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Rho AI

1 week ago

04/09/2019 08:57:26

Job type: Full-time

Hiring from: USA

Category: All others

Rho AI was founded in 2012 by a small team of entrepreneurs, data scientists, and engineers. We set out to develop custom software for professional motorsports to predict an optimal race strategy. Since then, our real-time strategy recommendations have factored heavily into multiple victories and we are proud to count Richard Childress Racing, Hendrick Motorsports, and General Motors as some of our partners.

Today, Rho AI’s products are used in a wide range of industries, including healthcare, finance, sports, waste, water, climate change, and energy.

Rho AI:

  • The people - dependable, driven, and collaborative team.
  • The problems - mix of products and services across diverse domains.
  • The tech - modern tools to build pragmatic data-driven applications.
  • The structure - 100% remote-only team & self-funded since 2012.

Sound interesting? We are hiring for a variety of experience levels, so all are welcome to apply. We are especially interested in hearing from early-career candidates who have a mathematically inclined higher degree (Masters or PhD), and/or publicly available evidence of non-trivial data science work. Please reach out if:

You are looking to:

  • Apply academic and/or software development background to industry problems in a full-time data science and machine learning role.
  • Skill up in machine learning topics, including the use of modern techniques in deep learning and natural language processing.
  • Do a mix of exploratory research, proof of concept / MVP projects, and production-level algorithms.

You have:

  • (Must) Tackled semi-defined, real-world problems by developing hypotheses, iteratively exploring datasets, and crafting machine learning solutions.
  • (Must) A non-trivial amount of experience using Python-based analysis tools, such as NumPy, Pandas, and scikit-learn.
  • (Should) Worked on projects requiring the corralling of large datasets.
  • (Should) Presented your findings through visualizations, writing, and/or speaking.
  • (Nice) A quantitative background in Statistics, Computer Science, Math, etc.
  • (Nice) Used deep learning Python libraries such as TensorFlow and PyTorch.

You would like these perks:

  • Work from anywhere in the US! Rho AI is a tight-knit, fully distributed team.
  • Work with a highly engaged team, learn together, and make decisions that impact the whole company.
  • Benefits, including health insurance and 401k.

You meet these criteria:

  • You are seeking a full-time job.
  • You reside in the United States.
  • You are authorized / eligible to work for any company in the United States.
  • You are within 3 time zones of Eastern Time, or willing to align your schedule.

To get an interview, please supply:

  • A cover letter that explains why you are: 1) specifically interested in Rho AI as a company and 2) good fit for this particular position
  • A resume that includes: 1) your relevant professional experience, and 2) links to code samples, technical blog posts, and other examples of your work.

Please mention that you come from Remotive when applying for this job.

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    Motiion is a technology and data company for the food industry. We believe in transparency, diversity, merit and fostering a culture of accountability, personal impact and career growth.

    As a member of the first product engineering team at Motiion you have will have a unique opportunity to turning previously scattered and inconsistently structured data into directly actionable food industry insights to reduce waste, increase freshness and much more.  

    You have a proven track record of reading data and making solid conclusions. You know both the art and science of analytics - now only do you know how to find answers in the data, you also know which questions should be asked in the first place and what data might could help us further bolster our conclusions.  You love engaging with customers, learn about their challenges and then dive into the data to see how to solve them!
    We are building a product engineering team with a breadth of combined experiences so that we can collaboratively build great products. There are no hard requirements on specific educational background, technology, experience or geographical location.  We are however looking for specific traits in the people we work with. You might not yet be able to check all of the boxes, but at least you aspire to do so! 
    Some signs of a great candidate: 
    • Toolbox oriented. Whether your background is in mathematics, statistics, machine learning, artificial intelligence, or something else, you have enough experience to intuitively shortlist tools and approaches from most of these disciplines. 
    • Understanding business and customer needs.  You believe in creating models that will help the company and make short- and long-termimpact, focusing on“bang-for-the-buck”. 
    • Performance recognized by your peers. Past colleagues would love to work with you again.
    • Starter and finisher. You often identify a problem, design a solution and bring it to a state of completion - alone or with collaborators. You’ve worked with developers in the past, hope to continue doing so, but you would get far even without technical help.
    • Work hard and smart. Your work ethic is unquestioned, and you know how to get things done so you can balance your work and personal life in a sustainable way.
    • Disciplined and reliable. We are a remote company and you enjoy the benefits of working remotely while consistently delivering what you have committed to. When you hit a snag, you communicate and reset expectations early.
    • Collaborative. You know that your team members’ perspectives will make your solutions better. Similarly, you use your strengths to make the team perform.
    • Appreciation of honest feedback. You know that the best way to learn and grow is through constructive feedback delivered kindly, but without unnecessary ambiguity. You feedback given to as an opportunity to get better and strive to do the same for others.
    • Analytical and practical mind. You strive for simple, precise solutions to complex problems. Complex solutions are only acceptable when absolutely needed. 
    Why we are different
    Our main goals with Motiion are easy to explain: We want to build a company that we would like to enjoy spending the rest of our careers in, that has a positive impact on the world and that will outlast us. Achieving these goals will be challenging, but we know we can do it. Here’s why:
    A strong founder team
    We, the founders, have a proven track record of building successful companies from scratch. We will take all of the amazing and painful experiences of the past and apply them to create a company we all will be very proud of.
    The founders have invested $10 million to allow us to focus on building technology and product the right way. Our eyes are on the goals of building a global technology platform. We are laser focused on customer needs, but will make product priorities based on our long-term goals, not short-term revenue.
    We believe technology that enables remote work to be better than a corporate office setting is already here and the world of business is just about to catch up. Remote work certainly comes with drawbacks, but the strongly believe the advantages vastly outnumber the disadvantages. Speaking to dozens of experienced remote employees has shown us that the number one obstacle to building a successful remote workplace is doing it half-way by having some people be co-located and some remote. We want the same mode of collaboration for everyone and our team will be working remotely most of the time.
    This does not mean that you have to work from home all the time, or at all. Motiion will pay for co-working space if that’s what you prefer. We will also encourage team members that live in the same area to meet up and work together when it makes sense. We will also make sure we all meet regularly for real in-person interaction!
    Personal impact of collaborating individuals
    We have seen first-hand how corporate culture can devolve into empire building and reporting lines. Motiion will have great managers, but we recognize and value the skills of individual contributors. You can grow your career at Motiion doing the work you love and excel at. Your merit matters, not your title.
    We have top notch benefits, matching most of the large US tech companies, including 401k matching, excellent health insurance and a generous vacation policy.
  • Who We Are

    Dia&Co is the only retail service dedicated to meeting the plus size community’s full range of style needs. We’re applying the best of data and technology to serve women who have been ignored for far too long—from developing the shopping experiences she’s always wanted, to building community platforms that inspire her, to ensuring she sees herself represented in the world around her.

    What We’re Looking For

    We are seeking an expert software developer who wants to join us in creating a suite of large consumer-facing and internal products that are transforming both operational efficiency and consumer e-commerce. Our product team is small, smart, and fast. We value and support design perfectionism, off-the-charts ambition, independent thinking, design/engineering collaboration, mobile-first thinking, true agility, user testing, analytics-driven UX design, constant iteration, and building a beloved consumer brand.


    • have 4+ years development with Python (including web frameworks)
    • have a computer science BS or equivalent
    • write clear, self-documenting code, and seek out best practices
    • are serious (but pragmatic) about TDD, and refactor aggressively
    • are aware of performance trade-offs and write efficient, scalable code
    • are familiar with a range of modern data stores (Postgres, Redis, ElasticSearch)
    • can work as a full-stack developer, though you may prefer frontend/backend
    • think independently and love sharing your own technical solutions with others.
    • aren’t afraid of some dev-ops work as needed (we’re fully on AWS/OpsWorks)


    • strive daily to transform the fashion industry, from working with existing top brands to creating our own private label collections from the ground up
    • are a Sequoia Capital-backed (Series C), growth-stage startup co-founded by two women
    • have styled countless amazing women across the country in the past three years—they are at the core of everything that we do
    • foster a culture of autonomy and accountability—your contributions make a big difference
    • have an office that is buzzing with excitement—we are genuinely happy to be at work each day
    • celebrate each other’s individuality and unique skill sets
    • create good karma by aiming to surprise and delight at every touchpoint

    Benefits & Perks

    • competitive salaries, flexible vacation policy and top quality medical, dental, and vision plans
    • a leadership team that embraces technology, creativity, and initiative
    • great snacks, Bagel Wednesdays, office happy hours and a fun office environment!
    • located in Hudson Square (the heart of Tribeca, SoHo and West Village) or in LA (Culver City WeWork)
  • About Sourceress

    Our mission is to help people find work that matters. We believe that the world is better when people understand the opportunities available to them. Our human-assisted AI platform delivers great results to our customers (customer quote: "I'd have a panic attack if you guys stopped existing").

    Because of this, we raised $3.5M from OpenAI researchers and Lightspeed Venture Partners at one of the highest ever valuations coming out of YC. Our team has previously sold companies, published machine learning research, has Dropbox's former Chief of Staff, and hails from MIT, Google, Airbnb, McKinsey, etc.

    Help us create a world where all 7 billion people work at jobs that they love, do things that they’re great at, and work for companies that are solving meaningful problems.


      • You’ll spend most of your time labeling data. You’ll work alongside an existing contracting team of several dozen and be responsible for our most quantifiably difficult or ambiguous datasets.
      • You’ll work closely with machine learning engineers to refine specs or, in some cases, redesign datasets from the ground up.
      • You’ll label and categorize edge cases, which we’ll use to test future model improvements; this way we can be sure we don’t introduce performance regressions.
      • You’ll work with machine learning engineers to debug strange model behavior.
      • You’ll suggest missing model features to machine learning engineers by reflecting on your intuitions and decision making process, improving our models' ability to pick up on signals in the data.
      • You’ll be responsible for generating ideas for how to streamline and improve the internal tools you use.


      • Knowledge of software engineering, tools, libraries, etc
      • Grit.
      • Strong communication skills.
      • Reflective. You should be able to explain why you make decisions.
      • Excellent judgment in the face of ambiguity.
      • Ideal candidates will have good product and design skills.

    This role is exceptionally remote-friendly. About half of our team is full-time remote, our San Francisco office has “portals”(a large TV, high quality microphone, and webcam) in every well-trafficked room, and remote team members even participate in lunch conversations and book club.

    You'll also learn a lot about how a hyper-growth AI-powered startup works from the inside. You’ll gain intimate familiarity with what high-quality data looks like, what internal tooling is effective, how to iterate on features and models, insights from working with machine learning engineers, etc.

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