the sprint demos delivered to key stakeholders (PM, SM, Business Owners) to gather valuable feedback and validate design during Product Increment implementation.  

    • Own and prioritize the product backlog for the team on a daily basis.

    • Define acceptance criteria for User stories and Feature from which the test tasks are derived and understood by the team.

    • Own the test plan for the feature and provide feedback on the testing tasks handled by the QA engineers at the User story level.

    • Train the scrum team on the functional features from a business perspective and get a clear understanding of the logged work, estimation, and monitor overall progress during the daily meetings with the team.

    • Identify and manage risks and dependencies.

    • Present sprint progress, dependencies, and risks during product meetings.

    • Review the team sprint and iteration plans and make sure it fulfills the business need. 


    • Bachelor's degree or higher education in any relevant field 

    • Product management experience with mobile apps

    • Experience working on SaaS and Mobile products 

    • Ability to understand technical challenges with SaaS offerings, and work hands-on with R&D teams to find solutions

    • Ability to articulate complex feature requirements, capture clear user stories, and design appropriate product feature metrics

    • Ability to build, communicate, and drive the roadmap of the product through cross-functional collaboration

    • Ability to manage and prioritize multiple concurrent projects

    • Ability to articulate complex feature requirements, capture clear user stories 

    • Ability to work in a virtual environment, working from home and interacting with developers and Product Managers in different locations in India and abroad 

    Employment details:

    • Full-time position 

    • 100% working remotely from home 

    Schedule details: 

    • Your usual schedule would be Monday - Friday, 7am-4pm (GMT 0)

    • Additional evening hours may be required to attend meetings and finish projects

    • Occasional weekend hours for product releases  

    What we offer:

    • Company provided laptop and headset

    • Opportunity to travel for the company’s biannual international retreats

  • Netlify (Americas, EMEA)
    1 month ago

    Making an actual difference

    Do you want to make a dent in how the web is built? Do you want own and shape new and existing products on a hyper-growth platform that already has 600,000 business and developers onboard?

    The Company

    Netlify’s bet on a modern decoupled web is quickly coming true. The web is rapidly changing away from monolithic apps, and the web developers are storming ahead. Netlify is built to cater that movement, and in just a few years we've on-boarded more than half a million businesses and developers, and are daily building and serving millions of web projects around the globe. 

    We’re a venture-backed company, and so far we've raised ~$45M from Andreessen Horowitz and Kleiner Perkins, Bloomberg and prominent founders and professionals in our space. 

    The Role

    We are looking for a Senior Product Manager to join our mission of changing the way the web is built.

    This is a very high impact role. The position requires working across the engineering, support, marketing and sales orgs for ultimate success.  

    You will  leverage a customer first mindset, deep developer empathy,  and world class business judgement to refine and expand our product portfolio. You are metrics oriented, and understand how to build and improve upon products that have global scale. You'll be doing this with a very nimble team that is growing at tremendous speed.

     Position Responsibilities 

    • Define products, what success looks like, and help coordinate releases.

    • Work directly with engineering to build exceptional products.

    • Work directly with product, sales and marketing to make ground breaking products and set and meet launch goals, incl. pricing, value prop, etc.

    • Help devise our overall product and business strategy.

    • Communicate progress, issues and successes with the rest of the organization. 

    • Qualifications we look for

    • 5+ years of Product Management experience

    • 3+ years of experience with related technology 

    The Team

    • Punching way above our weight, Netlify is a ~60 people tightly knitted team, consisting almost exclusively of very senior talent. We nurture the culture by carefully adding passionate and empathetic people as we keep scaling.

    •  We’re a diverse group. Roughly 40% of the company are women / non-binary, and we have 18 nationalities distributed in 16 locations around the world.

    • We strive to be thoughtful, caring, and collaborative in our work within and across teams. To get a sense of the new employee experience, check out this Medium post from one of our engineers, Luna Yu. 

    • We believe that empowered, engaged employees do the best work. We’ll be giving you the tools to succeed and looking to you for suggestions for improvement not just in your daily job, but in many other aspects of building a company. We’ll be working together a lot - particularly, pairing and collaborating - we want you to succeed! We don’t want you to work too hard (burnout is real), and we do want to support your growth (impostor syndrome is also real) - and we’ll help you do that. 


    • ~55% of the company are remote, (so far North America & Europe), and the rest are in our HQ in San Francisco. However to maintain a distributed culture we have Tuesdays and Thursdays as work from home days.  

    Comp & Benefits

    • We offer a competitive salary, great benefits, and equity. We encourage you to speak at conferences, and will pay your attendance costs as you represent Netlify at these events.


    Not sure you meet 100% of our qualifications? Please apply anyway!

    With your application, please include:

    • A thoughtful cover letter explaining why you enjoy doing Product Management and why you’d like to work at Netlify.

    • A resume or short listing of job history.  (A link to a LinkedIn profile would be fine.) 

    When we receive your complete application with the items above, we’ll get back to you about next steps.

  • About Kraken

    Kraken is one of the largest and most successful bitcoin exchanges in the world, and we’re growing faster than ever. We’re looking for people who constantly push themselves to think differently and chart exciting new paths in a rapidly growing industry. Kraken is a diverse group of dreamers and doers, and we truly believe our success depends on having both in spades. Join us and the movement to change the way the world thinks about money.

    About the Role

    This job is fully remote or San Francisco based.

    We are looking for a solution-oriented, highly-motivated and proactive self-starter to fill a role as Product Manager to drive our Marketing products. This role will be responsible for generating product requirements, developing a prioritization framework, and collaborating closely with our Marketing, Design and Development teams to seamlessly drive successful product and marketing campaign launches. 

    The ideal candidate has an eye for detail, follows an efficient process, is technically adept and has an innovative mindset with a proven track record of achievement. Oh and a deep passion for crypto!

    Responsibilities include the development of product requirements, project dependencies and supporting materials in partnership with creative designers, content producers, developers, and the marketing team. The product manager provides day-to-day cross-functional leadership to ensure the timely build and delivery of projects which meet established feature, usability, content and quality requirements.

    The successful candidate should thrive in a fast-paced, collaborative, process-driven environment and be able to adapt and adjust plans on-the-fly. The position requires interaction with a wide variety of internal stakeholders at various levels of the organization. Candidates must possess the ability and willingness to balance consumer needs with business priorities and articulate the rationale behind decisions.

    Great benefits, amazing perks, remote work and travel opportunities, stock incentives, beautiful HQ office, and a flexible PTO policy make Kraken a great place to work.  If you value having a seat at the table and want to make a big impact on guiding the direction of product development at one of the top crypto exchanges in the world, this role is for you.


    • Develop the product strategy and roadmap for the marketing team

    • Perform research to gain market insights across the industry

    • Work closely with customers and key stakeholders to define and develop detailed product and business requirements

    • Perform User Acceptance Testing and ensure requirements were understood and implemented as requested

    • Evaluate new product opportunities and bring forward proposals for products to engage investors and traders

    • Influence the user experience and design of products and marketing campaigns

    • Manage engagement with customers, internal and external parties

    • Evangelize the power of analytics and experimentation in building a data-driven organization

    • Actively prioritize product backlog , pre planning, prioritization and user story mapping sessions

    • Develop product documentation including specifications, wireframes, site-maps, and process flows.

    • Facilitate communication across all project phases and proactively alert management of changes to scope, timelines and resources

    • Ensure proper integration and scalability of shared systems, products and tools


    • 2-4 years of product management experience owning a consumer-facing product

    • Exceptional communication, presentation skills, and technical writing skills with a proven ability to write clear and concise user stories and requirements

    • Experience with content management systems and workflows  (i.e. Drupal)

    • Strong understanding of full stack web development, REST and websocket APIs 

    • Strong grasp of information architecture, workflows and user experience best practices

    • Macro-to-micro versatility: strategic mindset coupled with a keen attention to detail

    • Well-rounded interpersonal skills, and experience interacting with diverse personalities

    • Experience working in a collaborative team and directly with Designers, Developers, Marketing Managers, and other Product Managers in an Agile organization

    • Outstanding organizational and communication skills and the ability to balance multiple priorities

    • Familiarity with project management software (i.e. Jira, Confluence, Wrike)

    • Strong passion for Bitcoin and the cryptocurrency movement with a desire to make the best trading platform in the world

    • Content Marketing experience a plus

  • 1 month ago

    The Opportunity

    Carkit has helped over 35,000 Shopify stores recover more than $140,000,000 in sales. At CartKit, we believe that existing marketing tools are entirely too complex, and we're on a mission to change that. 

    CartKit exists to increase merchant sales through easy-as-pie marketing automation. We have something for every step of the shopper journey, from growth and subscription tools to personalized shopper re-targeting campaigns. Learning marketing strategy and tooling can feel like learning a foreign language. We want CartKit to make it feel straightforward and simple. That’s the future we believe in. 

    Your mission

    As Product Manager, you will own the roadmap and vision for CartKit. You will be responsible for overseeing and delivering a top-notch e-commerce marketing product which will streamline the ability for Shopify merchants to recover carts and boost sales for their businesses.

    We’re looking for teammates who have a thirst for knowledge and are passionate about growth. You should question everything and push your work to the next level. This role requires you to deep dive into the details while always maintaining a focus on the big picture. We care about growing clever, collaborative people, and a robust, versatile team. To continue building this future, we need your help.

    About You

    • You are a Product Manager with proven experience taking a product off the ground. 

    • You have experience writing and speak fluent English. 

    • You are commercially minded and will help us grow CartKit exponentially in the next few years. 

    • You’re operationally effective and prioritize like a pro. You know when and how to automate and delegate tasks.

    • You’re a lifelong learner and committed to the growth and development of yourself and those around you. 

    • You have strong presentation and communication skills and are used to working on a cross-functional team.

    • You have built and delivered product roadmaps.

    • You don’t wait for direction, but know when buy-in is required. You balance autonomous work with collaborative work seamlessly.

    • Ability to work remotely and desire to make an impact at a boot-strapped start-up

    Bonus Points For Having

    • 3+ years of professional experience working in digital product management, user experience design or similar roles on consumer-facing web products

    • Experience shipping software to real users

    • The ability to embrace processes and identify ways to improve them

    • An entrepreneurial mindset and a love of working hands-on

    What You’ll Be Doing

    • Experiment and test new ideas

    • Identifying product opportunities and collaborating with the rest of the team to make them happen.

    • Prioritize features and outline tangible steps for a successful delivery.

    • Dive into technical details our merchants face, to uncover improvements and opportunities to better serve them.

    • Write epics and detailed user stories to paint a picture of our users, their needs and their business drivers to facilitate and deliver in a timely manner.


    • The CartKit team is 100% remote! Work from anywhere that suits you.


    • 100% remote team, work from anywhere

    • Unlimited Vacation

    • Working with really awesome, creative-minded people

    • Flexible Working hours (We work in EST +/- 3 hours generally!)

    • Autonomy: You’re an adult, so we’ll treat you like one. No Micro-managers allowed here. 

    • Competitive Salary, we don't use remote as a reason to pay less. 

    If this sounds like you, we would love to hear from you. If this doesn’t strike a chord, but you feel you’d be a fantastic addition to CartKit, apply to the open call.  We’d love for you to be part of CartKit’s future.

  • Metabase needs a Product Manager for all things community and education. We have a large, active community of users (15,000 companies), contributors (150) and translators (300). While some in our community know far more about how to do analytics with Metabase than we do, a great many are setting up analytics for the first time. It can be a confusing and frustrating experience to wrangle databases, sources of data, transformations, and all the other hickups that come with the territory. We need someone to lead the effort to simplify their lives, get them set up, running and happy with their data and help them learn more as they go. This will be a fluid blend of activities day to day - you’ll pull together the strands of community, research, education, analytics and product development into a cohesive whole.

    What you’ll do

    • Build out our overall community engagement as a product

    • Scalably connect with our community of 15,000 companies using Metabase

    • Weave together educational content (written, video, in-app), tutorials, code samples and adjacent mini-products to level up the folks that use Metabase

    • Systematize the collection of feedback from our community - quantitative and qualitative

    • Working with writers, engineers, designers, analysts and devops to get community products (both software, systems and educational) up and running

    • Continually evaluate and improve how well we’re helping our community

    You should have

    • a systemic mind

    • a strong technical background

    • a strong analytics background

    • strong organizational skills

    • compulsive automation disorder

    • an interest in helping people learn how to use data

    • worked in a product focused company

    • experience with a design process

    • good writing skills and the ability to write to a variety of audiences

    You should know (or learn quickly):

    • How open source communities work

    • How to use Metabase

    • How business intelligence and analytics work

    • The fundamentals of data science (such that you understand what’s possible, not as a practitioner)

  • Echo360 (US only (East Coast))
    1 month ago

    The Product Manager will have the opportunity and autonomy to drive the market analysis, roadmap, execution, and sales support for Echo360’s LMS integrations and analytics products. Within our agile development process, you will be defining and prioritizing requirements, defining the product vision, owning the user experience, understanding the market and competitors, and working closely with engineering across the full product lifecycle. The Product Manager role requires experience with the Agile development cycle, story development, use case development and an ability to work seamlessly with customers, prospects, marketing, sales, and vendors, while still being highly available to the development team.

    Location: Preferably, the Product Manager will be located in either the Reston, VA office or the Atlanta, GA office, but we are open to considering remote candidates (East Coast preferred).


    • Drive the product strategy and roadmap related to Echo360’s LMS integrations and analytics across multiple workflows

    • Coordinate with customer success, sales, marketing and product teams to provide consistency and deep analytic understanding of Echo360’s data solutions

    • Translate product strategy into detailed requirements and ensure clear communication and coordination of requirements to the business and development teams

    • Gain a deep understanding of customer experience, identify and fill product gaps, and generate new ideas that grow market share, improve customer experience, and drive growth

    • Manage and prioritize the product backlogs

    • Participate in release planning and all sprint ceremonies

    • Know intimately the competition and our marketplace

    • Lead within the company with minimal supervision

    • Demonstrate your mastery of product management techniques and best practices

    • Be a servant-leader within the company, cross-training, and supporting colleagues

    About You

    • Bachelor’s Degree or equivalent experience

    • 3+ years Product Manager experience with demonstrated success defining and launching user facing products

    • 2+ years agile development experience with demonstrated experience in story and use case creation

    • Self-sufficient and a self-starter, knowing how to build just enough structure and process to keep things moving in the right direction

    • Strong written and oral communication skills

    • Careful and flexible thought on prioritization, tradeoffs, and the user experience

    • Must be comfortable with a small amount of travel (approximately 20%)

    • Experience with SaaS solutions is a plus

    • Experience within the higher education/education technology market is a plus

    Echo360 helps higher education, companies and professional associations improve student success by driving deeper engagement with classroom and event content. Echo360 combines the industry-leading video platform with engagement tools, assessment and analytics to generate improved learning outcomes during class sessions and provide students 24/7 access to classroom discussion, presentation materials, and the recorded lecture itself. Our employees take pride in their consistent application of innovation and best practices and their ongoing dedication to the highest standards of software quality.

    Echo360 is an equal opportunity employer. We encourage all qualified and motivated individuals to apply.

  • 1 month ago

    KaFe Rocks is one of the leading affiliate companies operating within the iGaming space. Our success-to-date is the result of the ongoing efforts of the collective minds of our exceptional Rocketeers.

    With a portfolio of 30+ sites, in 8+ languages, across 20+ countries, we have scaled at pace and generate thousands of leads each month for our carefully selected iGaming partners. With an entrepreneurial, ambitious, and driven mindset flowing through the company, we will continue to push forward, growing organically within both current and new territories.

    We also believe that spending time commuting… is a waste of time! Meaning, our team of 40 employees works remotely, whenever, wherever!

    As we push forward into 2019 and beyond, we are searching for a Head of Product – somebody who is enthusiastic, passionate and keen-to-learn, whilst pushing our product development to a new level.

    You’ll work closely with the CEO and CTO while defining the new roadmap for the design and product development of our websites. You won’t mind getting stuck in and being hands-on when it comes to learning new methods and develop new features as well as optimizing the last percent out of a webpage

    Your key tasks:

    • Be responsible for the process alignment and for the product vision of KaFe Rocks projects

    • Set up the product strategy and the roadmap with the CEO

    • Guide a team of PMs and lead a team of Designers

    • Make sure that PMs, Designers are successful and achieving their goals

    • Set up structures and standards to coordinate and align the team of PMs

    • Manage the orchestra of PMs, developers, processes and priorities – making sure that the machine works

    • Optimize, test and be responsible of the product development

    • Hands on mentality

    Your attributes:

    • You WANT to learn, and you’re open to being taught

    • You are reliable, independent and productive

    • You have min 2+ years of experience in leading a product organization (Product and Design)

    • Fluent in English and preferably at least basic knowledge in a Romance language, German is a nice to have

    • You are an excellent communicator, as you’ll need to coordinate with different departments

    • You are a world champion at prioritization!

    • You have the tendency to question and argue from first principles

    • You are very structured and organized

    • You see the big picture but also have the ability to zoom in to operations

    • You have great business and customer understanding

    • A/B Tests and Google Optimizer and your daily bread

    • Derive insights from usability research and data analysis to gain a deep understanding of the customer experience

    • Define, monitor and analyze relevant success metrics

    • Understanding of web architecture and web technologies

    What you get in return:

    • A space to learn new skills, hone your existing ones, and apply them to real live projects

    • A company that truly values its employees

    • Remote working or option to work from our brand new office in Malta (coming soon…)

    • Competitive salary based on your experience

    • A genuine opportunity to progress and develop further.

    We’re looking for friendly and bright people who can develop a great product! If you think you are the right person for this job, write us a detailed email in English to [email protected] stating why you are the one!

  • Tara helps enterprise companies predict their spec, timeline and personnel needs for future software products, by analyzing their past projects. Today, the process of scoping is a completely manual process; enterprise companies are losing an average of $66Bn through inefficiencies in IT and software project scoping leading to cost and timeline overruns. However, F500 companies are sitting on a treasure trove of data in their project management systems, git version control and workforce directories. We connect to this data via an API, and using ML models, predict how to build their software (technical tasks), how long projects should take (timeline) and who will execute (team) when starting a new project.  Customers include product teams at F500s like IBM, Cisco & Orange Telecom.

    Tara leverages artificial intelligence to create project plans (scopes) in real time. Our algorithms pair customers with the right internal engineers and external freelancers within hours, and deliver an experience that offers full transparency into project progress and milestones, down to the most granular of tasks.

    We’re looking to add big thinkers and doers to our growing team. If you’ve got a knack for making real-world difference, Tara AI wants to hear from you.

    Tara AI is looking for a Head of Product who can lead the end-to-end product development process. You’ll be working closely with our engineering and design team to build out an AI-driven platform that will shape the future of product management.


    • Define and drive Tara’s product strategy based on the product management landscape, competitor analysis, and user feedback

    • Shape product roadmap and determine short-term priorities and long-term milestones

    • Oversee product development including writing user stories, scrums, wireframing, and QA

    • Work with the engineering team to shape new product features and initiatives, ensuring that they deliver an exceptional experience to different user cases

    • Collaborate with sales and marketing to produce product collaterals and accelerate go-to-market

    • Propose solutions to iterate, launch, test, assess, and create an ongoing feedback loop to refine the user experience and continue to enhance business results


    • 8+ years of proven experience in product management in enterprise sales software and/or SaaS.

    • Strong technical background

    • Proven experience with the full lifecycle of product releases, from planning, aligning requirements, prioritization to developing the product

    • Great project management skills, demonstrating the ability to push projects over the finish line with excellent planning and persistent execution

    • Strong motivation to understand user needs, behaviors and usage patterns

    • Experience working with various development methodologies, e.g. Agile and SCRUM, and process workflow across organizations

  • 2 months ago

    Leaving no one behind, in the fastest period of change the world has ever seen. This is what we care about, and if this doesn't massively resonate as a purpose, you can stop reading and go back to your latte or green tea! If it does, well, you are already 50% here!

    We (and you) will be laser focussed on transforming the way people and organisations respond to change. Ever wondered what your AQ is? Or even what the hell an AQ actually is?

    We are looking for a truly ambitious and data-informed Product Lead to join our exciting and ambitious startup. As our Product Lead, your role will be focused on developing our product roadmap and crafting our initial digital assessment tool into a winning experience that helps us towards achieving our ambitious growth plans.

    You're a creator looking to join the initial team of a high impact, investor backed entrepreneurial company. You’re excited by the challenge of creating a category defining product that will (actually) change the lives and trajectory our users.

    You’re a data driven, analytical Product Manager. You will drive the evolution of our product, the strategy, roadmap planning and design of the product and its features. You will craft the best digital experience possible, through a combination of deep, empathetic understanding of our users and market, with analytics-informed iteration and creative decision making.

    You will work with our co-founders, research, tech and commercial leads to build on our initial beta1.0 product, based on user feedback collected.

    You are energized by the idea of leading our products and building your team out as the company launches and scales. Until then, you can't wait to get outside of your comfort zone, trying on many hats in the process!

    Next stage is a video, so if that makes you turn away, then we probably weren't right for each other anyway :)

  • Who we are / what we do

    At Hanno, we’re dedicated to helping organisations of all sizes transform themselves and the healthcare industry. For us, this means rethinking what it takes to design, build and launch the next generation of digital health products and services—whether their goal is improving patient care, treatment compliance, clinical diagnostics or surgical precision—these are serious challenges, and they need seriously good solutions.

    More than a consultancy, we’re also an in-house product team—we are effectively building and launching new startup propositions for our clients and ourselves. To do this we need an amazing team of designers, engineers, strategists, and roles we haven’t even created yet.

    We don’t work like an agency, or a consultancy, or even a product studio. We work with our clients as if we were part of their team. We join them in the trenches. We treat the unseen aspects of their product as if they were on full display. We go above and beyond the brief to maximise the impact and success they have on the market and the users they serve.

    To live up to this, everyone in our team relentlessly drives towards the same goal—to improve the health and wellbeing of people all over the world.

    If that lights a fire in your belly, come on board.

    What you'll be doing

    • Imagine yourself as the lead sherpa, guiding our clients as they scale an unclimbed mountain. You will help plot the route, prioritise and execute the ascent, and mitigate risks and pitfalls. In practical terms (we have a penchant for the theatrical), you will be leading small, highly skilled teams to conceive and deliver world-class user experiences that maximise adoption, engagement and retention of digital healthcare products and services.

    • You take “extreme ownership” – You employ broader thinking. You can prioritise and execute tasks between multiple workflows and disciplines. You know when to manage and when to lead (you can seamlessly switch between “playing the orchestra” and “leading the jazzband”).

    • You can work fast, and slow – Having worked in both fast-paced start-up environments and more process-driven corporate settings, you know how to balance lean, MVP product development principles with corporate governance and signoff processes.

    • You live and breathe product – You’re obsessed with building fantastic products. You keep abreast of what works and what doesn’t as our medium continues to evolve. You can instantly recognise the tools and methods required to achieve results in any given situation.

    • You’re willing and able to go beyond the conventional – Realising the promise of digital healthcare for patients and clinicians has a long way to go. You’re not just comfortable managing what you can measure, but leading into the unknown, with open eyes and an open mind, reacting effectively to the needs of a shifting landscape.

    • You have a sharp eye for detail – You have highly developed organisational skills. You leave no stone left unturned and let nothing slip through the net. You’re on it.

    • You’re radically transparent with the team and our clients about your priorities, choices, tradeoffs, and decisions.

    You'll have

    • Several years experience leading teams in the development of great digital products and propositions

    • A portfolio of projects that you can talk us through, the end result, the process you took, trade offs you and the team had to make, etc.

    • Clear experience analysing, synthesising and turning disparate, qualitative and quantitative research and data into design principles and briefs

    • Clear experience interrogating target user/customer needs and marrying these with strategic, operational and tactical objectives

    • A deep understanding and appreciation of UX design, behavioural science and gamification, and where and how they should be used

    • Rich experience of managing innovation and design processes: from running “Sprints” to formulating design thinking tools and methodologies

    • Fluency in spoken and written English: accents are fine, but we work on tricky projects across multiple time zones, so great communication is a must

    • Willingness to get overlap with the team and client: they could be spread between European and US time zones, so you’ll need to arrange for adequate overlap each day

    Bonus if you also have

    • Experience doing all of the above 100% remotely!

    • A “tier 1” consulting firm background

    • Knowledge and experience of creating products for patients and clinicians

  • 2 months ago

    About’s mission is to make custom products easy for everyone, by creating fantastic software and providing excellent customer service. is a 100% employee-owned, profitable, bootstrapped company with about 50 employees that has rapidly grown from $4 to $38 million in annual revenue since 2013.  We sell an expanding variety of photo and home products, including photo blankets, photo books, canvases, pillows, and more. has appeared more than a dozen times on ABC’s “Good Morning America” and three times on “The View.” We’ve also appeared multiple times on the “TODAY Show,” along with mentions in BuzzFeed, Mashable, AARP: The Magazine, the Associated Press, and more. We are seeking ambitious, nice individuals to join us in our quest to bring great custom products to the world.  Learn more about working at

    We’re 100% remote is a 100% remote company, with employees working together in states across the country. Last year, our remote work culture was profiled in a case study by the Harvard Business School (we are the first all-remote company they profiled). The entire company meets together in person twice a year (all expenses paid) to get to know each other and work on strategy. Learn more in an op-ed our co-founder Kevin Borders wrote for

    The Role

    We are seeking a Senior Product Manager to join our growing product team here at Our ongoing product goal is for every customer to have an outstanding experience designing and ordering photo products and this position will play a critical role in the continued achievement of that goal.  This position will work closely with a mighty team of product managers, designers, researchers and engineers on the optimization of our existing products as well as driving the expansion into complex new product areas and markets. Most importantly, the Senior Product Manager will be improving the lives of our customers by giving them a platform to create products that they love.  

    Our Product Team Values

    • We believe in developing great product through a deep understanding of our users with a variety of qualitative and quantitative methods, creative use of technology, exemplary design, and an open mindedness to new ideas.

    • We believe that the whole product team - engineers, designers, and product managers - should be actively empowered to contribute to product development.

    • We believe in the lean approach of cheaply and quickly validating assumptions with evidence, and iterating quickly.

    • We are committed to improving the lives of our customers and providing the best possible work environment for our team members.


    • Lead and collaborate closely with a product team consisting of designers, researchers, and dedicated engineers.

    • Manage and carry out research to identify, understand, assess, and present user problems and new opportunities.

    • Draft, collect feedback on, and finalize requirements docs and functional specifications for projects to be built by the engineering team.

    • Manage and prioritize a backlog of issues, as well as run biweekly sprints with the engineering lead.

    • Work cross-functionally with other product teams, marketing, physical product team, customer service, and others as needed. Effectively manage dependencies to ensure that the right steps are taken in the right order.

    • Clearly communicate ideas, expectations and progress with stakeholders and with the company as a whole.


    • 5+ years experience in product management or relevant position is preferred but we are open-minded and more interested in the quality of experience than the years of experience.

    • Successful experience collaborating with engineers, designers, and researchers preferably with a focus on consumer software.

    • Experience putting lean methodologies into practice: capable of finding creative ways to quickly validate assumptions underlying both problems and solutions.

    • A healthy level of skepticism and an analytical nature: ability to quickly absorb and analyze unfamiliar information to make decisions that are supported by sound evidence.

    • Experience with UX research/design, A/B testing, data analysis, market research, e-commerce marketing, and/or software development are a plus.

    Benefits and Perks

    • Working from home makes it easier to focus on results and develop professionally while spending less time commuting. (See our opinion piece on perks and work-life balance at

    • 401(k) plan, home internet reimbursement, and $3,000 / year in free products plus employee discount for friends and family.

    • pays 100% of the premium for full health, vision and dental insurance coverage for you and your family in a high-quality Blue Cross Blue Shield PPO plan.

    • Flexible work schedule and unlimited vacation policy (work hard and take time when you need it).

    • We’ll pay for computer and home office equipment (within reason) that will help you work better.

  • 2 months ago

    Redox is seeking an outstanding Technical Product Owner who thrives in a fast-paced Agile Scrum development lifecycle and quickly evolving market landscape. As a Redox PO, you will be the primary stakeholder for a product area - working with a highly motivated, boundary pushing delivery team to take feature concepts to delivered customer value. You will be the key decision maker for the product area backlog for the delivery team. In addition to embedding with the delivery team, Product owners at Redox work closely with all aspects of the company, including product marketing, sales, engineering, and customer success.


    • Collaborate with sales engineers, the product marketing team, and company executive leadership to transform big picture strategy into detailed user stories

    • Develop and maintain a strong understanding of our customer base and core business value in healthcare to ensure we continuously deliver more value to our customers and are thinking five steps ahead of the industry

    • Collaborate with engineers on a daily basis to share vision and context for decision making as they design and develop the product

    • Provide feature details and business context to the product marketing team for product releases

    • Develop clear and detailed product specifications for developers

    • Reviewing and contributing to technical documentation on product features

    Preferred Skills and Experience:

    • Experience in product development, with prior experience as a product owner

    • A bachelor’s degree in computer science or corresponding professional experience (3+ years) as a programmer, DevOps Engineer, or Linux system administrator

    • Experience with teams building complex, horizontally and vertically scaling software systems using microservices, APIs, and cloud infrastructure such as AWS or Azure

    • Familiarity with continuous integration and continuous deployment (CI/CD) process

    • Familiarity with network and enterprise security concepts

    • Strong communication skills with an ability to share context from the customer experience with actionable detail


    • We provide benefits that allow you to live life by your own design. Redox employees enjoy unmatched autonomy in their work and the support to live a balanced life.  We trust you know what you need to be happy, at work and at home.

    • Tackle Challenging Problems Everyday. There is no roadmap for what we are building, so you’ll have the backing and support of talented engineers and security practitioners to make sure you have what you need to be successful.

    • Work Anywhere. (Within the US) We want to have the best people at Redox - no matter where you call home.  All Redox employees are encouraged to live and work wherever they're happiest. All you need is power, wifi, and a computer and you’re good to go. We also run a number of co-located working spaces across many US cities if you prefer an office environment.

    • Flexible Working. Take a trip somewhere fun, stay home to recover from being sick, or have a staycation to unplug and recharge. Our best work happens when we feel fresh and inspired. We leave it up to you to decide when you need to take breaks and encourage you to make time for adventure and discovery.

    • Health & Dental from Day 1. Working in healthcare makes you understand all the challenges life can throw at you. Your health and dental coverage starts when you do to make sure you're always covered.  We provide health and dental insurance for employees, spouses, domestic partners, and dependents, as well as life and disability insurance.

    • Parental Leave. As your family grows, it’s important that you’re there and have time to figure out what your family’s new norm is.  You can take 12 weeks of paid time off within the first year of your new addition arriving. We know that they need you and we have your back.

    • Productivity Fund. We want you to be able to set up a workspace that allows you to perform at your very best.  All Redox employees receive an annual discretionary stipend so you can select what helps you be productive.  

    • 401k. We offer an optional, customizable and flexible 401k plan for you to plan for your financial future on your terms.

  • BulbThings (Europe & UK)
    2 months ago

    We are looking for an experienced and enthusiastic Product Manager to manage special innovative projects, for our key corporate customers in the area of B2B mobility (i.e. IoT/connected cars, electric vehicles and more). If you're seeking the opportunity to contribute to building a great product in a friendly and highly effective team, we would love to hear from you! 

    For this role, a cover letter will be highly appreciated.

    PLEASE NOTE: We're open to remote working from places in UK and Europe only. Also, regular travels will be expected for internal team gatherings and customer meetings across Europe.


    • Develop customer product roadmap and project plans working closely with the Project Director. 

    • Work with our developers and customer teams in agile mode and coordinate people/activities to ensure that projects are delivered on-time, within scope and within budget, making our key customers happy 

    • Manage day-to-day customer relationship 

    • Facilitate customer meetings and workshops 

    • Gather business requirements, perform feasibility assessments, create solutions/options proposals with input from relevant people in our team 

    • Create useful user stories and mockups 

    • Pro-actively identify projects risks, find mitigation actions/solutions and communicate those in a timely and adequate fashion 

    • Ensure alignment of teams by constantly seeking to dissipate ambiguity/confusion and clarifying things in order to help move things forward 

    • Actively advise/coach teams on lean and agile approach to product development in order to improve projects performance. Put in place adequate ways of working and tools. 

    • Work closely with our development team to help with hands on tasks such as product setup, configuration, testing and other useful support activities 

    • Track/report resource availability and allocation 

    • Measure/report on project success criteria and performance 

    • Create and maintain comprehensive project documentation

    ***MUST HAVES**

    Your skills: 

    • You have a Bsc/MsC in computer Science, mathematics or any other degree that demonstrates highly analytical skills 

    • You have 3-5 years experience working at SaaS or B2B startups as a product manager 

    • You have a solid technical background in web and mobile development with a strong UX focus (i.e. at least 3-5 years prior experience as a developer) 

    • You’ve successfully delivered complex technology projects and great products at startups 

    • You possess very strong analytical and problem-solving skills 

    • You have excellent client-facing and communication skills (both written and verbal). You have an assertive communication style and you possess very good negotiating/political skills. 

    • You understand and have developed awareness for stakeholders/commercial considerations and can help the Project Director manage the customer relationship successfully

    Personality traits we’ll be looking for: 

    We're looking for individuals with high EQ. 

    • You've got tons of curiosity 

    • You learn insanely fast and adapt to change easily 

    • You always seek feedback and ways to improve in your role 

    • You've demonstrated grit, tenacity to achieve challenging goals (personal and/or at work) 

    • You communicate well and can get along with all our team members regardless of their role 

    • You have the versatility required to thrive in a startup environment while working with Corporate FTSE100 customers 

    • You have a strong work ethic and are autonomous

    ***NICE TO HAVES*** 

    • Experience with data-rich and analytics SaaS products 

    • Previous experience in Financial Services, Automotive or Transport/Mobility industries 

    • You speak another foreign language (e.g. French, Spanish, German, Italian, Portuguese)

  • OnceHub (England, Ireland, Israel, South Africa, India)
    2 months ago

    OnceHub ( is an innovative and thriving software-as-a-service company that provides a feature-rich scheduling platform to businesses. At OnceHub we’re all about powering organizations with smart scheduling solutions that shorten time-to-engagement in all phases of the customer lifecycle.

    We are a remote company, where everyone works from home. We work hard together to build a product we can be proud of and we see no reason to constrain ourselves to a physical office. We're a team of passionate and driven individuals living and working remotely across seven countries and five continents.We have ambitious growth plans and right now, we are hiring in the UK, Ireland, India, Israel, New Zealand, South Africa, and the USA.  

    This role is a fully remote position and is open to candidates based anywhere in England | Ireland | Israel | South Africa | India.

    As we are growing rapidly, we now require talented Product Managers to drive our products forward.  You will be engaged in various projects throughout the entire product lifecycle. This is an exciting role and you will take full control of your product area. 

    In this role, you will: 

    • Perform market research and usage analysis to understand competitive landscape and define common use cases.

    • Write detailed product requirement documents for features planned in the next Sprint and Program Increment (PI) planning sessions.

    • Work closely with UX/UI graphic design teams, R&D, and customer-facing groups on requirements, design, development, and review.

    • Work closely with marketing for positioning and core messaging.

    • Conduct product-focused customer meetings and internal support training.

    • Responsible for the sprint demos delivered to key stakeholders (PM, SM, Business Owners) to gather valuable feedback and validate design during Product Increment implementation.  

    • Own and prioritize the product backlog for the team on a daily basis.

    • Define acceptance criteria for User stories and Feature from which the test tasks are derived and understood by the team.

    • Own the test plan for the feature and provide feedback on the testing tasks handled by the QA engineers at the User story level.

    • Train the scrum team on the functional features from a business perspective and get a clear understanding of the logged work, estimation, and monitor overall progress during the daily meetings with the team.

    • Identify and manage risks and dependencies.

    • Review the team sprint and iteration plans and make sure it fulfills the business need.

    To be successful in this role, you will need the following: 

    • A degree from a reputable University. 

    • Ideally, previous experience as a Product Manager in a B2B SAAS company but we will consider candidates with other relevant experience 

    • Native English speaker or English at a very high level.

    • Experience in implementing products using Agile methodologies.

    • Experience in leading and driving execution with cross-functional teams.

    • Excellent written and verbal communications across technical and non-technical stakeholders.

    • Ability to write comprehensive documents in a clear, concise and structured manner.

    • Committed to excellent quality output

    • Ability to juggle multiple projects simultaneously.

    This is a remote role so you will work from home which saves you commuting time and allows flexibility. Hours are 7am - 4pm, Monday to Thursday and 9am to 6pm on Friday with occasional evening/weekend work. We offer a competitive salary and development opportunities. You will also have the opportunity to participate in our bi-annual company retreat.

  • Joy Labs (US only)
    2 months ago

    As a Product Teammate at Joy Labs, you will take a leadership role in working with entrepreneurs, their customers, and the labs team to validate products in the earliest of stages and bring them to market. You’ll be hands on working with design, growth and engineering peers to execute timely opportunity discovery, market research, product design, prototyping, and product delivery to launch.

    Your passion to identify product-market fit, excitement for lean innovation approaches, and comfort with ambiguity is critical. If you’re passionate about being part of a team that is focused on continual learning and adaptation to be the best in the world at developing and delivering products, you could be a fit!

    About You:

    - 5+ years experience in product management 

    - Ability to prioritize well and drive excellence in planning and execution 

    - Strong experience in working with conceptual and early stage products 

    - Experience working with developer centric customers and APIs 

    - Experience with digital communications tools and channels, including web sites, email campaigns, and and social media 

    - A passion to solve customer problems, with strong interview skills 

    - Experience working with product designers 

    - Comfortable with data and analytical thinking 

    - Highly collaborative in a cross-functional, distributed team 

    - Ability to conduct thorough competitive analyses and market research 

    - A belief in, and alignment with the Joy Labs values (see below)

    What you’ll do:

    - Launch new disruptive products! 

    - Work with customers to ensure products and features provide real, continued value. 

    - Drive problem and solution validation, prototyping and launching of products to market. 

    - Drive processes to understand market opportunity and customer demand. 

    - Design and lead the roadmap for one or more products. 

    - Drive and support the positioning, pricing, and packaging of one or more products 

    - Guide a repeatable approach for product validation techniques to support rapid validation and delivery of our products. 

    - Partner with product design to perform customer interviews and execute product experiments. 

    - Partner with product growth to understand market opportunity and customer demand. 

    - Define roadmaps for engineering teammates to build, scale and launch SaaS products. 

    - Lead teammates through periodic, focused sprint cycles aimed to support product and feature decisions.

  • Holo is a distributed cloud platform and marketplace that enables the hosting of peer-to-peer applications by everyday users connected to the Internet. Holo is an app built on Holochain, our new open source, framework infrastructure technology for distributed peer-to-peer applications. Holochain is lightning fast, massively scalable, cost effective, resource efficient, and eco-friendly.

    To help fuel the growth of new patterns of technology and social interaction, we are also seeding the growth of a Holochain application (hApp) ecosystem and training a developer community that will build many more apps.

    Where you will fit in:

    We are looking for an extremely proactive energizing person who can be both supportive and a driver toward success. You will coordinate with all of the development teams in Holo as the Product owner and PM for Holochain our open-source distributed application framework. Through this you will gain a deep understanding of what Holochain is enabling in the world.

    What you will do:

    • Ensure that the dev team goals are clear and the vision is aligned with business objectives

    • Support daily technical coordination with our dev team to ensure that team is clear about priorities and dependencies

    • Encourage and synchronize with open source community activities based on organization objectives

    • Coordinate business and technical requirements, prioritisations, and timelines between our Holochain Core dev team and downstream teams to ensure priorities match needs. This includes developing schedules and understanding the critical path

    • Manage risks and resolves issues that affect release scope, schedule and quality - own issue resolution, and recommend corrective actions & implement changes.

    • Measure and monitor progress to ensure application releases are delivered on time and within budget, and that they meet or exceed expectations

    • Collaborate with stakeholders to manage expectations, provide timely communication and resolve conflicts in support of driving successful delivery of releases

    • Define and develop detailed project plans based on the given requirements and scopes

    • Communicate release details and schedules to the organization as required

    • Coordinate with QA and Delivery to plan and align all non-dev release activities

    • Support process improvements in the release process

    • Work with devops to improve and ensure reliable automations, releases, and dashboards

    • Provide hands-on detail work - ie. making sure README's are updated, etc.

    What you’ll need:

    • 2+ years of product owner, scrum master and/or technical project management experience, (prefer Telecom, IoT, OS or other complex software system)

    • 8+ years of experience in software business and systems analysis or development

    • Experience in Open Source team coordination

    • Previous experience as a hands-on technical contributor or engineering

    • Proven ability to coordinate with open source community activity

    • Familiarity with distributed system design and understanding of the difficulties and problems of distributed computing strongly preferred

    • Knowledge of statically typed programming language strongly preferred

    • Formal training in agile project management practices preferred

    • Familiarity with waterfall and agile development methodologies and their associated quality assurance methods.

    • Advanced knowledge and experience with the software development lifecycle

    • Demonstrated ability to coordinate cross-functional work teams toward task completion

    • Demonstrated effective leadership and analytical skills

    • Advanced written and verbal communication skills are a must

    • Broad understanding of computer-science and software development principles and practices suitable for senior level contribution in an exceptionally complex project

    • Knowledge of networking principles and protocols preferred

    • Comfort and knowledge of advanced cryptographic techniques and security protocols would be a bonus

    • Ease and familiarity in coordinating distributed work using git & Github in a Continuous Integration context

    • Able to quickly learn and contribute in a fast-paced remote distributed working environment, sharing knowledge and seeking feedback

    • Comfort and experience with remote team operations is a must

    Some details about what we offer:

    • Generous salary (National Currency)

    • Generous crypto pay program (HOT & Holo fuel)

    • Supportive team trial period

    • Regular team meetings (video and in person)

    • Collaborative and inspiring culture

    • Flexible work schedules and vacation

    • Motivated, passionately engaged and evolutionary global teammates

    Holo is an equal opportunity employer, and we celebrate our diverse, creative, and collaborative team.

  • Floranext (Americas & Europe)
    2 months ago

    Floranext ( ) offers great software to flower shops across the US and internationally.

    We are looking for a creative, results-oriented product manager to work closely with our Europe and US-based teams.

    Founded in 2010, Floranext is the leading independent software provider for the floral industry. We offer point of sale, ecommerce websites, and other tools for florists to run their business.

    Join our team and be part of a dynamic remote team with a product that has impact on thousdands of small businesses globally.

  • 2 months ago

    About Us

    At GovPredict, we build products that make government more transparent and politics more efficient. Our clients count on our product to deliver timely information about political activity and manage their advocates so that they can win their public affairs campaigns.

     Existing solutions for public affairs are bulky. Trying to tie together independent fly-in apps, data solutions and CRM is time consuming. We’ve brought all of the most important solutions together into a single platform for public affairs campaigns, so our clients can focus all of their time on what matters.  

    GovPredict's intelligence platform gives public affairs and political professionals access to millions of structured documents that concern federal, state, and local politics. An integrated grassroots platform supports advocacy campaigns to influence legislative and regulatory proposals. Our largest campaign contributions database is the largest in the world.

    Our clients span many categories: associations like the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA) and the Farm Credit Council, Fortune 500 companies like 21st Century Fox, educational institutions like the University of Pennsylvania, and various political campaigns, parties, & Congressional offices from both sides of the aisle.

    GovPredict's headquarters are in Washington, DC where we have our business development team. Our product team works in distributed fashion all around the world with some of the team working from our office in Chișinău, Moldova. 

    We're growing fast and backed by Y Combinator and Joe Lonsdale, among others.

    Our Tech Stack

    Ruby on Rails, ReactJS, React Native, Python scrapers, Postgres, Mongo, Redis, Elastic Search, AWS, RabbitMQ, Terraform, and Ansible.


    • Take ownership over multiple products within the GovPredict suite to improve customer satisfaction and grow revenue

    • Own product development work of approximately 10 software engineers across two engineering teams

    • Work cross-functionally with sales and customer success to ensure new business and customer happiness

    • Deeply understand customer use cases and pain points

    • Collaborate with business development, design, marketing, and other GP teams

    • Identify new product opportunities and work together with engineering and design teams to see them through

    • Build web and mobile products for public affairs teams

    Desired Qualifications

    • A bachelor's degree

    • 3+ years experience as a product manager of a SaaS product

    • Experience shipping complex software to real users

    • Has worked closely with software engineers to deliver products

    • Can formulate a product vision and can prioritize tasks to achieve it

    • Power user of JIRA or a similar tool

    • Embraces process and can identify ways to improve our processes

    • Permanent US work authorization

    • Required: USA-based and willing to travel to Washington, DC on occasion

  • (US only)
    2 months ago

    We are seeking our first VP of Product to join our leadership team and lead our small but growing product team here at Collage. Our ongoing Product goal is for every customer to have an outstanding experience designing and ordering custom photo products.  This is a new position for an entrepreneurial and empathetic leader where you’ll be expected to substantially shape the role and have a lasting impact on our brand, values, and methods for developing products. Adding a strong VP of Product will allow us to best support our team through critical stages of rapid growth, while more effectively identifying and materializing greater opportunities to expand into new product areas and markets and most importantly, to improve the lives of our customers by giving them a platform to create products that they love.

    Our Product Team Values

    • We believe in developing great product through a deep understanding of our users with a variety of qualitative and quantitative methods, creative use of technology, exemplary design, and an open mindedness to new ideas.

    • We believe that the whole product team - engineers, designers, and product managers - should be actively empowered to contribute to product development.

    • We believe in the lean approach of cheaply and quickly validating assumptions with evidence, and iterating quickly.

    • We are committed to improving the lives of our customers and provide the best possible work environment of our team members.


    • Drive product mission, strategy, and roadmap with strong emphasis on Lean methodologies.

    • Own the end-to-end processes related to product discovery, including identifying problems and opportunities, rapidly validating our assumptions, and defining the solutions that we deliver to our customers.

    • Lead and mentor the existing and future product team members (currently two product managers and two designers).

    • Work closely with the head of engineering to ensure efficient implementation of product improvements and facilitate engineering involvement in product discovery.

    • Collaborate and work cross-functionally with the marketing, physical product and customer services teams and address stakeholder concerns.


    • 10+ years experience in product management, preferably in consumer software.

    • Extensive experience with and strong proponent of Lean methodologies.

    • Proven track record of success in developing and shipping consumer product with a high quality user experience.

    • Passion for leading, mentoring and scaling product teams to reach their full potential.

    • Experience defining end-to-end product mission, strategy and roadmap.

    • A healthy level of skepticism and an analytical nature: ability to quickly absorb and analyze unfamiliar information to make decisions that are supported by sound evidence.

    • Evangelist of the lean approach, capable of finding creative ways to quickly validate assumptions underlying both problems and solutions.

    Benefits and Perks

    • Working from home makes it easier to focus on results and develop professionally while spending less time commuting. (See our opinion piece on perks and work-life balance at

    • 401(k) plan, home internet reimbursement, and $3,000 / year in free products plus employee discount for friends and family.

    • pays 100% of the premium for full health, vision and dental insurance coverage for you and your family in a high-quality Blue Cross Blue Shield PPO plan.

    • Flexible work schedule and unlimited vacation policy (work hard and take time when you need it).

    • We’ll pay for computer and home office equipment (within reason) that will help you work better.

  • Canonical (Americas, EMEA)
    2 months ago

    Business, technology, and personal leadership all come together in the product management team at Canonical, the publisher of Ubuntu.

    We are growing our interdisciplinary, creative and focused team of product champions who own and lead product marketing, management, and performance across our broad cloud and IoT product portfolio, including the Ubuntu operating system, OpenStack, Kubernetes, MAAS, containers, AI and more.

    The Product Manager will be an analytical storyteller with a strong sense of message and product capabilities. We are seeking graduate professionals with a technical background to define product strategy and create initiatives to drive business engagement with Canonical products.

    Product management at Canonical is data-driven and content-centric. Product performance is closely measured and this team participates in regular reviews with the company leadership. You will join a rapidly growing team at an early stage in its development and have the opportunity to shape and develop the positioning and message across our suite of products. You will generate effective content that can attract and engage sophisticated technical and commercial audiences (product managers and directors of technology and IT), and work closely with Canonical’s marketing, media, product development, sales, research, consulting, and training teams.

    You will not only define product strategy but also be accountable for product development and go-to-market execution, the creation of marketing materials including sales collateral, case studies, training, and external blog posts. You will be expected to be comfortable creating impactful assets that drive measurable lead generation and market awareness.

    The successful candidate will be multi-talented, with:

    • A rigorous technical or science background and supporting qualifications

    • Business and commercial interests, possibly with a relevant qualification

    • A proven history of articulation, presentation or narrative, as well as leadership in areas of personal interest

    • Energy and a strong work ethic, and personal interests aligned with the field, such as demonstrable hobbies in areas such as tech/arts/music/languages

    • Awareness of the positioning, competition and tactical opportunities available to Ubuntu and Canonical

    • If you are excited about technology and interested in how innovation drives business impact on a global scale, this might be for you!

    In this team you will:

    • Develop value proposition and messaging frameworks, and drive articulation of product portfolio positioning, aligned to product goals

    • Own go-to-market and adoption strategies

    • Identify needs and sharpen product offerings based on feedback from customers and competitive positioning

    • Maintain and communicate product release roadmaps

    • Create compelling sales and marketing collateral to drive adoption

    • Conduct adoption analysis and develop recommendations for growth initiatives

    • Identify internal and 3rd party research needs to support product positioning and go-to-market plans


    • Bachelor’s Degree in Engineering, Computer Science or a related discipline

    • Evidence of interest in the business impact of technology (e.g. MBA or comparable background)

    • Strong aptitude for data-driven decision-making and experience in distilling complex products into client-facing solutions

    • Proven ability to write about technology and the tech competitive landscape, either in the form of product writing or public commentary

    • Ability to create compelling sales collateral and marketing materials