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Who are you?

I’m Rodolphe, founder of Remotive. Previously, I was Buffer Director of Operations. Adrien currently runs Remotive’s Operations, and in charge of all-the-things Website, Sponsorship and Community. Several great people have helped us, and are still helping us work on Remotive such as Alfred, P-A & Jeremy

What else does Remotive do?

We help 25,000+ remote workers to be productive by emailing our best tips, twice a month. Remotive also runs a community where 400 remote workers support each other. Also, we listed 500+ startups who welcome and celebrate remote work, most of those are actively hiring.

What is the source of your data?

I spend a lot of time on the internet, manually scouting for resources for the most part! I'm particularly interested in sources such as Remoteok.io, GitHub, AngelList, remotebase.io - together with dozens of startups I've been lucky to chat and interact with since 2014.

I found a job with a broken link!

So sorry about this! As we curate most startups manually, we sometime fall behind in removing jobs when they have been filled. Would you be up for tweeting at us, so that we could fix it all? Many thanks!

I'm writing an article about Remotive, can you help?

For sure! You can reach us anytime at hello - at - remotive - dot - io, we’re excited to hear from you.

Can I advertise / sponsor Remotive?

We list current sponsorship opportunities over here - we also have special advertising packages available for our job board, drop us an email to enquire.

How did this site get started?

I got started in November 2014, when I wrote an Medium article, "5 Tricks to Get More Done While Working Remotely”. About 100 people signed up within a week to get more tips, so I started sending Remotive, initially every Monday.

Why the name, “Remotive”?

We’re called Remotive, because Remote + Productive = Remotive! See our previous website layout here.

What happened after?

Magic happened! Remotive got featured on Product Hunt, I shared more on this article “How I built a Newsletter Without Having a Newsletter”.

Over the next few months, I focused on Customer Development to learn more about how we could be helping our audience, and wrote more about it here: “4 Weeks, 2,000 Subscribers: How a Side Project Took Off! (With a Nudge From Product Hunt! ☺).

Then, in January 2015, we (Jeremy and Rodolphe) launched Remotive Jobs to assist remote workers find jobs in startups hiring remotely, and went back to Product Hunt, that time we earned the top spot! Read up about it on: "Everything We Learned About Launching a #1 Product on Product Hunt”.

In July 2015, I became an advisor for Outsite.co - “Co-living in Beautiful Places”, and continued to learn more about the future of Remote Work.

A year later, I decided to go a step further by compiling a list of 200 Startups Hiring Remotely in 2016 and was amazed to see it shared far and wide, it really felt as a “Aha!” moment: if you visit this list today, you’ll be there with 5 to 50 people at all times!

Ever since, I decided to double down on serving our community: in July 2016 when we (Adrien and Rodolphe) introduced Remotive Community, that is where Remotivers meet, find jobs and keep each other accountable.

In December 2016, we rebuilt our website from the ground up (here’s our 2014-look) and entirely re-thought our job board to continue serving the community!


Who/where are Remotivers?

Most of our community (over 60%) calls North America home, yet we’re proud to connect Remotivers from all over the world, men and women working remotely from everywhere.

How do you make money?

Since 2014, we’ve spent hundreds of hours sharing the best tip we can find through our newsletter, that is free. We now have a paid-for community for those who want to go a step further, join us anytime!

We also work with businesses to share their message with our audience, through our job board, or newsletter. If you’re interested in sponsoring either, email us anytime - we’ll give you the run-down

Why isn't Remotive Community free?

After much research, I believe great community is the level of trust, good will and positive interaction.

One important learning was that we wanted to make this a home for people to learn and grow together, meaning to have a fairly small number of people (400 today) interacting, and hoping they’ll love it enough to be very active and to have quality conversations.

One amazing thing you see on Remotive Community almost every day is people saying “Good morning” to each other, akin to walking into your virtual coworking space.

Building Remotive (as a french company) also comes at a cost, and most of what is earned goes back into the project.

As an illustration, when someone pays $49 for Remotive, around 20% goes to VAT ($9.8), then 20% goes to various fees and softwares ($9.8), another 30% pays for freelancer helping to craft the project ($14.7). When I take out what is left ($14.7), then company/individual french taxes are around 40-50% on top.

How Can We Help?

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We help 25,000+ remote workers to be productive by emailing our best tips, twice a month.

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